28 October 2014

Tuesday Tidbits...
This Deja vu is getting too repetitive.
And if you prefer your tidbits a bit on the SOGGY side, you've come to the right place today.
We're starting this Tuesday on a "soft" note, meaning it's RAINING outside.
For most of this morning the rain will continue, with perhaps a thunderstorm.
Nice way to have a last shot at Indian Summer.
The rest of the Hoosierland weather will see us with dropping temps throughout the day, so whatever it is outside NOW will most likely be the HIGH for the day.
That puts us in the lower 60s - upper 50s for the remainder of the day.
We might see the clouds break up a bit before the sun goes down.
(as if we can even see the sun past this overcast).
So, with that said, join me in a soothing cup of that morning beverage as we see what else has been going around the block...
*** First off of the umbrella stand is our "What the hell happens to day, Bob?" feature.
October 28 - 
--Today is PLUSH ANIMAL LOVER'S DAY...now we all have loved some plush animal growing up, so this day must be for us, right?
Well, there's no mention of that, and neither is there mention of loving plush animals today, so, it seems to be a toss-up.
Happiness is a Pooky to hug.
So, do we "lovers" love our plushies, or does everyone love us (for loving plushies) today?
What a quandary, right?
--It's also International Animation Day (according to the International Animated Film Association, founded back in 1960 in Annecy, France).
There are more than 20 chapters throughout the world (even in Iran...who would think any of THOSE camel-jockeys would have a sense of humor to create animated anything?)
Moving on...
*** Here's an update to the latest shooting in Fort Wayne (Se side, naturally) that left one person ion serious condition last Thursday:
Socrates Bragg, Jr was (allegedly) the shooter, at least that's why he's in jail at this time.
He claims he was "walking across town" while the shooting went down...
ROFLMAO...sure he was.
(And I'm really Master of the Universe)
He's probably just a good boy...never hurt anyone...whatever.
The victim, who was shot multiple times still has a round lodged against his spinal column and may wind up paralyzed  for the rest of his life.
Be claims it was a "set-up"...for WHAT, exactly?
*** And an update to the loon that killed a woman in a park last week:
Got those CRAZY eyes.
Quinn Albers is the perp here, and he's had a nice history of aberrant behavior (they used to have places for such people in the past...called ASYLUMS), and was prone to outbursts of anger for no apparent reason.
(At least I always have a reason)
And, according to someone who dealt with Albers at an agency (for emotionally-troubled children) on a regular basis, he was very manipulative.
Kinda sounds like the student that shoved a pen into the ear of a female student the other week...same expression of behavioral "traits",
Wonder if THAT teen is getting some help...and moreover, why he is being "mainstreamed" with normal students when HE is clearly wanting of "special needs".
This open a whole can of qworms here, because in recent history, people have taken to "redefine" what is meant by SPECIAL NEEDS, and have painted it all with a much BROADER brush.
To ME, a student (or any child) that has special needs used to mean some physical infirmity, such as deafness of blindness.
It could even mean the loss of a limb, which restricts the type of mobility needed in a classroom setting or otherwise being wheelchair-cound.
But now, we're taking children with all this emotional and psychological baggage and adding them into the mix.
And many times, such children (and teens) have this tendency to just "go off" and exhibit behavior far from what we used to view as normal...how disruptive can that be in a classroom, hmm?
Those with such issues need to be remanded to s special school with teachers and caretakers who can properly deal with them and still have them learn in the process.
Not to be mainstreamed with normal folks.
But to arbitrarily place them with regular children can often place too many in the way of behavioral problems...problems best left to professionals in qualified schools and lifestyle settings.
Nothing racist or bigoted about it (as some leftards would imply erroneously)...it's just common sense and practical application of the right methodology for teaching such children (and yes, even adults).
*** Next up, there are those times when a craving becomes SO powerful, that you just have to take matters into your own hands...
Well, maybe not.
Helluva park job.
An SUV rammed into the Fairfield Donuts shop early this morning around 0330 hrs when police were called to the business, located at 1925 Fairfield Ave.
It's at this point that the story gets a bit "fuzzy", because they say the driver "was likely south on WEST Masterson".
Now, I've gone south on southbound streets, and west on westbound streets, but NEVER gone south on a westbound street, so either the reporter got it wrong, or the driver was going SIDEWAYS on Masterson...
Naturally the police have NO ONE in custody, as he bailed and ran after hitting the business and left the area, so, no one was found in or around the vehicle.
Its unknown if the business will be open today (cops gotta go elsewhere for donuts...damn shame...lol)
*** Last back to the coffee shoppe...I seem to be noticing more and more "bad" in the world, and I'm sure I'm not the only one seeing it.
And, as I said yesterday, the degree of this bad seems to be on a significant increase.
But it's not just the level of such things, but the chronic regularity of it all.
Now, aside from those lunatic radical Islamists seeking to die for their beliefs (and something I'm all in favor of helping them along with by ridding the world of ALL of them), we have more and more people just going "crackers" these days.
It's not only the "sensational" that makes the hourly news, either...it's just the manner in which people wish to conduct their lives that should be troubling to the rest of us.
I'm not saying they all bow to "our" way of living, but for God's sake, these people should at least ATTEMPT to practice some degree of civility.
It's not only better for us, but better for EVERYONE, right?
With every year, it feels like folks such as us are becoming more of an anachronism than anything else.
I can say that more people seem to be waking up from their self-effacing slumber and getting in touch with things that matter.
But too many are still hitting that SNOOZE button, and looking to government to help them along as they remain unchallenged, uninformed, and ill-equipped to handle the complexities of today's world.
Life (itself) is rough enough without having to deal with all the OTHER things around us, so why not make the best of it, rather than allow someone else to deal with it?
Sure sounds like a plan to me.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

Another great and informative post, Bob. I think your park killer dude is a wack job. I can tell it in his face. One of those who sleeps in mommy's basement and lucky he was caught early type of creeper. LOL.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I figure if anyone could "spot the loon", it would be you.
Lord knows we have too many ON the streets when they should be institutionalized.

Damn shame they couldn't corral him before he killed that one woman, but perhaps it's better than NOT catching him and allowing his behavior to continue with more killings.
Small consolation for the one victim's family, though.

Hey, thanks for slogging through the rain to stop by and comment.

Roll safe (and stay dry) down there.

John DuMond said...

Wow, you'd think a guy named Socrates could come up with a better alibi. ;)

Bob G. said...

John D.:
No argument here with that.

One WOULD think that since the ORIGINAL Socrates was renowned for his contribution to ETHICS, this jerk would somehow glean a smidgen of it along the way.
Maybe this junior Bragg suffered a lack of a socratic paradox?
No virtue wasted on this thug.

Still goes to show you CAN judge a person regardless of their name...lol.

Thanks for stopping on by today to comment.

Stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

I think I may have known Socrates' dad. If so, his mama must have met him, 'cause the guy I remember would have been lucky to pronounce Socrates, much less write it on a Birth Certificate.

That driver may well have been going sideways... certainly wasn't doing a very good job of staying inside the lines, lol!

So does that make you Skeletor? You don't strike me as the sheath-and-briefs type!

Bob G. said...

--Yeah, I figure if you're gonna name a child,the FIRST thing is being able to CORRECTLY PRONOUNCE whatever name you have chosen FOR that child...
Hell, not even GREEKS name their kids SOCRATES...lol.

--I doubt that driver could see ANY lines, at least not the ones on the street...maybe that white ONE on the dashboard?.

--Nah, I'm more like Master-At-Arms (wink, wink...nudge, nudge)

Thanks for swinging by today to comment.

Stay safe up there, brother.