03 December 2015

Thoughts For Thursday...
Got ourselves a nice light covering of snow on the cars and grass out there this morning, don't we?
Adds a touch of December to the week.
Sure glad it's not the weather out in Colorado.
And speaking of such, our Hoosierland weather won't be that bad to take.
We're looking at partly sunny skies with temps reaching up to around the low 40s.
Just be careful driving out there anyway...it's not summer, got it?
Now, let's all get our comforting morning drinks nearby as we see what's been going on elsewhere...
*** First off of the porch is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"You've got enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something sometime in your life."
This was spoken by our good (and often quoted) friend, Winston Churchill (30 Nov 1974 - 24 Jan 1965).
And if you haven't read it yet, here is his WIKI:
THIS is what a REAL war-leader looks like
It's people like him, who refused to surrender, that helped inspire Britain during WW2.
It was he who warned about the rise of Nazi Germany in the 1930s, and had the right to tell everyone around that "I told you so" when war broke out in Europe.
After the war, and when the conservative party lost the 1945 election, he became "leader of the opposition" to the labour government. It was during this time that he warned about an "iron curtain" of Soviet influence in Europe.
Churchill won the 1951 election and was again PM, concentrating on foreign policies such as the Malayan Emergency, the Mau-Mau uprising, Korean War, and the UK-backed coup in Iran.
He suffered a serious stroke in 1953, and retired as PM in 1955. He remained on as a member of Parliament until 1964. He was awarded a state funeral by Elizabeth the Second after his death in 1965, and in a 2002 poll, was called the "greatest Briton" of all time (take that Elton John).
And he is still considered one of THE most influential people in British history.
*** Next, we have our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
December 3 -
(Wonder how that shakes out for the homeless among us?)
(right on the heels of a mass shooting at a facility FOR disabled cops...there's irony in that)
*** Next up, I'm not going to belabor this latest mass shooting in San Bernardino, but I have a few things to say about it. And I hope to hell it pisses off the leftards to no small degree.
First of all, although this was committed by two "American" citizens, the man and wife team were of MIDDLE EAST descent and ID'ed as Syed Rizwan Farook, age 28,  (a "devout Muslim") and the "missus", Tashfeen Malik, age 27 (neither one sounds "white" to me).
Crime scene and the primary shooter.
But Farook was born in the U.S., although Malik's status was not available (foreign bride perhaps?)
The center where the shooting took place (which killed 14 and injured at least a dozen more) was a rehab facility for disabled POLICE (wow, that sounds ominous - like some grudge against law-enforcement?).
Here's more about this from FOX news:
So, the guy spends a month in Saudi Arabia and gets hitched? Met her online maybe?
Interestingly, Bill O'Reilly called this one last night by saying that the FBI stated that they were not ruling OUT terrorism (but also not admitting to it), which he said meant that such activity was somehow inclusive of this situation.
Don't wanna hear ANY bullshit about "workplace-violence".
I mean, no one with no agenda doesn't suddenly leave a holiday party, gears up, and then comes back to shoot up the place and the people inside WITHOUT some prior (and possibly external) "motivation" right?
What pissed me off was how all the libtards came out from under their rocks (like Diane Feinstein) calling AGAIN for more GUN control, when it's perfectly clear that it was the PEOPLE who carried and shot those guns who are SOLELY to blame here...more knee-jerking, especially by our :Whiner-in-Chief, who had to open his mouth without knowing a damn thing about the situation, just to push gun control.
Hey, moron, 2 of the 4 guns were LEGALLY purchased, and somehow, this lunatic found a way to fly UNDER the radar, so unless you want to go the way of Orwell, just STFU and STFD.
Perhaps we need to look at ANYONE that has ties to the BAD part of the Middle East?
We might just have (in our midst) a nice little group of Manchurian Candidates.
So, HOW do you find them and flush them out, hmm?
THAT will be the test of time for our country, won't it?
And we can avoid scenes like THIS.
Maybe we need to look at the PEOPLE rather than the weapons, as we SHOULD be doing.
Moving on...
*** Next, our own mayor (for life?) "King" Henry holds a presser to announce plans for some "new" SOUTH SIDE RETAIL.
(oh, puh-lease, gimme a damn break)
Always GOOD to be "king".
This same old song-and-dance gets real old real fast, folks.
Anyway, here's the story link (from the J-G):
And here is the link from WANE (decent video):
Now, before we go ANY further, let's cite our monarch for having a very BAD memory.
If you recall...WAY back when the old Southtown Mall property was sold, it was to a "development firm" based out of (take a guess)...MICHIGAN.
And that developer did NOTHING with that property for damn near FIVE years.
It was then mayor Graham Richard who claimed eminent domain to take the property back, raze it, and then have a Wal Mart and Menards able to settle in there. We also got an expensive PSA in the process that would have a rough time paying for itself over the years (as was demonstrated). Damn shame, too. Been there, and it's a great facility.
So WHO do we get to come in and recruit (new) retail for the south side?
An outfit from (you guessed it)...MICHIGAN.
At this point (and with the previous track record) I would RUN FROM anyone from Michigan who wanted to develop ANYTHING in our city. But, we DO have a DEMOCRAT mayor, so you already know what that means.
More talk, more money spent (read wasted) and less action...there 'ya go.
This guy from INDIGO CENTERS started talking about changing the local and national PERCEPTION about retail in our part of town. Not one f$cking word mentioned about the CRIME down here that has chased well over 100 businesses away for close to TWO decades.
Wish we HAD some QUALITY-of-life.
PERCEPTION is one thing, REALITY is another, unless that perception is BASED in reality, which in this case is true.
CRIME most certainly IS a REALITY down here, and business owners KNOW that much.
Just go back to my archive posts from 2 June and 14 July (this year), or FARTHER back to my posts of 5 Aug 2010 or 26 Feb 2007 to see some REALITY.
You cannot JUST get a bunch of businesses to "buy into" this part of town with the reputation it ALREADY has concerning the criminal element...that toilet just ain't gonna flush.
Business owners are not as stupid as (certain) city mayors, and won't build in blighted areas with higher crime. That's a given.
That would make no sense at all, would it?
King Henry is like a LOT of Dumbocrats - got this "fantasyland" mentality, and won't take off the blinders to see what is REALLY going on...typical.
He oughta try living down HERE for just a month...I dare him and every other liberal downtown to walk in someone else's shoes and climb out of their ivory tower.
*** Last back to the patio...the level of stupidity that some people display never ceases to amaze me.
Take the person who has posed as our president for the last 7 (LONG) years...calling for more gun control.
What a dumbass statement to make.
That's like a man (with carpentry background) who wields a hammer and proceeds to kill some schoolkids, and then have someone saying we need MORE HAMMER CONTROL...or the butcher who kills his fellow employees in the meat market and the call goes out for MORE KNIFE or CLEAVER CONTROL.
It's not about whatever DEVICE is used in the commission of a crime...it's about the PERSON who holds that device. And, it's about control OF the people.
It ALWAYS is, and ALWAYS will be.
But, for those living in "Rio Linda", it's about whatever DEVICE is used during a crime, and not a damn thing about those holding or using those devices, be they guns, knives, baseball bats, tire irons, or sock monkeys.
They don't ever define the PROBLEM, but always find some "solution".
And to fall into lockstep and BELIEVE such tripe starts us all down a road we need not tread, for that road is laced with untruths, fallacies, innuendos, and outright lies.
To seek the TRUTH is what we ALL need to do. Stop with all the PC-BS, stop the lies, and stop the leftist socialist rhetoric, for God's sake.
Real Americans desire (and many times demand) the truth. And we won't settle for less.
No sugar-coating required, right?.
We are adults, and need to remember that.
We're not all a bunch of wussified pansies, and should never aspire to become one.
Tell us the truth NOW, because sooner or later, we WILL find it out for ourselves, and then we will hold accountable those who not ONLY deny us that truth, but also LIED to us by telling us something else.
THAT, my friends, you can take to the bank, because it's THE TRUTH.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


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Please can it get here faster? I am ready. I am overwhelmed with news and work. LOL

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I am frying my best to make every THIRD day Friday (that way we can still have those SATURDAYS and SUNDAYS).
Someone keeps messing with that idea.
(I hate when that happens)

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Roll safe clown there, dear.

CWMartin said...

Okay, so as usual I missed this on Time Machine typing night...So I'll sum up by saying, "Consultants from Michigan should be able to look at the Southtown area and say, this feels like home. Maybe a little nicer..."

Bob G. said...

Hey, you're doing THANKSGIVING A WEEK late, so missing this post by ONLY one day...hey, I'm not hanging you out to dry, Buster...LOL.

Yeah, those MI guys probably came in their expensively-suited pants when they looked that area over...HA!

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Stay safe up there, brother.