27 November 2015

Black Friday Follies...
Well, the turkey's been gobbled, and the leftover parade commences.
NOW, we all can OFFICIALLY start the holiday season, although, by the look of the ads in the papers over the last MONTH, you'd think otherwise.
Yes, we're at the end of the week at last, and even if it IS a bit on the rainy side, the mild conditions aren't as hard to swallow as political rhetoric and governmental lies, right?
Our Hoosierland weather will see the rain continue into tomorrow, with the morning temps of the upper 50s giving way to more "seasonal" conditions as we drop through the 40s by afternoon.
Great day to get out and SHOP (oh, puh-lease)...lol.
So, let's all get our cup of Friday Fortitude poured (I've managed to spill some whiskey in my hazelnut coffee..clumsy me), and see what's been going on outside our humble abodes...
*** First out of the umbrella factory is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
November 27 -
(now THAT one's a KEEPER!)
(boy, could those in D.C. take a cue from THIS one)
(how apropos - right after Thanksgiving)
---It's also FLOSSING DAY
(seems like a no-brainer after yesterday's repast)
---And, it's MAIZE DAY
(no, it's NOT a pluralization of MAY day)
(Okay, now THIS one has got to be made up)
---And, it's BUY NOTHING DAY
(We do plan to celebrate THIS one at our house)
---It's also (sighs) BLACK FRIDAY
(more about this in a minute, so keep reading)
*** Since it's the weekend, let's see what's going on over the next 72 hours:
November 28 -
(Oh, I am on this one like white on rice!)
(time to shop someplace OTHER than a big box)
(Okay, what pot-smoking vegan hippie dreamed this one up?)
November 29 -
(it's better in PERSON, trust me)
---And, it's INTERNATIONAL DAY OF SOLIDARITY WITH THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE (sorry, I sided with ISRAEL a LONG time ago, considering that from a BIBLICAL standpoint, we're ALL descended from the 12 tribes OF Israel)
"As you were, ladies"
AND, the IDF women are a LOT sexier!!!
And there you have it. Plenty of things to keep you OUT of trouble.
Moving on...
*** Next up, do you remember me talking about how "we" were being FORCED (by technology) to bow to whatever was coming down the pike?
Well, if not, let's recap:
As a few examples, let's look at light bulbs. No longer will we be able to have those incandescents around, because the GOVERNMENT wants us to use LESS energy (while those in power fly private jets and drive 10 MPG huge honking SUVs). And while I DO like SOME applications of the newer LED bulbs (for outdoor use only), I'm still not a fan of this "mandate".
Same thing with TELEVISION...they stopped making (and in many cases repairing) the tried and true CRT screen sets (much to my chagrin), and instead tossed all sorts of newer, "smarter" flat-screen LCD, Plasma and LED sets.
Looks like even we will have to bow to this one, because there is no other choice.
And I said a while back that "they" (the powers that now CHARGE us all for the broadcasts we USED to get FOR FREE over the airwaves) wanted to eventually do away with CABLE and SATELLITE TV.
We'll we're one step CLOSER to that happening, and you have NO SAY in it (as usual).
Here's a story that paints the picture:
Cripes, leave it to ANOTHER (unwanted) government agency (the FCC) to louse up another aspect of OUR lives.
Set-top boxes (used by cable and satellite companies) may be going the way of the dodo (thanks to those morons).
What they "want" (read will force) us to do is connect to the INTERNET for TV viewing.
Anyone else hear "Big Brother" coming down the hallway?
Sure the TV suppliers make money off of those boxes, but new "regulations" will attempt to make things into another crap-sandwich (hold the special sauce) for those companies.
And "we" get caught in the middle (as usual).
BTW, no one ever said WHAT those (formerly) FREE airwaves we USED to have beaming TV signals into our homes are to be used for, did they? Where did all those channel frequencies GO, anyway?
Stay tuned for more on this, because you KNOW the screws will be tightening. They always do.
*** Next up, how did Wifey and I manage yesterday?
Well, Wifey's teeth weren't bothering her as much, so she was able to eat some solid food (doc said it would take a day or two), so as usual, I took to the kitchen and "did MY thing".
Not a huge dinner but we have PLENTY of leftovers. I take after my Mom on this one - she always made a decent-sized dinner on Thanksgiving (for the three of us).
And I'm not ashamed to say I can cook with the best of 'em.
It's a humble affair for us. But, I do this not in spite of the empty chairs we have around the table, but BECAUSE of them. I remember times when we had more mouths to feed, more people to chat with during dinner, and a larger family at the table (there were times back in Philly, where we had close to 8 people some years, counting visiting relatives and/or friends)
It's a time of mixed feelings for me, but it's also tradition to do things the right way.
Not to mention that we have another squirrel stopping by, and I have named this one BASHFUL.
"I don't know you, but I like you"
He comes within two feet, but no closer, so I have to drop the peanuts for him to grab. He doesn't take them and run, either. He will sit and eat them, and come back for another.
I was thinking "Son of Wrinkles"? Maybe.
(I can use the company, because I miss the little guy)
We still have PATCHES coming around now and then, so that's a good thing, too.
Then there's ZIPPY - the squirrel that will eat birdseed UNTIL you open the door to give him peanuts. Then, he takes off out of the yard like he was shot from a cannon...LOL.
I said "You can't get fed the good stuff if you don't come and get some". Such a duffus.
We also had a titmouse (with all those sparrows and wrens) and even had a hawk sitting on the fence a couple days ago.
"I heard there was FOOD here".
(that explains why no OTHER critters were around...heh)
We're more than willing to feed most any critter that decides to come by, as long as they STAY to get fed.
*** Next up, yes, it IS BLACK FRIDAY, and we ALL know what that means.
But, do you know the ORIGIN of the term?
Well, you can blame my place of birth for this one. That's right, it's all Philadelphia's fault.
And here's the WIKI to prove it:
The PPD (Philly Police) used the term to describe all the traffic jams and scores of people coming into center city for shopping the day after Thanksgiving, so there was no "endearment" ever attached to the term.
This dates back to 1961, and we used to hear that all the time back then (and even before that)
Rochester (NY) police also coined the term, so, if you want to attribute it to ANYONE, then it would have to be law-enforcement. Cops have this wonderful knack of naming things...LOL.
Philly police also had a BLACK SATURDAY, too (day after black Friday, obviously).
Even the city's Dep Rep (Abe Rosen) was unable to have that (Black) Friday renamed, and he was a big PR guy there.
Black Friday also came before the traditional Army-Navy FOOTBALL game which used to be held in Philly.
(Yeah, it was a logistical nightmare on the streets in and around center city)
The modern connotation of Black Friday has come to refer to the time of year when retailers would be "in the black" on their profit ledgers. Black ink instead of all the red they saw the rest of the year.
(believe that if you will)
Today, it ALSO signifies the dark side of society, with chaos abounding,and rising violence as shoppers become their own worst nightmares.
Now who'da thunk THAT, hmm?
There are more NEGATIVE aspects to this day:
--- Unreasonable demands on retail staff.
--- Health and safety risks due to insufficient staff for crowd management.
--- Selling "derivative" products with lower specs made JUST for Black Friday (bait and switch)
--- Many employees left with no alternative (work all weekend or be fired)
Yeah, 'Tis the season to be JOLLY...right?
(not with all THAT crap going on)
And now you know why "I" have no (personal) interest in all this day AT ALL...it's where and how I was brought up.
*** Last back to "Fortress"...I have no problem with the holiday season.
Normally, I would attach a provision there, but we all know the score.
Holidays bring out BOTH the best AND the worst in people.
Why retailers look to this day as a time to pit person against person beats the hell out of me.
Stores revel in this "competitive" nature of mankind, and all for some "baubles and trinkets".
Life is about so much more than "stuff", if people would only step back and see for themselves.
But, it's never about that these days,
It IS all about stuff...all sorts of stuff, and stuff that's on sale.
(I'd be wary of anything sold on Black Friday, because it's not REALLY one sale)
Retailers mark things UP before Black Friday, and then put them on "sale", which means it still is more than when it was on sale earlier in the year, or it's discontinued merchandise (many times) - this year's model, making way for NEXT year's stuff.
Talk about a crazy crossroads.
A vicious cycle of supply and demand, with YOUR wallet or purse at the heart of it. I say why even bother?
An INFORMED and PATIENT consumer knows more than an uninformed impulsive consumer. (any day of the year)
Better to step away from Black Friday, and just enjoy creation sans the hassles.
Life has enough hassles already, so why add to them, right?
Do have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Boy, I'm gonna have to pass on that Palestinian thing Sunday. I have a thing about celebrating economic parasites.

KC came over and made Hamburger helper for our lunch yesterday, and we split some smoked turkey sandwiches that afternoon. Laurie is currently fishing up some Arbys for us today, so Marie continues to cool her heels.

I wonder if your hawk might have something to do with Wrinkles... Everybody's gotta eat, though.

Laurie made it through Black Friday okay... said they had dribs and drabs until about 5 minutes before she got off, then everybody in the store wanted to check out- and in it's usual wisdom, the store was down to two lanes open (one of them hers) at shift change. Shift change? more like passing the baton, lol.

Bob G. said...

--I have a thing about celebrating those who want to blow up Israel and kill off the Jewish population...I suppose that places us in consensus, right?

--Putting Marie of the "back burner"...okay.
Smoked turkey sandwiches are fine, and Arby's has LOADS of meats (so say the commercials from Darth Vader...LOL)

--Nah, the stray cats (no relation to the rock band) had plans for Wrinkles, but I turned at least ONE of them away.
I'm guessing that he headed off across the Rainbow Bridge.

--Okay, what's WRONG with that picture:
Hey, guys like US can "do the math", can't we?

Maybe WE should be running things?
(Oh, the world would NEVER be ready for THAT one...LMAO!)

Thanks much for stopping on by today to comment.

Have a good weekend,enjoy the Scrappy-walks, and you all stay SAFE up there, brother.