25 February 2015

Humpday Happenings...
Can you believe it's Wednesday already?
With this winter weather, all the days seem to be running together.
Our Hoosierland weather will have us with warmer temps today - all the way up to TWENTY-TWO DEGREES.
Lots of sunshine and no snow, and that includes the snow we didn't get yesterday, as the forecasters had predicted.
(least I didn't see any down here in the crotch of Ft. Wayne)
In the meantime, go grab that hot cup of midweek fortitude, and let's see what has been transpiring since last we gathered...
*** First out of the igloo today is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"Winter is nature's way of saying 'up yours'."
So WHO said that anyway? It's not someone you would normally think of, so eliminate the obvious.
But, the quote IS in good step with how many feel right about now (including a LOT of New Englanders).
The answer will be at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at the pool hall...
*** Next, is our 'What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
February 25 -
Now, in case you're wondering about this occasion, here's a little help:
And thank God for such people, hmm?
*** Next up, I wonder of the DOJ is enjoying their meal of CROW (to go with the EGG on their faces), after concluding that there was not enough evidence to bring civil rights violations charges against George
(whatta dumbass)
And after ALL that taxpayer money was wasted...I mean "spent".
I call it poetic-justice, after a fashion, and duly deserved, considering the "source".
Here's the lowdown:
Call it IRONY...call it KARMA...call it whatever you want. It's just another way of saying that socialism and race-baiting has NO place in OUR society...or our country, for that matter.
This is the kind of thing that puts a smile on my face...
Every damn time, too.
*** Next, King Henry (mayoral monarch of Ft. Wayne) wants to find a way to get funding back to the schools for transportation.
Here's this tale of nonsense:
Hope it flushes!
The city wants to use TIF (Tax Increment Financing) money to assist FWCS keep transportation rolling as it has been, rather than the cutbacks (long overdue) that will "force" kids to walk up to a MILE to their schools.
Awww, poor babies...get the damn parents out of their stupor and make them drive them...many down here don;t work anyway...they got the time.
(Lord knows that much)
Hey, here's an idea...use that same TIF money to put some SIDEWALKS where they're needed, so kids don't have to walk in the damn streets.
And while you're at it, try ENFORCING the ordinances that say people cannot walk down the middle of those streets (like they have done for years down here).
The REAL possibilities to properly utilize these funds is ENDLESS, and will do a lot more GOOD than tossing at bus routes for the lazy.
Yes, they do have INDIVIDUAL STUDENT PICKUP, and NOT just for the handicapped short-bus riders.
Talk about your "REALLY tight fit"...
Also, move the bus stops to more OPEN areas for the kids...where they can be easily seen by motorists (and not along residential streets.
I say this because city SNOW PLOWS take forever to clear our streets, and yet the FWCS sees fit to use nearly impassable streets as BUS ROUTES for students...how frigging safe is THAT, hmm?
I have proof that it's a chore to navigate such large buses along OUR streets (which were never designed to accommodate such traffic in the first place).
Some common sens on the part of the city (and I know that alone is a stretch of biblical proportions) would go a LONG way down here.
Moving on...
*** It appears that SUNDAY LIQUOR SALES will not happen THIS year (thank God).
Here's the story of another defeat of this legislation:
Give it a rest for ONE day.
This is another instance where I get to smiling...just because every other state stuck it's head up IT'S ass, we in Indiana should not have to "follow suit".
If you cannot plan well enough on the OTHER SIX DAYS when it comes to stocking up on your booze, then maybe you shouldn't be drinking that much...or as often? Ya think?
Again, a sense of karma is attached to this story, because the bill sat until the author withdrew it from the docket.
The bill would have required stores to have all alcohol in ONE area, and that didn't sit well with retailers like Krogers.
(some stores DO have separate areas for alcohol sales...like the Decatur Rd store they CLOSED...talk about irony there, right?)
The biggest issue with the bill came when hard liquor would have to be placed BEHIND counters...
(guess that's not gonna stop a perp with a GUN)
Oh well..better luck NEXT year.
*** Last back to the ice factory...there are times in our lives when we get pissed off.
Sorry, that's the way life is...you take the good WITH the bad, and every time, we get PO'ed at something BAD that comes along.
Sometimes, we might even get ROYALLY PO'ed.
More like "righteous indignation" maybe?
I'm one of those people that understands that it's gonna happen, but as we grow up, we find it's EASIER to get pissed than it was as a child.
And with all the advances in our civilization, you'd think we'd have LESS to get cheesed about, right?
Not really.
It's kinda like a "JEDI thing" - something will come along and our FRUSTRATION levels rise, and that leads to fear, fear leads to anger, and that leads to "the dark side".
(Yoda would have a field day here)
Taking "territorial" to a NEW level.
Can we control our frustration? No more than we can stop breathing, unless we disconnect ourself with everything and everyone, and even then we'd get frustrated that no one's around to bitch to...lol
The best we can hope for is to channel it in some positive manner...hopefully before that frustration rises to the anger level.
(trust me, that ain't easy, kids)
We can give up and stop the frustration...not a good option to condone failure.
OR...We can work THROUGH it - usually the best recourse.
We may stumble a bit along the way, but to allow anger to rule rather than logic and reason becomes folly...the stuff of crime.
It doesn't matter if it's a poorly thought out bus route plan, or a government run amok with a power-trip, or even a city that practices ignorance when it comes to an entire section of it's territory...it's ALL something to get pissed off at.
That's why we always need to be on guard against allowing such things to fester like an infected wound.
We're better than that, and more often than not, we can prove it much easier than permitting our dark side to get the upper hand.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

What a great post today, Bob! I really enjoyed the Holder meme. All the political info in here you are right on target with my thoughts exactly. Now..can we see about cleaning up your hood? I am starting to worry about you and the missus. :)

CWMartin said...

The Quote: Guessing either Mother Teresa or Peter Griffin, lol.

Sunday sales: The point being Not SIX days that you can buy booze, but the ONE day that they can't SELL it. People keep forgetting this battle has nothing to do with the convenience of buying seven days a week, but the 1/7th of a week's income lost to a "blue law". IOW, the battle isn't morality, but greed.

Closing statement: I guess you DID read last night's post, after all!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I don't think HOOVER, EUREKA, or ORECK (combined) has a cleaner BOG enough to clean this cesspool the hell up...LOL.
That's what happens when the city doesn't set priorities properly and instead tosses good money after bad.

Hey, I worry about us once in a while, too.

Then I think maybe those mooks ought to be the ones to worry...not you or me, or the missus, hmm?
(nice to have "Mr Taurus" nearby, if you know what I mean)


Thanks much for rolling yup today to comment.
always a pleasure.

You stay safe & warn down there, Kiddo.

Bob G. said...

Nope, not Mother Theresa OR Peter Griffin...or eveb Peter Griffin AS Mother Theresa...lol.
I think it's gonna surprise you.

Agreed, it IS all about greed, and some even use morality as a convenient "cover" for their money grubbing paws.
Actually, IO have NOT read your Tuesday post, but I will bop on over directly.
(save me from doing it later)

I take it to mean we';re of a similar mindset (AGAIN???)...lol.

We might have a "movement" on our hands...(zounds!!!)

Thanks much for stopping by today to comment.

Stay safe & warm up there, brother.