24 December 2014

Humpday Happenings - Christmas Eve Edition...
Welcome to the day before THE day - a day which sees many people running around like a chicken with it's head cut off.
Unfortunately, we may be part of that mess, and not through our own doing.
More about that in a bit, but first, what are the odds of joining Bing, Danny and the girls for a WHITE Christmas?
Well, pretty slim here in the Hoosierland. Looked like we might get a bit more than a dusting, but the weather front that was supposed to make that happen looks to have gained more warmth than expected, so we'll probably have a WET Christmas.
Temps around here will top out around 48 degrees, and we're still stuck with mostly to fully cloudy skies.
Winds will pick up to around 20 MPH, so there we are then.
Still, NEVER say never when it comes to the weather...we "might" get that snow anyway.
Now, with that done with, let's get a nice warm soothing cup of our favorite morning drink, and see what's been going on.
*** First out from under the mistletoe today is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"Happy, happy Christmas, that can win us back to the delusions of our childhood days, recall to the old man the pleasures of his youth, and transport the traveler back to his own fireside and quiet home!"
This is so very true. There is not a Christmas that goes by where I don't recollect those that came before.
So, WHO said that anyway? It may be an easier answer than you think.
The answer at the top of FRIDAY'S post (taking the day off...so sue me...lol)
Meanwhile, back in the classical literature stacks...
*** It's also time for our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
December 24 - 
--- The obvious call is that it's CHRISTMAS EVE, so you just KNOW that holiday movies will be all the thing, and later tonight, the elves will be VERY busy, be they the "Prep and Landing" crew...or the "Coal Elves" brigade.
Lanny, Wayne, and Noel
Depends if you've been naughty...or nice, doesn't it?
After that, then it's time for "Big Red" to make his rounds.
--- It's also NATIONAL EGGNOG DAY...another one of my personal favorites. Mom actually used to make homemade eggnog...got NO idea how it was done, so these days, we buy the "premix" version.
Thing is, you can make a REALLY decent glass or cup of "nog", if you do a couple things to that pre-made stuff.
--First of all, it's TOO thick, so thin it out SLIGHTLY with some milk.
--Second, you need some "kick" to it, and that means a little of that  "high-octane" holiday cheer.
I prefer BOURBON, but a good blended whiskey will work fine enough. Even scotch will do well (no single malts).
Has to be some sort of WHISKEY, though.
--Third, add some nutmeg to it and if you wish, warm it up a bit...goes down real smooth.
Just don't rise up out of that chair TOO fast...lol
*** Next up, the good news is that Wifey got back last night around midnight, safe and sound.
The bad news is...her LUGGAGE did not.
(sound familiar?)
"Yo...Where's my owner?"
Yeah, the airline was late leaving Texas, and when it finally got to Houston, the connection flight would have been missed altogether, meaning the Missus wouldn't be getting back here until...CHRISTMAS DAY, and that was something the Lovely Mrs. Bobby G. would not stand for, so she got booked on another flight (as did many others on her first flight out), SANS baggage, and pressed onward.
How about a tracking chip? Works for pets.
Now, I've never had any luggage issue befall me, so I'm lost in the woods over this one.
I would "expect" the suitcase to arrive in Fort Wayne at the time it would be slated, given the tardiness of the airline, but with these people...you never know.
Let's just say that Wifey called up the airlines, and did what she needed to in order to be advised WHEN the suitcase (finally) arrives in the Summit City - it should be sometime late morning or early afternoon.
And hopefully, luggage and wife will be wonderfully reunited soon enough.
(I can hear a Peaches and Herb song somewhere in the background)
I've pretty much got most of the presents wrapped as per Santa's lengthy instructions, so no worries there.
Wifey still has all that to do...and our cat, well he's doing HIS part by sleeping much of the day, dreaming of sugarplums or whatever cats dream about.
*** Next, aside from all the USUAL holiday fare on the radio and TV, the BBC America channel has seen fit to provide the Whovians of the world with FIVE DAYS of THE DOCTOR, starting this morning, so get that TV fired up.
This year's Christmas special, which is slated to air tomorrow night at 9PM will feature... SANTA CLAUSE himself...
So who says the Doctor doesn't know people in high places, hmm?
"I'm a Time Lord - I walk in eternity".
The thing I have always liked about Doctor Who, is that they were not afraid to mention CHRISTMAS...at least in the new series, and every year without fail...good story telling.
(l Always wanted to see a Star Trek Christmas-themed show...never got one)
*** Next up...and before I proceed further, make sure your dinner for tomorrow is OUT of the freezer (thawing) and in the fridge, otherwise, you're going to have some trouble trying to stuff it..been there, experienced that one...LOL.
Now, let's take pause to enjoy the holiday, get to know more about the REAL meaning of Christmas (aside from all the after sales, which sometimes, aren't all that bad), and look to ourselves, one another and to God, being thankful for family and friends, and for a loving creator...ALL of whom want the best for each of us.
Time to turn on the Christmas music, turn back a few pages in our own lives, and rekindle much of the "magic" that came to be associated with the holiday.
The magic is still there, but in our rush-around world, we often place it in some closet and all but forget about it.
Take it out, dust it off, and enjoy it, because it never went away.
*** Last back to the North Pole today...as far as I'm concerned, the next 48 hours will be filled with more joy than angst...
I've determined to make it so, and it will take a monumental effort on some dumbass to change that.
We plan to enjoy the day, the dinner, and the love that comes to be associated with Christmas.
That doesn't mean that things will not continue to happen around the world...because they will.
That doesn't mean crime takes a holiday, for we all know it won't.
Nor, does it mean that people will stop being people...that will never happen.
What the season means, is that in one moment,a gift was presented to every one of us, past, present and future ALL those years ago in a humble manger in a town called Bethlehem, in (of all places) the Middle East.
It means we SHOULD acknowledge that gift, and look to one another in a better way that we usually do. It even means we look within ourselves to see how we can become better.
They called Jesus a SAVIOR for a reason, and heaven knows that there is not one day that passes where we all don't need one, eh?
Therein lies the lesson (and the reason) for the season.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.
We'll catch you on the flip side (Friday).
God bless all of you and your families.


CWMartin said...

Glad to hear she finally made it back... you'd almost think the airlines are gov'mint run, way things get delayed, re-routed, and fubared.

See the new trailer for the Christmas show- with Clara trying to erase "you're... about... to die" from a blackboard? I begin to wonder if we weren't all mistaken about what she was trying to tell Danny at the beginning of Dark Water...

Bob G. said...

I like the idea of those tracking "chips" for luggage...and the way airlines are REGULATED (these days) they might AS WELL be run by "Bug Brother", right?
The numbers on LOST luggage are rather staggering..talk about a revelation there, hmm?

I think you may be on to something with that blackboard...I hadn't made the correlation.
I do want to see things resolved, and the Christmas specials do that.
Be sure to watch later today, adn you';ll see.

Thanks for stopping by today and commenting.
Do have yourselves a very merry AND blessed Christmas, in keeping with the season.

Stay safe up there, brother.