23 September 2014

Autumn is "Officially" Here...
Welcome to the first FULL day of Fall, and I'm sure it won't be long before the city starts telling us when it's leaf pickup schedule will be.
And, it's nicely "brisk" out there this morning too, but that will change.
Today's Hoosierland weather will see us with temps rising more than yesterday...all the way up to the low 70s, and again, we're going to have a nice amount of sunshine to greet us.
And not a drop of rain in sight...just plenty of morning dew.
So, armed with that knowledge, let's get busy with the rest of this fine day...get your cup filled up with whatever you're drinking as we see what's been going one in other places...
*** First out of the pencil box this morning is our "What the hekll happens today, Bob?
September 23 - Today is National Woman Road Warrior Day, so guys, best beware out there on the highways and by-ways of America.
Steer clear of HER today!
Drive defensively...remember, the life you save may just be YOUR OWN.
*** Next up, is last week's list of shots fired and shooting calls all around our fair city.
September 15
14F122171 00:45:46 113 SHOTS FIRED 4900 LIMA RD
14F122183 02:23:40 113 SHOTS FIRED 4200 AVONDALE DR
14F122253 09:41:24 113 SHOTS FIRED 200 PETTIT AVE E
14F122472 20:29:16 113 SHOTS FIRED 2400 CAREW ST
14F122518 23:03:54 113 SHOTS FIRED 4100 WINTER ST
September 16
14F122718 14:05:41 113 SHOTS FIRED 6900 WATERFRONT DR & PORTER DR
September 17
14F123189 15:03:16 113 SHOTS FIRED 4400 GAYWOOD DR
14F123320 19:46:20 113 SHOTS FIRED 4100 WINTER ST
14F123387 22:07:20 113 SHOTS FIRED 1100 MICHIGAN AVE & GUTHRIE 
September 18
14F123420 00:58:57 113 SHOTS FIRED 1600 GRISWOLD DR & TENNESSEE AVE
September 19
September 20
14F124470 11:02:09 113 SHOTS FIRED 2400 JOHN ST & HURD ST
14F124733 21:28:08 113 SHOTS FIRED 1500 HALE AVE
14F124739 21:38:47 113 SHOTS FIRED 2300 EBY AVE
14F124744 21:50:42 58 SHOOTING 2300 EBY AVE
September 21
14F125030 13:31:44 113 SHOTS FIRED 4500 PLAZA DR
14F125248 23:06:32 113 SHOTS FIRED 3600 CENTRAL DR
14F124840 00:55:30 58 SHOOTING 600 RUDISILL BLVD E
*** And, we have more on the most recent homicide (#12) in Fort Wayne.
Here's the story link from today's paper:
Alan John Puff, of 602 E. Rudisill Blvd is the recently-deceased...the other victim has YET to be ID'ed.
Interesting thing about 24-year old Alan...he was busted last August when the Texas DPS officer pulled over a 2003 Ford F-250 pickup he and another person were in for a traffic violation.
The officer then found a hidden compartment under the truck bed which contained 22 bundles that came to 110 pounds of MJ (street value about $49K).
The pair were apparently muling the drugs from Tucson up to Fort Wayne.
In a plea agreement, Puff was given FIVE years probation, which could be served back in Fort Wayne...not bad for a felony possession with intent to distribute, is it? Puff was also ordered to pay fine, and perform community service. ANY violation of the probationary period would result in a nice TWENTY-YEAR stint in a Texas jail.
Nice to know we've got drugs coming INTO Fort Wayne from SO many sources, isn't it?
(( Editor's Update - 1200 hrs - According to media sources, the 2nd man shot on Rudisill has been ID'ed as James Armstrong, 30 of...ARIZONA...wonder if it's TUCSON?. ))
Now, what all the "ruckus" was about outside his house the other night remains a mystery. Was it some thugs having a fight over something entirely NOT related to Puff and his drug arrest?
"Girl-rilla" warfare?
That is one very possible scenario, for as you know by now, the mooks in this area WILL think nothing of causing a stir ANYWHERE they damn well please (perhaps more FWPD street patrols might stop this?)...because they can.
I've said numerous times that one of the problems with these thugs and thugettes is that they have NO concept of BOUNDARIES...or property lines.
They will start a fight on your property...or hit a house (and vehicles) with gunfire during a rolling shootout...
We've seen and heard this play out over and over.
Was it someone who was trying to break into the house? Maybe.
Could it have been someone who tracked Puff from Arizona up to Fort Wayne and wanted to settle some score with the loss of the drugs last year? That's a possibility as well.
It will be interesting to see how this is investigated, and even if anyone is caught as the shooter (unless they get stupid and trip themselves up).
Seems we have ONE homicide (usually a white guy) that goes unresolved every year around here.
*** Next up, ATZ'S Ice Cream Shoppes closed it's door abruptly, beginning yesterday...no word to the public, and employees only received a one-day notice (Sunday night - told to not report to work)...now WTF could this be all about?
Gone...after FIFTY years.
Here's a story link (from Frank Gray) that sheds a little light, if you read between the lines:
Forty employes and two locations (N. Anthony Blvd and E. Tillman Rd on the south side) are affected by the closures.
Gray mentions that "other restaurants along that stretch however, have closed in the last few years" (he is talking about the E. Tillman Rd near Calhoun area).
Welcome to the SE side of town!
Also in the story is a mention (from Jeff Atz) about "the demographics have changed and other business have moved away".
That tells me the area is not as "nice" as it USED to be, ergo, many patrons have either (also) moved away, or decided to go elsewhere (and perhaps feel a bit safer).
That makes sense, as a fight between blacks can break out anyplace down here (reminds me of the BK fight over 12 years ago at Southgate Plaza...all over the way a burger was prepped and the customer wanting a "freebie"..typical behavior from the entitlement mindset.)
One of HUNDREDS of closures.
But, you can see why places CLOSE on the SOUTH side of town...and it runs the gamut of businesses.
Richards restaurant closed, Lambros closed, Casa D'Angelo closed, the entire Southtowm Mall closed, K-Mart closed, Target closed, Long John Silver closed, Frank's Nursery closed, Marshall's closed, Big Lots closed...and what really CHANGED during this "exodus" of sorts, demographically?
Oh, that's right...an increasing number of blacks and Latinos of the low-information variety moving into RENTAL housing (after the white flight to other points in town). Add to this, the INCREASE (across the board) of CRIME following these "people" in their wake, and it's little wonder we have ANY businesses left to speak about...but you do need a minimum of "amenities" to serve the public (and allow theft to occur).
And that brings me to another followup story. here's the link:
Two (blacks) face charges in those Kroger thefts a while back.
There were the ones filling up carts and then walking the hell OUR of the store...because they can (entitlements again).
Total theft amount comes to $4320.00 worth of goods, including HIGH-END LIQUOR...sound familiar?
This took place between January and July...guess it beats shoving steaks down your saggy-baggys, hmm?
(effin losers)
*** Last back to the barn today...I can see when people are SO destitute that they resort to theft to feed starving family members, but we've become a society that revels in allowing the government to do the SAME THING...with OUR tax monies.
When you stop and look at the number of people on welfare...many of whom have no damn right to any of it in the first place, it boggles th damn mind.
After half a century...THIS is "progress"?
To have almost HALF of ALL Americans on SOME form of government assistance is beyond belief, and something I'm sure our parents would find reprehensible.
The "war on poverty" has been won (imho), with the possible exceptions of those living in some God-forsaken part of the U.S.
But, it's not the victory we'd hoped for...
So why still wage the war?
Because it's way to deceive the public...and when you change the parameters of what constitutes "poverty", you dump a whole other class into a realm they should not be in at all.
But that does create class-warfare in it's own right.
Time to stop with all the BS...all the deception...all the lies.
And, it's also time for REAL Americans to stand up and be counted, and not poverty-stricken peons of some liberal agenda.
Hell, most people don't want a hand out...but they would prefer a hand-UP, and that's where we ned to focus.
And that's hard to do when we have such a myopic group of politicians running the show, isn't it?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

That's a lotta shots fired, Bob. I may need to go into the ammo business in Fort Wayne. Sounds like business is booming. So to speak.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
It's funny you mention that - I know a few gun shops in town that WILL NOT SELL ammo to "dubious-looking people".
(you know who we're talking about)
The shopkeepers usually tell them "we're currently out of that ammo"...seen it done in person to one guy that spoke something close to ebonics.
(no .223 or AK ammo for him)

It's the "big boxes" that sell to anyone.
And with them, business is indeed...boom, boom, boom, booming...LOL.
Makes me wonder where those weapons that were stolen from s trailer in INDY are going to show up, also?

Thanks for rolling up today and commenting.

Stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

Shame about Atz's... location, location, location may be the thing, but when a city turns on you and you got a paid for shop, what can you do? And in the northward creep, K-Mart on N. Coliseum goes belly up today... something about Sears losing $975 million last quarter! I can just see the room where the decision to buy K-Mart was reached...."Hey, I have an Idea! As long as we're going down anyway, why don't we have a little fun and buy someone worse off than we are, just to lengthen the pain?"

Bob G. said...

Yeah, the ONLY place we have down here for ice cream is that ghettoesque DQ behind the Scotts that closed a few years back...(the one that gets robbed a couple times every other year).

Sure glad CRIME is not a "factor" (he said sarcastically)

We have ice cream at the "Fortress". too...lol.

As to the K-Mart closing.buddy, you and I are on the exact same page.
I said to Wifey about Sears buying them up...VERY bac idea, but misery LOVES company.
(worst mistake made in decadees).

I know 2 sisters than were sacked when our K-Mart down HERE closed, and they WERE hired by the one up on Coliseum...NOW, they have NO PLACE to work at...damn shame. They/re both nice women and know their stuff.

This is getting BEYOND RIDICULOUS, my friend.

Hey, thanks for dropping by today to comment.

You stay safe up there, brother.

Momma Fargo said...

Another wall of text of shots fired. I swear you more action than a pickle in a whorehouse. Wow, that was pretty crude. Excuse my brassy comment. Fall! It's gorgeous! And...I might add, I must get my hands on some ghettopoly.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
LMAO...good call w/ the pickle!

I don't have to "play" ghettopoly...I LIVE it...HA!

Glad you could roll up today and comment...thanks a bunch, dear.

And you stay safe down there.