19 September 2014

Friday Follies...
Here we are at last...another weekend, abd fast closing in on that first day of Autumn (gotta wait until next week, but it's coming).
Our Hooiserland weather has us with some fog in outlying areas around town (we have some slight fog IN town, but you can still see a couple blocks away).
 Just practice some caution if you're out there this morning.
After the sun comes up and burns this all off, we're looking at a day with temps a tad higher...around the low 70s mark.
No rain until later this weekend.
So, enjoy the day as best you can.
Now, let's get ourselves a nice warm cup of coffee, tea, or whatever you find comforting and let's see what has been transpiring around us...
*** First off of the counter-top today is our 'What the hell happens today, Bob?"
September 19 - Today is National POW/MIA Recognition Day.
And it's also...(are they serious?)...International Talk Like A Pirate Day...
((rolls eyes))
And that's as far as I'm going with THAT one, folks...
They even have a website for today...
Good Lord...talk about skewed priorities...
*** Next up, our reigning monarch, King Henry has disclosed his city budget for 2015, and (surprise, surprise)...it's HIGHER than last year's budget.
Here's the story link:
Now, this ought to make all you liberals ecstatic, because the budget will be $150 MILLION bucks, but don;t worry...it's an "investment in the future", so states the "king"...
(Aren't they ALL?)
The investments include an ADDITIONAL dozen new police officers (glad they're not OLD police officers), and investing "millions" of dollars in city streets, roads, sidewalks, curbs, and street lighting.
I thought the city got some kinda GRANT to hire new police officers and firefighters?
Oh, what's that you say?
Grant money doesn't last forever?
Gee, I remember saying the EXACT SAME THING for quite some time (here).
Eventually, you will have to "tap the coffer' to PAY for stuff when grants dry the hell up...common sense 101, people.
This budget is about 5.6% HIGHER than last year...should mean we'll be getting more for our tax dollar, right?
Not so fast...
The 2015 budget includes ONE extra pay period and that (alone) comes to $2.8 MILLION (nice payday).
There is also an election next year, and the city "contributes" about $400,000...(to keep the status quo?)
Now that sure sounds like a "WTF???" moment to me.
Wonder how that same $400K could be put to BETTER use, perhaps on the SE side to eradicate crime, for instance?
Of course the city is still crying the blues over the state TAX CAPS...(boo-frigging-hoo), but the city will STILL be able to levy around $102,400,000 (yes, that's a hundred and two MIL).
The city ONLY levied $100,041,697 in 2014 (and that $97 was probably OUR property tax...LOL. amount...thanks to the DEVALUING of our property due to rising crime and fewer people living in homes they OWN...
(thank you SO very much, City Hall).
We used to pay over $600 per year in property taxes...now down to UNDER $100...nice way to LOSE revenue (when the city doesn't give a rip about one area of town).
Legally, the city can't ADD to the budget, but can enact CUTS...this Tuesday's City Council meeting should be a hoot and a half.
*** Next, The Scots have narrowly voted DOWN a choice to become their OWN (sovereign) country, breaking ties with England, and I have to say I'm kinda relieved.
If Scotland was going to secede only to join the EU...that wasn't going to end well, and if secession would mean depending on OIL RESERVES in the North Sea, well, that's wasn't going to last as long as they would hop, as the supplies there are dwindling.
Now, if Scotland wanted to pursue something similar to CANADA, I could see the reasoning behind that, which I think is the way they should go.
I also understand they feel under-represented in the UK Parliament...perfectly normal.
Scotland should be allowed to enact it's own laws, but by staying united with England, they are privy to UK laws.
Many of Britain's missile defense systems are in Scotland (and the Brits have NUKES)
The economy of both England and Scotland come into play here.
This place would make a nice summer "Fortress"
And in the global arena, they can often become lost in the shuffle.
I do hope that the Scots and the Brits can work together and yet allow the proper amount of autonomy when needed.
We shall see.
*** Last back to the ramparts today...no matter what problem a government has, there is ALWAYS some basis of MONEY involved.
Throughout history, people have sought political office and even gone to war because of some almighty currency.
Yet, the common people see such things as a means to survive, and often thrive.
Some become fortunate enough to use the capital they acquire to create companies, banking institutions and the like.
Others are even more altruistic or entrepreneurial in nature.
Many give it most of what they acquire to charity
And yes, some chase after money just because they CAN.
But the Bible teaches a stern (and very truthful) lesson when it comes to currency, and people frequently misquote it
They say MONEY is the root of all evil...nope, sorry...incorrect.
It's the LOVE OF MONEY that is the root of all evil.
(well, that and ignorance)
Nothing wrong with HAVING money...or using it, but when that becomes your "god"...well, you got some issues.Money is just a tool, and can be misused like any other tool.
And governments are JUST as guilty as the common man regarding this...more so, actually, given the natures of acquisition THEY have available and the number of people governments can wrest money from.
Curiously, it was THIS that caused America to leave England's rule...unfair taxation...money taken under false pretenses.
Now, we're looking at a society that is weaning itself OFF of "currency" in the proper manner...it's all CREDIT...or "electronic transfers", or even this new bit-coin stuff.
We are becoming a cash-less society.
I'm sorry, but I like the days of cash, coin-of=-the-realm to pay for stuff.
Credit cards are just a "convenience"  because sometimes, carrying lots of cash makes you a mark for thieves.
Welcome to the world of CYBER-CRIME.
But thieves today have also changed up and are hacking into store records, if not reading your credit card in your damn wallet or purse.
So, we have to guard against THAT, now.
Sure makes you wonder where it will go from  here...and if we can protect ourselves well enough in the process.Most is us just want to get by and live out lives...should be simple enough to do that, right?
Do have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

(( PS - I neglected to mention that THIS PAST WEDNESDAY - 17 September - was CONSTITUTION DAY. Here's the WIKI:
Give it another read...it might surprise you to know that 36% of AMERICANS cannot name the THREE branches of government. We of course know better and appreciate it more, don;t we? ))


John DuMond said...

Dammit! I haven't talked like a pirate at all today. I feel so out of step right now. ;)

Bob G. said...

John D.:
LOL...I think I might try something one better...I may DRINK like a pirate:
"Where be me Captain Morgan?"
A little rum...purely for "medicinal" purposes, mind you.

Plus, we don't OWN a parrot OR an eye-patch

Thanks for rolling by today and commenting.
Have a good weekend & stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

And onceagain, Chris is right.

To Laurie: "I think that poll that said the "yes independence" was in the lead a couple weeks ago- after trailing by double digits a month and a half before- was just to scare the "no" voters off their bums and to the polling places."

One of the highest turnouts in Scots history. (Pats shoulder.)

Bob G. said...

Laddie, I dinna think ye no less wiser.
It was the right call in Scotland for now.

Never gets old being "right", does it (I know how you feel)

Now, go taunt Laurie like a PIRATE!
(and don't even think of placing Scrappy on your shoulder)

Thanks for stopping on by to comment.
Have a good weekend and stay safe up there.