27 February 2015

Friday Follies...
Welcome to the weekend...and by the early looks of things, it might be a doozey.
We're expected to get MORE snow between Saturday and Sunday...total accumulation here at "The Fortress" could be anywhere from 2-8 inches.
Forecasters are still trying to figure out which total will tell the tale.
In any event, I know I'm going to be on "shovel-detail" over the next 72 hours...lol.
Today's Hooseirland weather starts out FRIGID (minus numbers) but will give way to partly cloudy skies with a high of around 17 degrees.
Sorry folks, that's all we're going to get today, so dress accordingly, drive carefully (there is plenty of black ice to go around), and don't stay outside for any length of time...yes, it's EFFIN COLD this morning.
Now, with that being said, let's all get our morning cup of piping hot Friday fortitude and see what else has been going on...
*** First out of the arctic is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
February 27 - 
---Today is NO-BRAINER DAY.
Well, "DUH"!
I guess this fits in with our nation's capital quite well enough. NO brains THERE.
Or, it could apply to those of us who see things as they are, and proceed through life with a lot more common sense and reason.
Either way, hmm?
---And, it's also POLAR BEAR DAY...
"Nyah-nyah...we got our own day."
Now, considering the weather we've been having, THAT should be a REAL "no-brainer"...LOL.
"OY, enough with this warming thing already!"
So remember. all that "global warming" BS we've been told isn't worth a damn...just ask the bears.
February 28 - 
---Saturday is FLORAL DESIGN DAY...
Flowers? Seriously?
In SUB-ZERO temps?
Cats are excused, naturally.
So that means I should get out and watch the homeless under our bridges who are sleeping (in public)?
Funny, didn't see anything about a convention at the Grand Wayne Center or Memorial Coliseum...?
Sunday is the first of MARCH, and we'll talk about that on MONDAY...got it?
*** Next up, a home invasion nets TWO arrests.
Here's the lowdown as it went down:
This happened in a house located in the 6100 block of Lunada Drive (right off of Hessen Cassel) a little after midnight on 26 February, when three men pushed their way into a house and gathered the residents (including a male they cam in with who lived there)..
A nice part of the ghettohood
One shot was fired by one of the thugs (no injuries), but an older man living there managed to activate his LIFE-ALERT wristwatch button and when the perps heard the voice on the other end ask "what is the nature of the problem", they took off.
A resident at the house fired a shotgun FIVE times as they fled (in a white Dodge Avenger).
When police arrived (after the fact as usual), they tracked two of the perps to the Crown Colony Apartments nearby, where they saw the vehicle.
There, police found two black males hiding in trash bins (damn shame Serv-All didn't roll through...lol)
Larry D. Washington, 21, of the 4700 block of S. Monroe St. was arrested and charged with robbery and criminal confinement.
His "partner", one Marcus R. Hughes, Jr, 19, of the 7400 block of Hickjory Creek Drive was arrested and similarly charged with an additional charge of pot possession.
A third perp is still at-large. Didn't say if the gun (used) was recovered.
Now, there are those in Fort Wayne who say you should "get to know your neighbors".
Well, Larry Washington lived less than a block from "The Fortress", and I think I know him well enough...to AVOID him like the plague (on society that he is).
What's MORE weird...that (last) address of Washington DOES NOT EXIST.
The street runs from from 4705 to 4707 to 4711, and then it goes into the 4800 block.
FWPD might want to look into that "discrepency".
Curiously enough, the Allen County Judicial System HAS "gotten to know him" very well in a few short years.
And here is the RAP SHEET to prove it:
Allen Superior Court 4
CM - Criminal Misdemeanor
35-44.1-3-1(a)(3)/MA: Resisting Law Enforcement
7.1-5-7-7(a)/MC: Illegal Possession of an Alcoholic Beverage
Allen Superior Court 5
CM - Criminal Misdemeanor
35-48-4-11/MA: Possession Marijuana/Hash Oil/Hashish/Salvia/Synthetic Cannabinoid
Allen Superior Court 4
MC - Miscellaneous Criminal (Citation)
35-42-5-1(1)/FB: Robbery - Defn Armed OR Bodily Injury Results To One Other Than Defn
Allen Superior Court 5
FB - Class B Felony
35-42-5-1(1)/FB: Robbery - Defn Armed OR Bodily Injury Results To One Other Than Defn
Allen Superior Court 6
CM - Criminal Misdemeanor
35-43-4-3(a)/MA: Conversion
Allen Superior Court 5
MC - Miscellaneous Criminal (Citation)
35-42-5-1(2)/F3: Robbery Taking property by putting someone in fear while armed with a deadly
35-42-3-3(a)/F3: Criminal Confinement while armed with a deadly weapon.
3717 Monroe 
Fort Wayne, IN 46806
Fort Wayne, IN 46816
5215 Bowser AVE 
Fort Wayne, IN 46806
Fort Wayne, IN 46806
 4717 Monroe ST S

 Fort Wayne, IN 46806
Like most thugs...he moves around a lot...this is only a THREE year span we're talking about..
Oh, and here's a link to another "exploit" of Mr. Washington from last year:
Got some kind of history, right?
Bet he did a plea deal to avoid jail time...(thanks Ms Richards)
Nice to know we have such UPSTANDING CITIZENS in MY neck of the woods...
Damn shame we also have no one we can call an ALLY down here.
*** And speaking of "my" area, Kevin Leininger has a story about how the Ash Brokerage project is putting a hurt on downtown PARKING METER collections, and that means less revenue coming IN to city coffers.
Here's the story:
Colin Keeney is the head of Parking Control...an agency I WISH to God would come down HERE a lot more often, because we have ongoing issues that impact on everyone.
We have CHRONIC parking violations...but no one seems to bother mentioning them to anyone who can cite these assholes and get them to OBEY the ordinances.
People block sidewalks, park the wrong way against traffic, double park, park too close to the intersections, fire hydrants, and mailboxes (yes, there is a 15-foot rule on the books, folks ordinances 72.03 through 72.22...look it up here:
These morons do this almost EVERY damn day.
I plan to contact Keeney and see if ANY of them can be taken care of, because we've got way too many ignorant savages residing around us to make me feel comfortable along our streets...and yes, this also affects the FWCS bus stop clusterf&cks.
Moving on...
*** Well, the "Net Neutrality" was voted into law by the majority Dems on the FCC board (you thought otherwise?), but here's a story that sheds more light on the big picture:
Yeah, I'm on the AGAINST IT side...we don't need more government regulations on top of ones that already exist. This new act is based on an archaic law from 1934 and had to do with telephones (old school types)
We're neck-deep in red tape regulations as it is with damn near everything in our lives, and THAT needs to change.
There are lawsuits against the FCC regarding this, and it will; most likely last several years as it's litigated, so we can breathe easy (for now).
*** Last back to the igloo...I heard several people on several shows mention the fact that the American people are being pulled in every direction as all these issues come to stare us in the face...kinda like that STRETCH-ARMSTRONG analogy I made YEARS ago.
We are being constantly bombarded with every problem known to man (and a few more) and we're supposed to be able to discern the wheat from all this damn chaff...surely a monumental task for those of even a Herculean disposition.
Geez, cleaning up the Augean stables was EASY compered to the FEDS...
One might say it's of Biblical proportions.
And maybe THAT is why our attention gets diverted SO easily to the "entertainment" aspect of society.
Not what things seem to be.
What's new, what's vogue, what's happening...THAT is what it's all about...screw what's REALLY important, hmm?
When we become more concerned about Beyonce instead of the National Debt, or basketball instead of our foreign policies, or even YouTube rather than losing our freedoms and liberties, something smells like 3 day old fish in the sun...
It's hard enough to concentrate on what goes on under our OWN roof, let along on our streets, in our city, or even our nation.
But, we can't hit the old "snooze" button, because with these politicos, the atheists, socialists, commies, secular-humanists, progressives, and race baiting minorities seemingly pounding on the gates of reason and sanity, we need to be on our A-GAME.
We need to be prepared to act against those that would seek to unravel this nation and the beliefs that have been established from it's inception.
Failure? What's THAT?
We need to remain vigilant, truthful, courageous, and yes, be willing to do the hard things to set this nation BACK on the course that I believe has the hand of "divine providence" upon her.
And we need to be united in this, rather than fractured as a society.
It will take a while to win the war, but at least for the time being, we can win a few of the battles along the way, right?.
Therein lies the lesson for the day.
Do have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and, as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.
* * * * * * * * * * * * *
((PS: We have to bid a sad farewell to an American icon...LEONARD NIMOY, who made a mark on the modern American mythology of Star Trek, as well as society itself, has passed on at the age of 83 to that "higher plain of existence" (as Spock might say).
Here's his WIKI:
Hard to imagine a world without Spock...or Leonard for that matter.
Many in the fields of science owe their careers to Star Trek and the character Nimoy portrayed.
Here's the NY Times article:
This part of ST-2 always gets to me...

Both Leonard and his character Spock have "lived long...and prospered".
And we shall miss them both))


John DuMond said...

"Today is NO-BRAINER DAY."

Dude, that's every day at my job. ;)

I just heard about Leonard Nimoy a few minutes ago. A sad day, indeed.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I hear 'ya...used to be the same when I was working as well.
Probably due to those who thought they knew more than us...when we proved them wrong all the time...heh.

A VERY sad day for SO many fans.
I hate when the inevitable comes along.
Thanks for stopping on y to comment.

You have a good weekend.
Stay safe, stay warm, and watch out for snow out there.
"Live Long & Prosper"

CWMartin said...

No Brainer Day- that's getting to be a lot like "World Population Day".

Why would you sleep in public in the middle of winter?

Thank God the Lunada Drive thing happened in Ft Wayne. If it had occurred in the U of Minnesota, they'd still be looking for 'em- those wonderful race-less descriptions and all.

"We are being constantly bombarded with every problem known to man (and a few more) and we're supposed to be able to discern the wheat from all this damn chaff...surely a monumental task for those of even a Herculean disposition." And that's why so few people bother. So many people are stretching Solomon's advice about too much knowledge way beyond the intent. Easier to keep track of trivial crap, because if you're wrong, if you forget, NOBODY CARES. Nobody gets fired over not knowing Honey Boo-Boo's mom. Nobody flips the wrong lever on the voting booth due to hearing the long version of a Brian Williams story. Head in sand, life is but a dream.

Bob G. said...

LOL...good analogy.
People sleep in public because they CAN.
Long time ago, I was able to nod-out standing up and holding the rail on the EL train coming home...lol.
(would n not do that today on a DARE)

Sure seems like not that many care...and I don;t know if it FRUSTRATES me more, or just plain PISSES ME OFF.
We never used to be like this as a society.

There aer SO many better and longer-lasting things in life to concern oneself with.

Thanks much for stopping by to comment.
(Live Long & Prosper).
Have a good weekend, stay safe & beware the snow up there, brother.