11 August 2015

Tuesday Tidbits...
"Goooooddd coffee!!!"
I have to say that this is MY kind of August.
None of the "century-mark" temperatures outside...you know those...like when you go out and the sidewalk is so hot that your shoes feel like you're in a movie theater and stick with every step.
And with less humidity we don't have everything else trying to stick to...well, everything ELSE.
Our Hoosierland weather today will again see us with more moderate temps, reaching back into the upper seventies..and we're supposed to have more sunshine today, rather than those scattered HEAVY showers yesterday.
They didn't last long, but WOW, was the rain coming down.
So, with that setting the pace for the day, let's get our morning beverage poured as we take a look into all the other stuff that's been going on...
*** First out of Pandora's box is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
August 11 -
---Today is (you're gonna love this one)...PRESIDENTIAL JOKE DAY.
And here I thought we already HAD a "joke" AS President...never knew there was a day attached to it.
Since all of us fit into that category in one way or another, should be a no-brainer.,
*** it's the first official day of school (for FWCS, anyway). That means Wifey gets a packed lunch and she gets to view her charges for the upcoming semester...she can hardly wait...LOL.
Helluva choice.
I'm sure that parents are just so damn happy...many have already gotten all their "free stuff" for the kids because they're ALL so poor - (read lazy).
Amazing with ALL the anti-poverty programs available, that NO ONE seems to be getting anywhere CLOSE to extricating themselves FROM this "poverty" cycle, isn't it?
Guess there's no pleasing SOME people.
It will be fun to see IF our corner becomes another FWCS bus stop like last year, with all the "parking on the lawns" by the baby-mamasitas.
We SHOULD be in one of those "no-transportation zones", but the way this school system shakes, who can tell.
We shall see...
*** And speaking of SOME people, let's take another look at those who have reignited the rioting fires in Ferguson, MO.
Here's the story link:
Here we go...again.
Imagine that...these people cannot even hold a rally without trying to "cap some ass".
Tyrone Harris, Jr, 18
Ferguson has declared a state of emergency in the wake of the anniversary of the death of "the gentle giant" at the hands of Ferguson police.
And let's NOT forget that the former AG, (Holder) found NO wrongdoing by law-enforcement.
But, this ethnic crowd would never be satisfied without their "pound of flesh"...which they never felt they got.
So, they take back to the streets, pelting police with frozen water bottles and the like. One thug was chased down and shot after shooting at police, striking an unmarked SUV several times (good for them)
This perp had a troubled life (big surprise), and was in possession of a stolen gun (what else is new?) as I mentioned yesterday.
Here's another related story:
The shooter is not what we'd call a "pillar of his community", hmm?
I can't wait to see what happens in those other cities where police shot other unarmed blacks (who were breaking the law)...
*** Next up, I was saying that Donald Trump was speaking the truth about illegal alien incursion into our country, and I stand by that...he DOES speak his mind.
And, he's often as subtle as a bull in a china shop.
But, there is one, determining factor that would cause me to not vote for him, and, if you heard him speak enough times, I'm sure you would notice this as well...
He's a bit of a bully.
There, I said it, so there.
Now, he should know better, but "with great power comes great responsibility", as Stan Lee once wrote.
Never truer words were penned.
And wealth is just another form OF power, right?
You don't have to be the toughest (physically) to be a bully...think about it. All you have to be is someone who believes that his (or her) POV is right all the time, is unwilling to listen to anyone else to see THEIR views, and will do anything to GET their point across...period. They're REALLY big in the "ego" department.
You tell 'em, Cap...
Our current president is another prime example...he's a bully, too.
If someone never takes into account all the other people affected by his/her actions, or doesn't care that much...that speaks volumes.
There should be a level of civility displayed, rather than this "my way" mentality...that only worked (very well) for Paul Anka and Frank Sinatra, musically-speaking.
"You shall know a person by the fruits of their labors", says the Good Book (Matt 7:15-20 KJV), but in times such as these, there are other determining factors that we have to take into account. Words still have power...almost as much as actions.
*** Next up,  another reason why the EPA needs to be defunded and disbanded.
Whiskey - Tango - Foxtrot !
Here's the story:
Now, THIS is one nasty-ass clusterf$ck...!
What a wonderful color you discovered.
The EPA was cleaning out an abandoned mine (Gold King) in Colorado, and they opened up the floodgates (literally) of toxic waste, which has flowed downstream SO far, it's into Utah and New Mexico, making well water non-potable.
The mine was closed in the 1920s...!!!
So, WHY (all of a sudden) screw with the mine NOW, after all this time?
It wasn't bothering a soul BEFORE these assholes started mucking with it?
And the NAVAJO NATION is up in arms with this...and rightly so. You do NOT screw with the Earth.
Flag of the Navajo nation
But, will the EPA step in and clean up the mess THEY created?
Don't bet on it just yet...they're allowing LOCAL officials to instead lead cleanup efforts.
Typical government action with something they should never have stuck their nose into - FUBAR!
*** Last back to the reservation...as always, people are the cause of so much of the trouble we have in this world.
And, we could have a helluva lot LESS, if these same people would just knock off their shit and act with a modicum of ethical behavior.
This applies to those waging Jihad in the middle east, to the thugs shooting innocent people on the streets, to the government hacks trying to fundamentally change this country, to the braggarts who display that people don't necessarily need BRAINS to "run the show"...just a very LOUD MOUTH.
Granted, we're ALL flawed creatures, but that doesn't mean we can never change...we can, IF we are willing to do so. And it has to come from WITHIN each of us.
It doesn't even require that MUCH work on our part - just a desire to not settle for mediocrity, when we all can excel on the stage of life and in dealing with our fellow human beings.
It's certainly not rocket science...just good old common sense.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Presidential Joke Day? I thought that was traditionally in January...

Trump's only real value is to stir the pot... But if all you have is a ladle, you ain't making much soup. The only positive, as I've said before, is if he wins third-party and destroys the GOP as it is.

You can bet all that yellow water is going to play into Obama's hands somehow... He'll make political hay and we get screwed. Betcha it wasn't the accident the EPA claims.

As for letting the locals clean it up, I had a boss like that. When the problem was too big for him to wrap his mind around, he'd give you the "Looking tough but really just have no clue" glare and say, "Figure it out" as he stalked off.

Bob G. said...

--I KNEW you'd get a kick outta that one.

--I think he's stirring the pot with a butter knife...LOL.

--From all the stories I gleaned this WAS an EPA SNAFU...and the latest is that they WILL be cleaning their OWN self-created mess up.
(as always...AFTER the damage is done).

--Oh, I had my share of THOSE so-called "bosses".
(they lead from as far away as possible...ROFL)
The GOOD bosses are the ones that will think nothing of rolling up their OWN sleeves and plunge into whatever mess right alongside you.
THAT is the boss you WANT to work for.

Hey, thanks for dropping by today to comment.

Stay safe up there, brother.