15 May 2015

Friday Follies...
Is it me, or does this feel like a Monday?
And we're knocking on the weekend's door, damp as it might be this morning.
Our Hooiserland weather has us a bit on the RAINY side today, with those showers tapering off later. Eventually. So they say...maybe..
Highs today (aside from those smoking, shooting up or snorting) will be in the mid-seventies range.
It will probably feel warmer out there today...a might "close" as it were, due to the humidity.
Now, let's get our morning cup of glass of Friday fortitude poured and parked nearby as we see what's in store for us...
*** First out of the parking lot is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
May 15 -
(in the rain...are you nuts?)
Been there, done that...in ALL kinds of weather.
It was better than parking my car on the lot in a "dubious" neighborhood where break-ins were more common that not.
Never wore a helmet...never got hit, and only dumped the bike ONCE......"just once" ...(he said as Danny Vermin)...lol.
Hershey kisses - MY size "chips"
Goes good in cookies, ice cream, cake...damn near everything except tacos, pizza, and omelets.
---And, in keeping with National Police Week, it's POLICE OFFICER'S MEMORIAL DAY.
Thank a cop if you see one, honor those who protect us, and don't break the damn laws.
Nuff said there.
*** And since it's the weekend, shall we see what will be going on then?
May 16 -
---Saturday is ARMED FORCES DAY
(time to thank those in the military, and rightly so)
---It's also LOVE A TREE DAY
Squirrels love trees, and I love squirrels, so, by default...count me in.
(hippies and green-earthers will be out in droves, no doubt)
Ahhh...thought so!
(didn't they used to sell those in the backs of old comic books for a DOLLAR??)
(Now we know the truth behind Prince's wardrobe)
May 17 -
---Sunday has only one acknowledgement...it's PACK RAT DAY.
(not ever to be confused with the RAT PACK...got it?)
I was collecting cocktail WAITRESSES, Sammy...
To me, it's never about hoarding...or being a "pack rat"...it's called COLLECTING...lol
And there you have it...all the cool stuff for the next 72 hours. Have fun with it.
*** Next up, being from the "RIGHT" coast (that's east to everyone not familiar), I like to keep up on things back there.
And in keeping with National Police Week, here''s a story that goes to show it's not anywhere close to being all "fun and games" on city streets:
The takedown...
Manhattan was beset with some loon carrying a hammer and attacking females, and when this perp cam upon an NYPD female officer, Lauren O'Roarke, 27,  who ID'ed the man in roll call photos and wanted to check him out, he attacked, striking her as she was back-peddling.
The officer's partner, officer Geraldo Casaigne, made the split-second decision, and fired at the attacker four times, striking him in the arm, torso and head area.
As far as I'm concerned, another dangerous man taken off a city street.
This begs a more important question, though...WHY are such people allowed upon the streets in the first place?
Well, since we closed down nearly ALL of the mental institutions in this country, the only recourse is to "mainstream" these sick individuals.
After attacking four other women, Mr David Baril got some payback.
This would not have happened had he been placed in a formal facility where he could get proper care and medication, away from the masses where he was allowed to attack innocent people.
Perhaps it's time to bring BACK those facilities and keep such people OFF of our streets?
*** Next up, The thrill is gone, and now, so is he.
Blues legend B.B. King passed away at his home yesterday at the age of 89 years old.
Never see another as good as him
Here's the lowdown:
Knowing fellow blogger, Chris Martin, I defer to his musical expertise to do this man justice in his passing.
All I will say here, is that this was a man who defined the genre,,,gave it the level of exposure that was needed, and never compromised his value and dedication TO that music.
God, I so miss the days when people of color wrote, produced and performed GOOD music.
The word TIMELESS comes to mind.
King was truly the stuff of legend, and thank God, his MUSIC will live on long after his passing.
*** Next, FWCS will hear ideas in order to help their schools.
Here's the story link:
Can this be an "oops" moment?
Okay, so after all this time has passed, and all that money was tossed at (other) ideas that are not producing the "net result" warranted, NOW, you come to the PEOPLE for THEIR input?
Whatever happened to going to the people FIRST and then make BETTER decisions based on those ideas? Isn't this like wanting to fix the damn gate AFTER the horses got out?
(sure sounds like it, but we're used to that by now, right?)
I say YOU people (FWCS admins) dug the damn (financial) hole...perhaps it's time to put the damn shovel DOWN?
And stop it with all the "freebie" shit...it's NEVER free - it COSTS something to someone (usually the taxpayers)
If people want to FREELY CONTRIBUTE and be altruistic...fine.
Just a thought...
*** Next, a police and fire "camp' is being set up for the "youts" on the SE side.
Here's the story:
Our "king"...and his court.
Don't screw with "Wrinkles"!
Now, before you get your undies in a bunch, I'm sure this is open to ALL parts of the city's children.
To NOT allow it would be rather DISCRIMINATORY, right?
But, it IS a "front" to push for more "diversity" in both the police AND fire departments.
And, our noble King Henry is behind this "idea".
Well, I better not see kids milling around our area, because they should all be attending these camps, right?.
I mean, it IS a "desire of the king", is it not?
Maybe there will be a session regarding the RESPECT of other peoples property?
Now THAT would indeed be a novel proposal down here, knowing the persuasion of the citizenry, and the lack of parenting "skills".
*** Last back to the shooting range...It sure is nice to see ALL that's being done to HELP the SE side...like a camp for kids, and a new rec center, and...what else again?
Oh, right...we don;t have anything else to speak of.
How about a REAL BOOK STORE?
Or a music store that doesn't JUST sell (c) rap music?
Maybe some B.B.,King CDs?
(teach kids what REAL honest to God music is)
Anything called a playground here is someplace you wouldn't want to take your kids.
I've never seen a splash-pad at ANY of them...wonder why?
(scrappers would steal the piping)
Yeah, much of the problems one encounters down here can be attributed to ONE major factor - IGNORANCE.
And we all know that from there, all the other nasty crap springs forth, right?
You know it, and I know it...
Never met a good person yet, who was totally stone-ass ignorant.
That attribute is held and maintained solely by those with no future, no motivation, no conscience, and no sense of self...plain and simple.
Yet, they DO know how to stick their primate hand OUT for the next thing being given away
The educational system has not failed these people.
Big government has failed these people, and as a result, these people have failed THEMSELVES.
You see, even failure needs a little help from time to time.
It rarely is a self-causality event.
And as long as the old adage remains in place (you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink), then we will continue this nasty aspect of society.
To make such a life uncomfortable to these individuals would be the way to proceed, if we were to follow the doctrine of Ben Franklin.
Make people to become self-motivating, and they will gravitate AWAY from such activities.
Then, we, as a nation, can begin to move forward with a better intent and purpose.
Have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

RIP BB King. Love him! Love your squirrel, too. I need one on my lawn to keep the neighbors away. I can't get away from them.

John DuMond said...

"Well, since we closed down nearly ALL of the mental institutions in this country..."

We'll be closing down a bunch of prisons next. It's already started here in the Empire State. I'm expecting things to get much worse before they get better.

Bob G. said...

MOmma Fargo:
Yes, BB was one of the "Three Kings", along with Albert and Freddie (Not related that I know of.
All were exceptional blues guitarists, but BB set the pace,. style and longevity.

Squirrels packin' heat...what has my neighborhood COME to...LOL.
They're CUTE...but WACKY.

Thank for rolling up today and commenting/
Have a great weekend & stay safe down there, dear.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Closing down ANYTHING that helps society on the whole is NEVER a good idea...
In fact, it's a SUCK-ASS idea (from the LEFT, no doubt).

If history (and crime) has taught us ANYTHING over the last 50 years, it's that we need MORE facilities to house those who would harm innocent people...not fewer facilities.
But, I'm just SO damn old-fashioned...and happen to believe in REAL justice (for all).
We can hope that clearer heads prevail when it comes to criminals and the mentally ill.

Thanks for dropping by to comment.
Have yourself a great weekend and stay safe out there, boss.

CWMartin said...

National sea monkey day on MY birthday... lol.

Perhaps if hammer guy had signed up for Affordable Care... or had a doc that wasn't concerned with turnover rather than treatment...

God rest ye, Mr King... I giant across genres...

Unfortunately, I was so frustrated by the computer hijinks of the last couple days (see Time Machine) I fear I let you down on the eulogy. And quite frankly the paragraphs you wrote after mentioning me did more justice to the man than I ever could.

And teaching kids honest to God real music? You can lead a horse to water...

THose with any taste seek out the good music. My son was playing us Abba and Kiss on the way home last weekend. But love, innocence, or just clean fun aren't what the thug culture want. They want bitches, bling and booty, in whatever order it can be had. Some of the rappers try to encourage others to put some thought and effort into their music... very few listen.

And of course, it all sounds like crap to our old ears, oi?

Bob G. said...

--Bit of a "coincidence"?

--Or, if hammer guy was institutionalized?

--Now, we ALL have a reason for "the blues".

--If anyone can play catch-up on a eulogy, it's you.

--But you can;t make 'em drink...I know. Maybe we should just "toss em in"?

--That is the gospel truth, there!

Thanks much for stopping by to comment.

Have a great )birthday) weekend and stay safe up there, brother.