05 February 2016

Friday Follies...
Welcome to the weekend...we finally made it.
And hopefully, it will be a good weekend.
Our Hoosierland weather will see us with a very slight warm-up, with temps rising to just above the freezing mark.
I know it feels like winter outside this morning.
(some are being optimistic and saying as high as 38 degrees) We shall see.
Skies will be partly cloudy throughout the day, and we'll still have mild breezes around.
We're starting the day with clear skies, and a sunrise seems to be forthcoming.
So, let's all get that morning drink poured and parked nearby as we take a look at what's going on elsewhere.
*** First out of the sleeping bag is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
February 5 -
(well, at least it's not sexist...we have LOTS of weather WOMEN...many of them hotter than the forecasts they tout. Must be nice to get PAID for being WRONG half of the time, tight?)
(yeah, not really into that these days...unless Salma Hayek wants to befriend me, and no, it doesn't say "shower with a spouse").
*** And since it's the end of the week, let's see what trouble we can get into other than betting on the Super Bowl.
February 6 -
(hopefully,  this IS a political reference - hate to think Daffy broke a leg.)
(as long as it's blended - no chunks of stuff floating about)
February 7 -
(seen any NEW elements lately...like VIBRANIUM or ADAMANTIUM?)
It's a "Marvel Universe" thing.
(not a bad dish - hold the broccoli, please)
(A Greeting card? Credit card? Gift card? Playing card? No one said WHAT kind of card)
Informed people prefer to know these things.
So there you are...lots of things to keep one's mind off of "the big game"...((yawn)).
Moving on...
*** Next up, you should know that "Shoplifting steals from everyone" is still true but there are some that apparently NEVER heard of that saying.
A shame the police won't after waiting THIS long.
And here's the proof:
Dey be's helpin demselves to shit...and shit.
This took place around 1905 hrs WAY back on JANUARY 12.
(smooth move - nice of the police to provide a video in such a "TIMELY" manner...NOT)
This is becoming more of a chronic thing with the FWPD. This video should have been made public a HELLUVA lot sooner. Now.those jeans are damn near a month old, probably been washed once or twice.
Yes, the FWPD is needing OUR help again (such a regular occurrence in this city of late. Perhaps we should ALL be on the PAYROLL?) Probably catch a LOT more of these kinds of people, too.
These two THIEVES were caught on camera loading up their ill-gotten gain, as they swiped several pairs of jeans, placed them in a large bag and then...just walked the hell out of the store.
Anyone ever hear of LOSS PREVENTION...as in SECURITY personnel in such stores?
I mean Macy's isn't Rural King, so jeans don't cost $9.99 there.
The way this city shakes, they're not going to do much time should they EVER be caught after a month has passed.
(might wanna fix that lock on the "corral", before ALL the horses get away, folks)
*** Next up, there are those times when you see a headline and you KNEW for a long time that it was coming. THIS story is one of those instances:
No way...
What's been a huge pain-in-the-ass for the past several years in America (aside from the OTHER 482 things)?
If you answered the RAISING of the MINIMUM WAGE...go to the head of the class.
Yes way...
And NOW, we find out that it's "time to pay the piper", because the high COST of labor is placing our economy AT RISK...how obvious was this to spot, hmm?
Gee, I seem to remember a LOT of economists and business experts actually saying this would happen...years ago.
It could toss us right back into a recession...thanks, president Obummer!
Oh, and we also have to thank SEIU (and George Soros) for helping this clusterf$ck along to no small end. Time for some "math", friends...
Lemme see...labor costs UP + productivity DOWN + profits DOWN = WE'RE SCREWED...yep, that equation balances nicely.
Plenty of blame HERE, folks.
Got no one to blame here but the FEDS (and the person running our country).
*** Next up...yes, this weekend is "The Big Game" otherwise known as SUPER BOWL 50, or, as it SHOULD be called - "SUPER BOWL L".
I mean they've used ROMAN numerals for the last 49 games, so why change now?
Maybe it's because we've got a generation that has NO concept of Roman numerals?
What the "L" is going on here?
Wouldn't surprise me...they can't write in cursive or properly interact face-to-face either.
Still, while an almost obscene number of people will be watching THIS gladiatorial combat (of sorts) in the pursuit of their "bread and circuses", there are ALWAYS alternatives.
---For instance, we have Animal Planet's PUPPY BOWL (this year is the TWELFTH year or "XII" for those of us who were taught such ancient things.
Here is the lowdown on this event, complete with pregame show:
There you are then.
This begins at 3 PM this Sunday.
But, if you want even more fun, then check out the KITTEN BOWL ("III") on the Hallmark Channel. This starts at 12 PM this Sunday.
On both sites, you can see the starting lineups, videos about the shows and hosts, and none of the "other" hype over advertising revenues for a 30-second bit on that OTHER bowl.
And who doesn't have a soft spot for several hours of four-legged CUTENESS, anyway...hmm?
I know I've been there since the beginning of the Puppy Bowl, and have been watching evcer since. Also saw the inaugural Kitten Bowl 3 years ago...and I will not miss any of it this year.
(and neither should you)
*** Last back to the well-heated tent...you have to admit that there are times when it's MUCH easier to befriend animals (and/or birds) than it is some people.
And, you can certainly understand the hesitancy that animals have towards mankind.
Hell, even I have such reservations regarding my own fellow men (and women), but that's born out of experience and years of paying attention.
Those of you who are pet-owners...be honest...the more people you meet, the MORE you love your pet, right? Doesn't take a genius to figure that out.
(just someone like Mark Twain)
Rare are the times when animals cause problems, but it's ALL too frequently when we see people causing problems, right? In fact, people will go out of their way to cause problems. Nothing "instinctual" about it. Animals, on the other hand DO act on instinct (mostly in the wild), so we can't fault them for being themselves.
I can SO relate to this.
Pets tend to bend those rules, and act upon that fondness they have for us.
We have referred to that as "unconditional love" on so many occasions.
With people, getting them to at least acknowledge their fellow man becomes more of a chore...a "bother" than anything else, and we see the results of such indifference.
One might way we used to have friendlier times in this country, even when it came to one another. Such is not the case these days.
When you can bully people without standing in front of them, or live off of the monetary resources of others (because you're too lazy), or feel the desire to steal from people for personal gain or to feed some self-imposed addiction, that does not denote a FRIENDLY society one damn bit, does it? Quite the reverse.
Would we become fortunate enough to take some time, and stop deluding ourselves when it comes to what our reality is.
Stop the in-fighting, stop the predatory behaviors, and perhaps start over with a more positive outlook for ourselves, one another and this nation.
Yes, that does require persistence and perseverance on our part, but  such actions are not without their own rewards, and when people learn to appreciate that, we ALL do better and become better in the end.
Therein lies the lesson for today.
Do have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Okay, I'm back from yesterday and ready to comment like a boss!!!

Weatherperson's Day? Come back when it's 70...

Shower with a friend? Yeah, guessing that won't be celebrated here, either...

There ARE new elements coming- 4 of them- but no names yet. "Japonium" is one of the candidates.
One of the things I do in boring times (read: work, bathroom) is that I have the Periodic symbols memorized and I'll take lists of things (song lyrics, Bible books, etc) and see how many different of the symbols are contained in them. Not real interesting, true, but I believe using the brain helps fight off alzheimers and it beats your earworm playing 115 verses of You Light Up My Life.

"(not a bad dish - hold the broccoli, please)"- True dat.

I had a card once that read, "You are cordially invited to go screw yourself". Maybe that's the one they meant...

I'm kinda shocked they could get outta Macy's with stuff. Like you said, their stuff ain't cheap, and I can't believe they don't have a shop dick somewhere in the place.

C'mon, Bob! Trying to teach libs consequential math? They just stare at you blankly...

Bob G. said...

--Did not know that JAPONIUM was in the running.
sounds a bit BIGOTED to me...lol.
I did hear there is something called LEFTARDANIUM - tends to have a reverse spin on everything (must be a flawed nucleus).
--Nah, I don't think THAT is the card they mean. And I L/P personnel is appalling, plus, don't MANY stores like that have those plastic "security" gizmos that have to be REMOVED before you can leave the store???
--Well, it COULD be taught, if we had "instructors" that stood over them with 2x4s and whacked their heads every few minutes.
(Instructional therapy much?)
Pavlov's experiment CAN work on the left-minded...LOL.

Hey, thanks for rolling on by and commenting.

Have a good weekend & stay safe up there, brother.