16 October 2015

Friday Follies...
To some of you out there this morning, it might actually seem to be on the chilly side.
Now, it's not an illusion...in the Midwest, it dropped to the upper THIRTIES last night. That frost may be on the pumpkin within the next 48 hours, too, so be warned.
Welcome to the end of another exciting angst-filled week, folks.
Our Hoosierland weather will provide us with mostly sunny skies with temps only reaching into the upper FIFTIES, so you might want to  dig out a sweater, light jacket, or sweatshirt...(and please, NO satin shorts (I'm talking to our "locals" here...lol)
If that doesn't have you wanting to warm up your cider...not much else will.
And speaking of which, let's grab a soothing cup or glass of some Friday Fortitude as we set about seeing what is and what will be going on elsewhere.
*** First off of the runway is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
October 16 -
(NOT to be confused with LIQUOR day, which, judging by the number of traffic accidents around here is EVERY damn day for some morons)
(never hurts to teach yourself a new word or three)
(the only one I knew belonged to  our last good neighbor, and was partially-feral. She had to recently put her down after 14 years, which I've been told is FAR PAST the lifespan of a feral cat, and I'll miss feeding her in the summer)
((ahem - once in a while, NO comment is necessary))
(no, guys...you CAN'T watch..sheesh!)
(stores with departments - whatta novel idea)
---Also, it's WORLD FOOD DAY
(a day to celebrate ALL the food we give to other nations who never appreciate it, while OUR prices constantly rise)
*** And since we're at week's end, let's see what will transpire over the next 72 hours
October 17 -
---Saturday is NATIONAL EDGE DAY
Should be THIS "Edge".
(wonder if this refers to THE Edge (aka David Howell Evans from U2? - helluva guitarist.
This has to really do with the "straight-edge" movement - hardcore punks)
(everybody gets ONE...and ONLY one, got it?)
(I'm thinking LASAGNA here, right Garfield?)
(I thought that was the day I got hitched?)
(I'm taking this to mean poetry from blacks, rather than a "noire" prose)
Stale beer and banana peels - the ONLY fuel we need.
(Sorry, only unleaded in OUR cars, because I can't purchase any 100+ octane at the pumps)
--- AND...it's the INAUGURAL first annual (?) MARTIN (politically-incorrect) NATURE WALK...lol.
Hey, it's not an ESCAPE...it's a RETURN to REALITY, people.
October 18 -
(gonna need some after that nature walk the previous day - heh)
Here's WHY you NEVER piss off your barber.
(no problems with that one these days...)
And there you have it...all the fun things you don't have to miss out on...cool huh?
Moving on...
*** The Peoples Republic of Kalifornia found another thumb to stick up it's ass.
Here's the story link:
Oh, yeah, this will DEFINITELY stop GUN violence, you morons.
Fewer bullets (thanks to unfair taxation) will ensure that all guns are rendered inert...NO EFFIN WAY! Who the hell thinks this shit up?
They need to get off the drugs, put down the kool-aid and get with the REAL program.
This CA bill goes directly against LAW-ABIDING gun owners.
Say good-bye to SAME DAY PURCHASE of ammo there..and IF you can buy some, expect to add another $50 bucks on top of whatever price is paid. THIS is what socialism looks like, people.
Wake the hell up, before these assholes kill you while you're sleeping.
(which is what is gonna happen under such laws)
*** Next up, Bill O'Reilly had a fantastic column this week (I subscribe to the weekly emails), so here's the link to it:
At least HE'S looking out for us.
To me, this is simply brilliant, and speaks the truth to the matter of who we have in the White House.
Our "fearless leader's" LATEST screw up is in the Middle East, where we are going to KEEP several THOUSAND troops there.
Here's that story:
Wow, ANOTHER promise NOT KEPT...who the hell could have thought THAT, hmm?
Add this to the ever-growing list of utter failures from our man-child-in-chief.
And to think this person COULD have represented so much more...and has not delivered on anything but  dismantling much of what this nation took over 200 years to build. Nice one, Barry.
*** Next up, if you're like me, and staring down the corridor of life and seeing a door marked SENIOR not that far away, this might be of some importance to you.
It has to do with keeping Social Security payments STATIC, and that means NO COLA raise!.
(that doesn't mean the elderly won't be getting any Pepsi or RC, though...lol)
The COLA (Cost Of Living Adjustment) refers to raises in payments because of INFLATION...something that is ALWAYS with us.
Here's the story link:
Now while the Social Security payments stay FLAT...MEDICAID premiums are expected to SOAR.
(that's right, let the oldsters die...just as conservatives predicted - shove Grandma off the cliff kinda stuff)
That is just NOT fair to those who have PAID INTO this gig, and are gonna get hosed in the process.
I'll bet the "Welfare Queens" don't have the same plight staring THEM in their taxpayer-funded faces.
Add to this the fact that FOOD PRICES are UP about 1.6%, HOUSING is UP about 3.2%, and MEDICAL CARE has climbed 2.4%
This is NOT how WE should be treating our seniors, while giving away the farm to the youth with all the free stuff.
*** Next, as I mentioned above, Wifey and I are going uptown to visit with Chris and Laurie and to take a "walk through the woods".
First of all, one has to KNOW where to go to meet someone, right?
Seems neither Wifey nor myself bothered to get the ADDRESS for Chris and Laurie ((...record-scratch...!))
Be nice to not have to drive around yelling their names from the car window, hoping they hear us and yell back from their place...that is just awkward.
Anyway, problem solved thanks to some email.text stuff.
Once in a while, technology works FOR you...heh.
You've all seen the great photos Chris has taken of the flora and fauna in his area, so The Lovely Mrs Bobby G. sent him a list of the animals we WISH TO SEE, and I will admit that HER list had higher chances of plausibility than mine.
I wanted to see some LEMURS and RIVER OTTERS, or maybe a mongoose or meerkat
I hear that Bob is stopping by?
Wifey did put a CHUPACABRA on her list, but Chris thinks the chances of seeing THAT are LESS than finding an HONEST Democrat in this city.
Wow, now that's some LOW odds.
Hope Mr Bob likes the bone I got for him....
In any event, I'm sure the time will FLY by (it always does), and that we'll all have a great time (right, Scrappy?).
---And speaking of "walks", if you're downtown (I try not to be), Saturday is another one of those ZOMBIE-WALKS.
(which is MUCH different from a NATURE walk)
Every time I see these people milling about with the ghastly makeup on, trying to be a "Walking Dead Wannabee" in our downtown area, the phrase "DEMOCRATS ON PARADE" keeps coming to mind...wonder why?
I also have this urge to take some "head-shots" - the ONLY way to rid one of zombies.
Needless to say, downtown will remain off limits to me.
*** Next up, You think you've got this Halloween thing covered, right? Well, maybe not AS well as this (obvious) AVENGERS fan:
This guy was on Fox And Friends this morning, and the suit is AWESOME.
Not bad for a construction worker, hmm?
Just what the well-dressed superhero wears these days.
Damn thing's about NINE feet tall, took 2 years to build, and makes all the right sounds plus lights up.
Weighs about 95 lbs and you should know how to walk on drywall "stilts" to access the suit.
I am amazed by the ability of people to explore their passion...and to do it in such a CONSTRUCTIVE manner.
The world needs more people like this and fewer of the ones that cause mayhem.
*** Last back to the hangar...there are many things that, when working in concert with each other, can produce some fantastic things in our society.
And it doesn't have to be JUST a costume. Think about it.
Discoveries that have bettered our lives came sometimes by sheer accident. 
Others came after months or years of laborious struggle, usually in a specific field of endeavor.
Now, we ALL can't be playing in the same league as THOSE people, but we CAN affect similarities in our own lives and immediate "sphere of influence".
We just need a "turn at bat", so to speak.
Humans are very passionate people, and such passion, like most any other emotion (such as fear) can be channeled into a constructive OR destructive manner.
We see the evidence of those who allow their passions to run COUNTER to productivity, right?
Breathe deeply
(yeah the jails are full of those kinda people)
Many of us never really explore what our own passions might be, usually because we're too damn busy with all the other stuff life is tossing at us.
Maybe we need to back up a tad, and take a little time to feed our passions once in a while.
An hour spent listening to music or reading a favorite book...a movie that invokes good memories...or just spending time with friends and family...ALL of these can be part of whatever passion you have in your life.
It doesn't take much effort to reap greater rewards from such things, and that's the really cool part of life.
Still, it does take SOME effort, but aren't we up to such a task?
I'd like to think we are.
Do have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and, as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Sweetest Day... I used to have fun with that... not so much now.

Hopefully we can do the walks as an annual/semi-annual thing. Nice to have traditions. And we might hit a year when it ain't so darn COLD!

Good, I don't have to shave until Sunday now, lol!

I fail to understand the liberal thought process that says "If I'm nice to you, you'll be nice to me. If I'm mean to you, you'll go away."Can't wait to see (from afar off) what they'll do when it's just them and the thugs... like the Anti-Christ'll help them...

I really think that we should "segregate" Opossum's out and out lies from the "checks his mouth wrote". I mean, there's plenty of both, and we should try to be more accurate than HE is. This one falls in the second category. Not that there's a real diff, just this way you don't have to defend yourself against the lib semantics playas.

The COLA thing- you are on the right track. Thinly disguised herd-thinning, the flip side of the abortion coin. Same side as the shoddy treatment at VA.

Scrappy's looking forward to it- gonna be hard to convince him to wait a couple hours after I get off work.

But setting the percentage thing right for those who stumble in here, besides me, here are the percentages I quoted:

"odds of receiving (varies with local soccer playing): Squirrel 95% Deer 15% owl 3% eagle and chupacabra dontmakemelaugh%, fox 1% bluebirds 1%...river otters >1%, beavers yeahright% and Lemurs Ithinkyougotthewrong address%" Laurie wondered if we were walking to Franke Park...

Bob G. said...

--If you mean the blood sugar thing, I understand
--Yeah, that would be great...and maybe when it's NOT 90+ degrees (on the top side of the thermometer).
--Scrappy AND Scruffy...LOL
--ROFL...that's exactly what they believe!
(rude awakening time)
--How about a COLOR CODE...like the threat-assessment chart the DHS uses?
--This is all incremental...bits and shards here and there...
--I look forward to making a new 4-legged friend.
--Soccer players? FEMALE???
(not a chance in Hades, I know)
Dare we EVER be THAT ambitious?
(perhaps not)

Hey, we're looking forward to tomorrow.
(got my "o-fish-ull" walking stick, too.

Thanks for stopping on by to comment.
Stay safe.
Catch 'ya on the flip-side, brother!

CWMartin said...

Actually, on the Sweetest thing, I was more reffing the fact that I'm much too old and broke down to flirt THAT way anymore...

Scrap n Scruff, works for me!

Bob G. said...

--Ahh, roger that on the sweetest thing.
--Scrap and Scruff...sounds like a new cartoon show for kids...LOL!

Phil Marx said...

Greetings, Bob. Long time no see, eh? I will be in FW this coming Wednesday. Any chance of finding you around if I stop by in the morning? I have a gift for you.

Bob G. said...

Well, my friend, it has INDEED been a (very) long time.
I will be here (you know the place), and will be happy to see you and "catch up" as it were.
And as long as the gist isn't MOVING, it will be well-received...LOL.

See you soon.

Phil Marx said...

A gift from my garden. And no, it's not those feral cats that have been hiding there :)

See you on Wednesday, perhaps late morning-ish.

Bob G. said...

Feral cats...ROFL...JUST what I don't need.
(got enough FERAL neighbors these days...HA!)

I'll be looking for'ya then.
You can park in your "usual' spot (our driveway with the KEEP OUT sign...LOL.

Catch 'ya Wednesday, boss!