12 February 2015

Just Another Thursday...
If you like your winter more on the COLD side, then the next few days in the Heartland will fit like an old pair of shoes.
Today will be the warmest day through the weekend.
Our Hooiserland weather...well, the high today is whatever temperature is going on outside right now.
After that, temps will drop into single digits for our evening "pleasure".
Toss in some sun and some clouds, too.
Right now (at the "Fortress") it's in the low 20s (and dropping), and we're having a few snow showers...little accumulation, but it is covering whatever ice is still on our roads, so plan you AM travel and driving habits accordingly.
With that said, let's get a hot cup of our morning drink of choice, and look to the day and see what else is going on...
*** First out of the freezer is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is."
This was spoken by our good friend,  Sir Winston Churchill (30 Nov 1874 - 24 Jan 1965), and here is his WIKI for you all to re-read and enjoy:
You want to talk about a man who saw his share of war...here he is.
And, as good a leader as he was DURING WW2, the government all but tossed him under the bus immediately AFTER the war was over.
I would have to say that we could USE a man of his quality of character in today's world.
Moving on..
*** Next, we bring you the "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
February 12 - 
(blow out the candles).
I remember in school when we actually used to CELEBRATE this, SEPARATELY (like we did with Washington).
Sounds like a REAL plan.
None of this "President's Day" gig...none of the sales, the hype, or anything other than the birthdays...because they were IMPORTANT to us all.
.---And, it's PLUM PUDDING DAY.
I'm not really into plums, but a couple cinnamon raisin bagels would work for me.
(or powdered and filled donuts)
*** Next up, our reigning monarch, mayor Henry gave his 8th State of the Kingdom speech yesterday
And yes, thankfully, it WAS brief, and pretty much what I was expecting (from a democrat) - mostly about ALL the great things done under his watch, and how much MORE is going to be done...mostly downtown (still?) and the riverfront.
Here's the story link:
The headline reads AN EXCITEMENT IN THE CITY...
(whew)...I thought it read an EXCREMENT in the city (which would be a lot closer to the truth)...LOL.
I was correct when I said that the SE side would get a sentence of two...it did, all about the new McMillian Center and how it's helping youth AND adults in the community. And that was it.
I'd have to say you FIRST have to HAVE a community, and not some gaggle of assorted human dregs, which is what we mostly have down here these days.
But, there was a revelation:
If it looks and smells like it...
Henry said that across the city, property values are SPIKING...really?
Coulda fooled me. I look at our property taxes (based on assessed VALUE) and we certainly are not seeing any "spike"...unless you consider a $10 hike (close to $100 a year now for us...lol) this is a godsend?
He must not be figuring in the SE side...that's the ONLY way I can see justification for property value INCREASING.
That's the thing with democrats - they live in fantasyland.
Crime did go down (another?) 15%...I think we're over a 100% DROP (cumulative total since 1998), as we were told every year since we moved here, so there should be NO CRIME AT ALL...right?
I mean when you tell the public every year that crime goes DOWN between 10 and 15 percent...do the math
Ten percent (low-balling) drop over each of the last 18 years SHOULD net us around a 180% drop. Mathematically-speaking, that just does not add up.
We still have crime, and a good measure if it (like another bank robbery this morning), so what's the REAL story here?
Guess we'll be on hold for that one.
Seeing IS believing on the SE side, Sire.
The mayor also went on to say how some houses (where?) would be refurbished and then taken over by private owners...(who will no doubt turn them back into the RENTALS they used to be).
Yeah, I think I have that one figured out, too...no help down here for us.
Of course, Hizzoner will spend ANOTHER $20 MIL to fix and upgrade streets, curbs, and the like...same amount he spent LAST year. Funny thing, down here, we didn't see that come to fruition...at least not anywhere we drive through.
Suffice it to say, the speech was another "pitch" to keep democrats ruling the roost here for another term.
And that will be another term that nothing gets done down here to reclaim the SE side and make it a productive a vibrant part of the city...the way it USED to be.
But we WILL have one helluva great downtown and riverfront!
*** And speaking of "fetishes" (huh...wha...???) this story got me smiling in today's paper:
Here's the link:
It would appear that the book 50 Shades of Grey is making a larger impact upon the populace who are in need of constant and diverse forms of "entertainment", shall we say?
Cats...gotta love 'em!
In fact, it's spilling over into the adult store realm quite well.
(makes a case for dating or marrying cops - they COME with handcuffs...lol)
With the movie soon premiering, I'm sure this will increase even more.
---And that brings me to a somewhat "related" story:
...I don't want to even GUESS about this one.
Yes, friends, injuries due to SEX TOYS are...on the INCREASE.
(you simply cannot make this stuff up)
Creativity, pain and an ER visit...all coming (no pun intended) from the boudoir...just what America has been asking for...
Is NOTHING sacred these days???
Anything to keep the masses "occupied" while the nation goes to Hades in a hand-basket, I suppose. The article will get you grinning, and for the obvious reasons.
Must REALLY be a slow news day at the Washington (com)Post...LOL.
*** Last back to the igloo...I wish I could say that our mayor/s SOTC address was noteworthy, but alas, I cannot with good conscience make that claim.
It was much of what I've heard before...several times over.
To me, it comes down to "if you can talk the talk, you should be able to walk the walk".
I look at this address (as well as previous speeches) as one that made me feel "short-changed" (and not because of my height...lol).
It's like ordering a PINT of beer and then having the bar or restaurant serve it to you in a FOURTEEN OUNCE glass. (a real story..I kid you not - look it up)
Sorry, I paid attention in public school...14 OZ is NOT a pint...try 16 OZ.
Maybe that's why there is a bill in the Indiana statehouse to CORRECT such a mistake.
Anyway, the mayor touted that same hackneyed "quality-of-life", that apparently WE, down here on the SE side are not permitted to have UNLESS we move elsewhere.
I'm not buying that for a minute.
A community...ANY community can only thrive when people give a damn...it's that simple.
And when you have a majority of people who DON'T, you can't have a community..also just as simple.
Plus, all the normal aspects of a community no longer apply, like policing, taxation, and most importantly, personal responsibility and accountability BY the people IN that area.
When few care, little gets done..if anything, and blight spreads like the societal malady it has always been.
The lack of appreciation by those who have become entitled is at the center of this shrubbery maze, and after all this time, one would think it would have been a lot easier to weed out and expose.
That's depending on whether the city is even LOOKING for it...
And I think we know the answer there, unfortunately.
There IS always tomorrow, right?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

Happy Thursday! And Happy Birthday, Abe! Today, I am wishing it was Friday. This week is going by slowly and it is very painful. Tomorrow is full of work events in which I do not want to partake. Love your cat meme.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
There is an old military expression:
"Pain is weakness leaving the body"

IF that is the case with ME, I MUST be one of the STRONGEST sum-butches on the whole planet...RFLMAO!
(not hardly)

BTW, you STILL have YOUR handcuffs, right?
(lol - purely for "citizen arrests", hmm?)

Thanks for taking time to roll up today and comment.
Stay safe down there, dear.

CWMartin said...

Hmmm... Churchill was a great man... not exactly immune to gilding the lily himself, though. Not a Brian Williams level, though.

As for your Darth Invader comment... all I'm finding for MWN lately are people building giant penises... I wonder if the ones found by archaeologists were really fertility symbols or if they just had a bunch of assclowns like we do.

Bob G. said...

Hey, Patton wasn't perfect either, but...
When you needed someone to make a tough call, there 'ya go.

I wasn't looking for the Darth Invader...amazing what you CAN find when you DON'T look for it, hmm?
I just wanted something a bit more "basic"...and a lot less tuned into George Lucas...LOL.

As the Bible says we will always have the poor among us, I think we will ALSO have dumbasses, many with erectile fetishes.
(guess they didn't have proper Hebrew verbiage for such "terms"?

Hey, thanks for swinging by today to comment.

Stay safe (and keep warm)) up there, brother.