17 April 2015

Friday Follies...
Finally, the end to another week.
Doesn't it feel like SOME weeks seem to be LONGER than others? Wonder why that is? Time passes at the SAME rate, when last I checked.
Our Hooiserland weather will see us with a warm up over the next 48 hours, with temps reaching into the low SEVENTIES today (and tomorrow).
Plan of mostly SUNNY skies, as that lovely sunrise will attest to.
Looks to be a very NICE day.
(until someone comes along and f*cks it all up...lol)
In any event, let's all pour ourselves a nice soothing cup of Friday bliss and see what else is going on...
*** First out of the drainage ditch is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
April 17 -
And I would take that to mean BATMAN as well
(but not the man-bat).
---It's also BLAH, BLAH, BLAH DAY.
That means just another day on Capitol hill...right?
Bet those in Wisconsin are loving this one...
YOU want to walk ME? Not gonna happen, Fido.
Guess that means you walk YOURSELF and leave the dog at home???
*** Since it's Friday, let's see what's going on over the weekend...
April 18 -
Good for YOU - bad for Dracula.
(vampires beware)
April 19 -
--_Sunday is LOOK ALIKE DAY
Close enough for a "kiss"?
(look alike WHO, exactly? I have been known to bear an uncanny resemblance to MYSELF at times)
---And it's PATRIOT DAY.
Oklahoma City Memorial
(Oklahoma City bombing remembrance to any neophytes out there)
Just not in OUR community.
(Ever notice they stick these on SUNDAY...when hardly anyone notices?)
And there you have it. Plan your weekend accordingly.
Moving on...
*** There was one of "those" stories in today's J-G paper that can be the catalyst for much laughter...at least around OUR house.
Here's the story:
Now, isn't this PRECISELY what I've talked about here for YEARS???
I mean, if I didn't know better, I'd swear (because I know all the words) that this looks like a job for CAPTAIN OBVIOUS.
Yes, we DO need businesses down here like a SIT-DOWN restaurant (aside from fast food joints where the moolies toss chairs at one another).
Cripes the list of things we DON'T have down here is longer than our grocery and sex-offender lists COMBINED!.
Book stores, music stores, hobby shops, gift shops, (real) clothing stores, a hotel...ALL the things that most every OTHER part of Fort Wayne has had (and in abundance) for years...we do not.
And why IS that?
We got is a Menards and a Wal-Mart...big whoop. Not much else.
S'all good in the 'hood.
No one wants to admit that we have this ever-growing CRIME problem, and  certainly NO ONE wants to point a finger at the MINORITY communities and their "so-called" leaders who feather their own nests on a regular basis, but do little if nothing to CHANGE what has become the status quo down here.
The story speaks in part to that fact, but avoids the finger-pointing.
(damn shame).
Glynn Hines (incumbent 6th district councilhack) attempts (as usual) to point to "his" achievements...which are too few in number, and too insignificant to matter.
The lone Republican running for the 6th district is a WAITER...but he makes some good points about the SE side.
He sees the lack of bipartisanship when it comes to this part of town, and he also feels an inordinate amount has been (and still IS being) spent on our DOWNTOWN, while neglecting other areas that are more in need of economic revitalization.
It's like I say...ANY city is ONLY AS GOOD as it's WORST area.
Welcome to the "southeast side", folks.
*** Next up, and speaking of the SOUTHEAST side, there was a drug bust that netted three.
(...and a half...kinda)
Another condemnation
Here's the story link:
Three adults AND a juvenile...((shakes head))...whatta bunch of LOSERS.
The raid took place in the 4800 block of Smith St, on the afternoon of 15 April.
The Three Muskestupids
Arrested were:
Brandon Bennett –
Manufacturing Methamphetamine
Possession of Two or More Precursors
Dumping Illegal Controlled Substance Waste
Maintaining a Common Nuisance
Possession of Marijuana
Possession of Paraphernalia
Nicole Shiriaev –
Possession of Two or More Precursors
Possession of Paraphernalia
Possession of Marijuana
Visiting a Common Nuisance
Jamel Harris –
Charge: Maintaining a Common Nuisance
And they're ALL 22 years old and cribbing together in a house.
Anyone see something a bit "off" with that?
What were YOU doing at 22 years of age?
 I knew many that were still living AT HOME and doing things like WORKING A REAL JOB, or GOING TO COLLEGE. This group just doesn't track straight for some reason.
*** Next up, the state of Kansas is passing some SWEEPING changes to their current "welfare" laws, and it's pissed off the usual libtards.
Here's the story link:
Thank God they have a governor with a SPINE...I love it.
The man with a BACKBONE.
The story states that no longer can welfare benefits (read taxpayer dollars) be used for things like CASINO TRIPS, TATTOOS, ADULT-ORIENTED BUSINESSES, ALCOHOL and TOBACCO (that's the short list). Add in nails and hair weaves...lol.
It also requires recipients (if able) to work 20 hours a week, show proof of the search for employment and decreases the time that benefits can be doled out (from 48 months down to 38). While it's not a perfect bill, it IS a damn good start.
So...we RAISE the minimum wage???
About twenty other states have similar requirements, and it's ONLY meant to decrease FRAUD, because every dollar stolen from the welfare system is a dollar that DOESN'T wind up for a truly NEEDY individual or family.
Sounds like a REAL plan to me.
*** Last back to the sewer access...Just when you think that people can't get any MORE screwed the hell up, some idiot comes along and FURTHER proves the point
This can happen under ANY condition these days.
Identity theft is something that would be unbelievable a decade or two ago is big business to some criminals...ditto for hacking.
We've got fraud out the wazoo because the welfare and tax systems have become SO damn corrupt, complex and convoluted that the "cracks" in the system have grown to GRAND CANYON proportions.
And who takes the brunt of all this crap?
THE MIDDLE CLASS, first and foremost.
The uber-rich BUY their way out and the poor don't give a rip, because as long as they're still getting FREE stuff (on the taxpayer dime) they're happier than a pig in shit.
So, to me, ANYTHING than can once and for all LEVEL the REAL playing field by helping the NEEDY and punishing those skirting the system is a godsend.
And, it's also been too long coming.
Generational entitlement is something we HAVE to deal with, for it will take at least TWO generations to wipe it out (perhaps more).
This nation should not pull that double-standard crap when it comes to it's people.
Everyone has the SAME opportunity to succeed...OR fail.
Everyone should be held to similar standards and be taught what real ACCOUNTABILITY is as well as personal RESPONSIBILITY.
Perhaps we should even dare to bring back classes at ALL scholastic levels for ETHICS?
What a novel idea...one we used to embrace with generations of the past.
Time to reinvent what should have never been rendered obsolete, don'cha think?
Do have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone troday, and, as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...


"Guess that means you walk YOURSELF and leave the dog at home???" Fat chance'a that...

Look alike Day? Guess I'll have to find that Dave Edmunds picture again...

What was I doing at 22? I was finishing college and burying my Dad...But, I'm not a loser, either.

Did Kansas evict all Democrats?

Have a squirrelly weekend!

Bob G. said...

I think that was the working title for the sequel to SPACEBALLS...lol.

So, Scrappy will be taking YOU for a walk then, right?
(some "independence"..heh)

Well, there 'ya go...not shacking up with two druggies says much about one's character.

Nope, they just got a bad case of COMMON SENSE!
(hope it becomes CHRONIC too)

We might have a bunny weekend, too if "Clover" keeps stopping by.

You have a good one yourself
Stay safe up there, brother.