28 January 2015

Humpday Happenings...
The middle of the week once again, boys and girls...so, it's all downhill from here...or is that uphill?
Depends on your POV, doesn't it?
And, it's nicely "brisk" outside this morning with temps in the single digits.
The rest of our Hooiserland weather will find us with mostly sunny skies to begin with, turning to mostly cloudy later on.
The high for today will top out around the upper twenties, so no REAL melting going on.
(nice to hear that)
And, the winds will be rather mild.
Not that bad, really for Indiana winter.
So, go get yourself that hot cup of midweek fortitude and I'll get mine, and together we'll take a look at all the other "stuff" that's been going on in "...all the old familiar places"...
*** First out of the salt mine is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"There is an inverse relationship between reliance on the state and self-reliance."
This follows a recurring theme in my recent posts.
So WHO said this? The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at the "National Review"...
*** Next up, is the "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
January 28 -
---Today is NATIONAL HAVE FUN AT WORK DAY...seriously?
If I were a RANGE-MASTER, I'd probably have me some fun...most anything else...probably not. Can't imagine a former job that was THAT much fun (albeit rewarding ).
---It's also NATIONAL KAZOO DAY, so break out in some song, folks.
Some SERIOUS "kazoo-age".
You haven't LIVED until you'd kazooed along with Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of the Moon...lol.
...For the THREE rookies out there...LOL.
Or, you could take a comb and a piece of paper and do it the "old-fashioned" way...lol.
I wonder if IHOP or DENNY'S or BOB EVANS have a breakfast sale on THOSE.
DAMN, that looks GOOD...!
Gotta be careful when making them, however.
I once made some by taking the batter and blueberries and mixing them in a blender...
Suffice to to say, they looked like rusty BRILLO PADS when done...
But, they DID TASTE GREAT, so never let looks deceive you...!
*** Next up, a jewel heist...otherwise known as "Yeah, he got it at JARED'S".
Here's the story link:
Three hammer-wielding BLACK males entered the Jared jeweler near Glenbrook around 2000 hrs Monday evening, smashed some display cases and made off with an undisclosed amount of diamonds and sundry jewelry..
One of the men had been looking at a display case (earlier) that was smashed later on.He was casing the case.
The getaway vehicle was an older white Dodge Intrepid, and police are viewing security videos.
After making off in the Dodge, the men proceeded to the nearby Target parking lot where they bailed into DIFFERENT vehicles and drove off.
And the store wasn't even OPEN that long.
The three perps left behind the hammers used in the robbery, and police recovered some blood from all the broken glass.
Obviously, this was "somewhat" thought out, and doesn't surprise me.
Since there's no store like that anywhere on the south side of town, where else to go but WHERE the stores are.
I would expect to see more of this in the future, unless potential target areas are patrolled more vigorously by the FWPD.
Hell, I'd like to see ANY patrols down here...(where the crims hide out).
Be nice to not have a drug deal along the street ONE month out of the damn year...for a change...like we USED to not have...when police DID patrol...and sponsored housing was non-existent in our area.
Moving on...
*** Next up, one person was taken into custody by police after a recent stabbing on S. Anthony Blvd...and guess what?
He's a BLACK guy...!
Here's the story link:
LOL...now THAT is one helluva mug shot.
THIS is your tax dollars hardly working - just like most all of the mooks cribbing down there on the SE side.
Alvis. T. Ramsey, 43, of the 2400 block of S. Anthony Blvd was busted in connection with a stabbing that left one man in critical condition.
Drinking and quarreling led to the stabbing...typical behavior for animals like this.
Ramsey was combative with police, banged his head against a wall and threatened police in the interview room.
Hope he likes wearing orange and flip flops....LOL. Whatta effin LOSER.
*** Well, that "Snowpocalypse" didn't turn out as expected for NYC, but the rest of New England got the hammer dropped on them.
Not enough snow in Times Square.
New York barely got 5 inches total, and yet mayor Komrade DiBlasio (known to honeymoon in CUBA) closed DOWN the city that never sleeps...
Talk about jerking one's knee (to the tune of a $200 MIL loss to the city)
Eastern Long Island got nailed as well, with some homes getting flooded from a storm surge.
And Massachusetts took the brunt of the storm.
Yeah, now THAT is a snowfall.
Here's a link for the details:
*** We, here at the "Fortress" were lucky enough to get a snow plow down the street yesterday...pretty much after the fact.
Wow...days after the event...here they come.
And, the FACT that this is a designated school bus corner (which it never should have been) speaks volumes as to HOW the city handles working in concert with FWCS to make sure the kids have as little trouble as possible when a snowfall hits and roads are crappy.
One block down...on a MAIN street would be a much better place for not only the kids, but having the snow cleared from the streets...
One might consider this a public safety issue...if one were intelligent enough to work in City Hall's public safety or street departments.
*** Next up, tonight on FX is the premier of the box office blockbuster of 2012 - Marvel's THE AVENGERS.
"Must-See" TV...finally. (or get the DVD)
Now THERE is as good a reason to stay home and watch some quality TV as I have ever seen.
Just wanted to pass that along to all you "true believers"...lol. Excelsior!
*** Last back to the rock quarry...America is a nation that used to do a lot better, both by it's people, and by it's government.
We used to have a lot more citizens willing to jump on and get their feet wet, and always for a good cause.
Our government used to be a lot less intrusive, and not prone to this desire to invade every aspect of one's life.
We used to be a people who were much more able to police themselves and thereby stay out of trouble.
Our government used to have the ability to rattle a saber now and then to keep others around the world better behaved
We were a people that used to be a lot more reliant upon ourselves and one another, were more charitable and were not afraid of hard work.
Our government used to not HAVE to pay for people who didn't WANT to work, and never used to spend BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to feed the starving, advance the poor, and aid the indigent...all of which have failed wonderfully.
Notice a "pattern" here?
I apply the term "used to"...as in a reference to  a time in our past.
There are those who hate such "nostalgia", and live for the moment in the moment.
That's all well and good IF you remember WHERE you came from as a society...what you WERE as a society and how well you DID as a society.
History is always the best teacher when we choose to look to the future and become forward-thinking.
And in that, I believe there are many who STILL have a lot to learn.
The rest of us can teach them...by example.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

You have a more snow than we do down here. I think shutting down a city before they know full effect of weather is silly. Yes, meteorologists can get it wrong. They are not psychics. If you see it dumping fast...shut it down...otherwise...let it be. If they are not sorry they did because better safe than sorry, then move on to another day. Who cares? Isn't it funny how now they have to slam the poor weather dudes because the politicians look stupid for shutting places down. Oy. It's all good. People lived. What's the big deal? I don't know. Politicians...they can never take responsibility.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Yeah, I guess we got "lucky"?

The NYC shutdown cost a whopping $20 MIL...nice waste there.
In all my life, I have NEVER seen this before.

Agreed - Sometimes, it's best to take things AS THEY COME, when you don't really KNOW what's coming.

You can't crap on the weather-folks...and politicians would NOT make good weather people...hell, most of them aren't even good politicians to begin with...HA!

It's up to WE, THE PEOPLE to hold ALL these mooks accountable...and all the damn time, too.

Hey, thanks for rolling by today to comment.

Stay safe (and warm) down there.

CWMartin said...

Have fun at work day... I burnt the piss outta two fingers at work today (stupidity will out). Moving on...

Blueberry pancake day... Hmm, that just might work tonight! I think I have a half a pack of Koshis left...

Jareds... all of Ft Wayne using THAT line today. Never did that to the car wash...

Sounds like Ramsey was just a touch dumber than the people left at the scene, according to the story I read.

And of course, thank you for the heads up on FX, though I doubt I'll get the chance tonight (Laurie's home and I have a little matter of a shuffle top ten to get at...)

Bob G. said...

You're supposed to have FUN...not have a trip to the first aid station!

Pancakes...anything with CAKE in it sounds good...lol
(waffles work as well)

NO one messes with the car wash...!

Ramsey looks like that "special" kind of STUPID.

You can ALWAYS turn up the volume and watch it "vicariously...hmm?

Thanks for stopping by to comment today.

Stay safe and warm up there, brother.