22 July 2014

We're Back To Summer...
And we all know what that means. I've been starting to hear the cicadas outside during the day..a portent to hotter weather.
(or so they say)
The Hoosierland weather will be HOT, with temps reaching the 90 degree mark, and the accompanying humidity will make it feel a bit warmer than that.
Almost feels like two years ago, when we had that city-wide power outage around the 4th...absolutely no fun at all.
So, get yourselves ready for a bit of a mini swelter-fest, as the day progresses...and you know the drill - stay hydrated, stay indoors (if possible) and keep those cool drinks coming.
Let's get this show roiling before the sun gets too high in the sky...
*** First out of the box of Pandora today is the resolution to our central air conditioning problem.
These guys don't come cheap, either.
(sound the trumpets and loose the pigeons upon the parapets of our "Fortress" ramparts)
Yes, believe it or not, we had a nice COOL afternoon and evening yesterday after calling in Poorman's to service the unit.
A very nice tech named Dale stopped by before lunch, and set about diagnosing the problem.
Now, without getting too technical, let's say the issue was NOT in the condenser unit (that big thing outside the house with the fan that runs).
This tech sure LOOKS like Dale...
THAT was a HUGE relief...they ain't cheap to replace.
We had power going from the furnace wiring to the unit and the condenser was in the right electrical mode and asking for the power...but nothing was reaching it.
Well, how's that saying go?
"The best solution is often the easiest".
(yeah, that's the one)
A CLASSIC study of the OCCAM'S RAZOR principle, if ever I saw one.
Wifey teaches LATIN...she'll like this.
Dale started checking out the THERMOSTAT in the house, and lo, and behold, THERE was where the problem was.
The REALLY weird thing about this, I was pricing new t-stats at Menards a couple months ago, and was looking for a basic digital one that was priced well, because the one switch seemed a bit "off" (can;t explain it, but when you have something long enough, you get a feel for how it's SUPPOSED to function, as opposed to how it wants to function...like a car, or an appliance.
Well, let's say that we though Dale explained that I could swap it out myself, we chose to let HIM do it (my hands are AS adept as they used to be, plus, I didn't want to make ANY mistakes, and my work doesn't come with a warranty (that last one was the clincher...lol)
Welcome to the 21st century, Bob.
And after a swap-out for a Honeywell digital t-stat, we were good to go once again.
Pretty cool item - nice BIG display, and up/down control for the temp you choose, plus a heat/cool/off setting button as well as fan on/auto setting.
And, if the power goes out for a second (as it tends to do around this part of the city), the t-stat WAITS 5 minutes before restarting the A/C, so the compressor doesn't suffer a "short-cycle" (which can diminish the longevity of the compressor)...sweet.
And, it cost less than some "start-up" kit the other service people said we "needed".
Dale reminded me of myself when I was a tech...and he's only a year YOUNGER than me...(well, that explains the expertise).
I said to him that I'll bet the younger techs always come to HIM for advice...and he said he's coming to ME for that...LOL.
I love happy endings...
A good repair, a good person...a good ending for our situation...
We need MORE of that in life, don;t we?
Moving on...
*** It's not often that I find a letter to the editor so "on target" that I have to mention it here, but we had TWO yesterday that have me believing that humankind  has NOT gone off the deep end yet.
-- The first letter has to do with SOUTHGATE PLAZA and the KROGERS we have there...tells you a LOT about this area that the city never seems to want to reveal. Here's the link:
Ignorance is never bliss down here.
Now THIS person seems to "gets it", and Mr. John Hubertz is obviously a resident OF our area, and makes very cogent points.
Good to know I'm NOT the only one that notices such glaring problems...that never seem to get addressed.
-- The next letter pertains to the FWCS "free meal" program, an dhow person manages to work past it.
Here's the link:
Jeanette Jaquish is a person who seems to refrain from that outstretched hand from the "gub'ment", and rather be SELF-sufficient, as well as teaching her children personal responsibility. Good for her.
She appears to have a disdain for the "rubber-stamp" (by the school board) for all these freebie meals. I don't blame her.
I believe that FWCS lost tens of THOUSANDS of bucks with these meals when kids were dumping them in the trash. Also read about FWCS handing out some of the meals to food banks for redistribution. Now, it would seem to me (and Jeanette) that this is a terrible WASTE of resources and money.
They can do a LOT better...and should.
And this money could be better spent on school maintenance and supplies that teachers have to purchase for their own classrooms.
But what do I know? I only went to school for 12+ years and was held accountable for my OWN preparedness, thanks to teachers and parents that gave enough of a damn to make ME tow the line...the way it USED to be.
-- The final letter has to deal with the balance of diversity (for diversity's sake) and ability of those in the FWFD.
Here's the link:
Now, I have to say that Mr. Henry Hendrix has got HIS finger on the pulse of what SHOULD be going on in ANY public safety (or private sector) position.
My nephew (now a CAPTAIN in the ALEXANDRIA, VA FD) has told me as much when it comes to diversity versus ability.
And I have to agree...affirmative action is NOT the definitive answer when hiring a firefighter OR police officer.
So WHAT if the department doesn't EXACTLY "reflect the population"?
I don't give a damn about that.
Sometimes, AVERAGE doesn't cut it.
What I DO give a damn about is that the BEST QUALIFIED AND TRAINED personnel are on scene and working to put out a damn fire...or investigate a crime...don't much care what color the person is, either. I just want them to be THE BEST the department has sent out.
And THEY should feel the same way. Maybe that's why the recruits reflect THAT...instead of the population "demographics of race".
Screw THAT noise...hire the best and everyone benefits...period.
*** Last back to the outhouse today...all too often I always say that problems are not the result of THINGS, but rather PEOPLE.
Conversely, solutions TO those same problems are the result of (you guessed it) PEOPLE.
Wow, that's one simple concept, right?
But these days, some folks are causing more problems rather than finding solutions for the problems already in existence.
NO thank you...
They''re called the ACLU...LOL.
(I call them a LOT of other things...few of which are able to be printed here)
Leave it to that sort of mentality that will toss the proverbial monkey-wrench into the wheels of progress...for the sake of "progressivness".
And THAT is the sort of thing we need to remain on guard against.
Any person has the ability to achieve and succeed, but again, as is always the case, it HAS to begin with the willingness...the active CHOICE to do so..
When choices are made FOR people, the result is never in the best interest of that person...or anyone else, for that matter.
Therein lies the lesson for today.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

Glad to hear the AC problem was resolved with a (relatively) simple fix. A condenser can be pretty pricey. My AC is going on 20 years old, so it uses a coolant that's not used in newer ACs. I fear that I'm going to have to replace the whole shebang pretty soon. Not a pleasant thought.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Yeah, always a relief to keep things running...
And your A/C unit sounds a lot like ours...runs on R-22 (no longer used in newer residential or commercial apps).
But, not to fret...with regular(yearly) cleaning of the condenser coils by hosing them off with a hard spray (no brushes),the compressor can last up to FORTY YEARS...that's a fact.
It pays to have the CHARGE checked, because most companies WILL top it off w/ R-22...that they CAN do.
If the pressure is off a couple PSI...no big deal.
Main thing is...keep the coils clean, that way the compressor isn't trying to "bust a nut".

Your unit still has got a long way to go, my friend.

Thanks for stopping by today to comment.
Stay safe (and keep cool) out there.

CWMartin said...

EXACTLY what happened with ours this spring. You KNOW the darn thing isn't doing it's job- but you don't know how much that's affecting everything else. Our maintenance man hates the old style stats so much, that even though he's under orders not to replace functioning old ones (expensive, and on THEIR dime), he just says, oops, I broke another one, and puts the new ones in- and teaches his trainees to do the same.

Bob G. said...

I could kick myself for NOT going with my gut and getting us a new thermostat months ago, but you live...you learn.

Those older (round) coil-spring actuated t-stats DO become "lazy" with time (like MANY of OUR "neighbors"...lol)

Apparently, to swap them out is only a four-wire hookup (watched Dale yesterday), and initial programming is as easy as falling off a log.
(less painful, too)

If your complex wanted to buy some, they won't cost THAT much per unit (labor costs for outside work in single houses do that)

I really LIKE your maint-guy...man after my own heart.
Wants to do what's RIGHT...nothing wrong with that.

Thanks much for stopping on by today and commenting.

Stay safe (and cool) up there, brother.

Slamdunk said...

Glad your AC fix was not an expensive one. We had the heater replaced a few years ago (very happy we invested in that) and they replaced our thermostat with a digital one then. (Knocking on wood), the AC system is one that was with the house, but has been good enough for us. Having days in june and july to open the windows because it has been cool enough has been a bonus as well.

Yes, it is a shame that diversity has replaced hiring the most qualified person. I saw where one of the university's up your way (MI or MN) let it slip in a report that they were going to use diversity in grading as well to meet inclusion goals. I am sure students getting their grades adjusted because of factors not related to their performance in the class should go over well--like a well designed pipe bomb.

Stay cool there Bob.

Bob G. said...

There is a furnace replacement in our future.
The one we currently have was made by a company no longer in business, so parts are non-existent.
Already starting to stash money away for that.

-- Yeah, we're seeing schools have not only starting to exercise "diversity" in GRADING but (especially) DISCIPLINE.
If a majority of minorities act up in class, are disruptive and get expelled, that's not anyone's fault but THEIR OWN, and THEY must be the ones to learn that life-lesson. Everyone else need not suffer (scholastically) for their mistakes.
I think ANY aspect of schooling that includes such nonsense relating to the "PC" diversity BS should be tossed and allow students to get by the way WE used to...on MERIT and comprehension of what's presented by the schools.
Same standards for everyone...period. And NO "double" standards, either.

Hey, thanks for swinging by today to comment.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe (and cool) out there.