11 September 2015

Friday Follies - Patriot Day Edition...
Welcome to the end of this shortened week, and a rather somber day as we recall what took place a mere fourteen years ago.
And while our nation is still healing after the vicious attacks by radical Islamists, we pause to remember those who perished in those attacks at the World Trade Center,  the Pentagon, and Shankville, PA, as well as those first-responders who died saving others at the WTC in New York City.
Our Hoosierland weather will see us with mostly cloudy skies to start off with, and a chance of some scattered showers. This will give way to clearing skies and a high today is around 67 degrees.
Won't need the A/C today, that's for sure.
Now that's not all that bad a day, and with the grace of God, we shall weather the day without incident.
Now, let's look to getting our morning drinks poured and parked nearby, because this post is packed tighter than a Syrian refugee boat.
*** First out of the trash compacter is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
September 11 -
---Today is PATRIOT DAY
This is in observance of all those who lost their lives back in 2001
Here's a WIKI with all the details:
I've got more to say on this a bit farther down, so read on.
(and by now, we ALL must know someone who was taken from us by this insidious killer)
(anyone remember the nursery rhyme?) BTW, these are very tasty!
(unless someone makes it FOR you)
*** Since we're at the end of the week, let's see what happens over the NEXT two days as well:
September 12 -
(might have to dust off the PSX and blow something up)
(Hell, ANY day is a good day for one of those)
(like all of us can't use that the OTHER 364 days?)
September 13 -
(Good Lord, we are so screwed...lol)
(I'm sure Mr Wrinkles will be around to celebrate)
(now we'll find out WHO to blame for computer problems)
---And, it's UNCLE SAM DAY
(for some reason, he looks OLDER than he should...wonder why?)
Guess I would too, given the current state of affairs.
( I know someone in Markle, Indiana that can appreciate this one)
(I can remember all my pets, too, ducks, chicks, dogs, cats, birds, turtles,and yes, even a catfish...another story for another time)
Not bad for a "city boy".
We'll all meet here again someday
And the memories have not faded one single bit.
Quite appropriate, too. (hear that, Chris? Get to hugging.)
Finally, it's my late mother's (Kathryn) birthday and she would have been 94 years old (and she always got the most gifts because her birthday came after both MINE and DAD'S...talk about cheating...lol)
Still miss 'ya, Mom.
So there you have it...all the things what's going on...
*** Next, there is another new proposal behind all the global warming bullshit, and this has GOT to be "the topper".
I've TRIED to tell these idiots this!
That's right...the more the earth warms up...the more it cools down.
Now, that sure sounds like the EARTH is in control of it's OWN cycles, and NOT mankind, does it not? Here's some "proof":
You decide...my brain hurts over this, and I KNOW I'm not alone here, right?
*** Next up,  looks like the USA is taking in 10,000 SYRIAN refugees (to start)...and I have to ask the burning question...WHY???
Whiskey - Tango - Foxtrot !
Don't we have ENOUGH problems with illegals here from south of the border?
Don't we also have too many refugees from Burma here as well?
Just another way to devalue and diminish those Americans living IN America...sure seems that way.
Here we go...again.
You just KNOW that dubious Syrians will get into every damn nation they don't belong, and THEN what do we do?
We could look to Europe and see how well THEY make out on this.
*** Next up, This Sunday, the lovely Mrs.Bobby G. and myself will attend the MONARCH FESTIVAL out at Eagle Marsh (Noon - 4PM)
Last year, we had a very nice time, in spite of most of the trails being flooded out.
Doesn't look that way THIS year.
Plus, Wifey's got a sweater to wear that would "fit right in", if you get my drift.
I just don the old "camos" and have at it...and naturally, binoculars for the both of us, along with a camera or two...you never know what you might see there. I am hoping Chris and Laurie can make it (dunno about Laurie's schedule). The moire, the merrier, right?
*** Next up, TODAY IS PATRIOT DAY, and just so we keep in mind that which took place 14 years ago, let's take a look back...
Sometimes, NO words are needed, right?
*** Last back to Ground Zero...our nation has gone through what I feel might be a paradigm shift in the way we conduct our day-to-day routines.
In fact, hardly anything seems "routine" these days, does it?
I remember flying across the country back in the late 70s and flying down to Aruba...not a TSA person in sight. We didn't NEED them.
Sure, we might get the occasional CUBAN hijacker, but that wasn't enough to make us change how we lived life.
Hell, I didn't even need a bloody PASSPORT to fly to Aruba - just my BIRTH CERTIFICATE (which still has the customs stamp on the back of it).
How times have changed.
Since the 9/11 attacks, America has been on guard, and even when the Boston bombings took place, it served as a reminder that our freedom is never as "free" as we'd like to believe. it always costs, and sometimes, costs a LOT.
Today's America is a far cry from the America of MY youth, that's for sure.
No longer do we have any wide-eyed innocence we thought we had after securing our nation against fascism and communism.
The Cold War was a prologue ...a rehearsal for things to come; things which would make the threat of nuclear annihilation seem almost an afterthought.
These days, we are wary of much more, vigilant beyond belief, and have lost whatever innocence we wanted to keep.
And if the threat of terror is not from without our borders, it's coming from within, as we see our local police attacked, ambushed and murdered  by domestic terrorists who roam our streets and are a bane to society  (when not poisoning our citizens with illegal street-corner drugs).
We have innocent motorists targeted from highway overpasses, and have managed to uncover various bomb and terror plots against our people.
Anarchy seems only several steps away, and WE, THE PEOPLE of this great land have to stand firm against such things, as well as the perpetrators behind it.
Our forefathers fought and died to provide us with the best country in the world, and we'll be damned if we will let it slip between OUR fingers.
(sounds like a real plan)
Do have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and, as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.
(( ...and never forget! ))


CWMartin said...

Patriot Day- the living symbol that no idiot anti-American, whether liberal politician or radical Muslim will EVER put us down where they'd like us.

SUTC Day- in a different way, but just the same. As Thunderstrike once said to death, "We have always defied you by living- truly living- under your shadow."

Do not know the nursery rhyme. If it didn't play on a Fischer Price toy...

We need a day for video games? SMH.

CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE DAY! I wish Maccas would go back to the old way and leave the cherries the hell offa theirs...

Uncle Sam day AND Nat'l Grandparents Day? Trying to tell the ol' boy something here?

Scrappy doesn't need a day for hugs. He's got a LIFE for it!

Wow... My mom woulda been 93 in March...

Now that global warming/cooling I have heard before from REPUTABLE scientists. It's the dynamic that created glaciers and ice ages- and swept them away. Someone must have found their old second-grade science textbook, huh?

WHY? (the Syrian thing) Because, liberal bleedy hearts like the one on FB I mentioned the other day have to do something incredibly stupid so they can feel like they did something incredibly nice. Devalue and diminish... see? You do get it!

Laurie is working all weekend. We actually stumbled onto it (eagle marsh) the other day when we took a ride (Oh yeah, Monday- wasn't stopping in THAT inferno), so we'll see.

I really believe we are in the Roman "Barbarian invasion" stage, and I don't see us going back anytime soon. Our "Five Good Emperors" the Founders- passed the scene long ago, and like Rome, all we have now is back stabbing power brokers waiting to be the next one skimming money out of what's left of the treasury. It's going to take a renaissance of loving real knowledge, real arts, real leaders to put us back... and it's a long time from 476 to 1492. Sorry to be such a gloomy gus (especially after having a really nice day at work), but I like you am a student of history. And if we are not on the brink of the end times, then there must be a very different world than we know waiting to arise- and that will take some time.

"Our forefathers fought and died to provide us with the best country in the world, and we'll be damned if we will let it slip between OUR fingers." Right on... "But when the Son of Man returns, will He find faith on earth?"

Bob G. said...

--I LIKE your call on Patriot Day.

--Well said about LIVING.

--Okay, I just DATED myself w/ that nursery rhyme.

--On the shakes - Maybe you could tell them to "hold the fruit"!

--UM...we "seniors" need hugs???

--Had a feeling Scrappy had a permanent gig there...lol.

--Now, was that YOUR 2nd grade book...or MINE?
(either way, it was more TRUTHFUL that random speculations for cash, right?)

--My friend, I get it MORE than a lot of people will ever know (bwahahahaha)

-- Sorry we won't see 'ya at the "festival"
well take TWICE as many photos, then, 'K?

--Ahh, the Roman Invasion thingy (not to be confused with the Doctor Who Christmas Invasion) -YOU get it TOO.
(more than others know, I know...LOL.)

-- I think HE will find faith on EARTH...with the FAITHFUL.
(how's that from a former part-time preacher?)

Thanks so much for swinging down today to comment.

Have yourselves a great weekend and do stay safe up there, brother.

catererin said...

It makes me so angry and sad I do not remember the September 11 attacks, was 9 years old at the time. as for the cancer day you mentioned, reminds me I lost 3 family members from cancer, including my mom. I am vacationing in Madison Wisconsin, thanks for the postings to help me stay informed about what's going on in Fort Wayne!

Bob G. said...


--I can understand you're being upset about 9/11, but since it wasn't THAT long ago, you do have so many of the historical accounts to read about.
It's always good to learn about tragic events (and not allow them to happen again)...to KNOW what others went through.
Taking time to remember what took place is very important and I hope they teach that in school.

--I lost several family members from various types of cancer - most recently my mother-in-law from pancreatic cancer...took her REAL fast.

Seems all the researchers have to do is find some way to TURN OFF the protein that causes the defective gene and makes cells become carcinogenic and attack good cells.
Do THAT, and cancer will be a thing of the past.
I'm so glad you are taking time to read about what's going on here during your vacation.
(I promise that it's not ALL bad.)
Hope you are having a real nice time, too.
(no sunburn, right?)

And thanks for taking time to stop by to comment.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe out there.

catererin said...

yes, had a blast! been here to watch my father do the IronMan triathlon today, 2.4 mile swim, followed by a 112 mile bike, then 26.2 mile run! unbelievable! do not want to go home tomorrow!

Bob G. said...

Your Dad's in the IRONMAN triathlon...very cool.
And he did it ALL in ONE day?
(usually would take ME a week...or more (lol).

Glad you had a good time.
(sadly, all good things must end)
But, look at the cool stories you'll have to talk about.
Not everyone gets to be as fortunate.

Stay safe.