10 July 2015

Friday Follies...
Yes, we made it to another weekend, such as it will be, and hopefully, it means we'll have as few problems as possible. Sorry about the tardiness...been grocery shopping.
The Hoosierland weather looks to be somewhat cooperative, but we've still got the threat of rain in the area, scattered as it may be.
Temps today will reach into the upper 70s and mostly cloudy skies (does this all sound a bit repetitive?), and light breezes.
Hey, I just report the weather...don't blame me.
As we greet the day, let's get a nice cup or glass of Friday Fortitude poured and together, we'll see what this day has in store...
*** First out of the shooting range is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
July 10 -
(okay, then)
Don't think we need an explanation there, do we?
*** And since it's the weekend, I wonder what's in store for us?
July 11 -
---Saturday is CHEER UP THE LONELY DAY. 
Now, you have to make that distinction between people who are LONELY and who are ALONE.
(Yes, there is a difference)
(seems that ALL of us are connected to THIS one, right?)
July 12 -
From the movie "Labyrinth"
(David Bowie and Jane Seymour will be in attendance there, no doubt)
---And, it's PECAN PIE DAY
(now THAT is like heaven on earth if you've got a sweet tooth)
There you go then...all you needed to know. Enjoy.
*** Next up...yep, ANOTHER shooting on the (where the hell else?) SOUTHEAST SIDE of the Fort Wayne.
Here's the story about what's known (so far):
This all started around 1845 hrs last evening near the intersection of E. Rudisill Blvd and Winter St
---It appears that we NOW have homicide NUMBER "FOURTEEN".
(WANE says FIFTEEN...someone sneak one PAST ME?):
Yes, that IS an OLD ghetto-sled.
A TRAA ambulance was flagged down and EMTs found a man profusely bleeding in the passenger seat of a car (that's an early 80s Pontiac Bonneville Parisienne, in case you were wondering), and when police arrived, conflicting stories started.
The male victim (most likely black) was taken to hospital in critical condition (and later died).
Funny, I don't see any bullet holes in that car door...maybe a head shot?
Police did manage to glean that those in the car thought shots came from a house in the 4000 blk of Lillie St. The EST responded with the armored car and after a 3 hour standoff (to wait for a search warrant) they made entry, and found the house vacant.
Now, the house raided on Lillie St did already have  bullet holes in it.(Perhaps that was the scene of the shooting of that male and he was being driven to the hospital?)
Police were still getting conflicting information (they always do when dealing with people down here).
We know were the cops were LAST night.
Now, there has to be ANOTHER house on Lillie involved, because witnesses said that two people were seen running in the front (and out the back), and that two people were detained and questioned (nut apparently not held).
In the meantime, police had set up a perimeter, and expanded it as the night wore on (in the hopes of netting the shooter, no doubt).
As of this morning, no one is in custody, and police have little to go on.
(that sounds ALL too familiar - more investigating, less policing)
At one point last night, an officer walked through Lillie St, shotgun strapped across his chest, commanding people to remain in their homes...SOME people had to be told several times...(damn nosy-ass busy body lookie-loos).
And we wonder WHY this part of town never gets any better?
(because the city makes money off of such people, believe it or not...ask the feds)
--- Also another shooting in the 3500 block of Cheviot Dr.
Could be a "fun" weekend down here.
Moving on...
*** A sports figure I greatly admired growing up has passed away.
THOSE were thew days...
Ken Stabler (aka the "Snake"), former QB of the "old" (and much better) Oakland Raiders died at the age of 69.
Here's the story:
Stabler was one of the best QBs at the time for that era (imho)...very cool under pressure, and since he was a southpaw, it made interceptions a lot harder for the opposing defense to catch. Fred Biletnikoff didn't have ANY trouble though, as he was USED to catching the "reverse-spin" on the football. Here is Kenny's WIKI:
To me, he was the AFL's version of Roger Staubach, and it's a shame to see him leave us this soon.
*** Next up, since hardly anyone made any comments yesterday, I can only conclude that near ALL of you were SO TAKEN ABACK by this plan by the Obummer regime, that you were  beyond words...(or you all went on a 24 hour vacation...lol).
It all comes together, given time.
I know a lot of this is hard to figure out, but more people are piecing this puzzle together, so I'm not alone.
The whole housing issue, and how illegals are given passes in certain cities...all for the sake of voting blocks...got nothing to do with jobs, and has a lot to do with law-breakers getting into THIS country, leaving theirs and bringing all the ":baggage" that comes with the lower levels of humanity.
Sure, one might make an analogy to the Italians, or Irish, or even Chinese in times past, but at least THEY all did things LEGALLY, and came to our country's shores through the proper channels.
THIS current debacle is a whole other animal.
And, it's nothing new or even recent, either.
Back in the year I was born (1952) there were at minimum 300 K+  people crossing our border ILLEGALLY. And THAT (per year) number has INCREASED since
They NEVER play this music video anymore...
Now, take that base number, bump it up at least another 150 K and then multiply it by 62 years...and then tell me we "only" have "about" 20 million illegals here now.
Yeah, we're a little PAST that number...and been past it for quite a while, too.
Just wanted you to know that.
.*** Last back to the clubhouse...there is this curious MOSAIC that is being laid out before us, and it's not the type you would admire.
We have people hard at work in this country hell-bent on our overthrow, and not by any blatant or obvious means.
It's more "subtle" by nature, but given enough time and experience, you CAN see it more easily.
Think back to that Star Wars movie where Senator Amidala hears the new "changes" to the Galactic Republic, and how those changes are met with cheers from everyone in attendance.
She states:
Here's the "Wookiepedia" on this grand plan:
Doesn't matter if it's fiction...or fact, a supreme chancellor or a president...the result can often be the same.
Naturally, this is done to "save" or protect the Republic...at least that's the BS line told to the listening masses.
And we know how that pans out in the Star Wars saga...right?
Maybe we can AVOID such a similar fate.
It will take persistence...and wisdom...and strength...and above all...courage.
But the means to keep OUR nation above all others IS at hand...all it takes from us is to make the right choice.
Therein lies the lesson for the week.
Have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and , as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

It's not the different EYES on Bowie that worry me...

On the shootings: Perhaps we should have a toteboard down town, with current totals of which gang has had members or relatives offed, with a big "Thank a gang member for eliminating crime" legend underneath...

I told my boss, the unfortunate thing about Ken Stabler's career (like his life, cut short by self abuse) is that my first mental image will be how dead-armed he was when he went to New Orleans...

Like you said, gerrymandering is nothing new. Not surprising at all that as society declines, the pols find new and increasingly abominable ways to do it.

Bob G. said...

Well, it certainly CAN'T be his music...right???

Hey, now THERE 'YA GO...what a MARVELOUS idea!
They could have some bright LED sign around Headwaters Park with the "running totals".

I agree...as GOOD as he was w/Oakland, when he got "long in the tooth" as it were, he went down a LOT. Some QBs suffer that "syndrome".

Others like Griese, Dawson, Montana, and Tarkenton managed to get out BEFORE that occurred.
(there's some names to remember, hmm?)

That is ONE thing you can ALWAYS depend upon...MORE ways to screw things up that don't NEED screwing up in the first place...and BOTH sides of the aisle are guilty (the DEMS a LOT more, however).

I know I get damn bored with these politicos pushing lame-ass "solutions" when they NEVER, EVER define the REAL PROBLEM.

Hey, thanks for dropping by today to comment.

Have a great weekend & do stay safe up there, brother.