12 February 2016

Friday Follies...
Does it always seem to take longer to reach week's end when it's THIS cold outside?
(seems like it to me)
Yes friends, another "freeze your ass off morning" in the Heartland of America.
If you like yesterday's weather, you WILL like today's - and why would you even LIKE this cold to begin with?
Our Hoosierland forecast will be (this bears repeating) COLD, with temps barely climbing into the 20s (again).Toss in the wind chill, and it feels like SINGLE DIGITS outside, so dress accordingly (for health's sake). Those winds will become gustier this afternoon, and we might see a snow shower.
Doesn't take that long to get frostbitten under THESE conditions.
And do give your vehicles enough time to warm up (all those electronics on board love warmth, too).
Tomorrow will be even COLDER (because we have to tank up the Wifeymobile and I LOVE pumping gas in sub-freezing conditions...lol).
So, let's start the day off with a nice HOT cup of our favorite beverage and lets see what has been going on in all those old, familiar places, shall we?
*** First off of the glacier is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature.
February 12 -
(I suppose ANY pudding works for me)
He could have been a Time Lord.
(never hurts to refresh one's knowledge about this great man)
*** And since the week has reached it's end, let's see what will take place over the following 48 hours:
February 13 -
(hey, if it's PASTA...I'm there!)
February 14 -
Oh, THAT type of organ...got it.
(Never learned the keyboards...I play guitar, harmonica, and recorder, so nothing to donate)
(Yeah, right...another day that needs to be moved to SUMMER)
(Now THIS is something I can cozy up with REAL easy)
---Lastly, it's VALENTINE'S DAY
(already got that one covered).
Here's a link to the "lover's holiday", if you need a reminder:
(never say we're not a fountain of information here)
*** Next, I guess we could title this story  "And, so it begins...".
Here's the link - see for yourselves:
Yep, the city is planning to spend about $1.3 MIL to purchase three buildings where they want to get this riverfront deal going.
The money will come from the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department, which was authorized from the Board of Parks Commissions, and they get the money from the Allen County Fort Wayne Capital Improvement Board, and where THEY get the money from is probably YOUR WALLETS, PURSES, and PAYCHECKS.
Sounds like too many cooks in THAT kitchen already.
Now, if all goes well, the city gets the buildings (to raze - and screw any historical significance), and then can begin this "redevelopment".
But, if the offers for the buildings are DECLINED, well, then the city pulls that tried and true EMINENT DOMAIN card from the bottom of it's deck and TAKES the buildings (offering far less in the process).
Don'cha love the way steamrollers work?
The ONLY time I saw this tactic work PROPERLY was when the city took over the VACANT (for 7 years) area of Southtown Mall (Michigan developer sat on the property as a write-off and did nothing to improve it).
Under Indiana state law, eminent domain can be used because the land "will be transformed for PUBLIC USE".
Well, if THAT'S all it takes...then by all means, go right ahead.
Meanwhile, what about the area near IPFW that was recently "relieved" of a very nice (and shady) TREE LINE, as well as the indigenous fauna that used to dwell there relatively unbothered, in an already wooded area?
Hey, it's OK when they fall by themselves.
What the hell happens to THAT (now barren area), hmm?
Can't see the wildlife moving to the riverfront.
You KNOW that won't happen. The city only cares about RE-development.
*** Next, can this be another SE side case of "cooking after midnight"?
Here's the story link:
ALl the damage is on the inside.
The FWFD was called out to the 4500 block of Gaywood Dr.around 0145 hrs this morning for a single-story house fire.
A woman was rescued from the property, and is in critical condition, but a dog died.
Most of the fire was in the kitchen, family room and dining room (in a house that size, they're pretty much the SAME room). That's a bungalow, probably UNDER 800 sq. ft. total area.
Not fun to be called out on a freezing night, working a 3 inch line that's under pressure, icing up the whole area.
Then again, who tends to cook after midnight, or uses a stove as "auxiliary heating"? I'm just saying...lots of people down here do exactly that (often on the taxpayer's dime because of the Section 8 /HUD/welfare roll)
There are those that need to BE TAUGHT the responsibility of living in a HOUSE (before it burns the hell down further blighting a neighborhood).
*** Next up,  I did like Kevin Leininger's take on our King's "state of the realm" address Wednesday. As always, Leininger provides much of what I've said and believed for years when it comes to the liberal agenda. Here's the link:
Isn't that like ANY democrat?
Tell us the BIG picture and don't ever include the (myriad) DETAILS that will allow those ideas to come to fruition (like how the funding will be procured).
Dangle the keys in front of the baby...always seems to work to keep them amused.
*** Next, yes, this Sunday is Valentine's Day, and the Lovely Mrs. Bobby G. was not forgotten.
In fact, she came home to find 2 dozen roses in a vase on the counter where she puts her purse.
I said to her: "Oh, if that thing's in the way, I can move it for 'ya."
Suffice it to say, she liked the posies.
And I enjoyed getting them for her.
What can I say? I'm one of those anachronistic romantic shlubs (still a few of us around...lol)
*** Last back to the igloo...it doesn't really take much to make people happy.
Thank God some things don't change with either evolution OR time itself.
But lately, we've become a society that seems to thrive more on ANGER, rather than on happiness. The current election cycle bears that out in spades.
Last time I checked, the things in life that can produce happiness (or even contentment) haven't left the planet.
They're all STILL here.
I believe that in today's world, our focus on what used to be important, has been replaced by what is sensational, and that's a bad habit to get into, because it denies us of what we used to know all the things which were better for us.
Face it, happiness IS better than sadness...ANY damn day, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
Still, there IS a proper place for our anger, and when utilized in a correct manner, serves us well, as it can be a very strong motivational factor.
But, when we allow anger to rule US, rather than the other way around, we set ourselves up for all the societal charlatans that come our way with promises of Utopian stability and perfection.
THAT will never happen, and the sooner we all come to know it...the better.
We need to seek out that which keeps our anger under OUR control instead of the control of others.
And, just as we control our anger, we also control the amount of contentment or happiness we can find in our lives.
All we have to do is make the right choice at the right time...and for the right reason.
And that is a habit we can ALL come away better for learning it, right?
DO have yourselves a very good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Happy birthday, Abe!!!


Saw yer flowers... good job. I picked up a cute monkey with a box of assorteds, told her she could share the monkey with Scrappy if she wants. She told Scrappy, "You might get shared with on the candy, but you're not getting my monkey!"

(I couldn't possibly have gotten away with THAT story at Al Penwasser's blog...)

I don't suppose the dog was making a midnight snack... no, prolly not.

Bob G. said...

LMAO...that is one fantastic story.
Monkeys AND chocolates...!
Don't think Scrappy was into cocoa in any form.
Now, about any missing "beggin strips"...

Have yourselves a great weekend.

Stay safe AND warm up there, brother.

(and think about when's a good time to drop on down to our "Fortress".)