29 January 2016

Friday Follies...
Weekend, here we come...!
(and about damn time, too)
Welcome to the final Friday and weekend for the first month of this still rather "new" year.
Next week, we get to begin anew with February and all the fun that comes with it.
Our Hoosierland weather will see us with mostly cloudy skies once again, and highs today around the freezing mark, We might well see some snow showers today with minor accumulation, so you might want to keep that brush for the car handy. Such conditions could make travel a but on the slick side, especially on the side streets and overpasses, so take the appropriate caution.
Now, with that behind us, let's get our cup of Friday Fortitude poured as we look to this day and see that's going on.
*** First off of the salt truck is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
January 29 -
(Life is puzzle enough for me these days...and the pieces are so small...LOL)
( I "like" them, but I'd much rather have plain old potato chips.)
*** Since it's the end of the week, let's see what trouble we can get into over the next 72 hours:
January 30 -
(nothing like a BK egg and sausage one...or several...lol)
January 31 -
(thought that was most days at City Hall and Washington D.C.?)
(or, you could just look at yesterday's post and see Michaelangelo's stuff)
And there you have it...a few things to keep yourself occupied.
*** Next up...no, I did not watch the GOP debate last night. I think I've started LENT early and given up politics for the time being. I really don't give a flying you-know-what about all the "Trump" garbage and whatever fallout comes with it.
I will say that while he says things a LOT of people want to hear, he's still a bit of a bully.
And he doesn't take well to oppositional circumstances (sound familiar?) like that guy already in the White House, who has overstayed his welcome in the past 8 years.
Let's just say the more YOU "do your own homework", the better off and the more knowledgeable you will be.
---What I DID watch was the second half of the CW pilot of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and I have to say, it did not disappoint.
While I'm already a Doctor Who fan of several decades (you couldn't tell by now?) THIS new show takes a different path along the whole "time travel" genre of science fiction and fantasy.
To PURPOSELY go to a SPECIFIC time and place just to meet yourself without causing a paradox, is a good take on the H.G. Wells original story.
Arthur Darvill proves that he can be a ":doctor": in his own right and is every bit as capable an actor, as was demonstrated in BBC's Doctor Who and Broadchurch.
Toss in loads of action sequences as well as some really good writing, and this show should be here for a while.
*** Next up, ANOTHER robbery at Southgate Plaza.
Getting to be a "popular" place (for crime) of late. Here's the story:
This took place at the Chase bank  located in the 300 block of E Pettit in Southgate Plaza yesterday around 1049 hrs. And, they did mention that the perp was either Hispanic of light-skinned black. (I'd run w/ the latter)
I'm surprised the FWPD was so forthcoming with information (for a welcome change).
Maybe some of them bother to read this blog?
It IS kinda hard to hide bank robberies, because it becomes a FEDERAL affair.
BTW, those "shoulder straps" are called EPAULETS.
Try using a dictionary once in a while.
It amazes me that people don't even need a damn GUN to get away with cash around here...or prescrip-meds...or whatever else these crims desire. ALL that's required is a damn NOTE (like the ones that used to excuse you from gym class)
Let's try that one...
"Dear store clerk or cashier: 
Please allow my son to take cash from you, because he is worthless and cannot hold a job. If he wants something else like malt liquor or cigars, let him take them as well. He's really a good boy who is going through a rough time. Thank you. Sincerely, His Mom (I think)."
Then, when that fails, stick your hand in a pocket and grab that non-existent "finger gun"...that works too.
I guess one might say that guns are a last resort for some robbers.
And REAL guns are more so, for you KNOW that replica guns ARE used..
What's needed are more clerks with real pistols who pull THEIRS FIRST to "dissuade" these robbers when they want some of OUR "free shit", for we all know that such theft steals from EVERYONE...right?
*** Next, It's THAT time of year once again in Fort Wayne.
Time to play "Count the Homeless"
Here's the story link:
Now, while I feel for those who, through whatever circumstance find themselves without a place to call "home", I do find it a bit disturbing that this city all but turns it into an annual "event"...like the 3 Rivers Festival, or the Monarch Festival out at Eagle Marsh.
All that's missing are free t-shirts (which in cold weather, would actually be a godsend to many homeless).
Last year we had 553 homeless and that's too many. Hell, ONE is too many (imho), for in today's world, with all that we have at our disposal, we can't get the homeless off our streets (or out from under bridges) in Fort Wayne.
Think about this, though...we have MORE homeless on our streets than we have CITY POLICE OFFICERS.
NO homeless people wanted HERE.
What is wrong with that picture?
(recruit the homeless as LEOs? Not my FIRST choice.)
While our fair city looks to spruce up the DOWNTOWN...and the RIVERFRONT...these homeless become a "blight" on the city.
I suppose it could be worse, like in NYC, where that proposal to decriminalize public urination is being "floated" (no pun  intended).
Or what about what they did in San Francisco...that new concrete PUBLIC URINAL right smack dab in Dolores Park?
Here's THAT story:
A PUBLIC urinal...how "novel" (and filthy)
Yep, for some odd reason, the leftards are all for pissing in PUBLIC.
When the hell did THAT become an issue?
They SAY this is to: "combat the scourge of public urination".
Okay, this qualifies as a "WTF???" moment.
Where's the PUBLIC litter pan?
You "cure" public pissing by creating a MEANS for people to DO EXACTLY THAT?
What the hell kind of freaking LOGIC are you morons operating on, anyway?
This is Bizarro World, folks...no doubt about that.
*** Next up, Belinda Lewis, department head of Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control is retiring.
I for one, will be sad to see her leave, as she ran one of a few departments in the city that actually DID something to make things better.
Here's the story link:
She's been a true asset to the city, and it looks like Amy Jo Sites will take over as department head. Amy Jo is good people too, so Belinda is leaving Animal Care and Control in good hands.
I say, if you have the opportunity to retire early...go for it.
Life is too short to work yourself into an early grave.
*** Last back to the garage...It certainly takes ALL kinds of people to make up the world.
And, sadly we all too often hear about the BAD people, because they are newsworthy.
But, we also hear about them (I think) as a way to remind us of what NOT to become.
Same can be said for the GOOD people.
We hear or read stories about them and hopefully try to emulate them at some level, because of who they are...think role models here.
If there is one thing we can never have enough of, it's positive role models.
Lord knows we have an abundance of the BAD ones in every venue you can name.
So, our job becomes one of discernment...separating the "wheat from the chaff", as it were.
We need to get future generations acquainted with the GOOD role models, and decry the bad ones. And, it's never too early to start the process.
I would prefer that we had the days back from my youth, when good role models far outnumbered the bad ones, but such dreams are hard to recapture.
The best we can do is to keep seeking out the good people, or better yet, try every day to BECOME one of those good people...grow closer to that which we value.
And never settle for who we were the day before, but always find ways to become better than we were yesterday.
Sounds like a plan to me.
Do have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.
See 'ya next month.


Momma Fargo said...

Good day, Bob! It's Friday! Yay! Sad you are sad about your Animal Control person retiring. Those good ones in that field are hard to find. Debate? I am snoozing at those lately. What do you think? I am getting bored with the same rhetoric. Stay safe up there! Have a good weekend.

ms nk rey said...

I sort of admire the fact that Trump is not afraid of the media and stands up for what he believes in. He thought he was mistreated by Fox and called them on it. Right or wrong it was a very brave thing to do. I am going to have to read his book. Hope you and Mrs Bobby G have a great weekend.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Yes...the weekend is HERE>

--You do hate to see good people leave the jobs they've done so well at.
--Snoozing during the debates?
I would like to hear the truth, the whole truth and nothing BUT the truth.
Stop all the muckraking!
Get any and all skeletons out of the closets, take a stand to bring America back "from the edge" and make it that "shining light on the hill" that is used to be.
Nah...not asking for much there, hmm?

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
Have yourself a good weekend and roll safe down there, dear.

Bob G. said...

Oh, I do like that Trump stands up to people, but he tends top go a bit farther than even I would like.
The media needs to know IT'S PLACE, that's for sure.

But, I feel that while calling out FOX showed a level of courage, it would MORE courageous to walk back in with your head up high, rather than bow out.
Still, Trump's event for VETS was a good and noble thing to do.
I really WANT to like him, but he's got a few traits that need to be used in moderation.
And one that needs to be used period.
The word HUMILITY comes to mind (and would go a lot farther than calling people names they don't deserve).
But that's just my thoughts on it. There's a LONG way to go in this election cycle.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
Have a great weekend & stay safe down there, dear.

CWMartin said...

Off subject #1- I just learned we lost another one- Paul Kantner. This is getting ridiculous!

Off subject #2- I had a typical tornado dream last night- pretty common for me. But right at the end, as I surveyed the damage, Boz Scaggs pulls up in the yard in a land rover and says, "Hey, buddy!" Only me...

With you on corn chips. And croissants.

I just left Backwards day at work. Not celebrating that one.

We watched This Old House. I picked on Kevin and Tommy constantly, but Laurie got the best line. Scrappy's whining about his treats, and I tell him, "This is PBS. No treats till 8:25." He jumps up between us to beg some more, and I told him, "PBS isn't Pooch Broadcasting System." Laurie follows with, "No, it stands for Pooch Be Seated." I laughed the rest of the night.

I may have to "back issue" that show. I do like Arthur as an actor and you're making it sound intriguing. But I'm also back issuing X-Files, so we'll see- you know how my attention span is...

Isn't it about time to install tasers in the ceiling along with the sprinkler system?

Your "stream" about the pissing issue (kinda catchy, huh?) pretty much covered the subject. Yellow journalism at its finest, lol!

Bob G. said...

--Yeah, I read about Kantner, and while I wasn't a huge fan of Jefferson Airplane (or starship), I never disliked them either.
All these passings, and we're ONLY ending January...!
--You and Boz Scaggs...LOL.
Funny thing, I had a buddy in high school who called me BOZ. Only person to ever do that in my life.
--Thank God there are now TWO of us...heh.
--LMAO - work DOES have that effect on sane people.
--ROFL...now THAT (PBS/Scrappy) exchange should have made it to YouTube!
--DCsLoT is VERY intriguing...good choice of words there.
Everyone in the ensemble cast has a LOT of backstory that never showed up in either Arrow or The Flash. And the interaction gets tense between them.
--Hey, I'm all for wiring the counter tops with 50,000 volts OR 10 amps...BOTH can kill rather permanently.
--LOL...that's it, leave me smiling with the entire streaming/pissing/yellow journalism thing.
Nicely played.

Have yourselves a great weekend & stay safe up there, brother.