06 April 2015

Monday Musings...
Welcome to what looks to be a mostly SOFT week here in Indiana, and that means rain...as in every day this week to some degree.
Those April showers have arrived...in abundance.
I trust all of you had a great Easter with friends, family and God, and that the remembrance of the day will not be lost on the other 364.
Our Hoosierland weather for today will see us with off and on light showers, full overcast (lotsa clouds), and an increase in rain activity by later this afternoon. From our ramparts, it looks to be drizzling already.
Temps will top out in the lower 60s and maybe some light winds added to the mix.
So, now that we know what's ahead, let's pour that nice comforting cup of our favorite morning drink, as we see what has been going on since we last met here.
*** First out of the flower bed is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
April 6
---Today is DYNGUS (or Dingus) DAY...
Now, if you've got that "WTH is this all about?" look on your face, here's the skinny:
See? Nothing wrong with celebrating the Poles...have a dunk on me.
(and pass the paczkis)
While this has it's roots in that old STAR-KIST TUNA commercial, it actually has to do with REJECTION.
(didn't know we needed a day to celebrate that)
Having had my share of rejections over the decades, as I'm sure all of you have had, we can relate to this, not that I wish to be REMINDED of it.
But, there IT is, and there WE are.
Nice to know we're not forgotten...I think.
---And for the more macabre of the crowd, it's PLAN YOUR OWN EPITAPH DAY
Now, as you get older, you DO think about this...sometime a lot.
Then, you wonder how LARGE a headstone you can afford.
Hopefully, something "witty"
(well, you're not paying for it, really, right?)
Many celebrities have done this tongue in cheek.
Now THAT makes me smile
You only get ONE shot at this one...make it your best.
That's how I feel.
Moving on...
*** Well, we had ANOTHER Dollar General robbery...on EASTER SUNDAY.
You know, there just HAS to be a special pl;ace in HELL for such people.
Here's the story link:
This took place YESTERDAY around 0830 hrs at the D-G located at the Parkwest Shopping Center out on Illinois Rd.
Yep, sire sounds just like the SAME M.O. that the previous robberies had.
Two black men, handguns, robbery at opening, same exit plan (back door) clean getaway.
Only difference is that THIS time, the perps took the employees cell phones (later found behind the store)
They might be criminals, but they are "learning", because in the previous robberies, someone might have used a cell phone to call 911.
Police said they took an undisclosed amount of cash (whatever was in the drawers at opening).. Nothing about ciggies THIS time (guess they stole enough in the LAST heist?)
Still waiting toi see video caps from ANY of the previous robberies, folks!
*** Next up, Obummer's got another plan (via executive order), and this one seemed to slip right past MOST of us.
Here's the story link:
Before, you had tens of thousands illegal immigrant kids WALKING across our borders...not now.
We're FLYING them into our country (to be with relatives).The story doesn't mention THAT, but here is a link that DOES:
Yeah, amazing how a left-leaning (local) newspaper "left" that out...isn't it?
Now, you know I'm ALL for traditional families and keeping them together, but seriously...central American kids coming here on the taxpayers' dime?
All the while we have kids HERE in OUR country that have MUCH greater issues every day...like being SHOT (at) while in their own houses, accosted by pedophiles, abused by what passes for a parent, and much more.
And the president doesn't seem AS interested with THAT as he does with securing a future voter base for the Dems...
(because you and I KNOW that's what this whole illegal amnesty crap is all about).
Talk about subverting the AMERICAN WAY...pathetic.
(and rather treasonous, if you ask me)
*** Next up, in spite of the heathen populace living around us, we managed to have a nice Easter yesterday.
But, before I proceed, allow me to update you on the automotive scene here.
The Wifeymobile ran great down AND back from Vincennes...love to hear that.
And the "Batmobile"?
When last we saw it, it was being flat-bedded down to the repair shop.
They kept the car overnight, and on (Good) Friday when I got the call, I admit to being a bit "anxious".
It was something I had not even thought of...the IGNITION MODULE gave up the ghost.
The offending component.
They told me I was getting fuel but no "spark" to the engine...that explains everything.
The module is located under the distributor cap and controls the timing of the spark plugs by opening and closing the ignition coil ground circuits.
(see the issues with cars that have electronic controls on them?)
Anyway, there are NO moving parts on this, so it usually is one of the most reliable parts under the hood.
But, considering I have 31+ years out of the thing, I guess that's something. so I won't complain about that.
It cost a shade over $200 to replace it (might consider buying a spare for the future...just in case...lol).
The down side to such an abrupt failure of this part would be an engine STALL, and no way to get anyplace.
Back - safe and sound.
So, thanks to it failing in the GARAGE, rather than on the street, saved me from taking more Tylenols
We thank God for many things...don''t we?
Now, about Easter...
---It was "relatively" quiet for OUR part of town...we just HAD to have some morons with absolutely NO respect for the holiday or the MEANING of it from the religious viewpoint.
Wonder if I can claim DISCRIMINATION because I could not express my CHRISTIAN beliefs dues to the NOISE of others?
(has the novelty of never having been attempted...yet)
---Dinner was very good with a baked ham, complete with brown sugar glaze and pineapples.
Gotta use cloves and allspice to make it just right.
Potatoes, hominy,  and baked beans (spiced with Canadian whiskey) and piping hot dinner rolls.
Yeah, looked a lot like THIS.
A humble repast, but filling, none the less.
As to viewing fare...there was the usual plethora of Jesus films Killing Jesus was on FNC, TCM has Ben Hur, King of Kings, The Greatest Story Ever Told, and Lifetime had Jesus of Nazareth (1977 miniseries starring Robert Powell, my personal favorite Jesus)
And...an all star cast!
Later on, it was The Ten Commandments w/ Chuck Heston as Moses (he played John the Baptist in Greatest Story).
Okay, maybe he DIDN'T say this "exactly"...
On the radio, WBNI (classical FM Fort Wayne) had Josh Stephenson playing a lot of Tennessee Ernie Ford hymns.
Almost felt like I was back in the old reds-door church in Philly...
Kinda miss that in more than a few ways...then again, I miss having normal people living around us as well.
*** Last back to the pulpit...the timeless messages contained in the biblical films yesterday serves as a reminder that WE are not a forgotten people in God's eyes, or at least it SHOULD serve in that manner.
When I think back to when these movies were first made and released to theaters, it was a time when people OPENLY embraced their religion, or, to be more specific, their FAITH.
There wasn't ONE child in our neighborhood that did NOT go to church on Easter Sunday, and certainly none who wee not "properly" dressed, no matter what strata of the socio-economical level one found oneself.
Most ALL stores were closed back then on Sunday...to "facilitate" being able to go TO church, and that seemed well enough for everyone.
Then again, we were not an entertainment-driven populace...we KNEW what a family was, we knew what "lean times" were, and we knew the price of things, some costing more than others, and we knew the VALUE of a dollar.
Can't say as much about such things today, can we?
People live FOR the moment...they live IN the moment, and woe to any who would want to change that.
We would be much better served if we not only listened to all those from the generation that came through the depression of the last 1920s and 1930s, but actually LEARNED from their experiences, for they, like our veterans are a dying breed of people who forged the strength of our nation.
We look, but we do not see - we hear, but we do not listen.
Perhaps, we might want to rethink that, in order that we might better ourselves now, and for the future, because all of us will be spending a LOT of time THERE, won't we?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


A Beer For The Shower said...

I wonder what exactly you have to do wrong with your life to think robbing a dollar store on Easter is a good idea.

Glad to hear you had a nice Easter, though, and had a pretty good dinner to go with it. And I've seen the other films you listed, but I've actually never seen The Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston. Don't quite know how that one evaded me.

Momma Fargo said...

Great post, Bob! The Easter ham sounds like it was delish! He is risen indeed!

Bob G. said...

I have NO idea, but these perps are going to KEEP trying until THEY figure that one out.
(a store clerk with an itchy trigger finger could help that along).

You have NEVER seen the Ten Commandments???
I'm both amazed and MORE amazed.
It's a good flick with some (for the time) cutting edge special effects. And if you "read the book", you get the gist of the story.

Easter can be whatever we choose to make it.

Thanks for stopping on by today and commenting.

You stay safe (and classy) out there!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Glad you liked the post.

As weird as things can get around here, somehow, they have a way of getting "unf*cked" to our satisfaction.
Must be a "higher power" at work there, eh?

And that ham tasted as good as it looked.
(leftovers for days!)

Thanks much for rolling up and commenting here today.

You stay safe down there, dear.

ms nk rey said...

You eat Hominy??

CWMartin said...

You sure the perps actually learned something? That would tend to mean they can escape from Darwin... and no one wants that.

Ignition module... yet another thing you can't change in the backyard.

Our TV fare... the Cubs playing like, well, the Cubs, and Joe Maddon saying, "My God, my God, why hast thou abandoned me?"

Actually, if Donna showed you my FB post, you know I approximately started the day with the Pope's message. The way that man hits the ball out of the park, I'm surprised the media still likes him.

Bob G. said...

Wifey eats the canned variety.
I ONLY eat the "gritsified" version (with sugar =- not butter.
You can tell I'm a "yankee"...lol.

Thanks for commenting.

Stay safe down there, dear.

Bob G. said...

---They learned to take the phones...that's a first.

---Well, you CAN change it...IF you:
1- HAVE the part
2- Can FIND the OLD one
3- disconnect the battery first!
(the last one's a biggie, unless you prefer a "doc brown" hairstyle...lol)

---Did not consider the parallel between Madden and Jesus...

---Yeah, I listened to his message on FNC - I noticed he's got a LOT of GOOD to say...makes me wonder that the "lame-streamers" cover him AT ALL.

Hey, thanks for stopping on by today to comment.

Stay safe up there, brother.