20 August 2014

Humpday Happenings...
Well, it SMELLS like a nice day out there.
That's a good start.
After the rain we had yesterday evening, everything's well-watered, and today will follow in step with that to some extent.
The Hooseirland weather for today will see us with more sunshine (let's call it partly cloudy) and temps reaching to around 88 degrees (more like August now). We've got a 30% chance of rain, so keep that umbrella somewhat nearby..just in case.
Now, I've got my cup of coffee pour and at the ready, so you get something for yourself and we'll take a look and see what's been going on elsewhere...
*** First out of the barn today is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"There comes a time when deceit and defiance must be seen for what they are. At that point, a gathering danger must be directly confronted. At that point, we must show that beyond our resolutions is actual resolve."
Now, in the wake of all this "stuff" going down out in Ferguson, Missouri, I thought this quote was right up the old alley.
So, WHO said that?
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back on Capitol Hill...
*** Next up, we have our month-long "salute" to all the things and people who basically get ignored (unlike that which occurs the rest of the year,)otherwise know as "What the hell happened today, Bob?" 
August 20:
And there's a lot he DIDN'T know
1858 – Charles Darwin first publishes his theory of evolution through natural selection in The Journal of the Proceedings of the Linnean Society of London, alongside Alfred Russel Wallace's same theory.
1866 – President Andrew Johnson formally declares the American Civil War over.
Took a bit longer to come out on vinyl
1882 – Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture debuts in Moscow, Russia.
1920 – The first commercial radio station, 8MK (now WWJ), begins operations in Detroit, Michigan.
The"IRON HORSE" of baseball.
1938 – Lou Gehrig hits his 23rd career grand slam – a record that stood for 75 years until it was broken by Alex Rodriguez.
And at last check, he STILL is.
1940 – In Mexico City, Mexico exiled Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky is fatally wounded with an ice axe by Ramón Mercader. He dies the next day.
1940 – British Prime Minister Winston Churchill makes the fourth of his famous wartime speeches, containing the line "Never was so much owed by so many to so few".
Now waiting for backing to become a museum
1962 – The NS Savannah, the world's first nuclear-powered civilian ship, embarks on its maiden voyage.
1918 – Jacqueline Susann, American author (d. 1974)
Gotta love the hair.
1931 – Don King, American boxing promoter
1932 – Anthony Ainley, English actor -  (d. 2004)
1935 – Ron Paul, American physician, captain, and politician
Resident "soul man" and "Chef"
1942 – Isaac Hayes, American singer-songwriter, pianist, producer, and actor (d. 2008)
She still looks good.
1946 – Connie Chung, American journalist
On The Young and the Restless
1947 – Ray Wise, American actor
I am NOT Odin the all-father.
1948 - Robert Plant, British singer (Led Zeppelin)
"Pope" in the TNT series FALLING SKIES
1966 – Colin Cunningham, American actor
And, it's WORLD MOSQUITO DAY (Int'l)...go swat a few for the hell of it.
Now YOU know more than the person sitting at the Mayor's desk downtown.
*** Next, a killer is caught in the latest homicide in Allen County...and he's WHITE!
Here's the story link:
Amazing that they caught this guy so fast...well, niot really.
There's a reason things like THIS happen.
In the white community, a lot more people are not afraid to provide information to authorities, and are not prone to inhibit an investigation.
The scene of the murder
They also don't riot and loot whenever someone of THEIR race gets killed (even if it's by police).
I suppose I could say that this happens in a CIVILIZED community, just so we don't disparage anyone else.
After all, a civilized person CAN be of any race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual persuasion, right?
Now, if only the death penalty can be "arranged" for this murderer...that would be nice.
Moving on...
*** Could it be that the protests (and rioting and looting) in Ferguson are winding down?
Well, this story seems to say it is:
I'd have to say that the looters have trashed as much as they can and the locals are getting bored already...maybe.
Why we have to have this buttwipe of an Attorney general sticking HIS nose into this is beyond me.
He's dropped the ball on damn near everything ELSE he's touched such as the voter intimidation in Philly by the New Black Panther Party, the "fast and furious" scandal, the border situation...the guy's a train wreck,. professionally-speaking.
Add to this the NATIONAL GUARD close by there and perhaps the protesters are getting the "message" about behaving themselves.
Lord know they probably suffer from short-term memory issues in addition to that Oppositional Defiance Disorder and ADHD.
The governor of the state now wants a "vigorous prosecution of the shooting"...
So, what...we're gonna go after the officer with a vengeance?
Why not look for a strong limb and some rope?
I thought we had DUE PROCESS here, so let's take this one step at a damn time.
Preliminary evidence has shown the Michael Brown was not that "innocent", but how guilty was the officer? What about the 12 witnesses that corroborate the officer's side of the story?
And did the officer indeed fear for his safety before he deployed deadly force?
You cannot climb inside someone's head and summarily determine what ran through their mind in those brief moments before the shooting, so why try?
Let's not rush to judgment in order to satisfy those who look to protest at the drop of a hat (because they don't work, are on the dole and have all day to plan such annoyances...like my "neighbors").
I mean, when the Lt. Governor comes out and speaks against the statements made by the governor, THAT has to tell you something's a bit amiss.
*** Last back to the corral today...it would be nice to see people conduct themselves in a better manner than we've seen in Ferguson.
It's sad to see people leave their OWN city like Chicago for example, where shooting deaths occur with disturbing regularity every day, and come to some small town JUST to be a pain in someone else's ass.
They can't bother to tend to their OWN neighborhoods to stop the killing, but they can sure beat a path to the nearest media circus to get their "fame" plastered all over the news (and YouTube).
What have we become, as a society, where such notoriety becomes commonplace, yet at the same time, these same people would seek to impede a police investigation should such a crime come to THEIR part of the ghettohood. That's one helluva double standard.
Don't we have too many of those already?
More people need to wake up and get their collective sh*t together, lest we all fall victim to knee-jerks and race-based rhetoric, which can only serve to divide this nation further.
That should be the LAST thing anyone wants, right?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

I don't know who gave us that quote, but since "actual resolve" was mentioned, I guess it's a safe bet it wasn't our illustrious President. ;)

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I can honestly say that NO ONE from THIS current administration is responsible for today's quote...lol.
(like they would know ANYTHING about such stuff)
It did surprise me a bit when I saw who said it...

Thanks for stopping by to comment today.
Stay safe.

CWMartin said...

Everyone plays for the cameras, Bob. Rahm's got the cameras pointed in another direction. Hmmmm.... lots of recent shootings in Chicago...Suddenly one kid gets shot in Podunk, MO....within a week (just as things slow down), Feds come in to obvuscate...You don't suppose...?

Bob G. said...

I only play to the cameras when I'm asked to be on cable access shows...LMAO!
(but that means never looking AT them, too)

I honestly believe there is a more devious agenda at work here.
I don't recall much of a flap whenever a police officer is gunned down by some thug (even if he's black).

Sure don't see scores of police and their families PROTESTING...or RIOTING, do we?
(and they would have the same chance to do so, much as the low-information minorities in Ferguson).
Those must be storm clouds I'm seeing on the societal weather-front.

Hey, thanks for stopping by to comment.
Stay safe up there, brother.