03 July 2014

Thoughts on Thursday...
We're at the eve of the day in which we celebrate our independence from tyrannical rule, and yet, I can't help but be bothered by what is being defined as "freedom" in this country of late.
We'll delve further into that is just a minute, but first, what does the Hoosierland weather have in store for us today?
It will be milder today (best day all week, in fact) with temps getting up into the low to mid 70s.
We're starting off cloudy to boot, and that should be giving way to sunnier skies.
Got a nice breeze outside as well. Great day to have that morning cup of your favorite beverage...and enjoy life...and freedom...and such.
*** First out of the rucksack today is the answer to our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"Freedom consists not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought."
This was spoken by Pope John Paul II, born Karol Josef Wojtyka
(18 May 1920 - 2 April 2005)
He was the second longest serving pope since Pius IX.
Here is his WIKI:
In my lifetime, I consider him the most influential pontiff to sit in the Vatican, and the fact that he managed to reach so MANY people around the world of most EVERY faith speaks volumes as to his effectiveness as Pope and his love for humanity, having lived through some of it's worst moments in recent history.
His life story is one that should be read, as it teaches us much about the human condition.
I think the WIKI is a good place to begin that trek, and gives insight into what elevated this man not only to the highest position in the Catholic church,. but made him into one of the world's best known, respected and loved people in recent times.
Moving on...
*** Is there a new GAS TAX in our future?
Well, if "King Henry" has his way, the realm would see as much and here's the proof:
Our monarch posed before a damaged school bus that was staged to appear to have a chunk of bridge fall upon it - to garner the "pity vote" or as a "scare tactic" to make his point known when it comes to road repair funds.
Either way, doesn't phase me one damn bit. Typical democrat mantra...TAX and SPEND.
And he brought out some UNION people (to rub council's nose in the vote down for collective bargaining).
Currently, road work is paid for with the GAS TAX (at the pumps), but officials (whoever the hell they are this week) say that the national highway trust fund will run out of money unless Congress acts.
(Well, if Obummer would stop HIS spending on all if his pet projects that have failed wonderfully so far, we'd probably HAVE the funds, because I'd wager he's had his hand in more than a few of the cookies jars on this one.)
The White House wants to repatriate offshore funds and close tax loopholes to fund such things...(redistribution of wealth?)
Republicans would fund highway repairs by closing Saturday mail service or collecting online sales taxes.
Henry wants something done and says "the gas tax has not been raised in 20 years - it's time to fix that".
By RAISING it as oil prices surge thanks to Middle East crises?
That makes about as MUCH sense as drilling another hole in the bottom of a boat to let the damn water out from the first hole.
Democrat city councilman Geoff Paddock is also on board with this, as I'm sure ALL democrats are...the ones who don't have to fret whenever THEY pull up to a gas pump, unlike the rest of us working-class "serfs".
How did Mel brooks put it?
"It's good to be king"
Yeah, that's it.
*** Next up, Baer Field Speedway has closed...abruptly at that, and here's the story:
Lots of intrigue here...such as threats against the owner of the track, and a "rebel atmosphere" with the drivers.
How about I propose this possible scenario...
This was brought about against the owner of the track in order to MAKE him sell the place...and guess who "might" be willing to purchase the track AND the nearby land? The Fort Wayne Airport Authority (as part of that 25 year masterplan I mentioned some time ago here).
Make sense if you want to EXPAND, and the areas NORTH aren't as readily available as those SOUTH of the facility.
It should be interesting to see if the closing of the track is permanent.
*** This story is part of the reason I say we can reclaim houses down here and get veterans into them...
Here we have it...
Homes for Wounded Warriors.
See...it CAN be done...and SHOULD for those who suffer the ravages and disabilities of warfare.
While building new homes is always preferred, many houses CAN be renovated ( to very nice results. AND for LOADS less money per structure), and made to accommodate those with injures that limit the warrior;'s mobility, and this story talks about just that.
It's a good read, and gives more substance as to WHY I think this can be done down here on the SE side...
This would chase the crime out, get GOOD people into housing (that is obviously needed) and bring back businesses in drives again.
Nobody loses in this  scenario...and that's something we can all wrap ourselves around, hmm?
*** The ladies might find this a fun thing to know...
Fort Wayne has been called the dumbest city...and the fattest, and a few more "less than distinguishable" things in the past, but we now have one in the POSITIVE column, and guys, we have YOU to thank.
Here's the story link:
Seems our city ranked # 4 in the "hottest guys" list.
Well, I suppose that ASIDE from the drunks, the women-beaters, meth-heads, child molesters, rapists, burglars, car thieves, robbers and gang-bangers, we MIGHT have a few that fill that bill...somewhere.
I'm just NOT seeing it.
Or perhaps there's an underlying reasoning at work here...
-- Fort Wayne WOMEN have set their standards THAT low...or like "bad boys in general"?
I'm from Philly, so I can be a bit more OBJECTIVE in this regard...Fort Wayne men are like men most anywhere else (aside from being pigs...lol)
Maybe the women here like all those men with tattoos?
Or perhaps it's the amount of alcohol the men can consume, and the lack of reasoning that follows?
I know it explains much in the ghettohood...all those "boyfriends of the month" for all the government-sponsored baby-mamas.
This is the tripe that "matters" to those enough to even conduct such a "study"...Guess some people have World Cup withdrawal?
*** Last back to the root cellar today...what matters most to people today seems a far cry from what USED to matter to those at the start of this nation.
And I find it amusing that on the day BEFORE our own Independence Day, we have "disobedience day".
The words FREEDOM and LIBERTY should mean something, and not from the standpoint of "being able to do whatever I want to".
It also doesn't mean we start banning WORDS from our lexicon, because the next step might very well be the burning of books.
(we still remember those, right?)
We have an AMERICAN way of doing things...and an AMERICAN CULTURE  that we have labored upon for the last 200+ years, and that's being usurped by those who basically don't like this country, but are too damn cowardly to move the hell AWAY from it.
I DO like this country...I LOVE it, in fact.
Can't see myself living anyplace else, and enjoying all the freedoms we have...the ones that other countries that have been around a LOT longer than us are unable to provide to THEIR people.
But, we have to maintain our "American-ness", in that what made our country UNIQUE in all the world needs to be maintained...and nurtured, lest we become like all those other nations who envy US, but will never readily admit to it.
We celebrate our independence so that we should be able to UNDERSTAND what was done in order to SECURE that independence.
That was sacrifice...courage...strength...persistence...perseverance...and perhaps a wee bit of luck.
Our founding fathers knew what had to be done...and set about doing it.
Every generation since has done what was needed to make our country better than the previous generation...a "legacy" if you will for the descendants...the children of those who came before us.
Current generations need to LEARN this...and REMEMBER this, and also be willing to do what is needed to ensure the AMERICAN way of life for those who live here...both NOW, and (more importantly) for the generations yet to come.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Geez, Bob, don't you realize Ft Wayne got that ranking because of YOU and ME??!!!

Bob G. said...

Brother, you have MAILED it!

It was such a simple solution as to "why", it was right in FRONT of us...LOL.
The REST of the ladies in Ft. Wayne don't know how GOOD that TWO of them already have it, hmm?
Then again, Stockton, CA is number FIVE on that list...

Now, about this CLONING proposal I've been thinking on for a spell...


Thanks for stopping by today and passing out some smiles.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe up there!

gadfly said...

The big lie continues about the need for more highway gas taxes. The real truth is that all highway repairs and construction can be paid out of present gas tax revenues EXCEPT that Congress is now using 40% of those tax revenues to pay for the travel of just 6% of Americans on never-to-be-fully-utilized and extremely costly mass transit schemes.

If you take a ride in your vehicle this weekend, you will quickly appreciate that motorists are paying their way. But as long as the Silent Majority stays silent on useless mass transit spending, we will be harassed for higher taxes.

Bob G. said...

I KNEW I could depend on you to better explain the entire "gas-tax" mismanagement/debacle/fiasco...whatever we can call it these days.
The interesting this about all this is that USED to have great mass-transit systems (both within cities and between cities). Used to be a "rail-fan" and greatly appreciated the ability to go from town to town for cheap (and efficiently).
I will also say that AMTRAK was never meant to be profitable from the get-go..

Thanks to political wrangling, they did away with ALL those lines, forcing people to use highways and also asking for MORE money to fund MORE roads.
Yet the same politicians now cry for more mass-transit and high-speed rail...like we NEVER ever had it to begin with.

What a "bait and switch" scenario.
(and getting BUKU BUCKS at both ends of the deal)

Hey, thanks for swinging on by today to comment.
(good link, too).

DO stay safe out there.