30 October 2015

Friday Follies...
Now THIS is the way to have yourself a Friday - end of the week and the end of the month (well, that's tomorrow, actually).
And we all know what tomorrow is.
It's not going to be as blustery as yesterday, that's for sure.
(but those winds helped a little to clear some of the leaves away).
Our Hoosierland weather sees us with partly to mostly cloudy skies, highs around the mid-50s, and that's pretty much all she wrote, as they say.
(good day to rake some MORE leaves...)
Now, let's all get our morning drinks poured and parked nearby as we see what''s going on today and over the weekend...
*** First out of the haunted mansion is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
October 30 -
(never developed a taste for that, but it makes GREAT slingshot ammo)
(uh, waiter...check please)
(wonder if Olive Garden is prepared for the onslaught?)
(Don't want to buy me any pharmacies)
(I don't need publicity...I LIKE staying as far under the radar as ossible)
(that's pronounced  fronk-en-shteen!)
*** And since it's the weekend, let's see what takes place over the following 48 hours:
October 31 -
(how apropos)
(on a day where kids are knocking on your door...cute)
(Oh, the things I wish I could make disappear)
(Juliette Gordon Low - better to be found...than lost, on any day, and on a stamp)
---And, it is HALLOWEEN
(please check my archive posts from past years for October 31st for my take on the whole beg-a-thon)
Okay, THIS will take a bit, so bear with me...it IS the first of the new month, after all:
Monthly events:
Adopt A Senior Pet Month
Aviation History Month
Banana Pudding Lovers Month
Diabetic Eye Disease Month
Epilepsy Awareness Month
Family Stories Month
Gluten-Free Diet Awareness Month
Greens and Plantains Month
Historic Bridge Awareness Month
International Drum (Percussion) Month
Lung Cancer Awareness Month
MADD’s Tie One On For Safety Holiday Campaign (11/16-12/31)
Military Family Appreciation Month
National Adoption Month
National Alzheimer’s Disease Month
National COPD Month
National Diabetes Month
National Family Caregivers Month
National Fun with Fondue Month
National Georgia Pecan Month
National Gratitude Month*
National Home Care & Hospice Month
National Impotency Month
National Inspirational Role Models Month
National Life Writing Month
National Long-term Care Awareness Month
National Marrow Awareness Month
National Medical Science Liaison (MSL) Awareness & Appreciation Month
National Native American Heritage Month
National Family Literacy Month
National Novel Writing Month
National Peanut Butter Lovers Month
National Pepper Month
National Pet Cancer Awareness Month
National Pomegranate Month
National PPSI AIDS Awareness Month
National Raisin Bread Month
National Roasting Month
National Scholarship Month
Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month
Prematurity Awareness Month
PTA Healthy Lifestyles Month
Spinach and Squash Month
Sweet Potato Awareness Month 
(See also February)
NoSHAVEmber (US – Beard Month or Movember 
(Australia – Moustache Month )
Vegan Month
Worldwide Bereaved Siblings Month
Sherlock Holmes Weekend: 1-3 (Also March 15-17)
National Fig Week: 1-7
National Patient Accessibility Week: 1-7
World Communication Week: 1-7
Health Information and Technology Week: 3-9
International Fraud Awareness Week: 3-9
National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week: 3-9
National Nurse Practioner’s Week: 3-9
National Rad Tech Week: 3-9
Give Wildlife A Brake! Week: 4-8 Link (First Week)
Intimate Apparel Week: 4-8 (Feb. 4-8, May 6-10, Aug. 5-9, Nov. 4-8)
Dear Santa Letter Week: 7-13
Pursuit of Happiness Week: 7-13
Geography Awareness Week: 9-15 (2nd Full Week)
National Hunger & Homeless Awareness Week: 10-16
National Global Entrepreneurship Week: 10-16 ((2nd Week M-Sun.)
World Kindness Week: 11-17
National Young Reader’s Week: 11-15 (2nd Full Week)
National Donor Sabath: 14-16 (The Fri.Sat.Sun. 2 Weeks Before Thanksgiving)
American Education Week: 16-22 (Always Week Before Thanksgiving)
National Book Awareness Week: 18-23
National Farm-City Week: 22-28 (Week Always Ends on Thanksgiving Day)
Better Conversation Week: 24-30
Church/State Separation Week: 24-30
National Bible Week: 23-29 
(Sunday before Thanksgiving)
National Family Week: 24-30
National Game & Puzzle Week: 24-30
National Deal Week: 27-12/4 
(Week begins on the Wed. aka day before Thanksgiving)
Whew...THAT was a crap-load of stuff!
Now, onto the DAILY gig.
November 1-
(gotta write something first)
(that's a non-event down here around where we live - we tend to have tribes, not families)
(why, they never cooked for me ONCE?)
(used to be used as a poultice...look it up)
(the ONLY way I like 'em, such as can be found at Red Lobster!)
(For your teeth, not the hair...or the cat)
(First Sunday in November , make a reminder)
There you have it...ALL the things going on over the weekend, and there's enough there to suit anyone's taste or preferences.
Moving on...
*** Next up...Now, you KNOW this just wouldn't be Fort Wayne without starting the weekend off with a BANG...or several, right?
Make that PLURAL.
So here we go, keep low, keep moving, and keep living...
---This first shooting takes place in a parking lot. Here's the story link:
Another day, another shooting - dumbasses!
Around 2320 Hrs in the Diplomat Apartments parking lot, a man, who was walking to his car, was shot when confronted with someone intent on taking his wallet.
The suspect shot the man in the ankle and was reported in serious condition in hospital.
Three shell casings were found but police did not say if the victim was hit more than once.
No other information is available so you can't help the police, even when they ASK for our help.
---The second shooting involves another "good Samaritan" (rolls eyes) who took a victim to St. Joe hospital. Here's this story:
They got donuts here, right, Sarge?
The shooting was believed to have taken place before 0330 hrs, because they were notified by the hospital shortly AFTER 3 AM about a shooting victim.
Police were told the shooting MAY have taken place at a gas station.
Police eventually located 8 shell casings at the Marathon Station at McKinnie and Lafayette Sts, but it's unclear if that is where the victim was shot.
This victim is also in serious condition.
Okay, can we be ANY more ambiguous??
Now, if I want to facetious here, I COULD say that BOTH shootings are related, simply because both victims are in the SAME hospital condition - serious, and that means it had to be the same shooter who caused the SAME condition to both males.
You see how ludicrous this non-release of information is and how nicely it dissuades the public and police at the same time?
Makes me wonder WHY the public is kept in the dark and fed bullshit...we're NOT (all) mushrooms for God's sake.
The MORE information you can get OUT to the public, and the FASTER you do it is what helps solves cases...at least a lot faster than blind or dumb LUCK, which is a lot of what I'm reading about in this city of late.
Don't give the public anything of substance to go on and then expect miracles with citizens coming forward...not gonna happen, especially with the people you've got infesting the SE side (we call them "the locals").
Note to the FWPD - Help US to help YOU, because it looks like you could USE it.
*** Next up, With ALL the horror flicks with the squirting blood and gore we've been assaulted with for what seems like weeks, leading up to All Hallows Eve, you're probably looking for something a bit different, right?
Well, I've got just the thing..."WHOLLOWEEN"...!
I give it TWO time lord thumbs UP.
BBC America will be airing a Doctor Who marathon this Saturday, starting at 1 PM (and leading up to the new episode at 9 PM)
Here's a taste of the action:

Sure beats all that Michael Meyers/Freddie Kruger/Pumpkinhead stuff any day.
*** Last back to the graveyard...ever notice how people actually ENJOY a good "scare"?
Somehow, having someone jumping out at you at some "funhouse" in the dark causes laughter (and some hairs on your neck to stand up).
Now, this is ALL done for the sake of fantasy, rather than reality, and we all KNOW as much.
So, WHY are we not scared when we see reality and all the social problems that exist around us?
Have we become desensitized from all the fantasy we take in, to the stark reality and therefore shut it out or summarily dismiss it?
That is a dangerous path to tread, and what awaits us at the road's end will not bode well for any of us.
Being scared is GOOD...and NORMAL for most everyone, when properly used and controlled.
Fear is a fantastic motivator. It can summon up heightened levels of awareness, and act to protect us in many ways. It can also work against us, paralyzing us into inaction.
The REALITY of life causes us to face our own fears, as well as the fear that comes from what lies beyond our own front doors.
And most all the time, we put fear in it's proper place, otherwise, none of us would ever venture outside, right?
But, we always have to be mindful of keeping what scares us from entering INSIDE our homes and lives.
It's one helluva "balancing act", facing fear and yet keeping it at arm's length.
It's also a challenge to go anywhere with confidence, knowing that there are those who would prey on any of us at the drop of a hat.
Being aware and practicing common sense is your greatest ally in such times.
And knowing that YOU control your fear - that it does not (or should not) control YOU is the key.
Therein lies the lesson for the week.
Catch all of you next month...and DON'T forget to turn those clocks back by 2 AM Sunday...get that extra hour of sleep...you'll need it.
DO have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

Why is everything on your post about food? Now I am hungry. LOL. I think I like that there are no shots fired lists up there today. Happy Halloween, Bob!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
LOL...hey, nothing wrong with food, in spite of the fallacy that the World Health Organization says that everything we LIKE is gonna kill us...BWAHAHAHAHA!

(tell me another fairy tale., please)

The SHOTS FIRED calls are usually on TUESDAY'S post...back track to then and see all the "fun" we had here in the ghettohood.
We're already closing in on 30 homicides for the year (gonna have to UPDATE my predictions HIGHER...heh).

SO, you ARE going out as SUPERGIRL, right?
Perhaps a Greek SPONGE DIVER??
(I wish - on EITHER one)

Happy Halloween right back at'cha, Kiddo.

Have a great weekend & roll safe down there, dear.

CWMartin said...

Never minded candy corn that much, but it was so ubiquitous that you got sick of it real fast.


Frankenstein Day? Will the SecState be hosting the party?

Historic bridge awareness month... smh.

I always kinda liked raisin bread, but I think it could be okay with a Day or a week. A whole month? DEF-initely overkill.

Sweet Potato awareness month I get in November, but VEGAN month? Two words to that one- Thanks and Giving.

Church/State separation week AND National Bible week. Again, smh. Everything has to be a battle.

National cook for your pets day. BWA-HA-HA-HA!!!!!

On the shootings- Now, Robert, we must give the mushrooms a good impression of our city...

Wholloween... You KNOW somebody at your place is rolling her eyes...

Bob G. said...

--Maybe THAT is why I never got the "taste" for it...lol.
--Gotta have breadsticks!
--KERRY...it's HIS day at LEST!
--Yeah, somethings we DON'T need a bloody MONTH for.
(except breadsticks)
--Seems they take some wind out of the sails with VEGAN month being the SAME month as THANKSGIVING.
--Some folks pick a fight for no OTHER reason, my friend.
--Had a feeling that Scrappy was getting "take out"...LMAO!
--God forbid mushrooms think LESS of us, right?
--Well, if there's ANY eye-rolling to be done, it's NOT gonna be me, my fellow time lord!

Thanks much for stopping by today to comment.

Have a great weekend & stay safe up there, brother.

John DuMond said...

It's candy corn day? I LOVE candy corn. And here I am without any. I guess I'll need to hit up the store tomorrow.

I'm glad to hear the wind blows the leaves out of your yard. In my neighborhood, the wind blows them INTO my yard. I only have one tree left (one died and had to be cut down last year), yet my yard still ends up covered with leaves every year.

Have a happy (and shooting-free) Halloween. :)

Bob G. said...

John D.:
You're a much stronger person than I am w/ the candy corn.
(I will admit I preferred the "other" shapes like the pumpkins, because they tasted MORE like chocolate for some reason.

Well, the wind doesn't EXACTLY blow the leaves OUT of the yard (I could only wish...lol)...it does tend to lump them in certain SPOTS, which makes collecting them is a bit EASIER.
A fence would keep a LOT of those leaves outside your yard, unless neighboring trees are SO tall that they'd blow over it.

We will try to have as PEACEFUL a Halloween as possible.
You have yourself a good weekend.
Remember dressing up as a POLICEMAN might have been cool when we were kids, but now, it's just "offensive" to some and downright DANGEROUS.
Who'da thunk THAT, hmm?

Thanks for commenting.
Stay safe out there, my friend.