12 September 2014

Friday Follies...
Made it to the weekend, and how we manage to do it some weeks amazes even me.
If you prefer Autumn weather to Summer heat, then today will be right up your alley.
The Hoosierland will see temps reaching only into the upper sixties (again), and since we're starting out today mostly CLOUDY, I'm not banking on seeing the sun early on...maybe later today...if we're good and behave ourselves.
In the meanwhile, let's get a soothing warm cup of our favorite beverage at our side as we see what's been going on elsewhere...
*** First out of the emergency room today...yep, ANOTHER shooting on the city's (where else?) SOUTHEAST SIDE.
Here's the story link:
This took place in the parking lot of the Chapel Oaks Apartments (AGAIN???), located at Hanna and Buchanan Sts around 1715 hrs yesterday.
You count the shells, I'll get the donuts.
There, police found a man suffering multiple gunshot wounds next to a Jeep Cherokee.
He was transported to hospital where he remains in critical condition.
Naturally, DOZENS of "lookie-loos" were out and about, because it's like shiny keys dangled in front of an infant - something to marvel at.
No doubt this impeded officers and their investigation to some degree (as it usually does).
At least 11 shell casings were marked in the lot, and this makes Six people shot in the last week (2 dead and 4 injured), if you're keeping count.
Need a FWPD sub-station HERE now.
Nice to know the FWPD "capo", Garry Hamilton has sought out the help from the U.S. Marshal's office to form (yet another) "Task Force" to look into all the shootings...whatsa matter, Garry...in over your head? Thought so, and SAID so...for years, but if you had sought out and listened to those who have to DEAL with this daily (and there are more than a few of us law-abiding people around), you would have known as much. No suspect and no motive (naturally)...probably another "retribution" shooting.
((Editor's Update - 1205 hrs. - Here's the latest on the shooting with the victim's name:
 Yes, he is black...big surprise, but has been upgraded to serious condition.))
Moving on...
*** Now, I WILL talk about Da Prez and his "tough talk" speech Wednesday evening...
Let's say I graded him on TWO, distinct aspects of said speech - presentation and substance (content).
As far as PRESENTATION goes...this guy is a "pro" at talking...that's what community activists DO, and they do it with panache`.
Think of Goebbels and his propaganda machine back in the 1930s and 1940s. If you can wrap up a pile of BS in such a nice enough package and sell it to the people, they WILL buy into it.
History proves as much.
So, on this aspect, I give Obummer a solid "B", and that's because it wasn't a self-written speech, but a teleprompter read.
Now, as to the SUBSTANCE of the speech?
Well, to me, there wasn't really any...it was a rambling of sorts...with some strictness tossed in around the edges, so he gets an "E", and not for effort.
Sure, he HAD to say he wasn't going to take any crap from these terrorists...to do anything less would' have got "we, the people" really PO'ed.
He's even cheesed off many in his OWN political party, and any type of warfare has to be as devoid of politics as possible, in order to achieve the victory you're seeking. Again, history shows us as much...many times over.
Yet, I didn't really HEAR anything saying he was waging a WAR against ANY form of terrorism...he seemed to stop short on that.
But, he DOES want more MONEY from Congress, and many there seem to want to cave on that, without knowing WHERE such funding will go...didn't we go through this often enough in the last 6+ years with this guy?
Gonna be fun to see how all this pans out...without the coalition hoped for.
*** A little closer to home (make that a lot closer)...the city came out yesterday and dumped the parts for some BARRICADES along our property as well as the mooks down the next corner...wonder WTF this is all about?
Could I cite the CITY for "dumping"?
Could it be SEWER work? It would be nice to get a letter in the post saying they were going to do it, so people could "amend" their parking and directions of travel, but THAT would make TOO damn much sense, would it not? And the idiots around here don't know what laws are anyway, so...
Maybe there's a "block-party" we not being told about? THAT would piss me off, and not because I don't like them. It would be because of all the trash that will follow like the wake from a Nimitz-Class aircraft carrier...(which IS considerable).
"Whiskey -Tango-Foxtrot"
We sure don't need a lot of pothole repair, and there aren't any trees that need serious pruning, so I'm at a loss to know WHY the city's doing this.
I'll keep you informed as to what, when, and why when I see what's happening.
*** Next up, yes, I DID manage to purchase a brand new DVD of Captain America - The Winter Soldier on eBay...
And got it for LESS ( a dollar less) than the lowest price I saw at Wal-Mart...so there, bargain-hunters...take that.
Now, when it arrives (supposed to be Monday), there will be a movie night with popcorn at the "Fortress", and no kids kicking my seat-back, or large-headed primates in FRONT of me to block my view...LOL.
Also, the new MOWER BLADE has arrived already...good and SHARP, too, and UNDAMAGED by anything encountered along our lawns (that the city has yet to repair).
Also got an email from eBay yesterday too...thanking me for FOURTEEN YEARS of shopping with them...(wow, how time flies)
I did not know I signed on one year BEFORE 9/11, 2001...that was eerie as hell to find out.
Still, you;d think they'd offer me something for all those years (and money) spent online, looking for items we need, trinkets I wanted, and yes, lots of presents for Wifey and others living far from us.
Like WE have a CHOICE down here?
Well, you have to do that when you have NO real retail shopping where you live
(thanks, City of Fort Wayne...again).
*** Last back to the ICU today...mostly anyone who knows me or has met me, usually sees me in "camos", and they might not ask me directly, but wonder WHY I wear them damn near everywhere we go...Simple enough...it's mainly because I consider where we live a damn WAR ZONE (and the clothing wears like iron...ask anyone in the military).
I didn't always wear camo...started doing it about 10 years ago, because I knew how the neighborhood was becoming a ghettohood, and also knew what we could expect as good neighbors left or passed away, only to be replaced by some of society's worse vermin one could imagine.
I also didn't own a firearm until after 2000...didn't feel the NEED for one, actually.
Now, having one (or more) is S.O.P.!
My only regret at this point is NOT getting a CCP (yet).
That doesn't stop me from carrying on or around my property...and it never will. I know MY rights there.
I thought that moving to a city 1/10th the size of Philly would have less crime and therefore less problems...and I admit to being incorrect in that assessment ( a rarity)...you have a LOT more problems here, and they're growing every year.
Now, I'm from the era that doesn't ignore a problem in the hope it will "go away"...I try to figure out a VIABLE method to erase the problem, as should any CITY LEADER.
You see a problem...you speak out about it - let those in authority KNOW what's going on, but when what you say falls on deaf ears, that leaves little alternatives to work with, save for what YOU can still do on your own. It's the best (and often only) way to protect those you love and your property.
It's also often a lonely proposition, as whatever people you could call "allies" are no longer around to work with you (or you with them).
We can see the evidence of the city's lack of desire to BETTER this part of town every day...and we can read about it in the police reports.
All the FWPD can seem to do is investigate (after chasing the radio), rather than police...when they are not allowed to take care of noise issues, or speeding or parking issues, that just opens the door of the Broken Window Theory, allowing more shattered glass along out streets.
You cannot enforce the law as effectively when you permit so much small stuff to go unnoticed and hold no one accountable for doing it.
All that does do is allow the big stuff to occur (like shootings and homicides), and if anyone thinks we're "fortunate" this year with so FEW deaths, think again...
It all comes down to be a bad shot, which so many of these thug-ass perps happen to be.
A little practice on their part, and the homicide numbers would be right back up there.
Not the best way to live on the south side of Fort Wayne...just, in many cases...the ONLY way.
You get the idea, right?
Do have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

First thing, did my comment post yesterday? Just curious.

Next: Keymarkus? Was he conceived in a car that was being vandalized at the time? SMH.

Then: Fort Wayne is easy to figure out. The elite in this town are pie-in-the-sky, head-in-the-sand PC freaks that think all the world either lives just as they do (thus the "wonderful" ideas they keep coming up with for downtown) or exist is some nebulous netherverse that really doesn't touch them. All these years of Democrat rule has contented them, and anytime the real world edges into their existence, they float out a PC solution. Such as putting Hamilton in charge of anything more complicated than opening a gallon of milk. He doesn't really have to "solve" the problem- they have put a black man in charge of law enforcement because it is a cuddly, ethnically prudent thing to do and made them feel good about things. Thus, to them, they have already gave a "solution", and telling them anything negative about it will only serve to make them feel that we of the netherverse are petty and ungrateful.

In the mean time, the non-solution has led to open gang war in the real world, and like a child playing with a broken toy, Hamilton seeks an "adult" to help him "fix it." That pretty much cover it?

Bob G. said...

Yes, it posted...I was just lax in answering it...my bad.
It was very well-received, too.

Perhaps "Keymarkus" was conceived behind a LOCKSMITHS shop?

AH...their heads are in the SAND...you are too kind, my friend. I was thinking more "alimentary" (dear Watson)...lol.

A "nebulous netherverse...love that analogy!
The DEMOCRAT RULE is what crapped up Philly...decades of it!

The manner by which you make the call for Hamilton is BRILLIANT...best I've heard in some time (and I've heard my share).
Yep, that covers it all VERY well.
(nice packaging and ribbon, too)

Thanks for ending my week with the knowledge that I'm not the ONLY one who feels this way.

Have yourselves a great weekend and do stay safe up there, brother.

*** BTW, there's a "monarch" festival (butterflies, not cartoon villains) out along Engle Rd. (Eagle Marsh)tomorrow..free milkweed plants being given out between 11AM to 3PM - just saying.
We might go there.

catererin said...

so the Target store finally sold! any other closed stores sell, like Kmart or Marshall's? on the Southwest side, the former Kroger on US 24 sold in a year or so!

Bob G. said...

That's the ONLY property that has finally sold.
There is a place at the corner of Anthony and Tillman that's got some new tenant (seems they had ten so far).

We STILL have that vacant SCOTTS along Decatur Rd, the VACANT K-MART near Southtown.

But we DO keep getting more convenient stores/gas stations...like we need ANY more of those...same goes for all the damn liquor stores.
That's the last thing you want with all the "welfare kings & queens" roaming about.

Thanks for stopping by to comment.

Stay safe out there.