30 December 2015

Humpday Happenings...
Tis the last humpday of the old year, and the new year is coming like a proverbial "jail-on-wheels".
So I guess I best make it a good one, hmm?
Nice to see that rain subside as well as that nasty wind. Seems like we're living on the plains, rather than the upper Midwest, doesn't it?
Our Hoosierland weather for today will see us with more chilly conditions, with an expected high of around 35 degrees, very light winds, and mostly cloudy skies with the possibility of a few SNOW flurries.
(where were you guys on Christmas Eve?)
Anyway, let's secure ourselves a nice WARM drink to chase that morning chill away, 'cause we've more LINKS today than a pack of Jimmy Dean sausage, as we get this show "on the road" and see what has been going on elsewhere...
*** First off of the coffee table is our final WHO SAID THAT? quote of this year:
"Every time you tear a leaf off a calendar, you present a new place for new ideas and progress."
As this year becomes history, I feel we should take this to heart and embrace the opportunity for all things new.
So, who said that?
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at Ridgeleigh Terrace...
*** Next up, is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
Decmeber 30 -
(shouldn't this be reserved for AFTER New Years???)
In case you're wondering, here's the link:
---It's also BACON DAY
That could be every day for me.
Now, if you're wondering why I haven't included Kwanzaa (which began this past Saturday)...
Perhaps this will help (from 2012):
Moving on...
*** Next up, I was greeted with SEVERAL media sources all talking about the SAME thing...imagine that.
And NO, it wasn't anything to do with "King" Henry's THIRD term dreams for downtown and riverfront...or even the "to do list" that includes the SE side (retail growth)...he'll get around to that eventually, right?
This had to do with something I've been crowing about for YEARS (down here) and FINALLY,  it seems to be getting some traction (took longer than the Avengers to get that kind of traction).
We're talking CELEBRATORY GUNFIRE...aka When assholes play with guns on New Year's Eve.
Here's the Frank Gray article and it's a good one:
Frank is not saying anything I haven't said for a LONG time, and we all know WHERE most of this problem is "aimed at" (no pun intended).
It HAS to be the SE side of town, because every damn year (and since most all the whites have left the area) it has gotten WORSE with gunfire on New Year's Eve.
I even have old letters to the editor of the J-G (going back a decade) that make the comparison to civil war re-enactments and downtown Baghdad with all the shooting going on.
And Adam Widener (formerly of WANE) came by and talked about this with me back in 2013.
Last year, WANE did a spot on it, using an AIRSOFT PISTOL.
Cripes, I WISH people used THOSE instead of the ordnance they currently employ.
That would be a god-send!
Now, HERE is THIS year's entry for the "public-service" arena (from WANE):
And HERE is LAST year's link to a similar story:
Is it me, or does "SOME of these things seem like the other"?
Now, if you think there's nothing to this, check THIS story out:
Wow, a bullet coming through a CEILING...wonder HOW the hell THAT happened?
Granted, it WAS an interior shot from a neighbor upstairs, although NO gun was found, a spent shell casing WAS. (it's called "police your brass", you dumbass!)
And firing rounds OTHER than straight up can happen as well, like in THIS story:
The "natives" NEVER listen.
Guess no decent people are supposed to be out late at night in the Summit City?
(no Bob, ONLY on the southeast side)
Nice to hear the media step up, though...even IF the shit-for-brains idiots down here don't pay a damn bit if attention and will shoot off guns anyway.
Thing is (and this is important), the POLICE have to see the shooting going on to ARREST someone, and we know that ain't gonna happen, unless someone wearing a shield gets VERY lucky.
*** Next up, yes, our "king", Mayor Henry IS talking about revitalizing the SE side...not much on addressing the PUBLIC SAFETY issue, however.
A king SHOULD have a legacy.
The videos and the story are telling (and in some cases, damning) as to what the REAL priorities of this reigning mayor and his regime have in store.
While all but glossing OVER the SE side situation (and problems), he does speak a smattering of truth - "The FWPD is doing THE BEST IT CAN". That (to me) speaks VOLUMES.
The main thrust of the interview is about this mayor's LEGACY (as it usually is with ALL democrats).
Better to tout ad nauseum a few (quasi-major) AMENITIES, than speak to rising (and more violent crime),  or the foundering retail business and dilapidated housing down here.
It's not holding part of the population accountable, and ignoring the quality-of-life we ALL should be getting in equal measure, regardless of WHERE we live in this city.
He says "bullets don't have eyes"...SERIOUSLY?
Like I say, if you LISTEN to our mayor, you will hear a lot more than you're supposed to - kinda like being able to "read between the lines".
*** Last back to the bookshelves...it would be SO refreshing if we could STOP being lied to by these politicians.
Yeah, I know that's damn near asking for the moon here, but it rings true, nonetheless.
It's like Chris Martin said in his (very good) post yesterday - 29 December)...the election campaigns are becoming a CLOWN SHOW.
All that's missing is a Fiat 500, done up like a Peter Max painting, and stuffed with twenty of the grease-paint-faced buffoons, designed to make us laugh our asses off and thereby divert our attention.
OMG...it REALLY exists!
Chris has invoked DeTocqueville as well as Joseph DeMaistre when he said: "A nation gets the government it DESERVES. If you want something BETTER...DESERVE IT."
Can't get any more plain and simple that that, can we?
And I get tired of those in "power" knowing what's BEST for me (when they don't know their ass from a hole in the ground), telling me HOW to live MY life (when they're in their ivory towers), demanding that "I" do more (when they do nothing), and calling me every name in the book because I don't follow in lockstep with THEIR agenda (which is as opposite from American normality as east is from west).
I have spent MORE time with me than ANYONE else on this planet, and I think I've got a pretty GOOD idea of how I should live my life, so as not to be a boil on society's ass, or commit any crime for any reason.
If I follow the GOLDEN RULE, there SHOULD be no problems, right?
Like to hope so, anyway/
If there's anything to look forward to NEXT year, it's that we have HOPE.
And not that "other" PC-BS-laced hope that changed the face of this nation, but REAL TRUE HONEST-TO-GOD HOPE.
I think it's high time we sought that out and took it to heart, as well as faith AND courage, rather than be pulled in too many directions for the delight of others. We won't know until we earnestly TRY, right?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

Lots of truth there, Bob. Great post. Sad it's the last humpday of the year. Eek. Where does time go? I'm not ready for the next year yet.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Thanks for the props...much appreciated.
You know me...always shoot from the hip (except when I'm AT THE RANGE...I like to take AIM there...lol)

Not to worry about the last humpday...I got 52 MORE waiting in the wings, Kiddo!

I'm not ready for NEXT year, but I'm taking everything I learned THIS year into it...that should help to NO end, right?

Thanks for rolling up today and commenting.

You stay safe down there, dear.

CWMartin said...

Hah! Bicarb Day- you beat me to my comment!

FNFF Day- now that's just dopey. Mom woulda turned that into "Giddoutta the way of the Vacuum day!"

Maybe we should invent a "Shoot your idiot thug relative to celebrate New Years" Day...

Good closing homily... That Martin guy really knows his stuff, eh?

Bob G. said...

--The way this world spun this year, BICARB just didn't cut it!
--Sounds like BOTH our Moms had the same (and right) idea there...lol.
--Now THAT is one very good idea...and it might free up some housing for homeless VETS along the way...let's pitch it to "downtown".
--Yeah, I might keep him around for a while...likes Doctor Who, knows the Bible, and is a pretty good muse (and friend).
Plus, he's got a great helpmate and beagle. Can't argue with ANY of that.

Thanks for dropping by today to comment.

Stay safe & warm up there, brother.