09 January 2015

Frigid Friday Follies...
Welcome to the end of another "fun-filled" week on this crazy planet called EARTH.
We've got a few items to toss around this morning, so let's get right into it.
Our Hooisierland weather will not be AS bad as it was yesterday - few schools are open, albeit on 2-hour delays.
It STILL is cold and we have a wind-chill advisory through tomorrow.
Nice and clear.
I was out shoveling, and the winds DID cause drifting around the "Fortress", those more open and rural areas and roads will be worse off.
The temps today are starting out HIGHER than later on today, as they drop to around 6-9 degrees, which will feel like between -14 to -19 degrees.
And finally, the LOCAL schools are closed.
Crazy stuff, huh?
We're in low double digits right now, but that wind will stay with us all day as the temps keep dropping.
So, let's all grab a nice got cup of Friday fortitude and see what has been going on elsewhere...
*** First out of the meat locker is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
January 9 - 
--Today is STATIC ELECTRICITY DAY, and if you have a forced hot air heating, you know EXACTLY what this can be all about in the winter, right?
Shocking to say the least.
I'll take a hit of apricot BRANDY this morning, thank you
Over the weekend, we have the following:
January 10 -
Two years running...
--Saturday is NATIONAL CUT YOUR ENERGY COSTS DAY - good luck with THAT one.
Beautiful bird
--And, it's NATIONAL SAVE THE EAGLES DAY, and this has got nothing to do with a Philly football team...(nothing can save those birds...lol)
January 11 -
--Sunday is NATIONAL MILK DAY...so, go thank a cow.
BLUE  milk? Is this TATOOINE?
(no tipping required)
I plan to watch the movie TAKEN again.
Okay, first off, in THIS weather, all puddles are FROZEN SOLID, and even if they were not, splashing your friends tends to turn them into NOT-so-friends, so a word to the wise should be sufficient there, right?
Glad that's over. Moving on...
*** Next up, Obummer is at it again (like he ever stopped)...he wants to make it FREE for ANYONE to attend a COMMUNITY COLLEGE in America.
(love to know what the hell this idiot has been smoking lately, because they can't be Newports...lol)
"Jazz-hands"? MAJOR FAIL.
Here's a link for a "taste" of the absurd:
This boy sure is trying to push that progressive agenda.
Why doesn't he open HIS bank account and draw the needed funding from THAT, hmm?
What a lunatic...can't leave the White House SOON enough for me...so much for giving this guy a chance way back in 2004.
*** Here's more on that letter of SUPPORT for the FWPD, crafted by Fort Wayne council president John Crawford:
Wow, not a single mention about Glynn Hines and his "past" with the police...wonder why not?
Oh, must be because we have a BLACK police chief now - can't diss the "brother"...got it.
Butm when we had a white guy (York) running the department, it was perfectly OK to call police out for anything and everything (which should have been properly called GOOD POLICE WORK in most all cases).
Talk about racism...and not by anyone white.
Yeah, we got it here, but it's "darker" than many think and been going on for decades.
*** Next up, on a somber note, we lost one of my favorite actors, Rod Taylor, who passed away at the age of 84 yesterday from a heart attack suffered at his California home.
Here's his WIKI:
And the official site:
The Time Machine
While never reaching the stature of an A-list leading man, he was a solid actor who made his mark in Hollywood with features such as THE TIME MACHINE, HOTEL, FATE IS THE HUNTER, THE BIRDS, and SUNDAY IN NEW YORK.
The Birds
He also was the voice of  PONGO, in the Disney movie 101 Dalmatians (the original animated movie)
Not bad for someone born in Australia (1930).
Sunday In New York
Did a good job of losing the accent for many of his movies, too.
And, he kept HIS OWN NAME all the while. (Rodney Stuart Taylor).
The sad part, tomorrow would have been his 85th birthday.
*** Last back to the snowdrift...it bothers me to see so many people leaving us...those we came to know by their performances on stage, on the big screen, or the small screen in our homes.
When theaters were theaters and movies, events.
These were a lot more iconic than any we see today.
And the list of names seems endless...
Jimmy Stewart, John Wayne, Bette Davis, Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney, Elizabeth Taylor, Henry Fonda, George C. Scott, Ray Milland, Lucille Ball, Carroll O'Connor, Ernie Borgnine...the list IS indeed endless.
And yet, the work these people, and many of their peers who have also passed lives on.
Monroe and Russell - When stars were stars
Movies and TV shows we remember with fondness are available to all of us every day, and to see such a legacy unfold to a new generation is something truly marvelous in our culture.
Thing is, those were times when we were not DRIVEN by media and the issues of the day.
We turned to these shows and films as a way to "get away" from the angst of life for a brief time.
I feel that every one of those people that I mentioned (and MANY more) that we lose, takes something from all of us.
Perhaps it's a bit of the innocence we used to have.
I can't really say.
But, we do lose something of ourselves.
Yet, there is some good news...
Every time we watch one of these movies or old TV shows, we are returned to those times when many things in life WERE a lot simpler, a lot more able to be understood, and times when we thought a lot differently about a great many things.
Sometimes, technology works FOR us, as in these cases.
Catch an old movie or television show and see what I mean.
Have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

1- 6AM, Scrappy climbs under the covers and a spark leaps from his ear to my nose. Good frickin' morning.

2- I suspect the step in the puddle day must be an Aussie thing... with the temps theyre getting the last week or so, they'd appreciate it.

3- They can't be Newports.... lol!

4- Not surprising that someone who devalues the hard work of others would think that any lazies willing to take this new "charity" would do enough community service to actually make it worthwhile...

5-Can't say that I knew Taylor. But we are sure racking them up this year, aren't we?

Lost a lady this week from my old church. Sweetest, kindest Christian woman you'd ever meet, never deserved all the crap that live dealt her- but you'd never know about the crap from the way she treated you.

In the mean time, we have assholes in France that don't have the first concept of the value of life still sucking air (although from the sound of the TV behind me, that might be "formerly sucking air".) As I said on FB, the first troll that crosses my path is in for it...

Bob G. said...

(he got'cha!)
---I wanna see someone TRY and jump in a puddle HERE...LOL.
---Nope...NO freaking way!
---There 'ya go...nailed it!
---I figure you knew him from THE TIME MACHINE...you DO have "something in common".
---We went through similar times at my church in Philly...lots of oldsters there, and it was VERY sad to see ANY of them leave us. They were role models for the rest of us
---There is so much WRONG in France that contributed to this terrorist mess, I wouldn't know WHERE to begin.

Hey, thanks for shaking off that "Shocking Scrappy Experience" to stop by and comment.

Have yourselves a great weekend.

Stay safe & warm up there, brother.

Momma Fargo said...

Of course you have to show up everyone in America with your shoveling skills. You know what? I can't compete, therefore, I'm not shoveling. LOL.

It's LEO appreciation day!

I love The Birds. It still gives me the creeps. Have you seen the movie about the back story to that with Alfred Hitchcock and his creepiness?
Great post! Stay warm and shovel on!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Well, I can;t go showing off my shooting skills...can I?
(hmm...maybe I can...)
If I was your neighbor, I'd shovel for 'ya.
(long as there's coffee involved...lol)

I hope you're on the mend and that's why you're not shoveling (we can;t have a relapse).

Hey, EVERY DAY is LEO-Appreciation day (to me).

Yeah, THE BIRDS is a CLASSIC flick!
I have NOT seen that movie...but It's on "the list" to watch...thanks for that.

And thanks for rolling up today and commenting.

You have a great weekend, take it easy and stay safe down there.