10 November 2014

Monday Musings...
Welcome back to the "show that never ends"...we call it LIFE (101).
We're starting out a bit on the partly cloudy side in the Hoosierland, and when we DO manage to see the sun (here it comes now) , it will be short-lived, as we're expecting RAIN tomorrow.
The high today will be into the upper 50s, but again, this won't last long, as we're expecting some COLD changes to the weather, thanks to that typhoon that smacked Alaska last week.
I must say, I've never seen a jet-stream dip SO far south, and all across the USA...not the way it's happening now.
Huh? Wha...?
But, we in Indiana won't be getting the snowfalls they've gotten in the upper states in the Midwest.
All we're expected to get are some snow showers later in the week, but that's a ways off...let's stick to this day. Go grab yourselves a warm cup of your favorite drink and let's see what's been rattling around between my ears.
*** First out of the starting gate is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature.
November 10 - 
Today is FORGET-ME-NOT DAY, and I must have forgotten what this pertains to.
Don't think it's the flower.
But here is a link that might help out:
There are days where forgetting just isn't on the docket, especially as you get older, and people in your life pass on.
In fact, there is SO much NOT to forget, that it becomes easier to remember.
-- it's also USMC DAY (Semper Fi), and this is an EASY one to figure out.
(easy to remember when there's CAKE involved)
It's the BIRTHDAY of the United States Marine Corps!
(and it's NOT pronounced "corpse", Mr President...whatta jerk.).
Here is the WIKI that "splains" it all:
So, take the time to acknowledge the establishment of this nation's first "force-in-readiness", founded on 10 November, 1775.
The WIKI will provide all you need to know about the Corps, and WHY we have them protecting us and our country.
It was also the ONLY fighting force in this nation to be created, disbanded (April 1783) and then resurrected on 11 July 1789, in anticipation for an impending quasi-war with France (that never really presented itself).
And they've been the first to fight...for freedom ever since.
Meanwhile, back at the motor pool...
*** A couple stories got me shaking my head this morning, and it's not hard to figure out why.
-- A child down in Indy was shot and killed by ANOTHER child...
Here's the story link:
And it just so happens to be blacks involved...so typical.
Stupidity has NO respect for age...or ethnicity.
This is what happens when kids are allowed access to firearms WITHOUT proper training, or what passes for parents is such homes, who leave children to be tended to by OTHERS.
Sure, it's sad to read about, but like SO many other "accidents", this COULD have been prevented.
These are the same people that trash properties, because they don't own them,burn houses or apartments down, because they don't know about cooking properly or being responsible (and it's not their house), and the ones that cause traffic accidents because they should not be allowed to have a license (no responsibility there, either, especially when it comes to insurance).
I'm trying hard to NOT go into another tirade about such blatant and chronic STUPIDITY, but damn, it IS difficult.
-- You all know this is "No Shave November", so it should come as NO surprise when you find a story like THIS one:
Imagine that...the SHAVING industry is "taking it on the chin" (pun intended) when it comes to more men not shaving their beards.
I did my stints with beards...worked out well enough (then),but I've got plenty of gray hair as it IS, without such an obvious reminder of my "seniority", so I prefer a clean-shaven look. Not to mention, it LOOKS neater, in spite of what we're led to believe.
So MANY razors - so little SKIN
That 2-day old shadow "look" is SO 1990s (imho).
Makes me feel men don't give a damn (and they probably don't). Sad thing is (many) women DIG that.
Not too many men of wealth that DON'T SHAVE...sorry, girls.
-- The price of RICE might be going UP?
Well, here's the proof regarding one of the MOST BASIC of food staples:
Wow, didn't know WE (the USA) had rice crops, and not in states like California and Arkansas...!
The government used to GIVE this away.
And, added to that, of all the rice WE produce, we EXPORT about HALF of that...
Well, THAT should stop.
We should be feeding OUR PEOPLE FIRST (I'm such a traditionalist), right?
I mean we keep hearing about how people here are starving...makes sense, unless (being the most productive and altruistic nation on the planet) we're not being told the ENTIRE TRUTH.
So, WHO wants to get "furloughed"?
Also makes me wonder HOW MUCH RICE WE IMPORT?
I'd bet it's a goodly amount.
-- And from the place that produces some of the craziest studies, comes THIS one:
Double "wow"...heavier women are getting LIGHTER salaries (so says the headline)...could not have seen this one coming.
(Yeah, right)
Weight affects salaries?  Who'da thunk it?
Let's face it, it's becoming (much) more about LOOKS rather than expertise these days...we're so damn involved with the facade, that what lies underneath goes unnoticed.
Now, I will say that for some, being "heavy" is in the genes, or the result of some physical problem (glandular, injury, immobility, etc), but there are ways to make oneself more "beneficial" to whatever job or career is pursued, especially in today's societal acceptance BS.
Both look kinda fit to ME...
Some careers dictate a lean physique...like in LAW-ENFORCEMENT or FIREFIGHTING.
Others, a more attractive countenance, like a lawyer, doctor, and such (what jury likes to side with an unattractive attorney, or seeks out an ugly doctor?)...yes, sad to say...sex (in some fashion) STILL sells.
I say to both sides that they have far to go.
Wouldn't we ALL...
To the women, a better physiques IS achievable (and a lot more HEALTHIER), through work and diligence.
To those that can't see past a pair of breasts with an ant-like waist and slender legs, take the time to see what's between the EARS (first) for a change...you might be surprised. And pay people according to their talents, not their facade.
*** Last back to the garage today...we got our leaf pickup...such as it was.
I was correct in my assessment of a "slop-job"...they came UP our street Friday AM, and Wifey had to CALL because no one came back down to clean up OUR side of the same street.
The gutters aren't that clear...rush-job
That was done on SATURDAY (nice overtime, if you can get it).
The SIDE street has yet to be done, and we're being told the crews are returning back UP NORTH to do the 2nd run.
Yeah, well, they better FINISH the SOUTH end of town first, because it's NOT done yet.
Haven't touched THIS street...yet.
The crews were initially supposed to be "ahead" of schedule,. so WHY we get the short end of the stick down here is a mystery, unless it's all part of a plan...ignore this part of town, as usual, until someone makes a stink (as WE love to do).
We may see a crew today, but I never hold my breath.
That's NOT any way to IMPROVE a blighted area (which was never any fault of MY own)...
But this city IS working tio have the best DOWNTOWN...hardly a good trade-off, don'cha think?
Any city is ONLY as good as it's WORST area...enough said there, hmm?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


A Beer For The Shower said...

Happy birthday to the marine corpse! He looks so alive. The mortician did a beautiful job with the makeup.

Oh, wait...

Also, what a sad story with the one kid shooting another. It's true, people don't supervise their kids enough. Around here, I often see children running around in the alley, unattended. In fact, last time I drove my Mustang through the alleyway, my idiot neighbor tried to yell at me to "watch out" because his children were playing there and I was no doubt going to run them down. My response: Oh, I'm sorry, was I driving through your son's playground? Next time I'll take a detour over the sidewalk and drive through my garage's wall to get home. And here I thought the alley was for cars. My mistake.


Bob G. said...

That's probably MY biggest gripe with what passes for "neighbors" around here (or, as I prefer to call them - THE LOCALS).
They have absolutely NO respect or regard for something we used to call BOUNDARIES.

I boil it down to a simple axiom that they seem to live by:
"What's yours is mine, and what's mine is my own."

Helluva way to go through life, no matter HOW "entitled" you are.

Besides, kids should NOT be playing in ALLEYS...again, that's just plain STUPID.

Hey, thanks for stopping by today and commenting.
Much appreciated.

You folks take care & stay safe out there

CWMartin said...

First up, thanks for the Dr Who reply. I looked up the "sonic pizza cutter" I heard advertized, but at $30 I think I'll hold off. I did buy Laurie a "Keep calm- don't regenerate" shirt for Christmas, though. (SHHHHHH!)

No shave November? As a certain sitcom philosopher used to say, "I don't think so, Tim."

I don't care who's getting paid what, I'll take the girl on the right. I have some typing... yeah, that's it, typing.

And idiots with guns do tend to come in all colors... white ones tend to be in the more "rural" areas. I fail to see the big problem with the concept of taking proper precautions with one's weapons. Perhaps we should consult with President Candi... or maybe not...

Bob G. said...

In reverse order...(because life is a lot of "wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff")

-- President Candi...LMAO..yeah, okay.No DMV for her.
-- Idiots with guns...hopefully, a DYING breed.
-- Yeah, of all THREE, I prefer the one on the right as well...(meat on the bones thing)
-- You can NEVER go wrong with anything spoken by WILSON!
-- NO worries about (in a whisper)"the gift"...got it.
-- As to the Dr. Who stuff...no problem. That's why I've lived THIS long...have we a budding "Whovian" in our midst?
(You're never too old, trust me...lol)

Thanks for dropping by today and commenting.

Stay safe up there, brother.
(and never shake hands with a CYBERMAN)