24 October 2014

Friday Follies...
Hey, guess what?
It's the WEEKEND (sound the trumpets and loose the pigeons)
I confess there are weeks when I don't believe it will get here...or soon enough.
The Hooiserland weather will see us with some partly sunny skies after some morning clouds and perhaps a spot of rain here and there. Temps will be climbing again to he upper 50s to lower 60s, with more warming later into this weekend.
Now, with that behind us, let's all join in and get ourselves a soothing cup of morning fortitude and we take a peek at what has been going on elsewhere...
*** First out of the starting gate today is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature.
October 24 - 
Be honest - MAYO or MUSTARD?
This is not to be (as often is) confused with BALONEY, which seems to come from damn near anyone in our government these days, especially in the D.C. area.
And THEY also have served BILLIONS...lol.
So, feel free to have a sandwich (like many PRISONERS around the nation's JAILS are having today), or fry some up...it's better than you might think.
(you just don't want to know what's in it...or how it's made)
-- It's also UNITED NATIONS DAY...(talk about a waste of a good day).
Anyone REALLY give a damn?
This body of  ambassadors (or whatever they think they are) is fast becoming the NEW League of Nations (of un-extraordinary gentlemen)...and we all KNOW how well that organization worked out (hint: it failed marvelously)...
Meanwhile, back in the Big Apple...
*** Yep, they now have an Ebola patient in NYC...now who'da thunk that?
(good thing it's not coming here in America, according to "da prez".)
And he went on the subway...an bowling.
Here's the story link:
We're gonna need a damn scorecard to keep track of the number of patients we might see here.
*** Next, another SHOOTING on the Fort Wayne's (where else?) SE side...here we go again.
And here is the story link (what's known so far)
Investigation NOW...donuts LATER.
So, let's see what we DO know...
- The car involved was an Infiniti, and it was silver.
- The passenger was shot and taken to hospital in serious condition.
- The shooting happened around 1900 hrs near Gay and McKee Sts.
- Police found a few shell casing in the area, so it's safe to assume it was NOT a wheel-gun that was used.
Other than that...nothing else...no motive, no suspects (on foot on in a vehicle), no victim IDs.
Just another night on "third-out" down in the "Badlands", right?
(( Editor's Note - there is an update with 2 people in custody. Here's the link:
More as it becomes available and is relevant to the situation. ))
*** Saw this story about a credit card thief and how "she" was using them to buy several THOUSAND dollars worth of stuff she shouldn't be buying...but that's the way these people shake..all about ENTITLEMENTS.
Here's the story link:
Dude looks like a lady?
Now, let me say I've seen my share of drag queens and kings (there's not much that DOESN'T happen in Philly), and while a few of them pull it off DAMN well, most fail wonderfully...to each his own.
But this "woman" is either a MAN, or one FUGLY-ass female.
(Fred Sanford would "shove her face in some dough and make gorilla cookies"...lol)
Then again, I've also seen my share of females down HERE that would turn a fresh gallon of milk SOUR with a glance...!
(some could use a leash, too)
And they have the NERVE to have children (when they're not stealing from everyone else)...that's sad on top of sad
Some "ladies"  (read welfare-queens) have that "caramel-apple-on-a-stick" appearance, if you get my drift.
Maybe that's why I DON'T like caramel apples...?
*** Next, I've been reading about these airbag problems is all those MILLIONS of vehicles, and how, when the airbag deploys, it may send metal fragments out as well, with possible injury or death to the driver or passengers.
Another "bust" for the auto industry.
Well, that's ONE way to "decrease the surplus population", isn't it?
And here's the story link that tells the tale:
Yeah, I would NOT want to be holding ANY Takata Corporation stocks (outfir that supplied the airbag units) at this time...
It's said that this problem has caused FOUR deaths (so far). And it affects domestic as well as foreign car makers.
Sorry, I like MY "frags" to come from a military-issue M67, thank you, and ALWAYS on the GIVING end...NOT the RECEIVING end.
Reach out and "touch" someone.
Never did like airbags, and don't trust them as far as I can toss an automobile.
A while back, there was an issue with airbag deployment whenever a (police) Crown Vic was hit in the front bumper, so (traffic stop) perps would BACK into the cars, causing the airbag to inflate...then they would drive off, leaving the officer with a bruised face and injured pride.
Works perfect with crash dummies!
They have since solved THAT problem to the joy of law-enforcement.
Fortunately (for me), the old '83 Firebird does NOT have such an airbag device, so it pays to stick with "the good old days" here.
(But, I'm still working on that "Mr Fusion" thingy...lol)
*** Next, got a bit on the "motivated" side yesterday, brought out the leaf-blower and had at it on the front lawn. Leaves never stood a chance.
Front lawn - BEFORE.
I was going to hold off until this weekend, but I figured...what-the-hell...the neighbors keep ME awake enough - time to "return the favor"...lol.
Front lawn - AFTER.
I still plan to do the other side of the house this weekend, with Wifey's assistance.
(she's on the rake)
And this stems from reading about how Fort Wayne is a tad AHEAD of schedule with pickups. They started the central city day before last), so they SHOULD be hitting the SOUTH side before the first week of November.
(that's the plan, anyway)
*** Last back to the hangar today...we can add a new face to the definition of the word HERO.
There is a link to the story:
Kevin Vickers, a 30-year veteran of the RCMP, and a bodyguard to dignitaries was greeted at his job as ceremonial Sergeant-at-Arms in Canada's Parliament yesterday with over a minute of standing ovations and applause.
With pistol still in hand.
The 58-year old, basically retired from "active" service" was the man who took down the shooter who broke into parliament wounding 3 people in the process.
Vickers went back to "work" after subduing the shooter...like it was all "part of the job"...amazing.
What's even more so, if that is in ALL the years he was in Canada's law-enforcement, Vickers NEVER had to fire his service pistol at anyone.
It's like I say...ONE man can make a difference, and in THIS case, he DID.
There are numerous accounts of such people every single day...ordinary folks thrust into extraordinary situations, and doing what NEEDS to be done.
We just don't hear about them all...only a few, or perhaps, one.
I have said that EACH of us can become that which we despise the most if given the proper situation.
I will also say that EACH of us is JUST as capable of doing things that cross into the realm of heroes.
We just never know WHEN or IF that situation will present itself.
Nor should it be...
I'm not saying that we SEEK such things out, but we should be prepared to do what has to be done when the need arises.
Again, another case of the NEEDS trumping the WANTS in the world.
We may not all be a Kevin Vickers, but we CAN affect change, however small we believe it to be at the time, which will have a ripple effect far beyond whatever we encounter.
Therein lies the lesson for today.
Do have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America


CWMartin said...

Let's see, where do we start?
1- Ketchup, Bob. As on all things.

2- You can tell that the UN doesn't actively sell a product- any business with as many blows to its credibility as this outfit would be a "Smoky Joes fireworks, open May 1st" by now,

3- Y'know, that COULD be a dude...

4- IDK about frags, but that one in the old Firebird sure gave me a concussion (though nothing compared to what the deer got!)

5- So I can come over about 0200 and shake your tree branches, right?

6- I think we have a lot of heroes out there who just haven't been called to duty yet. The ones that worry me are the yutzes that think they're heroes because some idiot in Syria told them to kill cops and soldiers.

7- Just kidding about your tree branches. No need to set the alarm clock and watch by the window...

Bob G. said...

Alllllriiighty, then.
(never tried that...yet)
--Smokey Joe's Fireworks...ROFL!
--Or a VERY fugly woman...I'm thinking "guy", too (esp in that ULTA makeup store...the NEED is there).
--Only frags in MY Firebird would be OUTGOING...and not incoming (trust me)
--Mother nature's been doing THAT well enough in the last 24 hrs...(damn)
--Agreed on BOTH counts!
--And I was gonna make some coffee and drag out the pumpkin pie.

Thanks for taking time to comment (and provide a few smiles here)
Much appreciated.
**(also, watch for that comment-maker called "un-common sense" on WANE - he apparently HAS none. Some people cannot read or think, and it shows.)

Have yourselves a great weekend & stay safe up there, brother.

ms nk rey said...

Great now my car has 2 recalls. Yay me.

Bob G. said...

The ONLY way an airbag would be PRACTICAL and much more useful, would be if they filled it full of jiffy-pop POPCORN...that way we could wait for the police or fire department to arrive in "style".

And it would cushion an impact MUCH better, don'cha think?
(I'll take MOVIE butter, please)

Thanks for stopping by to comment today.

Stay safe down there.