08 January 2016

Friday Follies...
It's another end to another week...hallelujah!
And it appears that whatever freezing rain we were "supposed" to get which would play havoc with rush hour this morning has not materialized.
No complaints from me (or Wifey) here.
Our Hoosierland weather today will see us with mostly cloudy skies, a better than average chance of rain throughout the day, with temps reaching around 45 degrees, and light breezes.
Not the worst way to kick off the weekend, is it?
So, let's all get ourselves a nice cup or glass of our favorite morning drink as we see what's happening elsewhere.
*** First off of the wine rack is our :"What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
January 8 -
(wear 'em if 'ya got 'em)
(the women and kids are gonna love this one)
(Where's my Heath bar?
Here's the skinny on this:
*** Since it's a FRIDAY, let's see what trouble we can get into over the next 72 hours...
January 9 -
(the nectar is pretty good AND mixes well with rum or whiskey)
(well, that's shocking to hear)
January 10 -
(any day is good for any chocolate)
(they're beyond saving...OH, you mean the BIRD...got it)
(screw it, "global warming" will take care of that this winter...lol)
There we go then...
*** Next, the Christmas tree is officially DOWN for the next 11 months, everything has been squared away, and we're back to the more familiar and banal around the "Fortress".
MUCH easier to spot Zygons now, eh?
And I only have ONE string of lights to check in the process...not bad. Somehow, between the time I took them off the tree and then wrapped them up, part of it crapped out.
(we do have multiple replacement sets...just in case. Always prepared.)
Patches comes by almost every day for a bit.
And we have some critter activity as well.
Not a bad start to a new year (still miss Mr Wrinkles, though. It's not the same).
Yet, we will press on, ever hopeful for making a "new" friend (or several).
*** Next up, our crocodile tear-laden president had a "town hall" meeting on CNN last night (sorry, I was busy watching dishes dry).
I prefer a double-barreled FINGER-GUN.
I gave Anderson Cooper more credit than doing a stint like this. But I WILL say that his line of questioning WAS well done (he could have done more followups, though)
Anyway, here's the gist of what transpired:
Taya had a "mic-drop" moment there. BAM!
Nice to see Taya Kyle (Chris Kyle's widow) talk in opposition to much of what Obummer laments (with VERY defensive body-language to boot)...quite successfully, as well.
Kinda told him to pound sand in a way that would have him actually enjoy the experience...lol
I admire that. And HERE is part of the story the lame-stream media will not reveal:
Imagine that.
While Obummer states he's NOT going to confiscate your guns, these executive "actions" (orders sounds so DICTATORIAL, doesn't it?) are designed to open the door (just a crack) to allow for future confiscation citing parameters established with THESE mandates...it's all smoke and mirrors, getting you to think that these actions are harmless...UNTIL that door gets kicked open and you're there watching your firearms and rights go bye-bye.
Told you...you have to watch BOTH hands with these politicians, especially the LEFTARD ones. They have this diversion down to a science.
*** But there is hope, like the kind from an Indiana legislator, one Marlin Stutzman, who is opposing Obummer's gun-CONTROL measures
And here is the story:
And let's not forget state rep Jim Lucas and HIS bill (House Bill 1056) which would eliminate the license now paid for carrying a firearm (the cost JUST in Fort Wayne is $125 - for a lifetime permit to carry).
Clean record = NO gun license required.
Two voices of reason in our state...not shabby for a start, hmm?
BTW, I did not appreciate that "da prez" blamed INDIANA (my "adopted" state) for guns on the streets of ghettohood Chicago...NOT cool, dude.
*** A Philly police officer is ambushed and shot at 13 times in his cruiser.
Here's the updated story link:
Fortunately, the officer survived the onslaught.
This took place late last night at the intersection of 60th and Spruce (yes, this is the west Philly ghettohood) where PPD officer Jesse Hartnett, 33, a five-year veteran of the department, was flagged down by a man in the street who then opened fire on the cruiser, firing a total of 13 shots from a Glock 17 (which had been STOLEN from a police officer's home 3 years prior)..
Hartnett returned fire wounding the gunman, who was apprehended soon afterward.
Maybe  TWO-OFFICER cars are needed?
Hartnett was taken to hospital and is in critical but stable condition with 3 gunshot wounds and a broken arm.The condition of the shooter was not available.
The story tells the tale regarding a MOTIVE for the ambush of the PPD officer.
*** Okay, so yesterday I mentioned about all the hi-tech crap that's being shoved up into every orifice on our bodies, and how everything is becoming inter-connected, which might not be a good thing for us.
It's everywhere, it's everywhere...!!!
Let's just see what the recent electronics shows are going to be tossing our way so that we BELIEVE our lives will be made better, shall we?
Here's the story link:
Now who really NEEDS a bluetooth for BABIES?
I have to PROGRAM the dog dish?
And what about that SMART DISH for feeding the dog?
(gives pet-owners that Pavlovian power-trip, right?)
And why would I need a fridge that will tell me (or show) me what's INSIDE?
Is my mind that bad off?
Doesn't opening the DOOR take LESS time?
What's so wrong with playing "seek and find" for that perfect late-night snack?
Many foil-covered "mystery foods" get tossed because of such activities like our checking the fridge (when said foods become ad hoc petri dish science experiments, right?
This is getting out of hand.
It's bad enough that we have at least ONE whole generation all but ADDICTED to handheld electronic devices like smartphones. Ask any high school teacher (like Wifey) who has to deal with teens who would rather take a 3-day, out-of-school suspension than give up that damn phone for the remainder of class. And sometimes, the parents are JUST as bad, because they back the kids UP. How is THIS producing better-educated students...I ask you?
Small wonder the Indiana ISTEP+ scores tanked, even though I think we need to STOP teaching to the tests and get back to teaching the curriculum.
Bedroom? Looks more like the ICU!
Oh, and I don't need my bed upstairs to "monitor" my sleep habits...that's MY job.
Tell you...this is not necessarily a good thing for everyone, and definitely a bad thing for many.
*** Last back to the meat locker...how does it feel to be a junkie?
Believe it or not, most ALL of us are...that's a fact.
But, it's not the kind of junkie you think.
We are fast becoming TECH-JUNKIES, like it or not.
And don't bother checking to see how much BETTER your life has become as you add more and more of this "smart tech" to your toy-chest...not gonna happen.
You life is not really better, as in THE JETSONS better, or even STAR TREK better.
It's EASIER, that's for sure; easier to bash, berate, or openly criticize people without having to get face-to-face, and much easier to bully others.
Now, it IS easier to buy stiff, but it's still not that easy to find a LIVE non-Hindu-speaking customer service rep (in America) that does not keep you on the snart phone long enough to drain that cell battery.
It's a lot EASIER to get into a traffic accident, thanks to diverted attention behind the wheel.
Here comes an "OOPS" moment!
It's harder to get people to personally interact in the manner we remember from times past.
See, this whole tech gig is a very sharp two-edged sword, and it WILL cut both ways with ease.
We have smart cars, smart dog bowls, smart houses, smart beds and other major appliances, but we still have the OTHER part of the equation - the PEOPLE, who have not produced a level of intelligence worth of the mastery of all this tech. Smart phones and dumb people - bad combo (imho).
They just follow along and let the tech tell them everything they used to learn for themselves by themselves.
How in God's name is that allowing mankind to evolve?
When fast food employees can be seen on their smartphone after they just took an order says a lot about where we are headed. Like I said...it's become an addiction to so many people.
And to think that one, simple electromagnetic pulse would render ALL of it useless beyond belief.
Then what happens?
Let's hope they have an APP for THAT one, eh?
DO have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Argyle? Not even Hollywood Argyles!

National Joy germ day? meh...

Apricot I liked as baby food... never actually ate one...

Shoot, me and my machine had Static Electricity WEEK this week, despite the copper "diffuser" our former Maintenence man installed (and poked through the belt like a mechanical penis just days later...)

"any day is good for any chocolate..." and I have a stash of 72% in my bedroom (one at a time, once a day, though!)

"they're beyond saving.." You and Al Penwasser NEED to get together, lol!

I took my share down a few days back... Lauries villages and the cross (I'm told that is to be permanent) still up.

Congrats to Taya... didn't see it, but Herman Cain mentioned it on FB. It only takes passing intelligence to do that to our POSUS, though.

Motive of the perp... how about "doing what my POSUS encouraged me to do?"

Scrappy would soon, someway or another, show that smart dish what a stupid idea it is. Geez, people, do we have to be THAT lazy? "In the year 2525..." anyone?

However, the refrigerator-menu intrigues me... especially if you can set a day-reminder to throw the stuff out. Beats peeking under the lid...

Once upon a time, I ate MOST of a can of pork and beans. The remainder was put in a margarine tub where it grew for several months. One night, my nephew and I were skunked and he wanted a piece of toast to settle his stomach. He asked for the margarine... needless to say, when he opened the tub I gave him, he almost needed not worry about his stomach anymore. Little shit, ain't I?

Bob G. said...

--Hey, a former Doctor wore argyles.
--Apricot baby food STILL rocks!
--I can imagine the static that builds up on your machine...(ZZAAPPP!)
--Just NO doing lines cocoa powder, got it?
--They sure ain't the EAGLES of the Roman Gabriel days.
(but they got a new stadium aka white elephant)
--Well, we won't fault you for practicing that hasty thing the secular humanists dislike - CHRISTIANITY.
Good for you guys!
--I hope Herman Cain took da prez "to school".
--Sounds like a plausible motive there.
--At this rate, the year 2525 will come a LOT sooner!
--Nah, peeking under the lid is fun...get to see HOW FAR the mold growth has gone.
(penicillin anyone?)
--Well, there IS a hierarchy to "long-term" storage and mold growth.
Keep moving an item DOWN a shelf every week or so.
When it's in the CRISPER bin...time to check it and/or chuck it.
(works like a charm)

Thanks for providing some smiles today (helps deal with the rain)
Have yourselves a great weekend & stay safe, dry & warm up there, brother.

catererin said...

When you said national Eagles day, it reminded me of 2 things. First, it reminded me of my favorite song in the world I listen to almost daily on Youtube. we sing it a lot during Mass in the Catholic faith, On Eagle's Wings! beautiful hymn! when I vacationed in North Carolina this past summer, saw many of them! beautiful birds as well!

Bob G. said...


I will definitely LISTEN to that YouTube hymn (having been a choir member a few lifetimes ago).
I've only seen two in the wild, and at some distance away.
Saw a few at zoos, though and one at a show which featured TRAINED eagles...that was cool.
A large, beautiful, and majestic bird indeed.

Thank you for taking time to stop by and comment.

Stay safe out there.