25 September 2015

Friday Follies...
We made it to the end of another fun-filled week, gang.
(and the last weekend of the month of September. Next stop - October. Can Christmas be far behind?
Our Hoosierland weather will have us enjoying ANOTHER one of those "Ditto Days" with damn near the same conditions as we've been having most of the week. Temps will be around the low -80s, lots of sunshine, mild breezes...you pretty much know the drill by now.
Haven't seen all this morning fog, though...just a very small amount of haze in the pre-sunrise morning.
What say we get ourselves ready for the weekend by getting a cup or glass of Friday Fortitude poured and parked near the old keyboards, as we see what's been going on , hmm?
*** First out of the flower pots is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
September 25 -
(Bet'cha Chris Martin has THIS one covered, but just in case...anyone remember a song from 1970 -  the year I graduated, called HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN by a group called Frijid Pink?)
(not to be confused with FREE comic book day - wonder if graphic novels are included?)
(could be for your car, your furnace, your musical instrument...or some perp-jerk that's giving the po-po a hard time)
(I suppose they need a day too?)
(I remember some stories about math class in high school)
(Need we say more? Red Lobster beware...heh.)
*** Since it's week's end, let's see what trouble we can get into over the 48 hours after today...
September 26 -
(I like chicken and dumpling)
(our city only missed it by a week)
(I think Denny's and IHOP might be on a lot of peoples' breakfast lists)
( I usually hunt for bargains and fish for compliments these days)
(what OUR backyard wants to look like when it GROWS UP...lol)
September 27 -
(they better include YOO-HOO in that mix - Yogi Berra liked it)
(rednecks finally found a use for their heads, other than a mullet-holder and a hat-rack...lol)
(got that one covered - it's what's for dinner)
(to acknowledge those moms who have lost a son in combat)
(on the same day as Gold Star Moms, corned beef hash and chocolate milk...are you NUTS?)
---I want to add this one in, too (a personal note).
On this day 2 years ago, our cat Penelope left us to cross the Rainbow Bridge after 17 years as part of our "family"., and I still miss her.
She was a fun cat and loved to watch the birds on the patio.
I'd like to believe she'll always be with us.
---So there you have it...plenty of things to ponder and get involved with...plan your days accordingly)
Moving onward...
*** Well, well...an ARMED ROBBERY...and on the SOUTHEAST side of Fort Wayne.
(who would have guessed?)
AND, at a business that was hit EARLIER in the year to boot...(no way!).
I thought crime was on the decrease, Mr Mayor?
(he's too busy shoveling commemorative "dirt" DOWNTOWN for some apartments and condos)
He's been shoveling SOMETHING for the last 7 years.
Here's the story link:
AJ's Locker Room (sports-related clothing and footwear) was the scene for a heist yesterday around 1130 hrs. The store is located in the Southgate Plaza, 124 E. Pettit Ave.
When you're too lazy to get a job and PAY for stuff.
(where we never shop and for the obvious reasons - we LIKE not getting robbed or having the car broken into)
Three BLACK males entered the store and began to shop. During the checkout, one man diverted the attention of the clerk to a jewelry case. That's when another pulled a gun and put it to her head, threatening her if she didn't open the cash drawer. She did.
The men left with money and the clothing they were going to "buy".
Witnesses saw the men leave southbound, through a breezeway shouting "Let's get the f**k out of here".
The FWPD is investigating the incident (don't they always?) Ounce of PREVENTION time ...anyone?
NOT much safe to boast about.
This was the same business that had one of the owners kidnapped back on 3 June (see my archive post from 13 Dec 2013 and 4 June 2015)
So, why is City Hall STILL not convinced that OUR part of town is NOT safe yet with all this BLACK CRIME (that's right, I said it...because it's f*cking TRUE)? What the hell will it take?
We already have MORE shootings and MORE homicides that ANY other quadrant in town (actually ALL other quadrants combined).
We NEVER hear from the police CHIEF (Hamilton)...at least that's ONE thing we did have with York - some visibility.
And the worst part of this...some people still wonder WHY businesses are NOT thriving on the SE side of town. A business can only THRIVE when it EXISTS, and what businesses ARE left down here, are barely doing that. Who wants to open a NEW business with THIS crap?
*** Next up,  the city's annual "Fort For Fitness" running gig takes place tomorrow, and it will likely impact on our grocery journey out to Waynedale.
Seems we have to endure this every year - detours because people HAVE to run, jog, or power-walk.
I NEVER see joggers like HER!
I will state that this is about the ONLY time we see SO damn many WHITE PEOPLE down here...reminds me of those good old days...LOL.
Plus, all these runners are out and about LONG before the local mooks even wake the hell up from the previous night's crime-fests.
And, there is a strong police presence, usually blocking off the streets WE have to travel along.
I will say that tomorrow will be one morning where we should NOT see hardly any crime...for a change.
They don't REALLY run through the SE side, though...they tickle the BORDER between SE and SW...just so we're clear on that.
Let's hope it's a good start to Wifey's trip down to Vincennes to see her Dad for the weekend.
*** Next up, and on a much lighter tone...last time Chris and Laurie visited us at "The Fortress", I told Chris about the malfunctioning "sonic screwdriver" I got last Christmas.
This is a Doctor Who-related topic, so bear with me.
The "toy" is supposed to extend and then retract, just like the 11th Doctor's...well, it USED to retract, but lately, it has stopped doing so - it does NOT retract (some tiny spring came off inside and was rattling around).
Now, what to do about it?
I didn't want to have to pay out the nose online (even Amazon or eBay isn't cheap on these) or have to hunt (here) all over the place for one (Fort Wayne is nowhere CLOSE to being a bastion of science-fiction merchandise).
I contacted the manufacturer, a company called Underground Toys (based in San Diego for USA products), and told them about my plight.
Got MY vote!
Well, they answered my emails very quickly and asked me if I could send along some pictures of the item .. (even though we no longer had the receipt)....not a problem.
Now, I was perfectly fine with having to send the defective item back, but they went a few steps better than that.
They are sending me a (brand new) REPLACEMENT sonic screwdriver, and it's scheduled to arrive today or tomorrow (if the USPS doesn't lose the bugger).
It seems that Underground Toys has a ONE-YEAR warranty on all it's products, and usually requires a copy of the receipt and pictures in order to send a replacement. Nice to see some people stand by their products.
The woman I had the pleasure to work with (Jessica Knaus) is a perfect example of what EXCELLENT customer service is, and I can't say enough about how fantastic this company is regarding customer service.
To me, THIS is what a good WORK ETHIC is all about. I did not expect a full (and free) replacement.
So (and this is for Chris), if you have ANY problems with YOUR sonic, you will know what to do, my friend.
I can say that I have honestly had an experience that was epic!
Yep - works for me.
And at my age, I've seen and dealt with a lot of folks, and I don't hand out compliments for such things that easily. This was a great bit of customer service on their part, and I can't thank them enough.
*** Last back to the garage...there is no substitute for a good relationship.
And this doesn't have to mean JUST in an interpersonal venue...it can mean business dealings, working at a job, or even in the realm of the self.
Yet, how many people will settle for those bad relationships?
Some just go through life, from one bad one to another, even if it's not their own fault.
Well, there is this co-dependency thing going on.
We see such things with abuse to women...or even children.
Others are too scared to leave a bad relationship, and fear can take many faces.
But what about the relationship we have with ourselves?
How comfortable are we when dealing with "us"?
Do we confront that which we need to, or do we just bypass it "for the time being", until  it's too late to do anything about whatever issue we might have?
How we deal with ourselves is every bit as important as how we are able to deal with others.
We have to be HONEST with ourselves.
We have to be comfortable WITH who we are, because we'll probably spend MORE time with us than anyone else, right?
We should be the kind of person we would like to be with, were we to look as an outsider in an objective manner.
We have to like ourselves NOT in spite of whatever shortcomings we may see, but BECAUSE of them.
Then, and only then, can we extend such feelings to others.
So, wherever you go, the main focus is to be the kind of you that takes that extra step, goes that extra mile, and does what is needed (when required) to make you a BETTER you.
After all, life is often too short a journey to not be prepared in such a proper manner, right?
And, the worst that can happen is that YOU are more than the sum of your parts...not bad for starters, hmm?
Do have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Frijid Pink is definitely on my spotify, but if I may diverge from one hit wonders, let me give you an early heads up on future Martin Tens- just added BRAND NEW music from Alabama and... ELO!!!!!!!

National J. Appleseed Day? Another shot at Buffalo Burgers? Maybe not...

Chocolate Milk Day!!!!

Hi, Penelope! How's bird hunting up there? (Some of those are angels, you know...)

WOW! Wish I'd kept the receipt for my sonic... or the packaging, lol! (I may have tossed the pack in the closet, and the receipt, who knows, it was a Christmas gift). Hopefully mine will hold up without defects. I'd hate to be sonic-less with a 2,000 year lifetime to go!

Bob G. said...

--Oh, I am liking the ELO gig.
(Face The Music is my favorite album of theirs)

--They do sell Bison meat at Krogers...just sayin'...lol.

--Every day can be chocolate milk day in MY book!

--I'd have to say that "Penny" earned her OWN wings on cuteness alone.

--I'm not "exactly" sonic-less...still got #s 10 and 12, too.
(can never have ENOUGH sonics)
Looking for a good price for a new #4.
I bought an EARLY version WAY back several lifetimes ago at a Con in Philly.
It gave up the ghost some years back.

Thanks much for materializing here today to comment.

Have a great weekend & do stay safe (and Dalek-free) up there, brother.