22 June 2015

Monday Musings...
It's Monday - YOU rise...YOU shine.
Welcome to another fun week...and yet, there were some who sought some "fun" and found QUITE the opposite.
We'll get to that in a minute.
Our Hoosierland weather finds us with.a muggy day, as temps rise into the mid-to-upper 80s. 
And we also have a chance of some storms moving in this afternoon.
(oh, joy...haven't had THAT for a while)
Expect mostly cloudy skies and a slight wind, which is expected to increase when the rain rolls in.
(batten down those hatches)
And now that we have THAT done, let's get out morning drink nestled close by as we see what else gas been going around since last we met...
*** First out of the barracks is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
June 22 -
....and what I wouldn't give for some from that German bakery in Philly.
THOSE people knew how to make 'em RIGHT...and large!
*** Next up, the Lovely Mrs. Bobby G. drove down to Vincennes where her Dad now lives, and where he is scheduled for some heart surgery (today, I believe).
It's just a battery swap for the pacemaker, so I'm not expecting anything adverse to occur.
Sure, I spent our 18th anniversary with the CAT, but what the hey, she still HAS her father, and that's important to spend time with him.
I did ask if she left me some checks (just in case I needed some moolah), and she said "Sure, you never know"...and I said "Well, I might need to post BAIL"  (and laughed)
Hey,  I "might" have to rid the area of rats in our  part of the ghettohood
I'll tell 'ya, there are those SPECIAL people that LOVE to push all the wrong buttons on everyone, and some day, they WILL cross the wrong person.
I just want to be there when that goes down (with lots of popcorn)...
No complaints from me, that's for sure.
*** And yes, another shooting on Fort Wayne's SOUTHEAST SIDE early this morning.
Here's the story (so far):
This took place at the Astoria (should have TWO Ss) Apartments and Townhomes  in the 2700 blk of E. Paulding Rd.around 0300 hrs.
The website belies the TRUTH...as usual.
Police found one man suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. He was transported to hospital in serious condition, but was downgraded to critical.
As is the case for areas like this, police have little to go on and are trying to seek out witnesses to the shooting (good-frigging luck with that).
Here's the website for the complex.
If you notice they boast "A great place to live".
Apparently, it's ALSO "A pretty decent place to get shot in the morning."
Moving on...
*** Next, when does a block party turn deadly?
When it happens in a predominantly BLACK part of Philadelphia and the shooters happen to ALSO be black.
Wonder if "Black Lives Matter"...STILL, and under THESE conditions?
Here's the story link:
It's WEST Philly, not the best part of that town (hard to find GOOD areas anymore, I can tell you).
The two shooters were in fact, BLACK MALES, and one had a shotgun. They opened up on the block party from one end of the street.
Several children were struck by the flying bird-shot (that's a bitch to dig out, too)
The two perps are still at-large.
--- And, if you think Detroit has it any better...guess again.
Here's THAT story
Now, THIS party took place at some BASKETBALL courts with between 400-500 attending.
A 20 year old was killed, and the other victims range in age from 22 to 46.
No children were struck by the gunfire (thankfully).
*** This brings me to the center of today's shrubbery maze...when did it become popular to shoot up a public event?
Now, granted these were not held in the BEST neighborhoods in these cities, but still...perhaps the community was coming together in a show of solidarity against all the violence they all too often "enjoy".
Take OUR neighborhood (puh-lease) for example.
TOO damn many people at ONE house.
We have ONE house that has seen fit to have an inordinate number of others over...A LOT, and most EVERY DAY.
Many only stay for a few minutes, and that tells me that this house SHOULD be under some sort of watch by law-enforcement.
Add to this, the fact that in this past week alone, they had parties at that house FOUR CONSECUTIVE EVENINGS...going on until midnight, before everyone decided to shout their way to their vehicles in some "altered": state to leave and come back the next night to do it all again.
If you guessed these people do NOT work...go to the head of the class.
These people HAVE no class to speak of...and it shows.
Yet, there are NO FWPD cars cruising the area that would notice this. I avoided calling it in because I wanted to see IF anyone else would be bothered by the din of loud music and loud people and call it in, or IF the police even did patrol through the area.
NEITHER took place, sad to say.
Recall when police closed down THIS "club" last year?
And THAT is why neighborhoods (and the SOUTH SIDE) get a bad "rep", and devolve into those we often see, hear, and read about nearby.
To put things in the PROPER perspective, this is mainly BLACKS at the heart of such party houses...but, you can toss in some Latino houses now, with all them moving into the area (like the ones across our side street - all-nighters with these folks...helluva parental "example" they're setting for their two daughters.
They are the same people who were fighting on OUR lawn over a year ago...been stand-offish with them ever since.
THIS is how things like what transpired in Detroit and West Philly begin...with this near-constant partying mindset...NO responsibilities, NO boundaries, and NO respect for anyone else living in the immediate area.
Not the BEST representatives of their particular race...are they?
*** Last back to the latrine...with all the shootings going on at social events, it's little wonder we're not seeing MORE gun-play, and that's not because of the GUNS involved, is it?
No, it's because of the types of PEOPLE we're letting roam our streets. - the ones who (many times, have been through the penal system on a plethora of occasions, only to be re-re-re-released into society, where they can again practice their "craft"...and sometime taking innocent lives doing so.
We certainly don't need ANY MORE rules and regulations for the law-abiding people out there, for THEY are not the ones causing all this shit to hit all those fans, are they?
They are just trying to live their lives, and are being DENIED the basic tenets of our founding documents...and for what?
So some punks can have some "fun" at the expense of another's life?
The judicial process needs a pretty severe overhaul if you ask me, if WE, THE PEOPLE are to be able to enjoy OUR God-given rights and freedoms.
We should take the vermin OFF the streets and not permit them the opportunity to return BACK to the same things they did before being arrested.
Crime WILL go WAY down if some tough choices were to be made along those lines.
And, I think many of you feel the same way.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


A Beer For The Shower said...

I have to be careful with the way I say this, but it's interesting to me that the neighbors in the section 8 house here are all black, and they're the only ones that ever seem to have those ridiculous all night parties that involve yelling and slamming doors and often end up with broken bottles thrown in other neighbors' yards that the neighbors get to clean up when they wake. And yet whenever the police are called, nothing is done, and they're still allowed to live there because everyone feels sorry for them.

Honestly, I don't care if they're black, white, hispanic, etc. It just sucks that these particular individuals are given way more chances (and really, a pass) because they're black. They should be fined and/or evicted, just as anyone else who acts illegally on a regular basis would be.

Momma Fargo said...

Bob, it's because your neighbor house is a drug house. That stinks. I could not handle all the ruckus and unfortunatley, what are you to do? I think I will go eat an eclair.

Bob G. said...

NO need to tread softly with such matters...
I ONLY judge STUPID people, and none that comment here fit that description...LOL.

You are 100% CORRECT.
The type of "policing" (if you can even call it that these days) is referred to as "SOFT-policing".
Certain lawmakers want to dismiss that former notion that the police are there to make the LAW-BREAKERS OBEY THE LAWS.
Heaven forbid...we need officers who are more "diplomatic" and more understanding when it come to the "poverty-stricken".
Those type of "neighbors" NEED to be evicted, but that just takes the problem to another locale...it never really "goes away" and these morons NEVER learn anything in the process.
That's the sad part.

Lemme tell you...people in MY day who were poor NEVER had ANY of the things our "poor" have today, and they NEVER brought undue attention to themselves (they were too busy working their asses off to pay bills and eat).

And yes, today we're seeing people of MORE races buying into this "victicratic" mindset...all they know how to do is put their hands OUT (and the gov't is only TOO willing to help the feigned down-trodden).
I could write volumes about what goes on and what is ignored by those who can do something about the problems, but others are doing a bang-up job without my adding to the mix.

Thanks much for stopping by today to comment.
Stay safe (and always classy) out there in Mile-High territory.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Kiddo, you're stating what I surmised (and told Wifey) about those renters since THE DAY THEY MOVED IN.
(and I haven';t been wrong YET)
.I'm a pretty decent "people-reader" even at my age...lol.
They fit about 8 of 10 signs of a drug house (and you know what they are)...heh.

I have filled out the online FWPD form (for a drug house) , nothing yet...six months later.
Might have to keep doing it EVERY week.
You toss enough crap at the wall until SOME of it STICKS, right?

Enjoy your eclair...you deserve it.
And thanks for rolling up today to comment.

Stay safe down there, dear.

CWMartin said...

First off, things like "chocolate eclair day" I should get one week's warning...

Glad you have a good attitude on the weekend. Honor your father, after all.

You mean, the Astoria hotels don't sue for use of the name? Copyrights come cheap these days...

You want me to eliminate prejudice in MY mind? Start having parties where weaponry isn't on the dress code. Maybe if the home folks would actually teach these kids what it is to be a man.

But of course, we just aren't being tolerant of their culture, Robert.

Bob G. said...

When it comes to ECLAIRS, no warning is required...lol.

A good attitude about LIFE is a prerequisite down here...TRUST ME.
Lord knows others feel the opposite.

They don' need no steenkin' copyright...!

If these people taught their children ANYTHING that is not contrary to NORMAL and ETHICAL behavior...well, let's just say I would "A-F$cking-Mazed", my friend!

And the ONLY race I think we both detest with a passion is the STUPID race (specific color or ethnicity not required).
How's THAT? Sound about right?

Thanks for stopping on by and commenting.

Stay safe up there, brother.