22 April 2015

Humpday Happenings...
Well, I "thought" we were going to have a fairly nice sunrise, but the clouds have rolled back in, so that's a washout. Wait, they rolled out. Nope, back again. Oh, there's the sun.
Whatta state for weather, hmm?
And did you notice how COLD it was outside this morning in the Hoosierland?
I hear tell there's frost coming tonight...that'll kick whatever plants and flowers we have coming up in the ass.
The rest of our Hoosierland weather will find us with much cooler conditions with an expected high of ONLY 48 degrees.
And yes, we will have partly to mostly cloudy skies today.
So, let's all get that midweek cup of fortitude poured as we take a stroll around what's happening elsewhere.
*** First out of the foot locker is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do, and what is right to do."
So, who said that anyway?
I'm sure we can cite many examples of UNETHICAL behavior in our government alone, right?
The answer will be at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back in Arlington Cemetery...
*** And it's time once again for our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
April 22 - 
---Today is EARTH DAY...
I call it "Claw a hippie" Day.
Here's the back-story for all the tree-hugging:
Far as I'm concerned, I do all I can EVERY day to protect the environment, based on facts and not leftist protocols and rhetoric.
You can blame ONE person for all the "hype" - MAURICE STRONG.
Google his name...and be enlightened (or scared).
(do we get more cookies for this?)
It USED to be called SECRETARY'S DAY, but some leftards must have thought that too sexist)

Always have a hankering for the black ones...just a personal favorite.
Now, they have "gourmet" flavors...kinda takes some of the JOY out of it for me.
Moving on...
*** I must say that I've PLENTY of reasons to gets PO'ed down here, mostly from the flotsam dwelling all around us, but every once in a while, there is something in the newspaper that makes everything else PALE in comparison.
MAJOR-FAIL - times 6...!!!
Take this story from today's J-G:
(which for some effed up reason, I cannot find at the ONLINE paper, so I will quote a source article HERE:)
The "Supremes" in a 6-3 ruling have decided (?) that police will be "LIMITED" in the use of drug-sniffing dogs to look for illegal drugs during traffic stops.
Okay, this is one SUPREME "WTF???" MOMENT...biggest one so far this year!!!
The ruling states that police cannot "detain" motorists to WAIT for a drug-sniffing dog to arrive and search a vehicle suspected of having DRUGS inside of it.
Anyone ELSE want to drag these 6 so-called "judges" into a nearby street and beat them about the face and head?
I know I sure do. I do applaud the 3 dissenters.
This will severely inhibit the ability of law-enforcement to nab those drug traffickers across the nation's highways, will it not?
Find the drugs, boy...while we still CAN.
And, if any officer or agency (which might include the FBI and the DEA) stops and DOES detain anyone, the case has the possibility of being TOSSED because the Supreme Court ruling was violated.
This is just SO f#cking wrong ...and for all the wrong reasons.
I'm sure there will be manufactured "reasons" to detain motorists suspected of running drugs from A to B, though.
You can't paint all this with such a broad brush, even if you (the aforementioned court) incorrectly invoke the 4TH AMENDMENT in such a cavalier manner.
The premise of the amendment is based upon one important word -UNREASONABLE (search).
So, WHO determines WHAT is actually "reasonable" or not now, hmm?
This is one HUGE can o' worms and you just KNOW it's gonna be opened soon enough.
*** Next up, a Fort Wayne house gets "Marxed" (as in FIRE-BOMBED, if you recall my very early posts from 2006)
And here is the story link:
This would appear to be a black-on-black crime.
The Molotov was tossed through a window of a house located in the 2900 block of Euclid St around 2300 hrs on 20 April.
There had been a protection order against the person police believe was the perp who torched the house.
Police tracked phone records and the 30 calls to the house prior to the event.
Luckily, there were no injuries and the house only sustained light damage to the room into which the fire-bomb was tossed.
The perp was seen running through an alley and is still "in the wind"...
Hopefully not for long, though.
*** Next, a Decatur police officer was arrested over (sex) pictures sent to girls.
Here's the story:
Here's a case of someone with a career who thought it better to toss it down the crapper...and for WHAT? A cheap thrill?
Hardly a reason, and barely an excuse.
Toss the book at him and be done with it.
*** Next up, a little more about what I spoke to yesterday regarding technologies...
I mentioned the fact that the airwaves were not that "free" any longer and apparently ONE nation has taken it to "the next step".
Here's the story:
FM broadcasting will go bye-bye in 2017 in Norway, in favor of Digital Audio Broadcasting.
And don't think other nations won't be that far behind...
Another bastion of freedom taken away? In one manner, you could say YES.
Like I said, the AIRWAVES used to be FREE.
Pretty soon, you will need (new) DIGITAL devices to replace those old paperweights littering your houses.
And what about older vehicles?
You're all screwed, unless you rip the radio out for a digital one.
(kinda takes the "classic" out of being a classic, doesn't it?)
But, what happens to ALL those no longer used frequencies?
Well, there is ONE bit of proposed fact, and you won't like it.
There is a system in Norway called EISCAT-3D.
Here's an article with video that "splians" it nicely.
They're talking about another one of those HAARP  arrays, like the one we have in Alaska.
The transmissions from such devices have this neat "side-effect" - they HEAT UP the ionosphere.
Wonder HOW that could cause things like CLIMATE CHANGE?
Well, wonder no longer:
This site deals with FACTS...and PATENTS...and other REAL STUFF.
The possibilities to which this (and other worldwide devices) could be applied are numerous...and potentially DANGEROUS.
I figured on EARTH DAY, I'd provide such knowledge as a PUBLIC SERVICE to all of you faithful readers.
(thank me now...or thank me later...lol.)
*** Last back to the bunker...puzzles can be fun, even those of 1000 pieces (or more).
It all depends on HOW you approach it and how much TIME you wish to invest in solving it or putting it together.
Today's world is much like a mosaic...lotsa pieces that are supposed to create a finished "picture" of who we all are.
Well, you can take all those pieces, and scatter them about and then attempt to recreate that mosaic.
THAT is what lies before us all.
This digital "revolution" that WE, THE PEOPLE had absolutely NO say in whatsoever, is taking control...of everything and everyone.
And it's but one piece of that puzzle when it comes to climate changes, covert activities, social networking, hacking and so much more.
This is not a "conspiracy theory", although it's often painted as one (and probably with that old broad brush).
It ceased being a theory when FACTS were presented.
You and I have to keep paying attention to what's going on, whether it's the digitization of our country (and to what end?), or court rulings that strip police of powers they need to keep illegal activities at bay.
No on will take away our freedom ALL AT ONCE, nor will they do it from OUTSIDE this nation.
It will happen in the smallest of increments, and well WITHIN the confines of our country, most likely at the highest levels of power, too.
THAT is what we have to be watchful of, lest we all wake up one morning and are no longer the land of freedom and liberty.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

Abolishing FM radio will just push more people to satellite radio. Terrestrial broadcasters forced into going digital will lose a massive share of their audience. Which will put many (if not most) of them out of business.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
That is EXACTLY my point...
people will be "forced" to OTHER methods of music listening, when the airwaves were wonderfully FREE.

We didn't USED to like to be coerced into doing ANYTHING in the past.

Everything else is fast becoming digital, and not enough people are fighting against any of it.
You can't even listen to the police radio because of DIGITAL ENCRYPTION.

Now...what happens when there is an "outage" or other issue that renders all these systems DOA for whatever reason, hmm?
(we might go back to TALKING to one another again...lol)

The digitization of technologies DO have a place, but it should not having us be forced into using it when other technologies did fine by us all.
That's just my opinion.

Hey, thanks for rolling by today to comment.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

With you every step, robert. As you might guess from my post, though, I'm a bit shy on coherent things to say. AVOID THE PLAGUE!

Bob G. said...

I have learned to know that with brevity often comes WISDOM.
Coherence has little to do with that, hmm?
(back to Captain America on FX)

Thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

You stay safe up there, brother.