19 December 2014

Friday Follies...
Welcome back to this week's end here in my little part of the blogosphere.
We're through the backstretch, rounding the final turn and passing the 3/8 pole ( it's a horse-racing term) and nearing the finish line, which culminates in the Christmas holiday.
Geez, can it get here any SOONER?
Seems like the more I do, the "behinder" I get...LOL.
But, we will make it through whatever comes along...and in good dispatch.
With that said, let's look to our Hoosierland weather.
Okay, so it's a carbon copy of yesterday for the most part, with the only change being a high of above freezing...barely.
Mostly cloudy skies (wait, is that the SUN? What did we do wrong?), a possible chance of a snow sprinkle, and mild winds...and this will be repeated over the next several days, so you can plan your weekend accordingly.
Now that we have that behind us, let's get that morning cup filled with whatever strikes our fancy and see to this day.
***Editor's Note - FYI: looks like our Fios PHONES are OUT at the "Fortress", so I'm on the cellphone for the time being. The est. repair time will be the 24th...! Cripes, this tech just plain SUCKS. I miss the days when telephones WORKED, and all the damn time! 
*** UPDATE - 1300 hrs - The land-lines have mysteriously come BACK on...thanks to all involved.
*** Update 2 - 1335 hrs. - Spoke too soon. The phones are out AGAIN...WTF is going on here in Ft. Wayne???
*** First out of the cupboard is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
December 19 - 
--- Today is HARD CANDY DAY, and I'm sure you have your favorites.
I always preferred Life-Savers...most ANY flavor will do, too.
But those coconut ones in the tropical fruit rolls are great.
Bet the DENTISTS are loving this day as well...wonder why?
(hint - steer clear of those jaw-breakers)
--- It's also OATMEAL MUFFIN DAY, and this  is one of those cases where the merging of TWO foods makes good sense.
I love oatmeal...and I love muffins (blueberry, especially), so why not pull out the stops and make some oatmeal blueberry muffins?
(I'll be there directly, with my coffee cup...lol)
--- And, it's UNDERDOG DAY.
This is not totally an homage to the cartoon character, but rather damn near every ONE of us, because face it, we've ALL been an "underdiog" at one time or another, and perhaps that's why "we" always seem to CHEER the underdogs of the world on...isn't it? We like to see them win. It's our need to overcome that which seems insurmountable, conquer that which we're told cannot be, and to vanquish whatever foe sets upon us.
Yeah, I can work with that...any day, any time.
Moving on...
*** While we're at it, let's see what happens over the weekend, just so we're not caught with our drawers down around our ankles, hmm?
December 20 - 
Saturday is NATIONAL SANGRIA DAY...(about time...lol)
About as close to a good cup of punch as you're gonna get these days (very good when slightly heated with orange slices)...and that reminds me, I must get a bottle...
Ruining the world one city at a time
So I guess we can see more protesting going on for no apparent reason? People don't seem to stick together for issues that REALLY matter as much these days...that's gotta change.
--- And, it's MUDD DAY...now, I don't believe that has anything to do with the conspirator of John Wilkes Booth...just a hunch.
Also, Mud Day (with one "D") is held in JUNE, so I've got NO clue as to what the hell this is all about.
Any ideas out there?
Have a goblet of Sangria, Kirk!
Hey, maybe they mean HARRY MUDD from the original STAR TREK  series?
We might be onto something...
December 21 - 
Sunday has a lot happening, so here goes:
So go around your place, and check all of them and see if they need new batteries, 'cause your never know when you might need one that WORKS, right?
I think we've got enough...now.
And remember, you can NEVER have too many of them.
--It's also NATIONAL FRENCH FRIED SHRIMP DAY...why do they have to be "French" fried??? Just deep fry the little buggers and be done with it, hmm?
Not the best way to live for some...just the only way.
I reckon this is like Memorial Day meaning it's where we recall the homeless that have gone to that big shopping cart filled, trash-strewn, and sleeping bag covered underpass in the sky?
--And, it's CROSSWORD PUZZLE DAY...good thing too, because the Sunday newspaper edition is usually a brain-buster.
--It's also FOREFATHERS' DAY...don;t know if they mean MY forefathers or the NATION'S?
I'm gonna run with those who landed upon and founded this nation...
Hey, it wasn't a "bachelor" voyage, people!
I like those guys and no one seems to read about them as much.
--It's HUMBUG DAY...good chance to watch some version of Dickens' classic A Christmas Carol...any version will do on this day.
--It's also PHINEAS FOGG WIN A WAGER DAY...so place your bets, and wager wisely, friends.
And, it's also the WINTER SOLSTICE, sio the wiccans will be out in numbers, and Stonehenge will be "party-central"...lol
--It's also WORLD PEACE DAY...ROFLMAO...yeah right...good luck with THAT one..., especially in places like Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea, Ukraine, and damn near most of Africa's interior and western coast.
 There you have it...72 hours of frivolity...all yours for the taking.
*** Next up,  a brief about two new officers for the FWPD.
Here's the link:
Yep, got us two new pooches out there sniffing out contraband,.,,good for them.
He's a Goooooood Boyyyyyy!
Can never have enough of these fantastic dogs...love to take a retired one in, if I could find one.
(scare the bejeezus out of the "locals", too...yeah, that's me...lol)
*** Next, I've been watching all this fallout from the Sony hack (by N.Korea) and the pulling of the Seth Rogan film "The Interview" (not a fan of him, BTW).
Granted it's NEVER gonna be a classic, but WTF???
And I have to  wonder WHEN did we become a nation of wusses?
From "The Dictator".
This is certainly NOT the first time we poked "fun" at some dictator.
From "I'll Never Heil Again."
(Anyone recall Chaplin...or the Three StoogesThe Marx Brothers in Duck Soup, or even the Police Squad - Naked Gun movies?
From "Hotshots"
C' mon now...gimme a break here.
There is not ONE dictator or evil monarch that we HAVEN'T taken some comedic license with....and we NEVER had repercussions.
"Don't let me ever catch you in Quahog"
Even Family Guy's done it, as has South Park.
But now, we allow this 31-year old chubby little shit to take away OUR freedom of speech?
I don't think so.
This immature craphead needs to grow the f$ck up and learn the world doesn't revolve around HIM (although his stature would lead us to believe that he might, in fact, have his own gravitational field...Micheal Moore take note...LOL)
"I'm a little despot, short and fat..." My panty in bunch, too.
Makes me wish George Carlin were still alive...HE would tell him off in no certain terms.
(and we'd be rolling in the aisles, laughing)
That little NorKo f$ck is bat-sh*t crazy, people....
This dictator is of this "new breed" with thin skinn, no knowledge of life, and a penchant for death (to his own people for starters), so why don't we provide him some "assistance" along those lines.
Send in a covert strike team  to NorKoland, and off his fat little ass, and then find a way to blame it on the Chi-Coms, Russia or (better yet)...IRAN.
Tell 'em, George.
What we need is a George S. Patton right now...someone who can get the job done, so the rest of the world cam get on with it's business.
But that's not gonna happen with what we have passing for a president is in the oval office. Talk about your "wuss".
*** Last back to the wash basin...life is complex...the world is complex...and yes, people are very complex.
Been that way since the model came out.
Thing is, in our attempt to make such things LESS complex, we often make them more so, and that's the last thing we need.
There are some things we can easily comprehend, and things that we will NEVER be able to understand if we lived several lifetimes.
Again, that's the nature of life and all it encompasses.
So why do we always try (in vain) to figure out things that we cannot and overlook those we CAN?
Do we enjoy the challenge that much?
No, but I think it's because humankind often thinks itself the pinnacle of creation and can solve any mystery. Sorry, not meant to be.
Look to the story of the Tower of Babel to figure that one out.
The harder we try, the "behinder" we get, so maybe our "talents" could be put to better use internally.
Don't try to change the world...try changing yourself first.
This isn't to say that ONE person cannot change the world...they can, but only because they would have a better sense of self and others first.
And hopefully such change would be for the better, for we all know that when it comes to man, it's always easier to destroy rather than build, right?
As we near the Christmas season, let us be mindful of the things we can change, and within ourselves first, then to help others do likewise.
That's how we, as a people make true progress.
It all begins with US...and truth be told,  doesn't it always?
Do have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

((And with the land-line crapped out, no crank calls for me!))


CWMartin said...

Mudd day is Dr. Mudd's birthday, so yes, it is Booth's fellow idiot.

Homeless people's remembrance day? I thought that was any day at the corner of Coldwater and Wal-Mart, lol!

The thing of it is on the movie, Sony just cut Hollywood's balls clean off. If they'd have stood up and said screw you, the Koreans would've went back to pitching shells at abandoned land and junky old fishing boats, Sony would have filed it away as a valuable lesson on how to talk about people they might need, and all would be right with the world. As it is now, the little F'ers will try to hire an inside guy at any studio worth its salt, TMZ will make millions, as will Netflix, and Obama will have to get in about another week and a half of golf before he comes out with a "policy statement" on the situation.

BTW, the wife is on FB saying she can't get ahold of people in FTW. Is that you, or have you talked?

Bob G. said...

Got w/ Wifey - trying to get our PHONES back online...they're dead, except for the cell.
Gotta LOVE technology...NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John DuMond said...

"What we need is a George S. Patton right now..."

Hell yeah! And I would throw in a Curtis E. LeMay, just for good measure. Sadly, we've been saddled with Casper Milquetoast as our "leader."

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I had forgotten about "Uncle Strategic Air Command" himself...excellent choice!

And toss in a Grant, Eisenhower, and Norman Schwarzkopf for good measure.
What we really need at the "tip of the spear" in D.C. is someone like WASHINGTON.

A TRUE leader does just that...they LEAD, and usually BY EXAMPLE.
(it's called EXPERIENCE for a reason)

Well, we got what others paid for over the last 6 years, haven't we?

Hey, thanks much for rolling on by today and commenting.

Have a great weekend and stay safe out there.

Momma Fargo said...

How many crazy days can you say is Friday? It is also RED Friday...Remember Everyone Deployed...and Blue Friday in support of Law Enforcement...world peace...sigh. I am in shock Hollywood let a mean fat bully like Kim Jong Un tell them what to do. Weenies. We are such a cowardly nation sometimes. Get some balls, America!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
We definitely need to "re-grow a pair"...this is ridiculous.
(and so is not having a land-line phone...THANKS, Fios - lol)

Shoot me an email with your addy so's we can send 'ya a card.

(You'll have to come up HERE for wine, coffee...or maple syrup, though...heh.)

Thanks for swinging by today and commenting.

Roll safe down there.