27 August 2015

Thoughts For Thursday...
Here we are, swiftly approaching the weekend, and an extended forecast that will see us warming up to more "Augusty" days. That's funny, because next week, we head into SEPTEMBER...perhaps an early "Indian Summer"?
Our Hoosierland weather today will see us with lots of sunshine outside (which beats having it all INSIDE), temps reaching into the lower 70s and some breezes out there to ride along with that nice low humidity.
So, put your trepidation aside for a spell, go get your cup or glass of that morning beverage and we'll all sit back and take a look at what's going on elsewhere...
*** First out of the linen closet is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need."
This was spoken by one Vernon Howard  (6 March 1918 - 23 August 1992) who was an American spiritual teacher, author and philosopher
And here is his WIKI:
Howard is one of those people that affects humanity when you never even heard of his name.
Lots of folks need THIS one.
His main aspect of his writings was spiritual and psychological growth through "self-awareness".
He based the teaching upon a common thread that he found among several different philosophical and spiritual traditions.
He taught there was a way out of suffering, and advocated self-honesty, persistence, the study and application of spiritual principles, and a sincere desire for inner change.
He believed that the human EGO was a barrier to spiritual awareness.
(seems he nailed that one down tight)
He further said that this "false self" is a fictitious collection of self images or pictures about who we think we are. The WIKI is a brief read, but still makes a lot of sense when it comes to our walk with God.
*** Next up, it's time for our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
August 27 -
But will the world forgive US?
(it's a Canadian holiday to promote the power of forgiving...good luck with that one)
Is that like JUNKET?
(it's just a French loose custard dessert, no need for alarm)
Don't we practice this EVERY day?
(Why celebrate it? Just because, that's why)
I suppose this opens the door to a lot of stupid nonsense...just because...lol
*** Next, an update on the shoplifter that caused a FWPD chase ending up in a crash that left a trail of carnage in it's wake.
Here's the story link:
Mr. not-so-bad-ass
I said yesterday that the charges against this thug would pile up (like horse crap in a stable), and it sure looks that way.
Cedric Carter, 26, of the 6000 block of Chaddsford Drive was the driver of that silver Bonneville police chased, and he already had a probation violation warrant staring at him.
Now, he's got a LOT more fun stuff...what an asshole!
THIS is a perfect example of HOW the judicial system is FLAWED.
How do people like this KEEP falling through society's cracks, anyway?
I really would like to know.
Go pick up your orange jumpsuit and flip-flops, you f$cking loser, and stay the hell off of OUR streets.
You don't belong with normal people...period.
You've taken enough FROM society...and paybacks will be a bitch.
*** Next, a teenage rapist changes his "tune".
Here's the story link:
You're gonna LOVE jail.
Now THIS piece of crap wants a trial, instead of a plea deal on a guilty verdict.
He's already in the slammer for Craigslist robberies.
A nice long FIFTY-year term, too - plenty of time to think about HIS future.
Guess all those YOUTH programs (at the taxpayers' expense) didn't manage to help this jerk out one damn bit, otherwise, he'd find a way to keep his teen-junk in his (saggy) pants and do something PRODUCTIVE in life, instead of forcing possible RE-production on an unwilling woman, right?
Another example of slipping through the cracks...
Maybe those "cracks" are large enough to drive a damn KENWORTH through?
Toss the damn book at him...and make it a BIG one (aim for the head - might knock some sense into this mini-thug).
*** Next up, that horrific on-air murder of a morning anchor and cameraman by some disgruntled former (black) colleague.
The innocent victims
Here's the story link:
Racial-grudge shooter
There seems to be NO level to which some people will devolve to in order to promote their agenda...and at what cost to others.
And this lunatic carried this grudge about being dismissed for TWO YEARS.
Considering the former anchor wasn't a "user-friendly" guy at the job (or former positions), it's little wonder he even chose what passes for journalism as his career path.
With all this apparent pent-up (racial) anger inside, maybe he could have joined Sharpton's posse, or even Calypso Louie's band of merry degenerates.
Sadly, life imitates "art".
Instead, he chose to play HIS own version of the old PS1 game "Doom", and video his approach and shooting of the people doing the news story...LIVE.
Too eerie a similarity.
Life should not be treated as some video game. There ARE consequences.
After a 2-hour police chase, he DID shoot himself (small compensation for the families he had already devastated). But there is more to this as you'll read below.
*** That brings me to the center of today's shrubbery maze...the POLITICIZING of damn near EVERYTHING in existence.
I, for one, am getting SO damn sick and tired of POLITICS entering all the realms where it has no business poking it's ugly-ass head.
From graduation exercises to fast food, to the air we breathe, and everything in-between.
We cannot avoid it, no matter WHERE we try to go.
Take this murder of the two on-air people in Virginia...wasn't even TWO hours after it happened that the libtards were out in DROVES calling for (you guessed it)...MORE GUN CONTROL.
They keep pushing a solution to a problem they have yet to properly define.
That's nonsense, and WE know it.
Now, you already know that (to me) gun control means USING BOTH HANDS, so that's not the issue.
The issue here is people who think that FEWER guns means less crime...sorry, doesn't work that way. Keeping guns out of the WRONG hands is the way to go.
The issue that no one wants to talk about is the failed MENTAL HEALTH SYSTEM, and how those who SHOULD be monitored, medicated, or even locked the hell AWAY from society are permitted to walk among us...waiting for a chance to "go off".
We need BILLBOARDS to tell us this?
Normally, I would state that we've gotten RID of all the asylums, but rather we've allowed the INMATES to take them all over and RUN them in our stead.
That's probably not the BEST solution the liberals could come up with - it places ALL of us at risk, as we can plainly see.
Now, you've heard me say many times, that we are ALL capable of such transgressions against our fellow man, but "we" make the choice to NOT act as impulsively, and certainly NOT with such murderous intent.
We CONTROL OURSELVES...we are our OWN police force, as it were.
And that works, for the most part.
But, it's that segment of our society that can't make such distinctions, and therefore NEEDS  help along those lines.
To mainstream such individuals invites situations like we saw yesterday.
There is a very fine line that must be walked, however...we need to not "jump the gun" when it comes to normal people who get PO'ed at something or someone, because THEY will invariably NOT act upon such impulses...that's the way NORMAL people shake.
They let it go.
Others cannot, and have to be "helped" to keep them from going "postal".
THAT is the issue that SHOULD be addressed, and not the wholesale control on firearms that the leftists would love to see.
And that's all I have to say on that (for now).
*** Last back to the clothes hamper...there needs to be a return to a level of civility in America.
That's blatantly obvious.
When people are allowed to toss aside the values that this nation was founded upon, some will GLADLY do so, and for one reason only - the consequences do not outweigh the acts they commit.
Perhaps it's time to get that pony back in the corral...we NEED consequences whenever we make a decision.
As children, we find out what happens when we sass back  or reach for something hot, or don't look before running into a street...sometimes, such poor decisions have dire consequences.
But, we LEARN, either through parental guidance, or by experience what to DO, as well as what NOT TO DO.
That SHOULD suffice, but for many, it does not.
Education is readily available to EVERYONE (and the price is right most all the time) - no excuse to remain stupid or ignorant in today's world, right?
I always say that a return to BASICS - the core principles of our society and humanity IS the way to go.
Anything less only invites more of what we already have seen.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

I loved the idiot on Fox News who tried so hard to say it wasn't a "hate crime" because.. well, I forget WHAT the excuse was, but the anchor babe turned it right back on him. How you can leave a diary of "wah wah, I'm black and I'm gay, woe is me" to explain your motive and it WASN'T a hate crime? Why, you'd think he must have been a liberal!

Oh, wait...

Bob G. said...



Pat Miller had a great show today focusing on "WHAT is racism?"

I shot him an email saying:
"It's when ONE group of people wish to become MORE equal than all the others."

Sound about right?

Thanks for dropping on over today and commenting.

Stay safe up there, brother