12 March 2015

Thoughts For Thursday...
Must be "Thor's-Day".
It would appear we have another foggy morning, but from where I'm at, I'm not seeing any of it.
Must be more rural than urban in nature.
In any event, the schools have again posted 2-hour delays (the better to see you, my dear), so we'll have school kids out and about during the tail end of rush-hour, avoiding sidewalks like the plague (as usual).
The rest of the Hoosierland weather will see us with a burn off of the fog this morning, which will give way to sunny skies and temps again reaching into the lower 50s.
So, let's all get our cup of comfort alongside us this morning as we set about seeing what has been going on elsewhere...
*** First off the frying pan is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"Punishment is not for revenge, but to lessen crime and reform the criminal."
This is attributed to ELIZABETH FRY (21 May 1780 - 12 October 1845) who was an English prison reformer, social reformer, and (as a Quaker) a Christian Philanthropist.
And here is her WIKI:
She was born a Quaker, married a Quaker and had eleven children.
(makes me wonder when she had TIME for prison reform)
She was urged by a friend to visit Newgate Prison to see the conditions of the prisoners there.
Many of the inmates never received a trial.
She returned the following day with food and clothes.
In 1816, she founded a prison school for the children who were imprisoned with their mothers.
Fry began a system of supervision and required women inmates to read the BIBLE (not the Koran...)
She later became the FIRST woman to present evidence to Parliament regarding prison conditions.
Fry also helped the homeless, and in 1824 she instituted a visiting society in Brighton - volunteers would do what we now call "welfare checks" on the poor, providing food and comfort for them (instead of that OTHER welfare check or EBT card).
She opened a training school for nurses in 1840.
To be replaced in 2016 by Winston Churchill
Suffice it to say there are numerous memorial across the UK as a result of her devotion to those in need.
It's a really good read about someone that history never seems to mention...at least not in the states, where I am sure her work in England DID have an impact of prison conditions here.
*** Next up, is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
March 12 - 
---Today is GIRL SCOUTS DAY.
You had their cookies last month (watch it...no innuendos, gang), so it's only fitting we commend those selling them.
And no cracks about taking a girl scout ANYWHERE...unless she's your daughter!
--- It's also PLANT A FLOWER DAY.
I guess we CAN now that we can see the ground after all the snow has melted away...
Still, it is a bit "brisk" out there...maybe plant some flower SEEDS?
Why, Hello, kitty.
Sounds like a plan.
Yum yum...gimme some.
Now THAT hits the spot...might have to make some tonight for Wifey and myself.
(theater butter only, please).
*** Next, another update on our latest homicide in Fort Wayne.
Here's the story:
Now, I said yesterday that the "vic" was one Marcus Q. Bibbs, 21, and I mentioned him before, so he's no stranger here.
* (See my archive posts from 2 April 2013, and 25 July 2012)
Funny thing about this person...there are no court records of him doing ANYTHING bad enough to warrant a court appearance (as an adult).
And yet, he gets shot TWICE in two years...with someone finally offing him on a THIRD try. That's damn odd.
(third time IS the charm, as they say)
So WHAT was it that attracted these shooters to this particular person?
Sure makes you wonder, doesn't it?
*** And speaking of getting shot, the natives are restless in Ferguson, Missouri...AGAIN.
TWO officers were shot yesterday outside the police station.
Here's the story link:
One officer was shot in the face, while the other was hit in the shoulder.
The St. Louis County police chief stated that "the shots were directed exactly at my officers".
Helluva way to "celebrate" the resignation of the Ferguson police chief, don'cha think?
Like I said yesterday, LEOs out there are getting the shit end of the stick.
Wonder how this ethnic community would do if the police just IGNORED them for a few weeks, and let them all kill ONE ANOTHER for a change?
Sometimes, there needs to be some NATURAL JUSTICE invoked...especially when dealing with such aborigines.
Moving on...
*** Here in the Summit City, we had a standoff, lasting several hours.
Screwed traffic up for a while...Here's the link:
This took place yesterday around 1150 hrs at a house located at 2307 N. Clinton St.
That's one HELLUVA entry team!
Three people involved, as well as the SWAT team and the armored Commando V-100, three people taken into custody, but NO ONE arrested.
What's up with that? No one taken for (mental) observation at hospital? Who pays for the thousands of dollars it COSTS to have these resources sitting in front of that house anyway? This is another one of those weird situations.
*** Last back to the fire...I get to see all too often what people are capable of.
I've been one observant sum'bitch for a long time, and I consider it both a blessing and a curse.
In today's world, it PAYS to be a "people-watcher"...keeps the senses sharp, and keeps you AWARE of what goes on around you.
The down side to this is that some of the other (and finer) things in life slip through your fingers.
Life is to be LIVED...ENJOYED...EXPERIENCED, but there are days when such things are simply not as possible as you would like them to be.
If you're NOT paying attention to what's going on around you...shit happens, and not the GOOD kind.
Oh, to be Kasparov or Fischer.
If you allow others to go unchided when they attempt to encroach upon YOUR property and your life, YOU lose, they don't.
If given an inch, they will take yards...and then some.
And, as I have said many times, there are parts of our lives that come down to a WIN/LOSE prospect.
The thing is, while your opponents are playing this game of "checkers", YOU have to be playing a game of CHESS.
You have to stay ahead of them...several moves, in fact.
For there are those out there who exist ONLY to take..and never give anything back to the community.
They prey upon weakness, will take advantage of ANY opportunity, and will never cease until something (or someone) stops them.
It's not the world I grew up in, that's for sure.
People are a lot different than the ones I remember.
It's become more complex than we could ever imagine.
Our job is simple...refuse to become a victim to the powers that be these days.
Evil loves a well-kept "playground".
Stay who you are, true to good values and principles, and always remain defined by your ethics.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

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