06 November 2014

A Thought-Filled Thursday...
We're fast closing in on another weekend, but we're still got two more days to get through to reach that mark. Let's try and make the best of them.
Our Hoosierland weather looks to be starting out a bit on the "moist" side.
We'got some light showers dotting the landscape today, which should subside later on.
Guess that means the sun will make it's appearance later as well, right?
Temps will struggle to reach to 50 degree mark today, so expect something more in the upper 40s.
Now, on to more important things, so grab yourselves a morning drink and let's get rolling...
*** First out of the storm-front today is the answer to our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master."
If you latched onto the "clue" I gave, you know these to be the words of the Father of our nation, as well as our FIRST President, none other than George Washington (22 February 1732 - 14 December 1799).
And if you want to bone up on his life and times (or just want a refresher course), HERE is his WIKI:
Have to say he has a lot more quotes than you might think, and every one of them is damn near as applicable TODAY as they were when he first spoke them.
I think it's good that so much of his words have been preserved for the ages, and I'm sure that he would be amazed to see that so much of his life has been remembered for so long...and by so many.
Moving on...
*** Next up..."What the hell happens today, Bob?"
(I'm so glad you asked)
November 6 - 
Today is MAROONED WITHOUT A COMPASS DAY (...I kid you not), and there is no doubt a waning interest in what a compass really IS these days, and also how it's used, given all the electronic "help" out there like GPS navigation.
I still have the compass my Father had during WW2...works like a charm,. and yes, being able to read a compass should be another one of those "second-nature" aspects to life, just as being able to READ A DAMN MAP  (they do go hand-in-hand).
(Bill Clinton never really stopped "blowing HIS horn", did he?), so if you want to check out some videos online or put on some smooth jazz, you'll find lots of good music, fronted by someone playing a sax.
Meanwhile, back in the orchestra pit...
*** Seems there is a big deal over the grading of SCHOOLS in Indiana, and why exactly IS that?
I thought the STUDENTS were the ones to be graded?
Here's the story link:
And here is a list of the schools in the immediate area (Allen County):
And, here is a link to a story that has some pondering the appellate grading of certain schools:
Now, we didn't do THIS when I went to school...and schools performed pretty much THE SAME in this regard.
But today, they say we "need" this grading system  to better track TEACHER performance, and thereby assess raises for the educators. It also holds administrators to task for their job performance.
Show them the MONEY...!
Add to this, funding from OUTSIDE sources is at play here, and the amount of funding is determinate upon the SCHOOL performance.
When did the educational system get it's head THAT far up it's own ass?
Anyone stop to figure out that it's the STUDENTS that really determine the performance of ANY school?
(and this includes parental involvement, which makes better students)
When a kid comes to class ill-prepared, doesn't care to learn, falls asleep, and is basically a millstone around the system's neck, why blame the SCHOOL...or the EDUCATOR?
To me (and tis is just my opinion), it's a convenient way to MASK the REAL problem, which is what a LOT of federal agencies love to do, in order to justify their own existence.
Better to blame the educator or the school, rather than a student for failing grades...for God's sake that's like blaming a GUN for shooting someone, rather than the person holding it.
Gimme a break here.
Granted, there are a few bad teachers, but they're usually weeded out soon enough.
Wake the hell UP, dumbass!
The thing is that you have MORE bad students than teachers...so the only way the government can claim ANY legitimacy is to shift the blame to the schools and educators...ergo the GRADING SYSTEM for them...it all fits together like the puzzle it truly is.
Thing, is, many can see past it to the truth...getting that truth out and getting schools back to a level of pride we used to have back in MY day...there's the challenge.
*** Next, I hear "da prez" is wanting to have the newly-elected Republican leaders to a "dinner" at the White House.
((...rolls eyes...))
...you have GOT to be kidding me, right?
If I were any of them, I would send along an RSVP stating I cannot attend, because:
"I'm very busy working with my fellow conservatives in an attenpt to UNDO the clusterf$ck that you and your minions have thrust upon this nation and her people for the last six years, but thanks anyway...I'll take a rain-check...and I much prefer REAL food...not grass, grains, and tofu".
Now to ME, that would send a message...a STRONG message that the GOP will not be trifled with...or the people that elected them.
But, we all know THAT would never happen...still it's nice to DREAM, right?
*** We had a stabbing on the (where the hell else?) SOUTHEAST side last night.
Here's the story link:
This happened around 2330 hrs in the 5100 block of Plaza Drive.
FWPD have no suspect and don't know whether the person was stabbed in a house or outside.
The vic was transported to hospital in serious condition.
No other information is available.
Now, talk about some AMBIGUITY here...seems we're seeing MORE of this since "Green-Light Garry" has taken over as the chief.
And this fits right in with the police radio going encrypted, so average people can no longer listen in.
It's like the FWPD has this "cone of silence" in effect, and only doles out dribs and drans of information when they feel like it.
Didn't work well THEN, either.
Not the best way to seek help from the populace, is it?
An INFORMED PUBLIC is one of the greatest "assets" that ANY police department can have, but you're not gonna have that happen under THESE conditions. Guess this is the only way to keep the public from finding out that crime around here is indeed going UP?
Would make sense, given the sheer number of calls that pertain to such criminal activity.
*** Last back to the precinct house...there is a saying I've used here a few times - KNOWLEDGE IS POWER,or it's Latin Equivalent, SCIENTIA EST POTENTIA, and that knowledge comes at a price, although it's not unaffordable.
Knowledge comes from the acquisition of INFORMATION...simple as that.
You don't embrace information, don't expect to become knowledgeable...or powerful...or even smart.
And that applies to character development.
Information, even in it's most basic form opens doors to such things as TRUTH, and Lord knows we can always use more of that these days.
It provides us a point of reference...a starting point, an ending point, or a point of continuation
When you read history and discover people from the infancy of this nation, THEY were an INFORMED people, even if they didn't have the levels of "education" we have at our disposal today.
They spoke better, corresponded in more eloquent terms, and conducted themselves in a better demeanor.
Even men of industry like Henry Ford, who wasn't all that educated, was STILL a very WELL-INFORMED person, and made strides in manufacturing and millions of dollars as a result
Now, I said all that to say this...each of us has the exact same opportunity to become every bit as informed as the next person barring any mental or physical limitations.
Yeah, that's ME.
It is our God-given right to be informed, and that begins with US...we have to learn or teach ourselves to be as well-knowledged as we can be, and the fruits of such labors will survive long past our meager lives.
So, take some time to learn something today...anything...become more informed than you were yesterday. it's to YOUR benefit.
Therein lies the lesson...
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

Yes, the president is going to sway things or be a great spin doctor to come out on top. Why? Because he is an excellent communicator of fluff to the people, but we are not fooled. Actions speak louder than words.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
You got THAT right, dear.

As I said, the people who would seek to "fundamentally change" this country have awakened a sleeping giant.
And we need only look to history to see how well that fared when Adm. Yamamoto stated the same thing.

But, when it comes to WORDS ALONE, they can teach us things we would never know...that's when we seek TRUTH rather than settle for propaganda.

Thanks much for taking the time to roll on up today and comment.

You stay safe down there, Kiddo.

CWMartin said...

Two thoughts:

1- my grade school and high Schools each did good, getting an A and a B.

2- C'mon, Bob, you don't think B & M eat "grass, grains, and tofu" at HOME, d'ya!

Nothing short of Chicago style pizza in the White House!

Bob G. said...

Glad to see your schools did well enough.
They sure don't have a lot of ribs and chicken going on there, that;s fore sure (if Michelle has anything to say about it).
Lobster Thermador, anyone?

I'd still beg off from attending.

Thanks for stopping by to comment.

Stay safe up there, brother.