06 May 2015

Humpday Happenings...
Hey, is that FOG I see outside this morning?
Sure looks like it, and to some rural school systems, they've already gone on 2-3 hour delays.
Not so in Fort Wayne...business (and school) as usual...(...joy...).
Our Hooiserland weather today will see this fog eventually burning off (no sunrise - sorry kids), some partly cloudy skies and temps again rising into the upper seventies. As far as any rain goes...doesn't look like any of that today...maybe tomorrow, though.
Sure gonna feel like Summertime (anyone for some Mungo Jerry?)
So, let's get our cup or glass of midweek fortitude poured and set out seeing what has been going on, shall we?
*** First out of the lighthouse today is our WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"Ethics is the activity of man directed to secure the inner perfection of his own personality."
This should clue all of you in on HOW some of the people we interact with and watch on the news operate, so WHO said this anyway, hmm?
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at the medical missionary school...
*** It's also time once again for our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
April 6 -
---Today is BEVERAGE DAY
If it TASTES good, it IS good.
And you better have yours parked alongside as you're reading this.
Never see THESE people down here (if they're lucky)
Don't have to worry about that...we NEVER get ANY tourists down here...unless they got LOST going someplace else (like the Griswold family)...lol
(find one and give 'em a hearty THANKS)
---And, it's NO DIET DAY.
I don't worry about this one, either...I NEVER do anything with the word DIE in it...he.
Great way to mix TWO events nicely, although with it being NURSES DAY, you'd think this was a no-brainer, right?
*** Next up, the black woman found in the trash bin has been ID'ed.
Here's the story link (with video)
What I find very troubling, is that this young woman had enough obstacles to overcome in life.
She suffered from diabetes and had to take insulin regularly, she had developmental delays due to fetal alcohol syndrome (tells you lots about her biological mom). She certainly did NOT need to end up as she did.
(we have a murderer on the loose again in this city that SHOULD end up as Zhanelle did, however)
Since she was 19, there was never any "alert" issued when she went missing back in December, so the family used social media to get the word out about her disappearance.
I also think that the city should canvass ALL the vacant homes and have the trash bins collected from those properties ASAP.
Don't give those people who might wish to harm others the opportunity to utilize such devices.
Vacant house with trash bin outside
I sent an email to the solid waste department suggesting they check and collect bins from vacant and abandoned properties.
I feel such a thing should be done whenever a property goes vacant for whatever reason.
We have several properties around us that are vacant and still have bins outside (no, I don't plan to check any of them).
These bins "migrate" many times - others snatch them up and "add" them to THEIR property, which means some houses have THREE of the 96 gallon bins, while other houses have none. Beats calling the city and ASKING for one to be dropped off, but that's just the way these "people" shake down here.
Moving on...
*** It's looks like "King" Henry will be squaring off with former councilman Mitch Harper for the throne in City Hall. We can use the change (imho).
Nice black eye, "sire"...
Henry barely won last time against Paula Hughes, but...the king has a huge treasury to draw from, while Mitch does not (yet).
Still; Hughes also didn't have the money Henry did, and she made a respectable showing in the last election.
IN with the NEW - OUT with the OLD. Let's hope.
Maybe...THIRD TIME'S the "charm", and we get RID of the democrats ruling the realm, and get back to more conservative values?
We can but hope...
*** Next up, I heard that McD's is once AGAIN changing their menu...gimme a break.
((...rolls eyes...))
confusing, ain't it?
Is anyone getting as PO'ed as I am at what we now jokingly call FAST FOOD?
I remember when fast food meant JUST THAT...FAST (less than a minute all the time.
Of course, those were also the days when a hamburger at McD's cost THIRTY NINE CENTS (cheeseburgers were a dime MORE).
My, how times have changed.
It pretty much seems that ANY fast food joint doesn't JUST do ONE thing (well) any longer.
They are ALL playing this dumb-ass culinary "diversity" game - the more choices, the better...seriously?
If I go to a hamburger joint, I expect HAMBURGERS...period.
If I want chicken, I go to a chicken joint...ditto for tacos, or anything else..
That's the way it USED to be, and it worked out well enough (and less costly, too)
For example...you walked into a McDs, strolled up to the counter, told the cashier WHAT you wanted and PRESTO, a minute later, you were walking out with your goods...simple, right?
And it ONLY gets worse...
You KNEW what they served, and did not have to spend several MINUTES at the counter DECIDING what to get from menus that was growing into a bloody billboard with DOZENS of "combo meals".
Now, it seems that Burger King is no longer the ONLY place that does "special orders"...every single fast food place does the same damn thing.
That kinda takes the FAST outta the "fast food" nomenclature, does it not?
Now, if you go to a place where they, in fact, make EACH ORDER SEPARATELY, you can't with a good conscience call that a FAST food place, can you, now?
Penguin Point comes to mind. It's NOT fast food (but it's good food), because EACH order is...made TO order.
How simple is that?
And they have a VARIED menu for that reason.
So, you sit down, and they bring it out TO YOU...usually within a few minutes...and you have a nice, RELAXING meal.
We also hear the fast food joint breakfast menus are going to be served ALL day?
Isn't that what the hell IHOP is for?
It's like we've takne ALL these once separate eateries and are forcing them to become ONEHOMOGENEOUS bastion of gluttony...WTF FOR???
Can't we go to a specific place for specific foods any longer? Have we become THAT lazy?
I guess the days of TRUE fast food are over...unless you're at home with your microwave.
*** Wifey stopped by Lowe's on the way home the other day and brought some "additions" to our garden.
I did get the Asian lilies in the ground between the rain showers yesterday...the annuals will have to wait until the weekend, when we plan to get all the pots and hanging baskets squared away.
We're still deciding on the combinations (I call them "themes"...lol).
Usually, we always have some sort of red, white and blue (purple) out in the urns alongside the front steps.
*** Last evening and night we had some assholes playing loud music...couldn't tell where (exactly) where it was coming from, but definitely farther than the 30-foot limit set down by city ordinances. Seemed to be a house, also. Sounded a block over.
I called in a 44LM to FWPD dispatch, and found out there were TWO OTHER calls for the same thing in the same area (around Hanna and Pettit), so, it's nice to know I'm not the ONLY one that this seemingly constant cacophony bothers.
Also heard three shots go off a few blocks over around 2230 hrs.
Like I always tell Wifey - "never a dull moment down here, that's for sure".
*** Last back to the garage...you know, I have this love-hate relationship with this city.
Been that way ever since our apartment was broken into (here) back in the late '90s.
And since then, I've had to learn to be (more) "on-guard" and at-the-ready for whatever bullshit would choose to come our way.
Fort Wayne does have a lot going for it, considering it's 1/10th the size of my hometown, Philadelphia.
We have LOTS of shopping, nice restaurants, a fantastic children's zoo, a decent nightlife (if you haven't grown up and are still into THAT), a great library, and other amenities that serve much of the populace very well.
But, all of this is EVERYPLACE ELSE...not anywhere close to where WE live, and there lies the problem.
Wifey recalls a time when OUR part of town had as much as the other three quadrants, and when I first moved here, We might not have had AS MUCH as when Wifey was growing up, but we STILL had a LOT more than we do now.
Every year, we seem to lose a little more, and if there is any gain to be found down here, the city is hiding it DAMN well.
Can't have a backyard like THIS in Philly row-homes.
And the ONLY thing that has changed since I moved here...are the people.
The WRONG ones, mind you...as in they have continued to expand their "sphere of influence", bringing their baggage with them (that would be crime and abnormal behavior).
THIS is the part of this city I detest with every fiber of my being, and that's not the best way to go through the autumn of one's life.
And we have friendly critters that love the camera.
You would like to take it a bit easier, enjoy all the things life still has to offer, and yet, you are all but denied such things, because you have to listen to the lives of others (yes, they are that loud all the damn time).
You have to see the worst that humanity has to offer every day and just "put up with it".
I have a problem with that...see, I'm not part of the problem that we have down here.
And neither are others that feel the same way I do. We are the one trying to live our lives, and bother no one along the way.
Got some damn nice sunrises, too.
We are the ones having to watch our property constantly (for incursions), while at the same time, take some pride in what we have.
The area itself is DAMN nice...with the right people in it...the way it used to be say, a DOZEN years ago.
It could be that way again...IF, and only if people would LEARN a few things about life, about living among others, understanding what respect is, and living with a sense of ethical behavior. Never met anyone yet who was a total shit because they were ethical and had good morals and values.
And I don't think you have either.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America


Momma Fargo said...

Love your garden and home pics. Nice squirrel! Looks like the wife has good taste in flowers. NO DIET day. DIET is not used anymore. It's "lifestyle change". Now...we have just 86'd another holiday off the charts. LOL.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
--We "try" when it comes to gardening...remember, I'm he "city-boy" in this army of two...lol.
I'm amazed I took to it so readily...AND like it!!!
--That squirrel (aka Mr. Wrinkles) IS the most photographed one in Fort Wayne...and HE KNOWS IT...HA!
--"Lifestyle change"...I thought that was called DEATH...?
(or incarceration)

Every day is NO DIET day for me...
I just do the "moderation" gig, that's all.
(except when it comes to JUNIOR MINTS)

Hey, thanks so much for rolling up to comment.

Stay safe & shoot straight down there, dear.

CWMartin said...

First off, the primary... 9.8% turnout. Are you kidding me?

Second, McDonalds. It's just like any other business these days. A 0.1% drop in sales constitutes a 95% increase in panic. Change the ad agency! Change the menu! Change my shorts, I just shart myself! If sales aren't moving up, we'll go out of business. Because we can survive making $10 million a day, but we are in deep trouble if the total is $9,999, 999.61.

And for the ending, get wrinkles trained as a guard-squirrel...

Bob G. said...

Yeah, that voter turnout tells it's OWN story, doesn't it?

That's my point EXACTLY...these morons don't really KNOW how to compete any longer, otherwise they'd laugh at those tiny sales drops and chalk it off to normal cycles.

I wish I could get him "armed-up", but I can't find a way in hell of having him man the shotgun on the roof.
(I forgot it takes at least THREE squirrels to operate a long gun...heh)

Perhaps a knife strapped to his tale..?

I'd PAY to see THAT!

Thanks for swinging by today to comment.

Stay safe up there, brother.