07 December 2015

Monday Musings...
Welcome to the first FULL week of the last month of this year.
And, it looks like the forecast for our part of the country is going to behave itself (for the time being).
Our Hoosierland weather goes something like this: Clearing skies with a high today around the mid-40s. Got some morning fog up north, but not around here.
Now, that's not bad at all, is it?
In the meantime, let's all get a nice cup or glass of our favorite morning beverage nestled close at hand, as we see what has been going on since last we met.
*** First out of the decoration boxes is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
December 7 -
(more about that farther down)
(seems they should have this when all those county FAIRS are around)
(here's to all the NON-military personnel that make flying possible for everyone)
---It's also the first FULL day of  HANUKKAH which began last evening at sunset.
(dig out the dreidel, let the seven days of gift-giving commence and light that Menorah)
*** Next up, and since I feel like not talking politics OR crime, even though I got a rant working already (plus, even I need a bloody day OFF from all that crap), let's shift gears a bit and take a look at some gift-giving ideas for the others in your life.
Funny, I don't FEEL "cute".
I know it can be pretty damn HARD to find "that special gift" for a loved one, other family member, co-worker or Pollyanna, as well as for the family pet or other assorted critters.
And, that's why I'm bringing you this special PSA to get everyone who's not up to speed well...up to speed.
Now, what do you get your significant other in your life who is not only your help-mate but, most likely your best friend, you ask?
Well, diamonds are SO typical (and usually expensive), so how about something to place ALL her other jewelry in...like THIS?
A JEWEL CASE for ANY time (or space).
And if you've a family pet (they're the FOUR-legged ones), what better way to treat them at Christmas time then with THIS?
The PERFECT pet bed (or kennel)
Or maybe the family dog might prefer something to "weather the weather" when it gets cold outside?
I can see Scrappy walking in THIS.
Let's not forget our "feathered" friends who have to deal with winter weather and a less-than-bountiful food supply by providing them with a PROPER bird-feeder such as this one?
The ONLY way to feed the birds.
Now, if you're like some people, and space is at a premium at this time of year (with people stopping over and sometimes staying for the night perhaps due to inclement weather) there's is always THIS fine gift.
You don't have to be Luke Skywalker to love THIS.
How many times have you went to the kitchen and needed a specific utensil (or even the common bottle-opener), only to find it curiously M.I.A.?
I know I have, and more often than I care to remember, so we now have THESE items available.:
Sonic Utensils (ALSO a matching pizza-cutter)
SALT and PEPPER Daleks???
Everyone NEEDS a real bottle opener.
BEST Christmas cookies yet?
Lightsaber CHOPSTICKS - very cool.
Awww - HIS and HER pillow cases
Now these are but a FEW of the many wonderful items that can be had in time for the Christmas season.
So get shopping, and happy hunting.
*** Next up, over the weekend, I began the yearly "bring out ALL the Christmas stuff, and spread the holiday cheer in EVERY freaking room" of our "Fortress". 
This was after we came back from the grocery and found out our BP GAS CARD had EXPIRED in November when we stopped to fill up (we called about it and they say they mailed it in JULY - sorry, WE never got one and no other items showing up on our billing, thank God). A replacement card is on the way, so I used a regular credit card. Gotta LOVE technology.
Anyway, back to the decorating...
The first thing to tackle were the 15 candles that go in our windows...the ones with the BLUE bulbs.
Almost got them ALL working, too. The LAST one decided to give up the ghost (isn't that always the way...right near the end)?
Fortunately, I had planned for such a scenario, and had an EXTRA candle purchased last year (which means I should get TWO more this year as backups...LOL).
We got lots of extra bulbs last year, so no sweat there.
Time to meet your "cousins"
This week, I will also "bring out the bears", and Chris knows EXACTLY what I'm talking about.
Time to turn the sofa over to the stuffed "friends" that have come to live with us every year since I married the Lovely Mrs. Bobby G. Gonna get a might CROWDED on that living room sofa NOW.
And, naturally, that means means when our cat decides to take over my chair, I sit ON THE FLOOR.
Hey, it's only for about a month, and I'm not THAT crippled up yet.
Getting ALL the other items, and bric-a-brac about the house will take a day or two, so by week's end we'll be looking close to a store display (withOUT the Muzak and whiny kids in strollers around your feet, mind you...heh!)
*** Next up,  (and what means little to nothing unless you're a tried and true WHOVIAN)...how about that season FINALE ("Hell Bent") that aired on BBC America Saturday night? Can you say "WOW"? I did...several times.
The doctor's home-world of Gallifrey has seen better times, but at least it STILL EXISTS.
I had a strong hunch that Ashildr (also known as "Me") was the "hybrid" mentioned in the lead-up to this episode.
And, Clara is not "officially" dead...that's a good thing.
But the REAL cool news - the Doctor gets a new SONIC SCREWDRIVER.
(and it's a real beauty, too)
Nice blue revolving lights, presented to him by his TARDIS (much like the 11th Doctor received when the console gave him a new one at the end of HIS first episode: The Eleventh Hour.
So, you know what THAT means...a NEW TOY to get whenever the hell they decide to make it (and not at some ungodly price, too)
Try to keep it around $20, please. I'm betting Underground Toys will be releasing it.
As to when, I've no idea
(probably early next year - keep your fingers crossed).
You'll get to see this new sonic again on this year's CHRISTMAS special (featuring River Song), so stay tuned in for that (looks to be a keeper).
The only sci-fi show I know that DOES a CHRISTMAS show each season...nice.
We now return you to your regularly-scheduled blog post .
*** Next, it IS the day the Japanese bombed Pearl harbor and here is the WIKI for all the details:
Damn shame that the veterans of that day are getting too few in number, but there are those preserving their stories, as there were as many as the lives that were lost on that tragic day all those years ago.
It was a day which galvanized ALL of America into action against the axis powers.
And we would not stop until THEY surrendered and were beaten.
That was a time when America became united for a common cause, and proudly fought both in theater and on the home front to assure us that victory.
*** Last back to the  family room...I said I would refrain from politics today, but it does become difficult when the powers of opposition and of evil rear their ugly heads and attempt to DENY (or even minimize) Christmas to the many that celebrate it and look to this time of year as a time of joy, hope, and renewal.
Sure, it can be an emotional time for many, but we should always strive to understand the REAL reason for why we celebrate this season, and in the manner we have chosen.
Mainly, it's the traditional and right thing to do, because it tends to bring people TOGETHER, rather than drive them one from another, and Lord knows we have plenty of help driving others away, given the climate of those in authority and their own agendas driving wedges between friends, family and our Creator.
You would be hard pressed to find as many people AGAINST this time of year and the holidays included in it than you would those EMBRACING it with all their hearts and souls.
There are times when even I struggle to make sense of the world, and then I see a mom and little daughter "bell-ringing" outside the grocery (this past weekend), so I do NOT what I'm EXPECTED to do...I do what I WANT to do - I grab me some folding money and put it in their kettle. After a smiling and pleasant exchange of "Merry Christmas" and "God Bless", you simply cannot HELP but be lifted up, and that struggle I had just got a whole lot EASIER to deal with.
And when YOU are lifted up, HIS glory is also magnified for a small act such as that.
The personal and spiritual rewards to you are many times over your sacrifice, because God knows your heart better than you ever could (or ever will). Let's see the heathen dispute that one.
Like I say, it's all those little things that WILL add up and make Christmas that wonderful season again
All we have to do is make ourselves AVAILABLE. HE will do the rest...believe me.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


A Beer For The Shower said...

I love all of those gifts. I actually have an Italian Greyhound, and he would look great (ridiculous) in that AT-AT costume.

And you couldn't have said it any better - make yourself available. That's what it's all about. Usually I'm kind of a bah humbug sort of guy because of the over-commercialization/naysayers, but not this year. I'm letting the true meaning of Christmas carry me and so far it's been an amazing experience.

Bob G. said...

There 'ya go then.
It's not EVERY blog that provides such an array of "perfect" gifts, hmm?
And we've but scratched the surface.

Your canine family member WOULD look great.
(cool AND practical)

Christmas is probably the ONLY holiday each year that provides as much (if not more) GETTING as GIVING.

And some of those gifts..well, you could never put a price tag on them, and they can't be found in ANY aisle of ANY store.
(trust me, I've looked...heh).

Amazing - a good way to put it.
That's a great beginning, isn't it?

Thanks so much for taking time to drop by and comment today.

Stay safe (and classy) out there, guys.

Momma Fargo said...

Great post, Bob. Remembering Pearl Harbor myself and refreshing my history. I thank all those who served then, have served in any capacity, and are serving now. Happy Hanukkah!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:

I was watching History Channel last evening and seeing some of the shows about today back in 1941.
I can't imagine living through that and remember all of that so VIVIDLY.

And if there's something we ALWAYS take from history, it's that we DO indeed need to REMEMBER it, lest we repeat it.

Thanks for rolling up today and commenting.

You stay safe down there, dear.

CWMartin said...

"I can see Scrappy walking in this..." SURE you can...

A weeping angel cookie cutter- that's creepy...

I tried stringing my lights up Saturday... one color out of three lit up after 20 minutes of weaving in and out of the blinds. I unplugged the string and cut it down in pieces. I have new lights, and a new plan... might even get them up tonight...

Let me know when that new sonic comes out. Thank Rassilon we don't have to put up with the ray-bans any more!

I'm still trying to assess what I thought of the episode in a metaphysical way. The show on its own merits was fantastic. But does this mean, we will be hearing, "I am the Doctor. I am 4 1/2 billion years old" now? Also, have you heard about Matt Smith being p.o.ed that River will be on with Capaldi? I guess he got "really cross" at Alex Kingston's wedding last summer. Moffat hinted that Tennant had his nose out of joint, too.

Imagine if Hartnall got cheesed because Pertwee had a Tardis! Nature of the beast, dudes.

Curious how they mentioned about Missy bringing Doc and Clara together in the first place. As with all things Who, I believe this is far from over.

Pearl Harbor is a day we should remember, and remember to be proud of our country again...

It always helps when you get proof you aren't in the fight alone. Nice to have that proof this side of the veil. Strive on, my friend, I'm right behind you.

Bob G. said...

--I said I'd like to see Scrappy IN it...never said FOR HOW LONG...LMAO!

--A Weeping Angel cookie cutter is cool (just don't blink when eating it, and ALWAYS bite the head off FIRST).

--Sometimes, you just HAVE to start anew, especially when working with items made in CHINA! (trust me, and good for you)

--I will keep an ear to the Vortex and you will know WHEN I know.

--Dunno how he'd handle that "age" thingy. Time is all relative to him anyway, right?
Hadn't heard about the "fallout" from the other "doctors"...kinda odd, but maybe even Moffat might be reaching a tad too far. Producers tend to do that w/ the BBC.
(Nathan-Turner had similar problems too after the Baker era)
Hope it doesn't affect the show in general.

--Yeah, the whole Missy-Clara-Ashildr-Doctor gig has got some "interesting" possibilities IF it's not "overused" as a cheap plot-device.

--And remember that we used to FIGHT TO WIN...stalemates were NEVER an option.
It took ALL of America to do that the right way.

--Striving (for me) is fast becoming an "art" form, my friend.
Can never have enough, for without it, we only endure entropy.

Thanks for materializing on over here and commenting.

Stay safe (and Dalek-free) up there, brother.