16 December 2014

Tuesday Tidbits...
And, it's a beautiful day to be flying...someplace ELSE...LOL.
We're staring at some early rain showers...left over from last night, obviously, and will dissipate soon enough, but those mild temps will also be leaving us by tomorrow, as we top out in the upper 40s...a parting gift, perhaps?
So goes our Hooseirland weather, but as you all know, it could change in a minute...and usually DOES.
We'll be seeing off the Missus along with my take on airports and flying in a minute, but we've got some other things to take a look at.
So get you morning cup of fortitude poured and together we'll set off on another incredible journey.
*** First out of the hangar is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
December 16 - 
I'll be the first to tell you that there are some things are very good when covered in chocolate... (like strawberries, cherries, pretzels, and yes, even Salma Hayek, or Kate Beckinsale.)
Katie...how's about some chocolate???
I will however draw the line when it come to OTHER things like chocolate-covered compound fractures, and chocolate-covered family pets and/or children.
And NEVER cover my PIZZA or BACON with chocolate...EVER!!!
Looks like a "neighbor".
((rolls eyes))
Oh, please...
I'm not going there...you can think whatever you want...lol
--- And, it's the Hebrew holiday of CHANUKAH...which actually begins at sunset.
Here's the WIKI on the holiday:
Yeah, you can spell it a couple ways...yake your pick.
And to all those of the Jewish faith...I say "L-Chaim!"
*** We've an update to the armed robbery at Sports and Spirits.
Here's the link:
To say this is a "troubled" var would be an understatement...
Just CLOSE the damn place down!
Then again, when you're busted for dealing drugs from under the bar and police are called to the location 130+ times in TWO years, you just KNOW something's NOT right with this place.
Hell, a blind man could see that.
And, naturally, the robbers were two BLACK males, which again bears out the FACT that although blacks make up less than 30% of the population of Allen County, they commit over 75% of the crime...simple math...and the TRUTH.
Moving on...
*** Yes friends, the Lovely Mrs. Bobby G. is winging her way to the Lone Star State to visit her parents for a week, as her mom is in the hospital.
Her dad's in a nearby nursing facility and is doing well..
I hear a Peter, Paul, and Mary song playing...
It's not convenient, but it is what it is.
So, this morning we got up at around ZERO-DARK-THIRTY (about 0400 hrs) and got all the last minute stuff taken care of.
Driving there was a bit of a chore...between the rain and the dark, I forgot how much "fun" it can be trying to locate the stripes that are supposed to be painted on the roads.
Amazing how little lighting is available between the "Fortress" and the airport (Bluffton and Ferguson Rds especially).
Looks nice at night.
But, we got there intact (always a good way to start ANY day), found a decent parking spot (an end space near the entrance), and went inside.
Tell you one thing...you want some solitude...roam the airport before 0500 hrs...!
(like a ghost town and nothing is open yet...and it's damn quiet, too)
It was THIS "crowded".
One thing that immediately hit me when we entered was the "smell"...the same sanitizer they use at the local HOSPITAL is used at the airport...had me a flashback to Parkview's E/R last year...now THAT will wake you the hell up!
Meanwhile, Wifey gets her boarding passes (two layovers - Chi-town and Houston) and we have a seat to wait until it's time to go into the line so she can proceed to the upper level (where I'm not allowed, and it's got nothing to do with anything from a past life).
NO ONE said anything about a PROSTATE exam.
Leading to the upper level is where the TSA screeners do "their thing", and I have to say that standing on a cold tile floor that early in the morning is something that would take getting used to. The trays you have to put your things in to get screened reminded me of the high school cafeteria line...only NO shepherd's pie...!
Anyway, Wifey and I hugged, kissed, and bid farewell, and she goes through the screening and detector without a problem.
I took that as my time to leave for home.
The drive back was better...probably due to familiarity.
Still, all is well, and she called from Chicago already (a mere 32 minute flight...lol), and she's got enough time to grab a bite before heading south to TX (where they plan to OPEN-CARRY next year..there's ONE reason to move there).
It's what's for dinner.
Now, the odd thing to all this is being pretty much by MYSELF, and it's not that it bothers me, but I always look forward to telling Wifey stuff (and she me), as well as making dinner for BOTH of us.
Well, I'm flying solo this week.
Probably gonna make some meatballs and have me some sandwiches on the rolls I got.
Even have a Marie Callender dinner (how's that, Chris?) in case I want steak and potatoes...heh.
Got me a load of laundry running, fed the cat (he's napping already - nothing bothers him), and doing my blog for the day.
Yeah, it's gonna feel a bit weird after these years to be by myself, but if that's the only type of weird I have to deal with this week, it'll be worth the wait.
*** Last back to the baggage check...we all have those times where we feel "alone", and I suppose in the corporeal sense, that can be said.
But, truth be told, as one who believes in God, I KNOW that I am never REALLY alone.
Used to be this story about footprints on the sand (Jesus walking with this person)...two sets, and when asked why there was only ONE set at times throughout this person's life,
Jesus responded by saying "Those were the times I carried you".
Something for my better half...
Something to that effect, I think, but you get the idea.
Not to mention, the memories of those who have passed before me...those are still with me as well.
It's all the manner in which we choose to perceive such things that makes life what it is.
And that is why I'm not alone...The Lovely Mrs. Bobby G. is still "here" with me, and I with her.
Hey, I'm a romantic at heart...gimme a break will 'ya...lol!
Now, I just wait until the next phone call.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

((*** Editor's Note - I screwed up on last night's time for Disney's PREP AND LANDINH. 
It started at 7PM and not 8. I missed almost the first 1/2 hour.
Don't make the "naughty" list, Bob...
The showing TONIGHT is on ABC and starts at 9PM...and I'll swear to this one...sorry about any confusion. Enjoy the shows.))


John DuMond said...

"...there are some things are very good when covered in chocolate... (like strawberries, cherries, pretzels, and yes, even Salma Hayek, or Kate Beckinsale.)"

Wow, you must have some great candy stores in Fort Wayne. ;)

FYI, the Rifftrax guys are on NatGeo Wild in primetime tonight, in case you're interested.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Well, we do have the base for GODIVA chocolates...
(that alone conjures up some interesting scenarios)

(might want to make one, if not)

Thanks for the heads-up of the "Rifftraxers"...have to check that out.

And thanks for stopping by today.

You stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

First, some people swear by chocolate covered bacon. I haven't tried it yet, but would... pizza too- just call me Jughead.

Yeah, Marie will keep you well-fed; and I know whatcha mean about the lines in the dark and rain. In all, though, better than following ruts in 4 inches of snow.

Bob G. said...

Chris aka"Jughead":

I'm one of those old-fashioned folks...I like the flavors and foods SEPARATE.
I will eat bacon...and then have a Baby Ruth bar, so, in some manner, I do my OWN thing with chocolate-covered bacon.
(all winds up in the SAME place, hmm?)

Marie does one of THE best frozen dinner gigs.

Glad I'm not the ONLY one who has trouble seeing what passes for (painted) dividing lines on our roads.
Maybe they should try REFLECTORS down the centerline...only been around since the 1970s.
First saw 'em in San Diego...mice, even with fog.

Thanks for swinging on y today and commenting.

Stay safe up there, brother.