04 August 2014

Monday Musings...
Well, here we are again, and we've a LOT of things to cover...
The Hoosierland weather is still playing "follow the leader" as in each new day seems to be a replay of tha last...(shades of the movie Groundhog Day, hmm?), but that's fine, as it's not been adverse in any way, shape, or form.
Today we'll see a high in the low to mid 80s, some sunshine, some clouds, some breezes (and in my part of the ghettohood, probably some drunk Latinos hanging out front of their crib later this evening). We might even have the possibility of a shower tonight.
Sure makes those weather-peoples' job a lot easier.
Anyway, let's get this show on the road, as we all go grab a cup of our favorite morning beverage of choice, shall we?
*** First out of the cupboard today, I neglected to mention that back on Friday (1 August),  it was the start of the WARSAW UPRISING (1944).
A riveting story about their resistance.
And this is an event that I found very interesting, so here's the WIKI on it:
Here is the official site of this conflict:
This was a tragic event, lasting almost TWO months, but demonstrated that there were indeed many Polish resistance fighters not wanting the Nazis to take over their country. It also demonstrates the agenda that Stalin was pursuing in his reluctance to come to the aid of the Poles.
*** Now, onto the next day of events.
--August 2  
216 B.C. - Battle of Cannae in the Second Punic War...strategically a pivotal battle.
1610 - Henry Hudson sails into what will be known as HUDSON BAY
And tell Hancock to use a LARGE quill.
1776 - Signing of the United States Declaration of Independence.

1790 - First U.S. census is taken.
1934 - Adolph Hitler becomes the Fuhrer of Germany following the death of president Von Hindenburg.
1939 - Einstein and Szilard write a letter to FDR urging him to begin the Manhattan Project.

1943 - The P.T.109 is rammed and sunk by a Japanese destroyer, and Lt. J.G. John Kennedy manages to save all but two of the crew members.
1964 - The Gulf of Tonken incident
1990 - Iraq invades Kuwait
Notable birthdays:
1892 - Jack Warner (one of the Warner Bros d-1978)
1915 - Gary Merrill - American actor (d-1980)
Yeah, I got dis from dat Santa Claus Land...so what?
1924 - Carroll O'Connor (d-2001)
1932 - Peter O'Toole (d-2013)
1943 - Max Wright (Willie on ALF)
One of the NICER faces of the 1980s
1950 - Kathryn Harrold - actress (above)
1953 - Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster)
1959 - Victoria Jackson and Appolonia
1960 - Linda Fratianne - American skater
--August 3
1492 - Christopher Columbus sets sails from Spain
1900 - The FIRESTONE tire and rubber company was founded
1914 - Germany declares war on France.
And Jesse wasn't done with winning.
1936 - Jesse Owens wins the 100 meter dash in Berlin.
1946 - Santa Claus Land opens in Santa Claus, INDIANA
SSN 571 USS Nautilus
1958 - The First nuclear submarine, U.S.S. Nautilus travels under the polar ice cap
1977 - Tandy company announces the TRS-80, one of the world's 1st personal computers (and the genie was let out of the bottle).
Notable birthdays:
Ernie Pyle during WW2
1900 - Ernie Pyle - American journalist (d-1945)
1904 - Clifford D. Simak - Sci-Fi author (d-1988)
1926 - Tony Bennett (the singer)
1941 - Martha Stewart
The years have been kind to "Dennis".
1951 - Jay North (TV's Dennis the Menace)
1977 - Tom Brady - QB
*** And that brings us to TODAY'S events...
--August 4
1892 - Lizzie Borden's father and stepmother are found dead in Fall River, Massachusetts (first account of "Don't AXE, don't tell"?)
1914 - Germany invades Belgium. Belgium AND the UK declare war on Germany. The U.S. declares neutrality.
1924 - Diplomatic relations between the Soviet Union and Mexico are established.
(that explains a LOT)
August 1 was her last diary entry.
1944 - Anne Frank and her parents are arrested in an Amsterdam warehouse by the Gestapo.
1958 - The Billboard Hot 100 list is published for the first time.
1964 - Three civil rights workers are found dead in Mississippi after going missing on 21 June.
The DoE - And it's COST us PLENTY ever since...
1977 - President Carter creates the Department of Energy.
1987 - The FCC rescinds the "fairness doctrine"
2007 - NASA launches the Phoenix spacecraft
Notable birthdays:
1792 - Percy Bysshe Shelley (d-1822)
1901 - Louis Armstrong (d-1971)
The Rocket with Lord Stanley's cup.
1921 - Maurice "Rocket" Richard - (ice hockey d-2000)
1942 - Don S. Davis (Stargate SG-1 d-2008)
1955 - Billy Bob Thornton
1961 - "the anointed one" 44th president
1962 - Roger Clemens
One of  the best interviewers out there.
1970 - Bret Baier (Fox news)
1971 - Jeff Gordon
1978 - Kurt Busch
And, it's COAST GUARD DAY in the USA.
So there 'ya go.,..you're all now a LOT more informed than the average person.
*** Last back to the barn, It looks like the commander of the 122nd Indiana ANG will be retiring .
Here's the story link:
He's got some SERIOUS "fruit salad" on that uniform.
In lieu of the recent (and unfounded) investigation into alleged misuse of funds for the ANG, it does seem a bit "timely", but the health condition of Col. Augustine had to have played a significant part in his decision.
After 32 years in the ANG, he's done his part for our country and I wish him well.
I can only hope the next commander has as much dedication to carry on the mission of the 122nd, keeping it a FIGHTER WING.
And yes, summer IS winding down, school is on the horizon, and we (here) can be thankful we're not suffering such things as toxic water from algae blooms (Toledo), or earthquakes (China), or missiles being shot at us (Ukraine and Israel).
All in all, we're not doing that bad...but we can ALWAYS do better.
(and we should whenever the need arises).
Let THIS be our guidepost for the day.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


gadfly said...

Colonel Augustine's sudden departure from the 122nd does appear to conveniently get him out of the way after all of the "unneeded" spending of taxpayer funds noted here.

But the ANG has been spending like drunken sailors for a long time before Augustine arrived, so he had to spend a huge budget amount or lose it next year. Just walk into the place and you find a lowly A1C "FART" sitting behind a executive desk befitting a CEO.

Yeppir, the whistle blower was right but the powers-that-be understand that it is not their money and they want lots of it to spend going forward. But there is no fat in the military budgets - so no cuts sez Marlin Stutzman.

Bob G. said...

I can understand and appreciate where you're coming from...I used to work FOR the FEDS as well, and I can testify as to HOW budgets were "fudged" in order to garner MORE funding the following year.
I remember all those $600 HAMMERS and $2,000 STEPLADDERS.
ANd that was another part of reason I left in disgust.

What went on behind the taxpayers backs sure didn't sound much like that OATH we all took when signing on board...

I think the accounting offices for the military DO need a GOOD going over...but I'd much prefer to start with ALL those "agencies" in the gov't that we really don't even need...agreed?

Thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

Stay safe out there.

John DuMond said...

Colonel Augustine's retirement may be better timing than you might think. I smell some huge cuts coming to the military over the next two years. I'm happy to be retired from the ANG. Always waiting for the other shoe to drop can be stressful.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I know the ANG is not the "regular" USAF, but there has always been this "hand-me-down" aspect to ANY ground OR air N/G unit around the country.
That always bothered me.
They rarely if EVER get the "new stuff", so I never begrudge them having what they NEED.

I think one example of military cuts (and we are talking real-time ASSETS) is the 122nd being "in line" to get the F-35 JSF to replace the A-10s.
That says to me that the standard USAF will be doing the "more with less" gig, as damn near EVERY aircraft they have ages on.
The Raptor is the only platform that can be called "new" at this point.
You will see more N/G units doing the work the regular military used to do with such cuts.
The Pentagon is dropping a PALLET of shoes in this case(imho)...out the ass-end of a Herc!
(with no chute)

Hey, thanks for rolling up to comment here today.

Stay safe.

CWMartin said...

The Polish people have long been known for their bravery in hopeless situations. Unfortunately, their various governments are just as well known for putting them there. Can you imagine the Liberum Veto in the US of A?

BTW, on your Time Machine comment: ? and the boys took the name from that very movie. I thought about mentioning it, but they were already killing me on time, so...

Bob G. said...

The Warsaw Uprising was pretty much DEVOID of governmental inclusion.
It was a statement made against the Nazis by the PEOPLE.
(guess their parliament was hiding under some table.)

If we had the L/V here...it could only wind up WORSE for everyone.
We'd have LESS done in D.C. than we have NOW (if that is even possible...lol)

Oh, they DID use that name from the same movie?
(now, if someone would SHOW the flick...haven't seen it in DECADES)

Thanks for stopping by to comment.
Stay safe up there, brother.