14 October 2014

No, It's NOT Monday Again...
Seriously? Rain Again?
It just SEEMS like it.
Another day of sogginess here in the Hoosierland,
Today's weather will be very wet...as in rain and thunderstorms, so don't expect to see the sun shining anyplace around here for most of the day. Clouds will reign supreme in he Midwest.
But we should NOT require hip-waders.
Much the same tonight and into tomorrow, too.
The temps will be rising to around the 70-degree mark today, but with 100% humidity, it might feel a bit "close" out there.
Take an umbrella...you're gonna need it.
And watch for flooding on roads as well as standing water
With that over with, go grab yourselves a cup of your favorite beverage and let's see what's been going on...
*** First out of the rain barrel today is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?"
(glad you asked)
October 14 - 
Today is NATIONAL DESSERT DAY (not to be confused with any DESERT in any land)
Yes, I'll have one of each.
So, feel free to have one...or two...or three (my preferred choice)
Now THAT makes sense!
We used to call them "multi-dessert events" at our church back in Philly.
And today is also (listed as) Bald and free Day (again?)...we had this last week on the 7th, so I don't really know what's up with this.
Maybe they celebrate each Tuesday of the month?
If you've already shaved you head...never mind...lol.
Meanwhile, back at the barber's shop...
*** More info on the latest homicide victim ("lucky" number 13 for those keeping a dead pool list)...
Benjamin Bernard Huinter, 44 (of Fort Wayne) was the victim.
And your homework will be to look up his rap sheet.
Here's a link for you:
(he did like to drive fast...among other "fun" things.)
Now, before I go further, the ID was provided yesterday...BUT,  I wanted to see any and all the "attaboys" this person got (from those who knew him) before I posted anything...looks like I wasn't all that disappointed.
Here's the story link:
Curiously, there is a picture of the victim (other than the mug shot on another site) but the online version deleted the photo.
Now, you can "say" he was turning his life around, and I'm sure friends (and family) will defend such a person, but he WAS awaiting a 45-day stint in house arrest for a domestic against a former girlfriend.
There ARE...always two sides to every story, and William Shakespeare summed it up best.
I know MY eulogy will be boring as hell...but it WILL be a TRUTHFUL one, devoid of the evil that permeates so many of these thugs...you can't shake the past from your shoes like so much dust...you can but learn from it and move on, dusty shoes and all.
*** Next up...I was running a tad long yesterday, so I didn't post this, but we were robbed over the weekend.
Now, before you get worried, it wasn't anything IN our house or garage.
Currently M.I.A.
We had a suet cake basket for the birds that I attached to a tree branch with two wires.
Well, we STILL have the wires.
That's right, some"thing" took the entire bloody feeder basket and removed it from our yard.
Wifey and I scoured the entire area and could not find it...talk about some thievery.
(bet it was a raccoon...they already are wearing a black mask, and are NOT the Lone Ranger)
No bird could have taken it...too heavy and bulky...ditto for squirrels or a roaming cat (we have several in the area). could have been a possum, but no matter the case, they were sure QUIET when they were lifting the basket. I men they could have JUST pried open the damn thing and taken the suet cake...THAT would be the EASY way to do it.
We'll be making a run to Menards on Friday (school day off for Wifey) to get another (probably get TWO, just in case)
And this time, gonna affix the basket with BARBED wire...let's see anything chew through THAT.
*** Next...wanna toss something out there for all of you to think about.
Have you noticed in today's world that so much of what makes up out lives is driven by WANT, rather than need?
We don't NEED that latest electronic gizmo...but we WANT it...same goes for most anything that advertisers stick in front of our primate faces.
We line up for days at some store awaiting the arrival of the "next big thing", which is usually smaller than the last one, hmm?
And why is that?
What is the purpose BEHIND such ploys, other than the obvious money to be made by the companies tossing this stuff out there?
We've all heard about mind-control, and I believe that marketing is one of the more pure forms of this.
Cripes, people today have succumbed to the Pavlovian response to the latest gadget or other fad.
And when such responses are performed often enough...and with more intensity, the people act less like people (as least ones with individual thought) and knuckle under to some "collective" mindset.
A mob-mentality is a prime example...and we see more and more of them each year.
It can be a protest mob or a flash mob...social media has a large part in fostering such tendencies.
This came to be to some degree when watching last night's episode of The Blacklist, and if you saw it, you know what I'm talking about.
This is nothing new - having the government perform social experiments on it's people, and is not the stuff of legend or speculative conjecture...it's been documented (no matter how redacted the documents were at one time).
How else can you explain a "fundamental transformation of America" that lauds hollow achievements, while shuts out the facts that are causing this nation to slip from it's perch at the top of the developed nations birdcage?
I think there is a lot of room for discussion on this (and there needs to be by all concerned Americans), and maybe...sometime in the not-too-distant future, we'll take a closer look at all this.
*** Last back to the drainage ditch...this nation is a GREAT nation, as long as certain people leave it the hell alone.
And by that, I mean those who would subvert what this nation stands for...the ones that want to shape this country into something it is not, nor ever was.
We used to set the standard for everyone else...at least it sure looked that way.
Other nations wanted to be LIKE us, and immigrants flocked here (legally) to become citizens of THIS country, leaving their homeland behind...that's gotta say something for us.
It used to be about the CHANCE...the OPPORTUNITY to become better...to DO better, and to achieve more...not to sit back and have your hand out.
These days, it's more about getting something for nothing, and the more somethings you can get, the better.
THAT is what is defining people, and that's blatantly wrong.
Like I always say...a return to what we USED to be, both as a people and as a nation will be the saving grace.
And the sooner we start, the better off we ALL become.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

I like The Blacklist. I think James Spader is in his most brilliant role.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Yeah, he's such a damn GOOD actor, too.
The way he comes off as Reddington is nothing less than BRILLIANT.
And how I would LOVE to have 1/10th of the "contacts" he has.
(oh, the urban renewal I could perform...bwahahahah)

And I know you're working on the marathon gig, so I'mm have a DESSERT FOR YOU today.
(it's just a slight hyper-metabolism thing...gonna run with it as LONG as possible).

Thanks for rolling up today and commenting.

Stay sfae and DRY down there, ear.

John DuMond said...

"Cripes, people today have succumbed to the Pavlovian response to the latest gadget or other fad."

It never ceases to amaze me that someone will toss out a perfectly good cell phone to get a new one just because it has an extra bell or whistle. Hell, I'm trying to make my phone last another year or so, just because I dread buying a new one. Guess I'm not "hip."

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I have a two-year old flip phone (Wifey got me)...I love it.
Haven't USED it more than TWICE so far...LOL.
Ig you think you're not "hip", then I am right ALONGSIDE you, my friend.
How did Huey Lewis used to put it?

"...It's hip to be square"
(and here's the proof)

SO, by deductive reasoning alone, WE...are now the NEW, REAL and ACTUAL "hip"...
(accept no substitutes.)

Hey, thanks for rolling up today to comment.

Stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

The Shakespeare quote is perfect for these ghetto killings. And if you want to avoid a boring eulogy, give ME the mike for a minute or three...

(Not that stupid, are you?)

Suet is an invitation to 3 am raids. I don't put it out unless I have a LOT of time off. They may be quiet, but somebody around here can SMELL 'em... and he don't LIKE 'em!

I don't know if I am a good one to speak on the want/need thing. When you dance as near to broke as I often do, and have no desire to remedy that the "ghetto way" (IE something other than actual work), want doesn't hold the wallet.

Bob G. said...

Yeah, I figure when in doubt...RUN (don't walk) to Shakespeare .
I'm sure my high school English teacher is smiling.

Eulogy? Hell, you can have the rostrum ALL to to yourself...you won;t hear any griping from ME...LOL.

Yeah, the NEXT suet basket will come INDOORS after dark (trust me).

Dickens often blurred the lines between NEED and WANT...made them quite similar, in fact.
But such times were of the VICTORIAN ERA...
I think SINCE then, we have delineated the differences, if not with enough clarity to give them each their due, then certainly with more "things" to keep us "occupied".
I know my NEEDS come first (same with Wifey)...anything after that is a "want".

Hope that made sense.

Thanks much for stopping by to comment.

Do stay safe and dry up there, brother.