18 March 2016

Friday Follies...
Now see, the weekend came as expected (seemed to take a bit longer), but, nevertheless, here we are. And you'll notice a bit of a chill in the air today.
Spring has not "sprung" just yet (but very soon).
Our Hoosierland weather for this day will bring us cooler conditions, partly cloudy skies, lighter winds, and a slight hint of precipitation (don't worry, there's no snow), with temps reaching up to about 47 degrees. Should be an okay weekend as well.
So let's all get that morning cup of Friday Fortitude poured and parked nearby as we see what's been going on elsewhere, hmm?
*** First off of the gun range is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
March 18 -
(we all have 'em, right?)
(Did that truck smell like french fries?)
(didn't know oatmeal came in a lacy variety)
(I love 'em - Wifey does not. She doesn''t know what she's missing)
(to all those who gave all so that others could live)
*** Since it's the weekend, let's take a look at all the things going on over the next 72 hours:
March 19 -
(better than all those UNcertified ones)
(okay, where's those ROLOs?)
(with the current election cycle,. that's WAY too easy)
(time to hit Chik-Fil-A, hmm?)
(how people do this by HAND amazes me)
(I'll have to pass. Never developed a taste for those)
March 20 -
(you knew they had to have one like everyone else)
(not to be confused with last week's PROMposal)
(thanks to Chef Boy, this is a no-brainer)
---And, it's the day that SPRING begins.
(sound the trumpets)
And there you have it. Enjoy the festivities and behave yourselves.
*** Next up, the local aborigines are back at it again (like you thought they forgot what crime was?)
Here's the story link:
Now, you figure with ALL the "shots fired" calls that sooner or later someone would actually HIT someone else, and well, there you are.
This took place last night around 2300 hrs when police were called to a signal 113 in the 4700 block of Bowser.
When police searched the nearby streets, they came across a black Dodge in the 4500 block of Oliver St that had struck a parked car. Inside they found a black male suffering a gunshot wound. He was taken to hospital and is in critical condition.
Police also found at least 23 shell casings at the scene from multiple caliber weapons.
When police were told that a jeep (a Grand Cherokee, most likely)  left the area, they soon found an SUV matching the description in the 4700 block of Winter St. Apparently, a second shooting victim (my guess - ANOTHER black male) turned up at a hospital later on and was listed in serious condition.
Police are not stating anything about the relationship between the two victims, or how many times each one was shot, but the FWPD believe that the shootings are related.
Police do not know what took place and are attempting to piece together the incident.
(good luck finding anyone in the area that will come forward and tell you some facts).
I'll wager neither of the two victims were "just good boys who never hurt anyone".
Welcome to the SOUTHEAST SIDE of the city, where black lives seem to NOT matter one damn bit.
*** Next up, because yesterday was St. Patrick's Day, we just had to do our own version of eats, since we already had corned beef last Sunday.
So, Wifey and I had grilled corned beef and cheese sandwiches (don't knock it until you tried it).
Naturally, you have to have a Guinness to wash it down, and I had made a plate of those "Irish potato" candies as a dessert. Something I picked up in Philly many years ago.
(Mom never made them, though)
All you need is some cream cheese, confectioner's sugar, flaked coconut, cinnamon, and no qualms about getting messy, because there's no making them without that happening.
Don't have to bake a thing, and I will warn you...they are RICH. That means you're not going to scarf down a dozen of them at one sitting! Try one or two instead.
And with all that 10X sugar, they are a diabetic's nightmare, but hey, whatta way to go, right?
*** Next up, I had the usual squirrel buddies stop by yesterday for some peanuts, and I also had one squirrel that acted different from the "regulars" like Bashful, Zippy and Patches.
This is Zippy (never comes close)
No mistaking that tail - it's Bashful.
First, this squirrel was moving a bit slower, like he had a sore hip (I can relate some days). He also had a tail that was missing some fur, so he didn't seem like a youngster.
And when I "asked" him  if he wanted some peanuts, he came right up to my foot, without shying away.
Here's the "mystery" squirrel.
That was kinda weird for a "newbie".
He took the peanut from my fingers, took a couple steps away and ate it, then came back for another...and another.
My first thought was that it COULD be Mr. Wrinkles, but I dare not get my hopes up.
(I'm still comparing photos anyway)
Mr.Wrinkles from 2015 - helluva similarity.
After another squirrel came onto the patio, this first squirrel semi- ran around the steps and I didn't see where he went. The "ghost of Mr Wrinkles"?
Nah, ghosts don't eat peanuts...or DO they?
*** Next, another technology is coming (like it or not) that is supposed to make YOUR life a lot safe...AGAIN.
Here's the story link:
Yes, folks...leave it to the FEDS to know what's BEST FOR YOU.
(don't they always?)
AUTOMATIC BRAKING on ALL cars by the years 2022...bet you can't wait, huh?
I'll wager many of you can't recall a time when we DID NOT have that "third-eye" brake light mounted higher than the standard brake lights, right?
That was SUPPOSED to alert people behind you that you were STOPPING, and initially, it worked, although I hated it (and my Firebird does not have one - that came along by the late 80s).
I figured people should be PAYING ATTENTION while they're driving (silly me, what was I thinking?).
NOW, that extra brake light is no longer enough, so the car-makers (by order of the feds) have to go another step further because people THESE days are even MORE distracted while driving and are just not paying the hell attention to other vehicles around them.
Enter the automatic braking system (now available only on more expensive cars, because rich people deserve to live more than the rest of us...lol).
And, like ANY electronic on-board system, it's only good WHEN IT WORKS.
(and that means more costly repairs should it develop problems)
But let's back up (no pun intended) and wonder what would happen if the system faults and the brakes come on abruptly? Could be more accidents. Look at the inordinate number of RECALLS by car makers recently. That should get people thinking.
They better be VERY sure about this, because a LOT of lives will hang in the balance.
*** Last back to the basement bunker...there's not a lot that surprises me these days, and I suppose it's because that much of what goes on IS, if nothing else, more PREDICTABLE.
I'm not the ONLY one who sees this.
That's not making me out to be a Kreskin or soothsayer.
It's just what I (or you) come to know to be fact.
And, it's based on history, being attentive and watching the methods and actions of others.
Much of who we become in life is rooted in our ability to watch others, most easily, our parents.
We emulate who they are to some degree, as we also do to those we come to look up to or admire such as teachers, mentors, etc.
There are certain traits we gravitate to, and hopefully, they're GOOD traits.
If we are brought up in a decent manner and are taught from little on up what the differences between what's GOOD and what's BAD are, we make out okay for the most part.
The same can be said for those brought up incorrectly, as far as a sense of morality and civility is concerned.
Those who lack such basic tenets of society (and humanity) are destined to become those who are at the cause of criminal activity or aberrant behaviors.
It all starts when we are young, and only gets better (or worse) as we grow up.
And, if we're paying attention along the way, we can avoid a LOT of hassles that life can bring.
Life is complex enough, without actively going out and looking for MORE troubles, right?
Therein lies the lesson for today.
DO have yourselves a very good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and, as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Awkward moments day- not a question of if, just how many.

Shoulda been yesterday. Told a co-worker, "If this plays was gonna be any loonier, we'd all have to turn into ducks!"

Sloppy Joes? really? Maybe if you called them "Untidy Josephs" like Mr French used to...

Having the ravioli tonight courtesy Waiter on the way.

"Black lives matter- just not to us..."

Could be Wrinkles just got crowded out of the "territory"... I'm hoping it's him. Seems odd he'd just come up if it wasn't.

Can't honestly say I want the car taking the braking out of my hands... but maybe, if it could save on drunk driving deaths... of course, that will likely be mitigated by idiots who THINK they have the option when they don't ( "Whachoo mean, '88 Bonnevilles don' got it?")

Bob G. said...

--Hopefully, any that you had today were NOT work-related.

--LOL...funny, I used to call them that ..shows what I used to watch when I was young.

--There 'ya go then.a TRUE believer (in Italian food).

--Isn't that STRANGE how this plays out w/ the LOW-info (intelligence) people???

--I actually thought about THAT specific scenario...and damn near scared the crap outta myself.
(because you just KNOW that will happen, especially down HERE).

Hey, thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

Have a great weekend & stay safe up there, brother.