01 September 2014

Monday Musings - Labor day Edition...
Yessiree, nothing like starting a brand new month off with a "holiday", is there?
Of course, (down in Fort Wayne's ghettohood) you can always begin a Labor Day with some "labor", as in picking up ALL the trash that some ignorant (and most likely government-sponsored) primate decided to dump all over YOUR property, right?
Such was the case early this morning...
I would have taken pictures of the initial scene, but it was still DARK out (didn't want to use a flash), so I got some "after" pictures and then compensated for brightness and contrast. Here's the results.
We had a box (good size one, too) of shoes, flip-flops, and assorted other apparel scattered ALL over the lawn, as well as a few fence planks (not from OUR fences, thankfully) with nails still in them.
Had a few planks tossed on our FRONT lawn, too.
But the "kicker" to this was a junk BICYCLE that was "hung" on our fence near the side gate.
It had flat tires and no seat, so it wasn't gonna be a "keeper".
Yep, starting this month out with a real "WTF???" moment to be sure.
Someone don't like those white folks all "NICING" up the place.
I didn't know OUR place had become a frigging LANDFILL...
So, I set to work relieving our property of the flotsam (otherwise called "recycling - Bobby G. style").
I tossed the bike into a yard along the back alley.
The planks I gathered up and tossed onto a vacant property's back yard, and the shoes and clothes...well, I just flung ALL of those out into the damn street.
What surprises me, is that neither Wifey nor myself heard anyone outside.
(that's bothersome)
The crap was scattered like someone had an argument...it was all over the place.
Then again, it IS the traditional "ethnic moving day" - the first of the month.
But yet, there were items placed DELIBERATELY, like the bike hung ON the fence, and not near it on the ground...
Wifey thinks we may have been pranked or "punked"...well, woe to the "punker" in my book
I'm getting so damn sick and tired of picking up all the LOCAL'S TRASH when they feel it's convenient to dump it along OUR property.
Find some OTHER place for a f$cking change, you-bastards!
Add to this a sinus infection I'm dealing with, and I'm starting off not at the top of my game...and don't need to be trifled with in ANY way by ANYONE not associated with those living under OUR roof.
Suffice it to say, today's going to suck...just got that feeling.
And I better not see ANYONE trying to put ANY of that trash BACK onto our property.
The way I'm feeling, I COULD make the 6 o'clock news...I've NO tolerance for idiots at this point.
Let's just say It's going to be an interesting Fall, and let it go at that.
We'll try to salvage what's left of the 3-day weekend and put it behind us.
Have YOURSELVES a much better day today.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there.
(and beware of short-dumpers)


CWMartin said...

Thank you for giving me the lead-in for MWN this morning...

Bob G. said...

You know me..in sickness OR in health, I am always there to help out a fellow Christian...!
Glad I could be of "service" today.
Hope you, Laurie, and Scrappy have a much better day.

Thanks for stopping by to comment today.

Stay safe (and rant on), brother!

Momma Fargo said...

Grr. I would be pissed-ola over that junque in your yard. WTF?

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Sister, was I PO'ed...royally!

A freaking busted-ass bike HUNG on our damn fence...betcha I'd piss someone off if I hung a NOOSE in one of my trees...!

What kind of a$$hole does this kinda crap?
Talk about some arrested development.
(that our local police haven't arrested with cuffs).

I just "recycled" all the "items" to other people's property...as a "reminder to NOT screw with ME.

Thanks for stopping by to comment.

Roll safe down there, dear.