29 July 2015

Humpday Happenings...
Just a couple days left in this month, and then everyone gets set to go back to school.
(well, not us "old folks"...lol)
That parade passed by a LONG time ago, but the memories remain.
In the meantime, our Hoosierland weather has us starting off with partly cloudy skies, and they'll be sticking around as the warm conditions continue.
Not AS humid as it was yesterday, but humid ENOUGH (for me).
Temps will reach up into the mid-80s, and yes, we DID hit 90 degrees yesterday..first time since last September.
Expect those clouds to increase as the chance of rain showers stop by to say "hi".
Not a great day to work on your tan, but then again, aren't we beyond that sorta adolescent thing?
It IS a great day to have Wifey come back from southern Indiana, though...(yay!)
Now, without any further ado, let's all get our morning drinks within reach, as we see what's been going on...
*** First out of the parking lot is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"It is discouraging to see how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit."
In the last few weeks, we ALL have seen evidence of this happening in politics...and I'm sure if you study history to any degree, you've either read about it or lived through it all too often.
So, WHO said that? The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at "The Rat Trap"...
*** And it's time again for our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
July 29 -
I know of ONE cat that is loving this one.
Having worked in an ITALIAN restaurant while in high school - (yeah, we DID that sorta thing in the 1960s if we wanted some spending money, AND to learn the VALUE OF A DOLLAR), I had access to some of the BEST lasagna I've ever tasted.
And I could have it EVERY day I worked there...for FREE.
THAT my friends, IS heaven-on-earth.
(now I made myself hungry...damn)
Moving on...
*** The city was seeking about $250K for all the storm cleanup...BUT, ran into a "snag"...
Ouch, THAT left a mark!
Here's the story link:
Wow...can you say "OOPS"?
How can things such as this NOT be PLANNED FOR?
I thought our "king" (mayor) has this aspect of the realm covered...guess not.
The OVERALL cost for the cleanup was over $640K...and yet the Allen County Solid Waste District could not be "convinced" to cover that $250K.
I suppose a change in the local laws is in order then, hmm?
Really adds some "quality" to our lives.
Again, we see the city and the county butting their legalese heads...while I stare at the limbs along OUR street that have YET to be picked the hell up...nice going, boys.
If I ever need my toilet stopped up, I know WHO to come to.
*** Next up, I totally missed this one...it's the 75th birthday of BUGS BUNNY!!!
And yes, he has a WIKI, too:
There is just not enough time or room to depict ALL the characters that Bugs portrayed, as well as those who "starred" with him.
"Most ridiculous thing I ever heard."
Mel Blanc was the voice of Bugs (and many of the other characters he shared the screen with).
I can't recall ALL the shorts (later called cartoons) that I saw both on TV, and yes...even in the movies when I was young.
"Where's MY cut, boss?"
That was cool, watching a 7-minute cartoon on a BIG screen...!
Sure not like that in theaters these days...
So, Happy Birthday,Bugs...you sure don't look YOUR age, doc...!
*** Next, today happens to be the birthday of someone I grew up watching on various variety shows (when variety shows were GOOD and not some dumbness competitive venue).
He wasn't one of the "best-known": comedians, but he was funny as hell...
I'm talking about "Professor" Irwin Corey...who turns 101 years old today.
And here is his WIKI:
Listed as "The World's Foremost Authority"...of WHAT exactly, we never quite knew.
But he WAS funny, and Dad and I would damn near piss ourselves laughing at him.
His style of comedy was basically improvisational...a one-man improv.
His story is a VERY interesting one, and I am SO glad that he is still with us.
Take a few minutes and read up on him...and maybe take in some YouTube videos.
One might say that the inspiration for a few of the men who portrayed Doctor Who might have taken "wardrobe lessons" from him.
The similarities in attire are quite striking.
*** Last back to the garage...if it were not for PEOPLE, we'd have nothing at all...ever.
Think about that, no one to love, or despise, or laugh with, cry with, admire, or frown upon.
All of our emotions come from the interaction WITH others...without them, we're basically a blank slate.
And yet, there is always this one ray of "hope"...mankind's CREATIVITY.
Sure, we have the capacity to create mayhem and destruction, but we have always had an overwhelming ability to create GOOD in the world.
We have been a species that shows "much promise", if we can set aside our petty differences, and stop forcing certain ideologies down the throats of others.
Just say "NO".
You tell a lie often enough and long enough, and other people will start to believe it., live a lie long enough and YOU start to believe it.
So enough with that crap.
I feel it's high time we started to focus on all the good we have around us, and thereby displacing the evil that seeks to devour us, should we be caught unaware. Evil will always be with us, so we should always try to keep it in it's place, which is not in our lives.
Therein lies the lesson for today.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Can't say I knew the professor... but happy birthday, anyway! Ditto to Bugs, the finest practicioner of the "camera look".

The city vs county thing- why battle over WHO gets to take it outta MY pocket?

Lasagna... many good things come to mind...

Bob G. said...

The "Professor" was one of those comedians who could speak (nonsense) about anything AND everything...talk about a wandering mind...LOL.

Here's a video from the Smothers Brothers Show:

The way he rambled from one topic to another (in character), he foretold the modern era of man...with an attention span of less than 40 seconds.!

Yeah, can you believe that BUGS is 75?
Thankfully, they DO show some of the "classics"...but not ALL of them (because they are not pc"...I should do a post on THOSE cartoons some day.

City - Largely Democratic
County - largely Republican
(any questions?)

Lasagna - breakfast of CHAMPIONS.
(trust me on this)

Hey, thanks for rolling on by today and commenting.
Stay safe & keep cool up there, brother.

Momma Fargo said...

I love Bugs Bunny! Whew. Your city clean up is quite pricey. Erg. Great post, Bob! Have a great day. I'll watch for your next one and get caught up. Been crazy busy.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:

Yeah, the other day on some :kids" channel, I caught a couple of the older Bugs Bunny cartoons.
You KNOW how it will end, but by God, it's STILL funny.

Yeah, the cleanup is becoming the clusterf#ck of the month. You'd THINK the city could just suck it up and get it the hell DONE.

I do hope that's the GOOD kinda "crazy-busy"
(I hate the BAD kind)

Thanks much for rolling up today and commenting.

Stay safe down there, dear.