23 January 2015

Friday Follies...
Talk about a LONG week...well, it was for us at the "Fortress", anyway.
Relatively speaking, I've had longer ones...and shorter ones.
All the same, we're finally here.
Our Hooiserland weather will be a replay of yesterday, with slightly higher temperatures, reaching all the way to 38 degrees.
Might have the sun peeking through the clouds, too, so that will aid in chasing those winter blues away.
The good news is that we've got no freezing drizzle of freezing fog this AM to worry about.
So, with all that behind us, let's get a nice hot cup of Friday fortitude poured, as we see what has been transpiring elsewhere...
*** First off of the keyboard is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
January 23 - 
---Today is NATIONAL PIE DAY (seems we just had one of those)...
Still, ANY day is a good day for pie...or perhaps a "wonderful" day.
Guess ANY flavor goes, hmm?
Time to brush up on that cursive style that schools used to "drill" into us all...and that style is best exampled by all those who attended CATHOLIC schools...they have the "knuckles" to prove it, too...lol
Those sisters made SURE you had good penmanship.
And, since we're already here, let's look at this weekend's "events":
January 24 - 
---Saturday is  NATIONAL COMPLIMENT DAY...so feel free to hand out a few.
BTW...Anyone who visits us down here in the crotch of Fort Wayne DESERVES to be COMPLIMENTED!
nd when you toss in some jelly, you've got
(Some Reese's might do the trick, too.)
I take this to mean the realm of the COLLECTORS, and not the young drunks around here swilling down that 20 oz and tossing the cans on our lawn.
January 25 - 
That seems to be EVERY day here, because whatever passes for NORMAL behavior, all the moolies turn around and DO THE OPPOSITE...(they so love to celebrate anything for any reason).
--- It's also another one of my favorites - NATIONAL IRISH COFFEE DAY, so I have to make sure I add Irish Cream to our shopping list this week...lol.
God bless the Irish!
And there's your weekend...have at it and enjoy!.
*** Next up, an update on the first HOMICIDE of this year in Fort Wayne
(and certainly NOT the last).
Here's the story link:
Now who would have thought that the simple task of tucking your kids into bed would have FATAL consequences?
Well, when you live among wild animals, it's to be expected, and that's why you stay "on guard".
All that we now know is that the victim was Hilario Segura,  34 years old, father of 4.
Still no information regarding suspects, descriptions of the shooters, etc.
The word "terrible" is used often in the story by the FWPD, and deservedly so.
And yet, we also hear the FWPD spokesman tell us we all "can go to bed safe"...really?
Try telling this to that man who as killed by a stray round ripping through his upstairs wall.
Have to admit, that a "head shot" (on the second floor from street level while running) when not intended was a thousand-to-one occurrence under these conditions.
Fate definitely had a hand in this killing.
*** Next up, more on how crime is GOING DOWN (???) in Fort Wayne.
Here's THIS story link:
Crime's down because we SAY it is...
Now, granted this is an "overall" assessment of the crime rates. I would LOVE to see these statistics broken down by AREA...or to be more precise...BY SECTORS.
Show us in which sectors crime has gone DOWN, and which sectors where it either remained static, or INCREASED.
THAT would be a more telling story, and I might consider pitching it to local news sources...just to be a pain-in-the-ass to the city administration.
Because, from where Wifey and I stand, we're not seeing all that much difference in crime going DOWN from year to year.
In fact, every week, I show you where all the armed robberies and shots fired calls are taking place,
(and let's not forget that these crime stats only reflect REPORTED crimes)
Not ALL crime went down, though...
Rapes and arsons were UP from the previous year, but we're not supposed to notice THAT because "Cruise-Control Garry" is too busy telling us about how HOMICIDES dropped a whopping SIXTY-TWO PERCENT.
(no thanks to the WEATHER...or the combined STATE and FEDERAL task force aiding local police that helped get KNOWN gang members off the street for a spell).
FWPD chief Hamilton states we had 1,228 "shots fired" calls last year, and that many of those came from firecrackers and "other things".
WTH were those OTHER things, Garry?
We have a bumper crop of cars backfiring? Cows farting? Heater explosions?
Just ONE of way too many
Cripes, you can't even allow your officers to stop the damn BOOMCAR traffic, and even if you tell me you made several hundred noise violation citations last year (and no arrests), that did NOT, in any way affect the 2500+ boomcars that drove past OUR house (with regularity month after month)...and with no abatement over the years.
You don't even permit your officers to ticket people with non-functioning license plate bulbs (and that IS a citable offense still on the books), so don't even try to paint a rosy picture, when the TRUTH tells a somewhat bleaker story, pal.
I won't even get into all the vehicles with illegally loud mufflers or speeders.
In essence, you're not really addressing the ROOT CAUSES of crime in this city...you're overlooking them.
Then, when a MAJOR crime occurs, you can only REACT...not the BEST method to keep any neighborhood safe and secure, is it?
You allow windows to become broken...the small stuff to evolve into the big stuff...and THEN you do something (like ask for help from the state and feds).
And, all the while, you hold pressers and smile it all away with generic and rote answers to ALL the city's crime issues...pathetic.
You must want this city to grow into another Gary...or Detroit.
Knowing the human refuse in parts of this city...that could well happen
Be careful what you wish for under such auspices...
(you might get it...and sooner than you think)
*** Last back to the district house...our illustrious (???) mayor, "King" Henry tells us that:
 "We are fortunate enough to live in community where we feel safe."
Looks REAL safe THERE, "sire".
Maybe in YOUR community, bub...NOT in mine (unless you're one of the "playas".)
Wifey and I have NEVER taken a walk around the block for the hell of it, because it was nice out.
Sane people just don't DO such things (here)  at most any times of day, because if you read the police blotter, people are being accosted at ALL hours and in most all neighborhoods.
No one place is safe down here...face the facts. The mayor doesn't live down here (nor do hardly ANY FWPD officers), because even THEY know it's a cesspool of the dregs of society, and that's a shame.
I would love to have an officer living on our block...watch the crims move out...be real nice to see that happen.
But, since most houses have become 3rd party rentals and any sold through real estate brokers ONLY show the places to non-whites, the level of change to any sort of "better" becomes negligible...at best.
Another 3rd party "rental crib".
The city has seen fit to allow such occurrences and as a result, anyone who was a decent neighbor is gone...and natural attrition has aided the decline when people pass away and the property is sold to a bank or worse..."an investor".
In the 17 years Wifey and I have lived here,only ONE white (trash) family moved nearby (and even they soon moved out)...it's been ALL black or Latino, and we're not talking young upward professionals here, people.
We're talking non-working, welfare-sucking, useless members of society...and THOSE are the GOOD ones...the rest are the typical druggies and bangers who crib at nearby houses overnight quite often (no wonder the police can't locate them).
It's NOT anywhere close to being safe enough to allow normal folks the right to that QUALITY-OF-LIFE you talk about, Mr. Mayor.
But, I'm sure the view from where YOU sit is marvelous...as it would be for ANY of the "elite" in this town.
Still, we fight the good fight, and hope that someday,. someone will extricate their head from their ass and see what a few of us are trying to do...and perhaps want to get involved in changing this part of town back into something that will better the city and all her people.
Dreams are really nice that way...they still don't cost anything.
Have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

"You don't even permit your officers to ticket people with non-functioning license plate bulbs..."

What? Last November, my daughter got a ticket for that from a state trooper in Albany. The damned surcharge was twice the fine. You'd think that, if nothing else, the city fathers in FW would want to use it as a revenue enhancer. It boggles the mind.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I know...in OTHER STATES, they DO ticket (and rather regularly).

Ohio is another state that will pull you over and CITE you for a blown out bulb ANYWHERE.

Not in Fort Wayne, though...least not that I am seeing.

It IS a revenue enhancer, and in lieu of property tax "caps" statewide, normal folks like US would think this a no-brainer" for the politicos.
Guess the NO BRAIN thingy works...for THEM...LOL.

Hey, thanks for rolling up today and commenting.

Have a great weekend & stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

Listening to Time Machine right now (yeah, we do that), so all I can say is...

Hooters girls were always better looking than Tilted Kilters- especially that one with the mustache in the middle!

Bob G. said...

I might have made it a tad TOO obvious with the Tilted Kilters...LOL.
And yes, Hooters girls certainly ARE...

Always pays to check out ALL the facts, does it not?
(and not to blink...lol)

Thanks for swinging down today to comment.
Have a good weekend & stay safe up there.
(and give Scrappy a compliment tomorrow)