10 October 2014

Friday Follies...
And so far, it could wind up being one of THOSE days...more about that shortly.
Our Hoosierland weather is going to be a "half and half" kinda day - half cloud and half sunshine.
The sunshine will happen sometime after noonday, but at least we're done with the rain for the time being.
Temps are expected to reach into the upper 50s, as that won't be too bad to take. Looks to be a good day'
(until someone comes along and louses it all up)
So, with that behind us, let's see what the "rest of the story" will be...grab a cup of your morning beverage and let's get this show on the road.
*** First out of the mine-shaft is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
October 10 -
Today is National Angel Food Cake Day...and there is ALWAYS room for cake, right?
It's also World Egg Day, and we all know that it take some eggs to make ANY cake, so perhaps we can work these two events together (in a mixing bowl, preferably...lol).
Okay guys, into the bowl!
Meanwhile, back in the kitchen...
*** Wifey heads off to work (school) every day with her tote bag, which contains her lunch (that I prepare) and sundry items pertaining to school...sometimes tests that were graded...you get the picture.
Talk about an "OOPS" moment...
Well, TODAY, she headed off WITHOUT IT...yep, there it sits on the chair in the family room.
And the funny thing, I didn't notice her NOT having it when she came out to the garage and got in her car (that one's on me).
But, SHE forgot to take it...been taking it for over 15 years, so why forget today?
I was beside myself as to HOW she could forget the damn thing!
Well, I've already emailed her, because she has YET to get a voice-mail feature set up for her damn smart phone, and told her I am NOT driving all the way UP to her school JUST to drop the damn thing off.
It's different if I forget to put her lunch in the bag (haven't done that for TWO years...I learned from that lesson).
That slip-up was TOTALLY on ME, and I make it right, but I simply won't drive the bag up there...a lesson has to be learned. It might paint me as a jerk, but (as I told her) them's the breaks...maybe there won't BE a next time then, right?
I know there were times I forgot my lunch, and I didn't go back home to get it...just ate someplace else, or went hungry for the afternoon...and you know what? I learned NOT to forget it after that, and if I did, oh, well...you adapt.to the situation.
Moving on...
*** I think I found a solution to having this one Latina parent (read trespassing moron) that likes to back INTO our driveway after she picks up her kid at the bus stop (while parking ON our lawn in the process).
It's called  STAY OUT...for a REASON, you idiot
I got out my two SAWHORSES, wrapped part of them in some of that FIRE LINE - DO NOT CROSS tape I had from years ago, and placed them ACROSS the driveway.
And guess what, she could NOT back into it yesterday...drove off in the other direction, in fact.
That's ONE issue down...one more to go..perhaps RAILROAD TIES from a landscaper along the street perimeter to keep people from driving on the grass? Sounds like a plan to me.
*** Uh, oh...ANOTHER black male shot to death by a LEO in the St. Louis area...say it ain't so?
Wish I could, but here's the story link:
(cripes, here we go AGAIN)
Already, we're hearing protests about racial profiling, and all sorts of race-baiting rhetoric, but in THIS case, the perp, a black 18-year old male shot FIRST at a pursuing officer (3 times), before the officer returned fire, killing the fleeing teen.
Now, you KNOW Eric Holder's department will be all over this case, too.
I guess that it's supposed to be OK for blacks to shoot at officers...just look the other way?
Racial tensions are bad enough, without (protesting) blacks aggravating the situation (when one of their OWN was in the wrong).
But, I suppose that's too difficult a concept for these low-information people to figure the hell out.
I'd say the (off-duty) officer made a good call as far as CRIMINAL profiling goes...the perp just happened to be black.
End of story...for now.
*** This story is one of those "mixed blessing" ones that keep you guessing.
Here's the link:
Now, this "unrepentant" thug gets a mere 15 years, when he should be getting AT LEAST 20 (imho).
The current sentence means he should be out in probably less than 10 years...back on OUR streets, doing the "same old".
Hardly a harsh sentence by any means.
But he IS off our streets for NOW.
He DID manage to plea deal his way out of attempted murder (don't they all?), and that says much (to me) about the INJUSTICE system at work here.
*** And speaking of injustice, here's THIS story that I find disturbing:
Not one, but TWO robbery tries, including shooting at a car with a woman and child inside...how "quaint".
Roderick L. Patterson, of the 5900 block of Bunt Drive is the perp (and that's an area of town that sees it's share of trouble, too). Any bets as to the ethnicity of this individual?
(your guess is probably correct)
This thug is only being held in liey of $16.5K bail...and he used a handgun in the robbery attempts. Shouldn't that account for something and jack that bail UP significantly?
I suppose not in this city with the mooks we have running the prosecutorial show.
*** Last back to the barn...what the hell is it with people today?
I don't recall such goings on happening with such regularity and frequency...EVER.
It's as though there is this nexus of stupidity abounding....bad driving, criminal activity, dumb-ass "regulations", lousy governing in D.C., lack of consequences for those who laugh at accountability, and SO much more.
And it all seems to be converging to some nasty end.
It just hope it doesn't converge on OUR front steps...that would be "interesting" to say the least...and not good for the participants.
Where's it going to end?
No part of the nation seems safe enough.
If it's not some problem in our nation, it's another outside (trying to GET in)...innocents targeted, more drugs, more guns (in the wrong hands), and more violent assaults are all over the damn place.
I don't know whether to be more fearful or pissed the hell off...perhaps a combination of both is best.
Let's say "tentative" or "cautious".
At least when you're fearful, that makes you fast, and movement is life..
But pissed off just raises the old BP.
It makes it damn hard to just live one's life with as little angst as possible, doesn't it?
We used to be a much better people (on the whole). We used to DO much better for ourselves AND for each other.
And we really need to start paying attention to what's going on around us, and pit aside the sensationalism, the technology,. and the diversions, and concentrate on what SHOULD matter to all of us...
The human condition needs some serious help, and WE are the only ones capable of making that happen.
Therein lies the lesson for today.
Have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Bob... gotta admit this post has me in a quandary for the right words... so I'll just say to err is human...

Bob G. said...

I can work with that, my friend.
And yes, even you and I are guilty of such a thing, hard as it is to believe...LOL
(just not as often as when we were young...right?)

Thanks for dropping by to comment today.

Have a good weekend & stay safe up there

Momma Fargo said...

Angel Food Cake Day? Craziness. I missed it! Dang it. I like it now, but when I was a kid, I was like...this is air. GIVE ME CAKE! LOL

Great and informative post as usual, Bob!

Bob G. said...

MOmma Fargo:
Yeah, I must be lucky...still being able to eat cake (and in nice quantities)..reminds me, gotta make a cake soon...for no damn reason.
(celebrate fall...there's one reason...lol)

TYhe situation out near St. Louis is gonna need to be watched carefully.
Many of them will love to riot whenever someone looks at them the wrong way...and the funny thing...many of them sure ain't no angel (cake) and NEED to be watched...!
Crazy people out there.

Glad you enjoyed the post, dear.

Have yourself a great weekend and DO roll safe down there.