24 April 2015

It's a WEEKEND...
Welcome to ther last Friday in the month oif April.
This time next week, we'll be staring at a brand new month, and all the fun that comes along with it, including a "special" posting, so stay tuned.
Our Hooiserland weather again finds us with some chilly temps (below freezing in fact) to start off with today, but we're supposed to warm up into the upper 50s
Later tonight into tomorrow looks to have some rain involved, but we're not getting that for the majority of today.
Look to see mostly sunny skies then..
Now, with that behind out of the way, let's all grab a soothing cup of Friday fortitude and set out on a journey of the mind and soul...oh, and see what's going on elsewhere, too.
*** First out of the bathtub is out "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
April 24 - 
Never really can say this was a favorite of mine...but I'll eat it if I have to.
***And because it's FRIDAY, let's see what the weekend has in store for us:
April 25 - 
---Saturday is EAST MEETS WEST DAY.
Do we HAVE to learn Mandarin?
(sure beats 150 years ago when NORTH met SOUTH)
Formal attire "required"?
(break out the "tux" and the HAPPY FEET)
April 26 -
Hey mate, THIS counts, too, 'ya know.
That's gonna hard for MOST of us, and the travel involved is both expensive and time-consuming.
Nothing like a PHILLY soft pretzel
Wonder if they make a distinction between HARD and SOFT pretzels?
Charles Richter and his scale.
Well, that looks to be a rather earth-shaking celebration, does it not?
And there you have it...all the cool things to muck about with.
Moving on...
*** Looks like some of that Fort Wayne LEGACY MONEY will be dumped into the Riverfront Development Project.
Here's the proof:
Looks nice...until it FLOODS.
Gee, if the "private sector" wants this to happen SO damn bad, why don;t THEY pony up the funding, instead of using legacy money?
So, they toss a cool $6 MIL at this...and the SE side keeps getting NOTHING to make our part of town better.
Listen to it FLUSH.
Sorry, no amount of "nice" this city smears onto itself, will erase the BLIGHT they've allowed to be created down here.
Another waste of funds, for a niche` venue.
*** If you think the NAACP does good work...think again.
How's about dealing COCAINE?
Here's the story:
Yes, friends, the president of the Muncie, Indiana NAACP has been arrested for selling cocaine not once, not twice, but THREE separate times to an undercover officer.
The "reason" (read excuse) given was to "pay for child support".
Seems to be a recurring theme with a lot of these folks.
(when they're not being violent elsewhere for no real reason)
Timothy Wade Miles, 49, was charged and arrested by authorities, and has been suspended from his REAL job assistant director of transportation of the Muncie Indiana Transit System (which should pull down some a nice paycheck).
Hope he likes wearing orange.
*** Next up, Wifey and I have to change things up a bit today and tomorrow, as there is a memorial service for her mom who passed earlier this year.
That means grocery shopping for today, and that also means a trip along the construction site along Lower Huntington Rd.
This apparently has SOME people perplexed, as we see in this story:
Like I said, I have had NO problem navigating this area, although I have been wondering WTH is taking so long to get this part of road FIXED.
We should put THESE around the "Fortress".
The barrels are numerous already, but people want MORE and signage to go along with it.
Given that some people are too busy doing OTHER things while driving, I doubt if that will help.
If you're paying the hell ATTENTION to what you're doing WHILE driving, it's a non-issue...or it SHOULD be.
*** Last back to the parking lot...I have to admit that I'm not REALLY NOT into funereal things, which I suppose is okay, because whenever MINE rolls around (and we know it will), I won't be "in attendance" per se, to be unsettled in my feelings.
Been through plenty in my life already, and that's too many.
I attended my first funeral when I was but a youth - my Uncle Joe passed and I was barely into elementary school.
I stayed close to Aunt Elsie the whole time...
I wasn't exactly creeped out (kids are resilient in that way), but it DID have an effect on me.
As we all get older, the number of such services we attend unfortunately grow in number...them's the cold, hard facts.
Some are harder than others to attend, and some you never get the chance TO attend, because of time and distance.
Hell, even when a beloved pet passes away, it's an emotional time.
My father once attended a funeral for one of his good friends at work - should have never had an open casket ceremony (death by car accident), and that stuck with him the remainder of HIS life.
Sorry, no comfy chairs here.
For me, it's just I don't like the "permanence" of saying good bye like that.
I don't like the last memory of someone I cared about to be one so somber and desultory in nature.
And to think I was once offered a job as a driver for the funeral home that buried my parents and grandmother...
While I look good in black (until they come up with a DARKER color), it's just not for me, although the pay was't bad.
Guess one has to draw the line somewhere when it comes to your true feelings, hmm?
I know I would like to plan to be LATE for my own funeral...just that once.
DO have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and, as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

Friday! Groceries! Don't forget your pigs in a blanket! I am ready for the weekend. Blah. I really don't know how to act without your 3 foot long list of shots fired in the Waynehood. WTH? Quiet before the storm? It's cold. Suppposed to be rainy all weekend. Blah. I need a Friday attitude adjustment. LOL

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I'm happy to report - Groceries secured without incident...lol.

Wifey had to make a run to Portland for some last-minutes memorial stuff.
We were sweating out getting the NEW remote for the garage door.
It has ARRIVED, and I already programmed it for her door (we have two separate doors.
(and personal parking signage foe each of us inside...lol)

Yeah, the shots fired thing is getting real old for me.
It's getting so I just cannot DEAL with all the moronic behavior by the local Aborigines.
(but it's still illegal to get rid of them all in the manner I'd prefer...heh)

Here's hoping I win that PUBLISHER'S CLEARING HOUSE $3 MIL new house giveaway.
(you might gave a new neighbor, then...with guns, attitude, AND a penchant for gardening...LMAO)
I can dream - the price is right.

Thanks so much for taking time to roll on up here today and comment.

Have yourself a really good weekend down there, dear.

CWMartin said...

Hug an Aussie Day? I'll have to pass that on to Trish and Jo-Anne...

Richter scale DAY? Why?

The qualification for local-level NAACP leaders are about as high as those for Dem Presidential candidates... "as long as you're black/a woman..." Wonder how many chillun he was paying for?

You are right about the construction... it should be a non-issue. More signage needed is an excuse for those who wouldn't notice the sign if they hit it (and probably will).

And we agree on funerals, too... when my former Pastor's father passed, his dear sweet mother completely fell apart... and truth be told, never recovered. I'd just like what my Dad ended up with... a good ol' spontaneous wake, playing cards, getting drunk, and running from the reality until such time as we could handle it. Which for most of us began a week or so later. Give D a hug for me.

Bob G. said...

I don't make these days up (and if I DID, they'd be much better, trust me...lol)

Agreed on the "qualifications"...HA!
Dunno HOW MANY kids he had sired, but with that Transit job AND head of the NAACP, the number HAS to be over TEN!
Maybe keeping "it" I HIS PANTS would have served him much better?

That makes TWO of us - a consensus on the construction...YAY!

Will do on the hug...Even after a couple months of her Mom's actual passing, you have to "relive" it all over again.
Not my style these days.
(A case of WWBD...LOL.)
The best part of tomorrow for ME will be the drive down & back.

Hope you're feeling better, too.

Hey, thanks much for stopping by today and commenting.

Have a great weekend & stay safe up there, brother.