21 September 2015

Monday Musings...
And, we're off and running (figuratively, that is) as we start another week in the Heartland and all across America.
Now, if you really liked yesterday's weather, you're in for a treat...another day like Sunday.
Our Hoosierland weather will have sunny skies, temps around the low 70s and no precipitation.
That's sure to make life's difficulties easier to take, hmm?
In the meantime, let's get that nice comforting morning drink poured as we set off into another one of our 24-hour long excursions into that curious thing we call life, shall we?
*** First off of the shoe rack today is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
September 21 -
(hard to find anything other than Pecan Sandys these days)
(A day of AWARENESS...we're not saying the world HAS Alzheimer's, although that alone might solve some of the world's ills)
(which if the world had Alzheimer's, many around the globe would NOT be killing one another)
Break out the tie-dyes, you tree-huggers.
*** Next up, I'm very surprised that we didn't have someone shot over the weekend.
Fort Wayne WAS trending along those lines in recent weeks...shoot someone on Friday, report it Saturday and release information a few days after that...the typical method we're seeing. Didn't even hear about a stabbing, and to me, that seemed odd, because "the natives" were a bit on the restless side (as they tend to get a couple weeks into their monthly welfare recharge. The middle of the month seems to be most active for these mooks.
Hell, I didn't even hear of any armed robberies, but that's not to say we didn't have crime...we ALWAYS have crime.
But, we shouldn't fear...these people will no doubt recover from their slothfulness and be active soon enough (oh, joy).
*** Next, as predicted, Sec. of State John Kerry (aka Herman Munster) stated (yesterday) that the USA will take in an ADDITIONAL 30K refugees from Syria.
And he LIES real well, too.
I would put this WAY down the list of things this country NEEDS to do to maintain it's integrity and safety for it's people.
That should bring the initial number we were quoted, which was 30K (and later found out to be ACTUALLY 70K to around ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND. Sure doesn't look like 30K to me (and there are more on the way. Final tally might be 200K!
Now, whose bright idea was this, and why do we HAVE to be so damn altruistic for people that have no desire to fight for their own freedom?
We're certainly not France in the late 1700s, are we? And who is going to vet these people coming in, to make sure THEY are not part of a greater threat?
How will this impact our schools, our society, and our security in days and years to come?
Are we trying to make America a MUSLIM nation?
Yeah, that might be quite a jump, but the potential is there, make NO mistake.
*** Next up, I wanted to put a link to an article in today's paper about "teaching authority" to children, but, as usual, when I try to FIND the online copy, it's NOT THERE.
The column, written by one John  Rosemond (it's not even at his own website, go figure) is about obedience through authority. for children.
But, I did (finally) find a source link, so here it is:
I love the first sentence: "A child's natural response to the proper presentation of authority is obedience."
The article does a nice job of laying the groundwork for obedience, which was something my parents were keen when I was growing up.
And their answers were similar to the ones mentioned in the column.
Six "steps" are mentioned, and they are:
1) Do not bend over and get down to the child's level, for that signifies a "pleading posture".
2) Use the fewest words possible (it's okay to be terse)
3) Do not explain yourself - that stimulates argument (and kids pick up on this more tha  you know)
4) If a child wants an explanation, say "Because I SAID SO". (always worked with me)
5) Do not end an instruction with "OK?" You are giving direction and not a suggestion.
6) After giving the instruction, turn and walk away.Standing there invites push-back.
Sound advice, if you ask me...and it must have worked, because I have no problem with authority, as long as that authority does not abuse it's privilege  IN that authority and doesn't demand something that goes against my principles and values.
*** Next, The Johnny Appleseed Festival seemed to be a success, in spite of some rainy weather on Saturday.
And NO "hard" cider...
Attendance totals were around the 225K mark, falling short of the )hoped for) 250K numbers.
Oh, well, there is always NEXT year, right?
*** Next up, Al Sharpton is due in our city tonight, and we're not hearing much about it, but you can rest assured the media will cover it, for what that's worth.
Don't you point at ME, "rev"...
Personally, the farther he stays from our city...the better, but then again, I;m not all that keen on race-baiting leftists who want certain people of our population to be MORE EQUAL that the rest, and at the cost to the taxpaying workers of this nation.
Pay your damn taxes, Al, and stop looking for trouble where there isn't any.
*** Next, and on a lighter note...had a blast watching all he DOCTOR WHO episodes being aired this weekend on BBC America channel.
The payoff came when the season 9 premiere aired at 9 PM Saturday - very well written episode with a cliffhanger attached.
Should be a good reason to want to see THIS Saturday get here with dispatch.
Just touch these two wires together...
Even saw a couple of the old Tom Baker episodes, which are long on dialog and short of special effects (although there was some good model work).
Sure, the effects could be considered "cheesy" by today's standards, but it's cool to revisit.
*** Last back to the sock drawer...Authority takes MANY shapes, and most of them are good, provisionally-speaking.
The reasons we have authority are varied but with purpose.
We need it to maintain a level of order, whether it's in our society, our family, or on the job.
We need authority as a learning tool - to teach those who don't comprehend it to better (and fully) understand it and WHY we need it.
And, as with most anything in life, it starts from WITHIN each of us.
ALL parts to authority.
We are our first line of authority...everything else is on an ancillary level.
If we are raised with a good idea of what ethical behavior and morality are, then we are better able to become our own authority - to keep ourselves 'in line" as it were.
When we ask ourselves questions about how we make decisions, we usually have an answer, based on the authorities that have been teaching us throughout life.
And decision-making queries pop up thousands of times per day for ALL of us...that's a pretty hefty weight to bear, but many times, we don't even give it that second thought. We decide, than act.
Most every time, we can make that good choice, too.
But, when authority breaks down, or is never properly engaged in our lives, the inevitable shit happens...and we are the hapless recipients.
Without people being authoritative as we grow up and develop into adulthood, we never come to realize the importance of such a principle.
And, as can be expected, our prisons are full of such people.
Now, we see an aversion TO authority, basically in the form of anti-law-enforcement rhetoric, and that's a path that any society should never choose to walk down. It fosters a sense of anarchy, and with that a breakdown of those values that initially made our nation.
We also have to be wary of anything done for it's OWN sake...there has to be a reason...a purpose and not some knee-jerk response.
Like I'm find of saying...we can ALWAYS do better, and we should always try, because life is too short and too precious to waste.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


A Beer For The Shower said...

I don't even have kids and I think that's a great article. I think a big mistake people make is assuming you can talk to a kid like you can talk to another adult. You really can't. I know that, and again, I don't even have kids.

Also, it amuses me when I see people talking about not having any need for authority. Okay, so you're smarter than the average bear (or so you think). Great. That doesn't mean that the average, or even worse, the below average person can just rule and guide themselves. If you think anarchy is better than some kind of organized society, go ahead, move somewhere else and try it out. But don't bring the rest of us down.

Bob G. said...

I know...neither do I (that I'm aware of, lol) Guess that's why we CALL them PARENTS for a reason, hmm?
(and CHILDREN for the same reason)

And you certainly cannot command respect AS an adult by talking to a child AS a child...not gonna work.
(baby talk to an infant is another story...so is talking to squirrels and rabbits, trust me)

That's EXACTLY it w/ authority.
In a world whee everyone would be prefect, maybe it's NOT needed, but until we can figure out a better manner to conduct ourselves through life, we need SOME authority.
And yes, there may be times where seeking truth requires questioning OF that authority, should it seek to go beyond it's own limits.

Thanks much for taking time to drop by and comment.

Stay safe (and always classy) out there, guys.

ms nk rey said...

I have 3 kids.. that I know of... each one is a productive member of society. They are hard working, respectful and kind hearted. I wasn't real hard on them and let them learn from their mistakes. I just spoke to them as people in language appropriate for their age. I did somehow raised 3 men I am incredibly proud of.

Bob G. said...

I firmly believe that you talk to people in the way you described.
FIRM is better than hard and more productive than easy.

Talking DOWN to anyone (children or adults) doesn't serve any purpose.

My parents never tried to be my "friend" either (as some modern-day child psychologists promote)...they were my PARENTS first and foremost, and were never afraid to let me know that.
Looks like you were much the same and have had wonderful results...that last generations.

Thanks for stopping by to comment today.

Stay safe down there, dear.

CWMartin said...

MS Nk Rey- "...that I know of..." lol!

Another 30,000 refugees... or in other words, "another 30,000 undeserving Democratic voters." Not hard to see where the Helping Hand is reaching...

Sorry about Appleseed... explain myself in my post in a bit.

Al Sharpton- hopefully he'll step up and help the Fort get that one-shooting-per-week thing...

Bob G. said...

She's a hoot, believe you me.

Yeah, they want those voters ONE way or another...and at the cost of these United States. In earlier times, such people would be HANGED for such sedition.

I figured you went to it...we didn't.

Oh, you can bet Sharpton will have way too much to say abut things like "police reform" to suit me.
MY hope is that he's forgotten about as soon as possible.

Thanks for swinging on by today to comment.

Stay safe up there brother.