25 March 2016

Good Friday Follies...
Welcome to the end of the week (at last) and the start of the Easter holiday.
And, if you notice a chill in the air this morning, it proves that you're still among the living.
(and that's always a good thing)
Our Hoosierland weather for today starts out with cloudy skies, which will turn partly cloudy and then sunny as the day progresses.
Expect a high of around 45 degrees, and not nearly as much gusty winds as we had yesterday. Also, no precipitation for the time being.
So, why don't we all get our cups or glasses of Friday Fortitude poured as we set off into this weekend and see what awaits us, hmm?
*** First out of the pantry is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
March 25 -
(For Wifey, anything connected with lobster gets her vote)
(commemorating those very few who make the sacrifices in combat for the greater good)
(or maybe a day to watch one of the movies connected to the books)
---It's also GOOD FRIDAY, and w'll talk more on that farther along, so hang in there.
They COULD change it to BEST Friday.

*** And since the end of the week, let's take a look at what's shaking over the next 72 hours:
March 26 -
(I would love to see a cure for that in my lifetime)
(pass the Milky Way bar)
(as long as it's NOT in a can, I'm good with it. Sorry, Popeye.)
March 27 -
(Joe Friday? G.I. Joe? A cup of "joe"? They didn't say. We need a national BOB day.)
(Can't have a month without at least ONE Spanish day...in AMERICA!!!)
---It's also EASTER
(again, more on that in a bit)
There you have it. Plenty of things to keep you busy and out of the hands of the law.
Moving on...
*** Next, there is another "blockbuster" opening today - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
(time to release my inner geek...lol)
Okay, now I really like Batman, especially the Keaton and Bale incarnations, and I've always liked Superman as well, and I think the reboots after Christopher Reeve were well presented, too.
But, I have a bit of an "issue" with Batman fighting Superman, and it's got nothing to do with a man versus a "god'. 
Kryptonite weaponization works wonders against the so-called indestructible among us.
What I find sorta bothersome is WHY they have to fight (other than to make studios and merchandisers tons of money) in the first place?
To me, this goes against "The Hero's Journey" as written by Joe Campbell, and from a philosophical viewpoint, these two men SHOULD be able to talk things out BEFORE it comes down to "bare knuckles" (or technology).
Both protagonists have proven to be REASONABLE people (even when it comes to fighting evil), and it should be noted that REASON tends to win out in the movies we have seen prior to this flick. The same can be said of ANY hero in literature.
To me, the LOGIC required to settle differences seems to be M.I.A., and that alone should bother a lot of people, especially those of us who like the superhero genre..
Now, we also know that the differences WILL be settled and that these two will help form The Justice League (formerly "of America", but since we're so diverse now, we can't claim this FOR our nation alone, right? Damn P.C. police).
This aspect of the DC comic world is no different than the other upcoming movie CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, in which two heroes choose sides and have to square off against one another (Cap and Iron Man)
The logic behind THAT movie (and hrapgic novels) also eludes me, because Tony Stark is NOT a fan of the government (and said as much in Iron Man 2), but yet, he sides WITH the government, who wants to "register" all those with super powers.
There HAS to be a REASON - not an EXCUSE.
Captain America (aka Steve Rogers), on the other hand, has discovered the government can have another agenda that differs from values and principles our country "used" to have (in The Winter Soldier) and wants to hold to those, as well as individual freedom, and rails against the government, much the way Stark did. Again, the reasoning behind Stark's decision is harder to find than a good neighbor or a decent job.
I go into both of these movies with a trepidation based upon what I've come to know about the characters (over the decades) and how the new films turn that on it's backside...and we're supposed to take it ALL in stride (to sell tickets to something like another UFC pay-per-view event, which NEVER seem to end). Talk about JUSTICE.
I find it very difficult to "choose" sides, as the studios and marketers WANT us all to do.
I like my heroes to be heroic...allow me that smidgen of childhood innocence.
*** Next up, today is GOOD FRIDAY, and for those who want a refresher, here's the WIKI:
Now, for the atheists out there, this is a CHRISTIAN holiday (as is Easter), so when you people get the day off, look to where this all originated, and go thank a believer.
Today signifies the crucifixion and death of Christ on the cross at Calvary after his trial before Pilate.
It follows up with the removal of Christ from the cross and his entombment,
The WIKI is lengthy, but serves to offer a comprehensive look at the meaning of this day, and why we celebrate it with solemnity, rather than with pomp.
And, Sunday is EASTER - a day which is best remembered for the resurrection of Jesus Christ from his burial tomb. THIS is the day we celebrate with choirs and with song, for it represents the penultimate victory over death.
Here is that WIKI:
This is also a lengthy read, and does include the controversies over the exact date, as well as the secular connotations connected with this day and how they came to be.
Mesopotamia was the first Christian community to use Easter EGGS as a symbolic nod to the blood of Christ (stained red, of course). You will find out a lot by reading this.
*** Last back to the church pew...I'm gonna have to climb on the old soapbox and get behind the pulpit (old habits die hard), so please bear with me, friends...
I like this time of year, and not because of Easter candy or presents. That's not in the mix, although as a child, I did look forward to my "basket" of stuff, but that always came AFTER Sunday school and church. It was nice to dress up and feel like an "adult" of sorts, and be told the Easter Story again.
I still look to this time of year as a time of renewal - a time to reflect on what (and who) was sacrificed for ALL of us.
It's a time of both sadness and of joy. It's a time that provides us a better understanding of who WE are, and why WE believe what we do and (more importantly) WHY we believe it.
I don't follow the trends when it comes to those who "market" the holiday, for they are missing the reason of the day. It's not about 20% off here or there...it's about 100% of giving from a loving God to ALL of us, if we but believe and have faith. To me personally, that means a LOT more than saving a few bucks with some "sale".
I know many living around us (down here) will not even participate in anything connected with this weekend, the holiest time of the Christian calendar, but that's NOT my fault or loss...it's theirs and theirs alone.
They have not  to come to know the son of God, who hung on that cross for several hours, until he uttered the words of forgiveness to those who nailed him TO that cross.
While that chapter on the man called Jesus came to an end, it was only a new and better beginning for the rest of us.
The cost to obtain and be part of the continuing story for us is much less than that suffered by Christ (for all of mankind).
And the journey EACH of us take from there on, although laced with difficulties as well as challenges, will not be without rewards in abundance.
A good and timeless lesson to be learned, right?
DO have yourselves a very blessed weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

Fargo approves of the new Batman movie. It is most excellent. See it in 3D. Don't be a cheapskate. Happy Easter! Have a Good Friday!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
With the current crowd of "moviegoers", there's not a chance in Hades you'll see me in a theater anytime soon (people don't know HOW to enjoy a movie any more).

I will concede that this movie WILL make a ton of cash (as designed), but I think you approve of the MALE LEADS more than perhaps the movie itself?

And "my" take on the whole "versus" gig come from about FIFTY years of following superheroes (told 'ya I was a closet geek....LOL).

Thanks for rolling up today to comment.

Have yourself a VERY Good Friday, and great weekend AND a blessed Easter.
Stay safe down there, dear.

John DuMond said...

I'm with you on the whole "versus" thing. The joy of watching any on-screen conflict play out is in seeing the bad guy vanquished. When both combatants are good guys, what's the point? The allure of idea just eludes me.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Yeah, this deal seems to fly in the face of conventionality.
(but will be a money-maker nonetheless)

If BOTH guys are bad, you still root for the one that is LEAST bad, (and hope for the nest in that the bad guy who's left redeems himself to SOME degree) but with two GOOD guys... what do you do?

And if there ever IS a good guy versus good guy event, there is usually SOME EXTERNAL FORCE at work (someone is hypnotized or drugged or something), so the person is NOT really "at fault".
Like I said, it becomes a real philosophical dilemma (for me, anyway).

Thanks much for stopping over to comment.

Have yourself a GOOD Friday, a great weekend & a blessed Easter out there.
Stay safe.

CWMartin said...

Only one thing to say- well preached. Art Van furniture could have learned from it.

Bob G. said...

LOL - I confess there are times when I SO enjoy the pithiness of your comments. You have said more than you know in this today.
And I do thank you, my friend.
(Art Van, huh? Cool.)

Have yourselves a VERY GOOD Friday, a fantastic weekend, and a very BLESSED Easter.

Stay safe up there, brother.

catererin said...

thank you for the reminder of epilepsy awareness day! I am a lifelong epileptic myself, have had 2 surgeries for it. Easter is a great time of year, it is the most important day of the year for the Catholic faith, I am a very religious Catholic, means a lot to me, even though I am only in my 20's :).

Bob G. said...

I am sorry to hear about that, but I hope it isn't preventing you from having a good life.
It certainly can be a challenge.
I know a couple others with epilepsy, and like the rest of us, they have good days as well as bad.

Yes, Easter is indeed a wonderful time, and a time that I'm glad to hear that you take all the holiday means to heart.
I think of more people had a little more GOD in their lives, we would hear and read about a lot less nasty things in the world.

Thank you for taking the time to drop by and comment.
May you and your family enjoy this holiday and that your walk with the Lord will continue.
Stay safe & have a great weekend out there.